Sunday 30 April 2017

Cavaverman - Women, Monsters & Cazzottis

Hailing from the mother land of Italy, Cavaverman has grown a reputation for releasing awesome short releases that never overstay their welcome. At just 3 songs, this EP that clocks in at around 10 minutes, this release is MONSTROUS! Just hard hitting and very awesome to listen to! There is much to love here as the tunes are quick, catchy and fun to listen to. I was originally going to review their new single but, I get to review the whole thing instead and it is just masterful! It is hard for me to pick out standout tracks as I just love all 3 songs! Get a copy of this as soon as you can! You will not be disappointed by it all! 

Too Much Horror Business? NEVER!

Alright ghouls! If you have a Horror business on the side and you wish to let the world know, contact me and we'll make it happen! Let me help you tell the world about your work and I will update your page whenever something changes (i.e. contact information). It's free of charge as I just want to help push the awesome products that you guys have to offer. Contact me however you can and get the ball rolling!

Stay Scary

Jekyll A. Hyde

The Bastards - Out of the Grave Part II

Like any good Horror movie, even awesome albums need an awesome sequel! Well, those Bastards took that mind set and have unleashed a sequel to their awesome album last year with music that explores beyond what they have done before, getting a little more darker in mood, more melodic and just awesome as they up the ante. The singles that they have released so far don't do this album justice as I am just in love with this album as a whole. Yes, I got to hear it as it was being built but, there is just something better when you hear it how the artist wants it. The order is just beautiful, the songs are masterful as this just just an amazing release. Those Bastards have just mic dropped another acoustic Horror classic and, if you don't believe me, wait until you hear it too. So, jump out of the grave and be just like us and Jacki in grabbing a copy as soon as you can! Those Bastards are just amazing as everything they touch turns to gold!

Wolfman Chuck and the Spookalele of Doom - Another Confession

For those of you who know, Wolfman Chuck takes his ukulele and sings such beautiful love songs for ghouls! This album is no exception as he does it again with another awesome release that makes you think that you are on a tropical beach musically looking at some mayhem unfold with that special ghoul by your side. The songs are short, simple and entertaining as he paints a dark picture for us to enjoy. Standouts include "Dance with the Devil", "Wolfman Chuck", "They Pray my Prey", "When You Die", "Another Confession", "Rotten Pumpkins", "Lucille" and "The Ballad of Ronnie". There is much to love when the Wolfman comes a singing his songs so, give him a listen and see what I mean if you haven't already!

Lucifer (#17)

Well, looks like war on all fronts is on as Maze is assassinated, Lucifer is kicked out of Lux and gets information on his reincarnated father's plans for Earth. Things are about to get messy in a hurry as more gets thrown onto the fire making this pot about to boil! I am just waiting for the major pay off that will be this epic battle as they keep building and building and building and we continue to wait for it. Don't get me wrong, this is a good read but, I AM READY FOR EVERYTHING TO COME TO A HEAD NOW! Patience is virtue they say but I am loosing it just waiting! It promises to be a good payoff when we get there as Lucifer's brain just keeps going around and around thinking of what to do as everything is coming for him from different angles. Can't wait as I think it will all finally explode in an issue or 2! Mark my words!

Wednesday 26 April 2017

Wolfman138 Resin Figurines/Statues

Looking for some awesome resin statues or figurines? Look no further than Wolfman138! Hand carving and painting his works I can vouch that his stuff is top quality. Specializing in Horror, and always open for commissions, prices vary depending on sizes. Personally, I got a Crimson Ghost figure off of him and have commissioned 2 more pieces as I am just over the moon with what he has done. For inquiries, go to his Instagram account and private message him as that is the best way. If any other information is given, I will update this page as soon as I can! So grab a figure or 4 as we support this Horror business.

Sunday 23 April 2017


THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY BLACK HEART! This blog has officially reached 20,000 views! I noticed the numbers while I was updating the reviews this morning! Time to cue up the band here at the Mad Laboratory to celebrate this amazing accomplishment! Thanks to all you ghouls and fiends for reading what I write and everyone who has helped me along the way by promoting and granting me interviews! This is all organic as I tend to do things the hard way! Lets keep making this baby grow as you send me more stuff to check out!

Stay Scary!

Jekyll A. Hyde

Slayer: Repentless (#2 of 3)

What took so long for this to happen? Real life Horror meets Slayer as they enter a town that doesn't care for the biggest revenge fight this side of Repentless! Great story and art as the violence is all over, the scenes are as graphic as you would imagine a book featuring Slayer would be. There is much to love and any fan of the band would be over the moon what they have brought forth with the first 2 of 3 offerings thus far. Check it out as you will thank me later as it is about to start RAINING BLOOD!

Lucifer (#16)

War as in Hell as on Earth as 2 fronts are coming down on both Maze and Lucifer that even has the former Lord of Darkness evicted from his own club! This is some great writing and art to bring forth the story as we work our way to another battle with, maybe, Heaven, Hell and Earth all fighting with Lucifer in the middle. Sounds about right doesn't it?

