Monday, 29 August 2016

In Memoriam: Gene Wilder

R.I.P. to one of the funniest and best actors ever. From Willy Wonka and the Charlie Factory and Blazing Saddles he is an actor ingrained in our hearts forever. On this blog, he is getting a mention because of his portrayal of Dr. Frankenstein in the immortal and immensely funny Young Frankenstein. That's right folks, he brought laughs and smiles to a million faces and will continue to bring smiles to a zillion more. R.I.P. as you will be missed greatly by so many.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Sugar Virus - Wolf's Breath

Another album remastered for a vinyl release, if you are looking for something a little heavier, may I suggest Sugar Virus? Fast and furious riffs mixed with catchy as hell lyrics and, you will be moshing wherever you are in no time at all! Musically, calling to mind Slayer at times, they take no prisoners when unleashing the fury that they have brought forth! Now, don't think it's like Slayer all the time as there are moments where they slow it down to give your neck a rest before you get whiplash that gives the album an overall dynamic when you hear it. Standouts include "The Ripper", "Kali", "Snap Dragon", "Rat Bastard", "Baptismus a Sanguine" (which brings to mind Danzig and his slower moments), "Goat by the Throat", "Pogo the Clown" (Which calls to mind classic Metallica instrumentals from Ride the Lightning or Master of Puppets), "Wolf's Breath", "Baba Yaga", "Robot Monster", "Jesus Speak"and the punky "Crimson Ghost". Much like the beast on the cover, this music takes no prisoners as it grabs the listener by the throat and takes a chunk out of you. So, before they send that thing after you, secure a copy of the album for your own safety!

Ghoultown - Life After Sundown

With a voice that calls to mind Rob Zombie, music that takes that Horror Rock we love and mix it with Ennio Morricone, Volbeat and Social Distortion, put it all together and, you have the awesome music of Ghoultown! This album is the perfect companion for any Friday night that involves frights, fights, gun slinging, beer, whiskey and the living dead! That's right gals and ghouls, this album will have you shaking and moving along in absolutely no time at all! Hell, even the cover calls to mind all of those Western movies that are so awesome and loved by so many! The riffs are catchy, the lyrics awesome and....I did mention it  before but, if you are living or dead, this music will have you moving in no time....just be careful when you listen to this album near a cemetery! Standouts include "Dead Outlaw", "Against a Crooked Sky", "Werewolves on Wheels", "I Spit on Your Grave", "Thunder over El Paso", "Find a Good Horse", "Drink with the Living Dead", "Hog Tail", "Train to Nowhere", "Under the Phantom Moon" and "Life After Sundown". So, find a good horse, drink with the living dead, get on a train to nowhere, do what you gotta do to get a copy of this album! It really is a unique mix of music that will have you loving it from the first riff until the last!

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Evil Ernie: Godeater (#1)

Looking for a quick and entertaining read with great art to go along with it? Look no further then Dynamite's trip into the Chaos Universe featuring everyone's favorite little hell raiser with a button...Ernie!  This book brings up so questions as the old gods have woken up and Heaven and Hell are looking to tag team to put them to sleep...forever! Great work setting all this up as there are lots of laughs and, as I said in the introduction, great art! So don't be a chicken, head to your local graveyard....I mean comic store, and grab a copy of the mayhem! 

The Amazing Spider-Man: Amazing Grave Part 6 (#1.6)

So ends Spidy's most supernatural adventure as we finally get all the answers with a tragic end. The storyline itself started off good but, in my opinion, seemed to drag a little long until it finally reached the end. This wasn't a bad read but it could have been better as, at the end, you realize that some parts dragged on and could have ended it faster or reached the conclusion faster...ah well. Art was great though!

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Slavething - Death Thing

I am saying it right now, this is the album Danzig wish he released after the classic first 4! That's what comes to mind with Von Toxic's newest band in Slavething as the debut just rocks! If you are a fan of the Godfather or Horror Punk or even a fan of Toxic and his bands, you'll find plenty to love here! Throw in some killer artwork in the packaging and you have...a complete package! Great great great debut and a killer pick up! Fear the Slavething as they are a force to be reckon with! Standouts include "The Birthing", "Death Thing", "Patience Worth", "Berkeley Witch", "Queen of the Dead", "Bedlam", "Till the Day is Done", "Spiders" and "Demon Whisper". Check it out! Now! Go do it! Or else the Slavething will come after you and not care if it tears you apart!