Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A Conversation with Argyle Goolsby

Hello and thank you again for doing this interview. For those people who live under a rock, can you please introduce yourself?
Hello Land of the Living, I'm Argyle Goolsby.

Alright so, with two new singles out (“Thickets” and “Your Enemy’s Best Friend” both can be found on the ITunes for purchase) and a new release on the way, are they a sense of where the music is heading? Will they be on the new release? What can you tell us, the fans, about it?
The music I listen to as well as write has always been a juxtaposition of scattered influences. I've never had a dictated course I've tried to set it on. This is probably why most of my recordings are a collection of randomized atmospheres rather than an concentration of a theme. While lyrically and conceptually I generally stick to the winding dark paths I enjoy exploring, I try to allow the music to just write itself.  That's why "Your Enemies Best Friend" and "Thickets" are so different than one another. They don't necessarily represent any direction my music is headed though, and I won't putting them on the new upcoming album simply because I'm reserving track space on that record for new unreleased material. I can say that there is a nice dichotomy of songs on the new album.  There's a good balance between overall tone. Some songs harbor an air of dark romance, others are simply out for due blood.  

Will the new release be recorded much like the previous two E.P.s with you handling most of the instruments? Or, should we expect a guest spot?
I'll be handling most of the overall instrumentation (besides Chris who will will be playing drums).  I've got a few guest spots in mind..

You continually to grow as an artist. Your first two solos E.P.s  or even your back catalogue with Blitzkid is proof of that. Is there something you wish to tackle next?
For me it's not so much about doing something in particular so much as much as making sure whatever I do is dedicated and 100%.  Keeping the channels open and meeting challenges.  That's always how it's been and I'm sure the next corner won't be any different when i round it.
As an artist what inspires you (Music, movies, books etc)? What got you into this?
I loved seeing old silent horror movies whenever I could catch them on TV as a kid.  Which wasn't often.  I'd go to the library and read books on early cinema and the old horror movie stills always commanded my attention.  I wanted to see them all.  That wasn't really an option at the time so I was left with my imagination to decide what these movies  were about and how they played out. I had an anthology of Poe stories too which I loved and really opened my mind and imagination.  I was always around music growing up. Mainly old rock and roll oldies which I still love to this day. I remember really getting in to Iron Maiden at an early age.  They were (and still are) one of my first favorite bands.  My brother was really into them and I loved the album covers.  Later on I got into The Misfits and a whole new world was opened up to me.  It was all of the ghoulish imagery I had always loved as a kid married with the melody of the music of my childhood all coming face to face with the energy of punk rock I was feeling in my teens.  That was when the door for me to do what I do now really swung open.  I still read, draw and do all of the things I spent the bulk of my life doing, but from that moment on music really took a front seat.  

So, as someone who has been in Blitzkid, Mister Monster and Gorgeous Frankenstein, the list of musicians you have played with is like a dream team for Horror Rock. In this two part question, is there anyone that you have played with in the past that you would like to work with again on your solo releases or in another project? As well, is there anyone that you would dream to work with or would like to work with that you haven’t living or dead?
I get to play with Mister Monster again for the first time in probably 10 years this summer which will be fun.  Blitzkid is always in my heart.  GF was a great experience and really challenged me to juggle a lot of duties live.  Seriously, play "Reverse of God" and sing it at the same time. Or sing 14 Misfits songs while playing bass and dodging pointy guitar headstocks at every turn. I'd really like to sit down with Trever Keith of Face to Face and write some music.  We'd talked about this a little while back. He invited me to work with him on a few songs for a project he was doing. I'd really like to see that happen.  He's always been one of my all time favorite artists.  I was so relieved when Blitzkid toured with Face to Face and they weren't douches. Not that i expected that or anything. It's just sometimes you fly a little too close to the sun and it ruins your fun.  Those dudes were class acts. 
As a world renown and recognized artist, what is your current assessment of the scene?
I don't really know how to access what the scene is and I never have so I make no attempts to diagram it now.  The bands that are doing it on their own, the fans that are supporting them and their music.  That's the scene I focus on. Scenes can get to be like big house parties.  First your hanging out with your friends and the next thing you know someone has stolen all of the beer and barfed all over your furniture.  I just stick with the people that remember why they came and stay to help clean it up.  That's how parties go. You just have to accept that if you really believe in partying you're just gonna have to accept some piss on your rug.  I just focus on the positive side and throw the rest in the wash. Otherwise you're focused on cleaning up piss when you could be doing something more rewarding.

Is there any new releases (music, movies, etc.) that you are looking forward to?
I'm excited about the new Faith No More record. I'm also excited to watch What we do in the shadows again for the 20th some time.   

Along with music, in case some don’t know, you also are a tattoo artist. What is your favorite piece that you have done and is there a piece that you would like to do?
My favorite piece to do was a pacman in a Ushanka hat singing into a microphone with an Irish flag wrapped around it which went (obscenely large) on someone's back.  I'd like to do that tattoo again. 

What is the oddest piece you have done thus far?
See above.

So, with music, tattoos and the artwork that you’ve done in the past, is there anything that you would like to do that you haven’t attempted yet like writing, acting, movie etc.?
Whatever I do I just want to do it  with all of my heart and on my own merits.  I enjoy building my own house. Just gotta see what additions it needs and get to work when that time comes. 
Thank you once again for this honor. Are there any parting words for the readers?
Long Live The Horror!  (Don't make other people admins to your FB page). Hahaha. 

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