Hellblazer (#8)

Well, they all want his head but Constantine is moving on as he is behind bars in his effort to find this journal to defeat the genies. Great art and story as the ultimate con man is looking for answers to defeat the biggest threat to this Earth! Something old is coming our way and look who we get to trust...

The Visitor How & Why He Stayed (#2 of 5)

So, as we dive deeper into this mysterious being, we find out that not only does he follow Hellboy wherever he goes, but also has a wife? Read it to get it as this being has popped up from time to time in the pages of Hellboy (in human form) and we are slowly learning why he does what he does. Is this an obsession or a mission? You decide as the art and story are top notch! Get in on this saga while you can!

Lobster Johnson: The Pirate's Ghost (#1 of 3)

So, Lobster Johnson is back in a story that has a Scooby Doo feel but, as we know, nothing is as it seems in the Magnola universe. It is a great read with great art that is mysterious right now but, lets see where it all goes. It is a mini series so you'd expect stuff to go quick and fast but, so far hasn't. I cannot wait to see where the claw of justice leads to in the end!

Lord of Gore (#2)

So, as this Horror movie continues to come to life, all the fingers are being pointed in different directions on who the killer is but, no one is being arrested as the mystery (and body count) grow! There is so much happening that I don't want to ruin the goods but, you really need to give this book a read! It is fantastic and the art is bad ass as the Headsman has jumped from the screen to real life and is reeking havoc on just about everyone in his path!

Mutant Reavers - Secrets of the Cyborg Crypt

Well, well, well folks! Long time no hear from you ghouls! So, let us change that shall we by making some noise as this is the 3rd (and latest!) offering from the Mutant Reavers! It is a fantastic 6 song release that will have you moving, grooving and thrashing in no time! This little band from Germany has done it again with an infectious release from beyond the stars that takes you by the throat and doesn't let go! The whole album is really a fantastic listen as the intro grabs you and doesn't let go until the final riff of "Vengeance on Wheels". These mutants have done it again as they continue to release quality and, at just over 20 minutes, they leave you wanting more and more and more. So, grab a copy now before you end up in Trap city as these mutants mean business as they bring the goods, Horror and heaviness yet again and I am glad that they did!

Tuesday 18 April 2017


Today, one of my all time favorite bands turns 40. The Misfits is everything I love combined in one. Catchy tunes, twisted humor, horror image and just awesomeness wrapped into one. As dysfunctional as this band is it unites so many people and inspires so many more. They can be seen in so many bands today. And the off shoots? Nothing but quality! Whether it is Danzig or Graves (have only heard a few 30 second clips of the Hideous era so I can't speak on it) handing the vocals, Doyle or Steele even Acey Slade, Jerry Other or Dez on guitars or whoever they have on drums (Joey Image, Mr. Jim, Robo, Marky Ramone, Eric, Dr. Chud, Dave Lombardo) you know that Jerry Only is handling the bass (and vocals too). This is the soundtrack to the lost, lonely, forgotten and outsider. This music, like I said, unites us. That logo, may be a fashion choice for some, is the banner that we unite under. This is family and this is the noise we make. It is never too much horror business but it's just evil all the time!

Sunday 9 April 2017

The Bastards - Making A Monster

Get your sewing kits out as we get to make monsters with those Bastards have done it again with the release of their latest single! If these 2 tracks are what they are hinting for their up coming album (and I know what they are) then we are all in for a treat as they just up the ante again on acoustic Horror Rock! This is an awesome track by a band who is just as awesome! They have not disappointed yet with their releases and I cannot wait to hear the final version of this latest project as I know it will be good! Give these Bastards a listen if you haven't as you will not be disappointed at all with them!

Cavaverman - Deadly touch (featuring Irene Viboras)

With the new EP almost among us, Cavaverman with the help of Irene Viboras, has given us a taste of what to expect with their new single "Deadly Touch". What a song as this duet is top notch and powerful! If the EP is even a quarter this good then we are in for a monster size treat! It's a fun and catchy song that will have listeners wanting more! I think I was even playing air drums at one point! These ghouls have done it again as I cannot wait to hear the whole thing as the goods lay in the dark...until they are unleashed on the world.

Tuesday 4 April 2017

Vagora - Death and Dreams

I'd say something stupid like I love my job but, this is not a job. Sharing the goods with you guys has become a passion of mine! So, when I got a chance to hear the unmastered mixes of the new EP, I JUMPED at the chance! Vagora is one of my favorite bands going as each new release is a little different then the last and this one follows in that tradition. No band should ever limit themselves to releasing the same material over and over again. From the opener "Death Dealer" it grabs your attention as it flows into the really catchy, old school "Stranger of the Two". This is followed up by a song that reminds me of 80s Cure "December Baby" and the closer "Dream Dealer" that starts off a littler differently in a dream sequence type sound into a whole other animal! This is a bit of Vagora in a tiny package that is good for new fans looking for a taste and older fans who just love the band! It is really a great listen and I cannot wait for the preoder to hit the web! Standouts? All 4 songs! It is really good as there is no weak point on here and it's the unmastered tracks! Imagine when it's all mastered and everything! seriously, it's a fantastic listen!