Sunday, 31 January 2016

Ghostbusters: International (#1)

Well, ghosts are loose at the United Nations and there is only one group that you're gonna call to zap and trap that ghost...GHOSTBUSTERS!  The art is great and the story is leading to some sort of twist that will make you question the motives of someone as they try to take the Ghostbusters out of New York. Get on this mini series as IDW and their Ghostbusters series has been golden thus far and I don't expect this to be anything less.

Hellboy: The Winter Special

Here we have 4 mini stories; 2 featuring Hellboy, one featuring Lobster Johnson and one that will add to future Hellboy stories or mythologies in the Mignola universe. This is a great, quick read that is enjoyable for fans of Big Red as we get an appearance by Liz, the professor and a member of the B.P.R.D. circa 1953. Lots of fun stories as we are getting a lot more Hellboy stories in now which should lead to more in the future.

Escape from New York (#14)

Well, with the end nearing, a war has begun with Snake coming out of retirement to reek havoc on the States while teaching them a lesson. The issues are heating up as they picked the wrong man to get to come out of retirement....I guess they will never learn to leave Snake be. If you want my guess, I think this all leads to LA...and that makes sense and happy as well.

Monday, 25 January 2016


So, just so you know, I am always looking for new bands to check out and review. Either contact me on Facebook ( ) or email me at your suggestions, music or links to stream. Give me 7 to 10 days to review music. Thank you!

The Living Dead Army/Orlok & The Rocking Ghouls - Split EP

How this split slipped my memory to listen to on Halloween I will never know. Here we have The Living Dead Army and Orlok & The Rocking Ghouls teaming up to bring you some Horror Punk goodness. These two bands from Hungry are...well, HUNGRY! That's right folks, they will take a bite out of your flesh, as both bands take no prisoner as they lay it all out for everyone to hear. Both sides of the split are awesome and I need to check out more by both bands! Thank you for posting this album for people to check out, it is worth it! So, in the end, check out this awesome release before the living dead and the ghouls kick down your door and kick your ass or eat you....either way, if they don't get your attention through the music, they will find other ways of doing it.

In Memoriam: Jimmy Bain

Well, this year has continued on as the memorials continue now with the passing of bass legend Jimmy Bain. This was the man who kept the low end booming in Rainbow, the classic early Dio albums (later returning) and recently in Last in Line reuniting that classic early Dio lineup. The man was a hell of a player who kept it rocking while Ronnie sung about monsters, dragons, fantasy and whatever else he felt like. Another classic Hard Rock/Metal bassist is gone. He could keep it together with the band or steal the show with his playing at any moment on any song. Some bass players don't get the recondition that they deserve because they are not as flashy as other members of the band but, that's the best way to know that you are doing your job right; someone else can have the spot light while they rock on. So, R.I.P. man, keep the low end rocking.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Puppet Master (#9)

So, the next issue has some twists as we see who the wooden ghost is as even wood can bleed. That's right folks, the puppets are in a helping mood, looking for answers for the recent mayhem at the hospital. These issues make me happy that Action Lab is doing them right! They are doing justice to the little characters that we love so much by letting them get bloody and the mayhem flowing. Long time fans will be pleased while new ones should follow with each story line.

Puppet Master (#8)

So, in this issue, after some boys beat up on another and find themselves dead, the puppets get a new master! Though they are two short following the deal that was made to return them to their puppets, there is a task at hand to figure out how the wooden ghost went from scaring children to killing them and hanging them with their intestines....yea! You gotta see that! That is almost worth the price of the issue alone.

Puppet Master (#7)

Been a while eh? Well, lets get back to this! After a problem with the company getting the issues to my local shop, I got 3 issues to catch up on! So, Tulon and his puppets get killed by their...ummm...puppets. They come across the demon from the 4th and 5th movie where they strike a deal to return back to their puppets. Read this as this is a great way to continue the series! Would this work as a movie? YOU BET! If you are a fan of the movies, get on these issues. You will not be sorry.

Big Trouble in Little China (#20)

Well, Jack has made it to the top and found a way to screw it up! Don't worry, Egg and the twins had a back up plan just in case of this. After the smoke clears, all is fixed and...Jack is sent to a whole new adventure thanks to Egg. There is a lot going on and the issue is fun and funny. This second story line in the post Carpenter/Powell issues is much better then the previous one and this set up for the next one seems to follow those same lines. Not as good as the original run but much better then the second story line. If this keeps up, I will keep reading.

