Saturday 31 December 2016

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

I know I have been missing for a chunk of the month but, I want to take the time to thank all my readers for sticking with me through this year! It was been busy with over 200 reviews but, I still got a lot of stuff to review that I have not had the chance yet!

So be safe and stay scary everyone! See you in the new year...

Jekyll A. Hyde

Wednesday 7 December 2016

Puppet Master (#19)

So Tulon and his original puppets invalid a cult to see why a puppet he saw burn on stage has magically reappeared in West Virginia. Also, his other puppets are on the search for some answers of their own. This is the beginning of something as the guys at Action Lab do another great job with the issue as I can't wait to see where all this leads. Let the little bits of mayhem loose as the puppets are on a new adventure!

Saturday 3 December 2016

Tales from the Crypt (#1)

The legend is back with all new awesome stories featuring awesome artwork! Though it originally started as a comic, when I think of Tales from the Crypt I think of the shows from my childhood. Later, I checked out the original stories and loved it just as much! Like I said earlier, these new stories are awesome! They have that old school feel as in what you would expect from the series and the classics that came before it while updating it for the here and now not to scare people away. I love what they have done so far and I hope that they continue to do it more in the upcoming issues. Seriously, check it out people, so much to love in these new stories! 

Ghost Rider (#1)

So this story was...okay. The parts with Robbie were awesome! The art and story for that part was awesome! The only drag down? The parts featuring the Totally  (really not very) Awesome  (dreadful) Hulk. Yea... I don't like that character at all and he drags down the story. However, the ending looks promising and a crossover looks inevitable with this new godawful Hulk and the all new female Wolverine. I hope that this new Hulk is barley in it as he just drags it all down. Sorry,  not a fan of the character at all! Love the new Ghost Rider though... he's awesome!

Spook House (#2)

This is the second issue in Eric Powell's new series for children. The stories are funny and simple as you can't help but enjoy the work of Powell and company. Is this for children? I guess so but, there is plenty to love for all ages! Any fan of Powell would love! So, don't be afraid of what it says, you'll love it just the same as you laugh at the simplicity of some of the jokes!

Hellblazer (#4)

Well, John and Chas are in some deep trouble and not just with the genies that are out for everyone! This is a great story with great art that evolves the story with Swamp Thing as we get deeper and deeper while evolving story! Why is all this happening? Looks like John may have an idea in the next issue or at least a plan to figure out what the hell is happening! Get on this series as soon as you can!

Friday 2 December 2016

In Memoriam: Don Calfa

This year may be coming to an end but, the heartache continues to roll as we loose another legend in Don Calfa. Though he was in a number of movies like A Weekend at Bernies and recurring or guest spots on TV shows through his long career, he may be best remembered by people on this blog as the doctor in the 1985 classic Return of the Living Dead. He was awesome and funny in that role as it helped to make that movie so unforgettable. He was an awesome actor who could make so much with so little and make you laugh with how he did it! So, R.I.P. Don Calfa, you will be missed as this year we have already lost so many awesome people. Your passing may be untimely but the laughs you gave us will never be forgotten.

Thursday 1 December 2016

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D 1954: The Unreasoning Beast

This one shot has Hellboy and company dealing with a pissed off monkey ghost seeking revenge. For what? You will have to read to find out! This is a fantastic read along with great art as, you may have found out I am a fan of Big Red when the issues come out! So get on it world and read it because I am not going to spoil the goods inside as there is a lot going on in this one shot! Great work!

Ghostbusters International (#10)

Off to Iceland our heroes head as they have found the book with a bunch of ghosts who seem to like only one part of the Queen classic "Bohemian Rhapsody". This seems to be building to the conclusion as the evil wizard makes plans to bring the world to their knees at midnight while the others look for a way to bring Egon back! This series has been fantastic and a great read with great art! Feels fantastic to finally be caught up on it! So, in a snitch with the fate of the world on the line people, who you gonna call?

Ghostbusters International (#9)

Well, it's off to 2 parts of the world to get what they need to find this book after an ultimatum is made to get Egon back. Ghosts? Plenty! Laughs? Tons! Peter getting slimed? You bet your ass! There is a lot happening as the two artists team up to bring us this book as IDW does a great job with letting us know who to call when something is strange in, not just your neighborhood but, the world as well.

Ghostbusters International (#8)

H Ghostbusters are in a pickle and have to enlist Egon (of the Real Ghostbusters) to save their Egon! They learn the reason that they were hired and it's all hands on deck to save the day! Great art and story by the team at IDW as they do it right with plenty of laughs and action along the way! The world is in trouble as there is a book of spells that can control the devil with an evil wizard who wants it so, common people,  you know what I am going to say... who you gonna call?