Wednesday 29 January 2014

Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash (#5 of 6)

Well, that evil damn book has sent Cassie and Ash back to ancient Greece where they find the creator of the Black Flame who brings slashers to life and ruins Hack's life. However, there is a little twist and a hint of someone special that you miss who could end up reappearing in the next issue. There's lots of fun as this partnership comes to its end. Tim Seeley does a great job writing and the art looks great! With one issue left, lets see how this partnership comes to a close...but what a ride it has been!

Sunday 26 January 2014

Argyle Goolsby - Under the Witnes Stars

Here is the second solo ep from the former bass player and vokillist of the amazing Blitzkid, Gorgeous Frankenstein, Mister Monster, etc (I know there's more!). For anyone worth their spit and like horror rock they know who this dude is and, he is awesome at what he does. The first ep was an instant classic that had me singing along to the songs in no time. Thus, how would its follow up fair? When I heard "The Being" a few months ago my beak was wet and I couldn't wait to get my hands on this release! Well, the wait has been well worth it! Every song is contagious! "Last House on the Left", "The East Wing", "Washer at the Ford" and "Shadows of Night" (my personal favorite) pick up where Where A Dream Not Quite Remembered and "The Being" single left off. Taking you by the throat and not letting go. The only complaint I would have is that I wish I had more! Goolsby is doing a great job with his solo career! If you don't believe me, give his releases a'll be glad you did!

Dark Horse Presents (#32): Hellboy Gets Married Part 2

Well, this issue brings us the conclusion of Hellboy getting married and the ummmm divorce! Yes, Hellboy has gotten into a really big mess as he has married a vampire whom he is bound to forever (maybe a hint in the upcoming Hellboy in Hell issues?) and he battles an army of the undead before killing them and his wife. See where drinking has gotten Hellboy? He learned in the end I guess you can say as the art and story by Mignola and McMahon do a great job in telling this hilarious story of this helluva wedding that may have repercussions 60 years later with Hellboy now in Hell. As well, do you think that they're done with Hellboy in Mexico? I personally don't think so as I think there is just so much more for Hellboy to do and get himself in trouble south of the American boarder as the Mexican culture is filled with superstitions and stories that would lend themselves nicely to Hellboy stories.

Dark Horse Presents (#31): Hellboy Gets Married Part 1

This little disclaimer is to say I am only reviewing the Hellboy story in this anthology series because the other stories are in part 2, 3, etc. We good? Okay, lets rock! Firstly, we have Hellboy battling vampires with three Lucha libre brothers before one turns and he has to take him out. Then, we have a wrestling Hellboy take on the Frankenstein monster and werewolves in the follow up of him in Mexico. Now, he gets....married? That's right folks! Mike Mignola and Mick McMahon has found Hellboy a wife but, it's never that easy now is it? Hellboy is fixated by a song that leads him to marriage but, it is not as holy as he thinks and his bride is not whom she appears to be. Great art and a great story, as we get a younger Hellboy not listening to his friend and finds himself in a how does he get out of this one? Guess we'll find out in the sequel!

Friday 10 January 2014

Ash and the Army of Darkness (#3)

On rolls Ash's return to battling the Army of Darkness as the present meets the past where the Wiseman has LOST the book of the dead and wants to use Ash to get it back. Throw in Shelia and Henry the Red and we have all the makings for a build up to a showdown with the Wiseman and his army. The art looks great and Ash is becoming more and more like he is meant to be and as we all remember. I may have had some doubts where it was going with the first issue but Niles and Calero are doing their darnest to dispel any doubt and replace it with a giant smile on my face! Groovy! 

Joyland by Stephen King

You will more then likely find this under the horror section of your book store, published by a company specializing in crime books. Even the cover and the tagline point to this being a horror novel.
Yes, this is written by Stephen King and yes, there is a ghost as well as yes, there is some mystery BUT it's much more of a coming of age story I find then the other two options. This is King's other book of 2013 and, it is a good read. Maybe not the hard case crime (see the pun?) you'd think or the straight up horror you'd expect from King as there is sprinkles of it but it's much more of the story of David Jones being 21 in a path where he must find himself, mend his broken heart  and see where he belongs in this big world. There is Lane Hardy, Milo, Mike, Annie, Mrs. Shoplaw, Rozzie, Tom and Erin all play a part in the book to help David find where he belongs and solve this long standing mystery of murder. Good twist when the mystery is solved and, looking back there was some, very small hints to who that person is. The ending will pull at your heart strings a bit as you grow to love these characters. This is the book you'd give to show someone that King is not just a horror writer or a great introduction to someone younger who may not be ready for his classic novels. In ending, this is a good book but if you're expecting a straight up horror, walk on, you won't find it in the hollow grounds of Joyland.