Friday, 15 January 2016

In Memoriam: Alan Rickman

So, the tributes continue as we lose another amazing actor in Alan Rickman. When I first heard about it, everyone was telling me Snape from Harry Potter died. Now, I will admit that I am not a fan of the books or the movies; nothing personal, just couldn't get into them. It didn't hit me until I got home and saw a picture. Then it hit home. Hans Gruber from Die Hard, the Sheriff of Nottingham from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, the Metatron from Dogma, Alexander Dane/Dr Lazarus from Galaxy Quest, Absolem the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland and, the reason he gets a tribute on this blog, Judge Turpin from Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. He was an amazing actor with an amazing voice. He could be the straight, serious, knowledgeable one or he could be that bad guy. He could make you laugh or he could make you hate him as he always brought out the best in the actors he was playing opposite. He was a big part in so many of the films listed above, and the many others he has been in; he will be missed greatly. The man was an actor adored by so many people for the many different roles he portrayed. So, join me in saying goodbye to one of the greats; R.I.P. Alan Rickman, you are missed by so many.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Constantine: The Hellblazer (#8)

Well, Papa Midnight needs John's help and he's willing to use a snake with a rooster's head to get it! Odd? Well, in Constantine's world it isn't! Shape shifting into a nightclub full of demons is just another day at the office for the pair in a series that is still a massive improvement over the new 52 series. As there is more promised to happen in the next issue, I cannot wait to get my hands on it....curious to see what more trouble they can get in.

Evil Dead 2: Cradle of the Damned (#1)

Within these pages is a massive improvement over Space Goat's previous Evil Dead 2 series. That's right folks, Ash's clone and Annie are back in a plan to trap and kill Deadabites but, that plan gets sucked out from under them. Throw in a hint of what they will be dealing with in future issues. No idea what I am talking about? Get a copy for yourself so you can see why I am smiling from ear to ear. Yes, it is good as this is not a clone of the Dynamite issues anymore.


And you are looking for some great music? Well, you can now download some Horror Story for free (or you can pay for it if you choose) here: there are also loads of other music and bands for you to check out! Enjoy! 

Hateseeker - Black Mercy

Well, my first music review of 2016 is actually an album that came out last year as we have the debut recording of Von Toxic's new and Hateseeker. I swear, this man is one of the busiest men in the genre between Horror Story, Suicide Junkies, the label Demon Nation and now this new band. With it's sound, it brings to mind mostly Samhain though "Morgue" has a riff that reminds me of Wednesday 13 and "Night Angel" reminds me a little of early Danzig. The music itself is awesome, hits you fast as it is just a relentless assault! That's right folks, as busy as this man is, the quality is there! As for the artwork, I love the old school black and white look as it is just visually striking and eye catching. Standouts include "The Damned", "After Eden", "Horror Rock", "The Morgue", "Dead by Dawn", "Night Angel", "Dead Girls", "We Rise", "Wolf Bitch", "Worlds End" and "Last Words". If you haven't already got this album, I HIGHLY recommend that you do as only more good things can come from this band in the future.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

In Memoriam: David Margulies

Today, we mourn the passing of another talented individual with the passing of David Margulies. Some may know him from his time on Chicago or NYPD Blue but to me, and many other readers of this blog, he'll always be remembered as Mayor Lenny from the Ghostbusters franchise. His scenes are hilarious and his freedom of speech line from the second movie is extremely funny. Though, that will never top the sequence from the original movie. Good memories that I grew up with. R.I.P. David Margulies, you will be missed.

Monday, 11 January 2016

In Memoriam: David Bowie

An awesome artist and an awesome actor, today we lost a man who was a character unto himself with the passing of David Bowie. I cannot think of a time that his music wasn't in my life and his roles in The Hunger and Labyrinth are amazing. The man was always changing, always trying something new instead of settling in one place. He was always willing to take that chance when no one else would. R.I.P David Bowie, may you find peace as you leave behind a world that you were way ahead of. A legend to say the least.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

In Memoriam: Angus Scrimm

Today, we lost a legend as one of the greatest actors to portray a character has passed on. Even though he has done many Horror movies like John Dies at the End, Incident on Mountain Road along with others, he will always be known for his portrayal of the Tall Man in the Phantasm franchise. In the movies, his presence is terrifying, dominant and awesome. The way he stands there in his platform shoes and shortened pants takes it to another level. Also, the face he makes or when he screams "BOY!" help make that franchise a classic and must watch for anyone in the genre. So, with the fifth and final release in the franchise set to finally be unleashed unto the world, let us say goodbye to someone who helped make them memorable. R.I.P Angus Scrimm, you will be missed by many in the genre and its fans. 

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Lobster Johnson: The Glass Mantis

Straight out of the Hellboy Universe, Lobster Johnson appears in this one off as he battles some evil dudes looking to smuggle goods in some crude glass work. The ending may not shock you a 100% but it is great as it plays right into the odd, mysterious, occult workings of the Universe that we know all so well. This was a great read as I am a huge fan of anything from that Universe that Mignola and company create. Great read!

The Amazing Spider-Man: Amazing Grace Part 2 (#1.2)

So, remember that Horror inspired Spider-Man story I told you about? Well, after some jokes and twists, we end up in Cuba as he tries to find out what a spirit has to do with raising the dead. Yes, this story is interesting as, it is not your usual webslinger type story as it has more in common with Hellblazer then your usual Marvel story. It is worth checking out in my honest opinion.

Monday, 4 January 2016


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