Wednesday 23 April 2014

Ghost Rider (#1)

From Johnny Blaze to Danny Ketch, we have had motorcycle riding demon/spirit who takes out evil at every turn. Now, we introduce Robbie Reyes as the new Ghost Rider. Though initially turned off by the cover and being skeptical of moving from the motorcycle to the car, I must say, this series and character shows some promise. Robbie lives in East L.A. with his disabled brother while working as a mechanic. After he fights some thugs and looses his brother's wheelchair, he takes the car from the garage to race when the cops show up. Just as he looks like he will be arrested he is shot down by some men, the contents of the trunk are cleared out and is left for dead...or so they think. He is transformed into the NEW Ghost Rider and the story basically ends. This makes me want to read on, check it out, find out how he got his powers, who were those guys and what will Robbie do now? The writing is good and the art is a lot better then what we see on the cover. It is always dangerous when someone takes over a classic and beloved moniker but, lets see where this is headed.

Ash and the Army of Darkness (#6)

On roles the new continuing series with the return of the she-bitch and the introduction of not only a new weapon for Ash (it's groovy!) but a witch. There is a lot going on as the castle is evacuated, the awesome monks from earlier issues are now possessed and Shelia looks to be up to no good in the forest with Ash on her trail while she adds to the growing number of the army of darkness. The writing is great and so is the art which makes me happy after having some doubts in the direction that they chose to head to with this series. I hope, that after this fun little story wraps up, that they return to more recent adventures featuring the chosen one as he battles that damn evil book who keeps messing up his life. Dynamite was doing a good job of continuing that story and i would hate to see them stop! However, this story is fun and great for long time fans...a welcome edition to some already awesome and groovy stories as I wonder where we're headed next.

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Murder as a Fine Art by David Morrell

From the man who brought the world First Blood introducing the world to Rambo, he brings us this murder thriller that has the streets of London in a terror in the 1800s. Taking place 40+ years after the original Ratcliff Highway Murders, there are murders taking place that are strangely similar to the original. Throw in a detective (Ryan), constable looking to become a detective, Thomas De Quincey (aka the Opium Eater) and his daughter look for the killer who has taken inspiration from De Quincey's own essay. The blood spills through the city as the mystery unfolds following some twists and turns bring chaos around every bend. Who is the killer? Why is he doing this? Are they his only victims? This is a good read that you'll find yourself burning through this book in no time as it is hard to put down. It's written well, and the flipping back and forth from the narrator to a journal that gives you a different preservative as worlds collide and the story unfolds. Pick it up, you'll enjoy it!

Ghost (#3)

On flies Ghost in her new adventure that pits her against Doctor October and the other demonic forces at work. An unlikely alliance from the previous issue carries over, a serial killer is taken out and more questions are raised to who she is, her past and her connection to all of what is happening in the city. It is well written and the art is great as Ghost carries on the awesome line of Dark Horse books that are released. Where will it take us next? Who knows as the team is working on a way to bring not only Doctor October down but all the demons around the city.

Sunday 13 April 2014

Vagora - Live at Buddie's Tavern

Here we have Vagora's new live E.P. of their mini tour that announced their triumph return with a new lineup after a quick nap. The band is on fire with new song "Gallows on the Door" from their upcoming new album which is destined to become an instant fan favorite joining so many others! As well, it is a good representation of the past with a nice mix of the older material while showing where the band is now and heading in the future. The playing is really top notch as the new guys show why they belong while the E.P. sounds great! If you're a fan, get a copy! This E.P. is short, sweet, to the point while kicking your ass. In ending, take 5 songs you love, throw in a new one and you will find a band that has returned with that growing fire in their stomach ready to take on the world once again! Oh! If you were lucky enough to grab one of the physical copies, enjoy all the extra goodness of songs included!

Monday 7 April 2014

Ghostbusters: Total Containment

This collection collects the complete 16 issues from IDW's series about everyone's favorite ghost busting unit. With everyone you love from the original movies there like Ray, Winston, Peter, Egon, Slimer, the Stay Puft marsh mellow Man, Peck, Janine and more! It makes reference to the original movies, the game and other movies that the stars were in (like an appearance from Jake from Blues Brothers in Ray's dreams) and Peter complaining about his championship golfing knees (Caddyshack anyone?), this collection will have you smiling from beginning to end with those ever so famous lines and attitudes. I mean, the writers got it right! It's all here and how you remember it. This is the Ghostbusters how it should be. The stories work as the guys battle Gozer again, go on the road to battle ghosts around the country and then must face competition from the Ghost Smashers who just end up mucking things up while making a bigger mess of New York. The intro from Ernie Hudson hits it on the head while we continually love those guys while the sketchbook and the notes on the ghosts are just a great added bonus! Oh! I almost forgot the packaging! So amazing and well done! Worth it was beautifully done. So, let me ask you. When there's something strange, in the neighborhood, who you still going to call?

Wednesday 2 April 2014

Ash and the Army of Darkness (#5)

And on it goes. We have Ash running through the forest with Shela while giant Ash is chasing him and the Army of Darkness has attacked the castle. Lord Arthur is killed, and Ash slaps the evil out of the old guy tricking him with the book. Big Ash is chopped up and oh! It looks like the She-Bitch is back! There is no letting up or rest for the chosen one as he must battle a new threat just when I thought the story was concluding. The art is great and so is the writing. I just feel that this effort could of been taken and put towards continuing his adventures as opposed to setting up the story right after the movie. Well, it is enjoyable and lets see where this story leads us!

The Independents - Into the Light

So, it has been 6 years since we have obtained new material from the legendary Independents and you may have forgotten how to listen to them. Step 1, get the freaking album! Step 2? Play said album at full blast and enjoy as they take you on a sonic journey that doesn't let up from the opening chords to the last! This album was worth the wait as it is a home run, touch down, goal (take your pick of sports reference that you prefer!) and I hope that they don't wait that long for the follow up. Evil Presly and Willy B deliver on the new material with something to prove as if it's a debut instead of an album released 20 plus years into their career. Looks like the hunger that drives them to create classic horror punk/ska songs is still with them all this time later and I'm glad for it! Standouts include the opener "Rise", "Corpses in the Rain", "Sound of an Angel's Wings", first single "Black Angel", "I've Waited", "Tsantsa Twist", "Baby Mine", "So Depressing", "Until" and the title track "Into the Light". So be good and support this legendary independent band (like the pun?) so that we can have more good music to drown out the god awful stuff people pass off as art!