Thursday 30 June 2016

Misfits - Friday the 13th

With an awesome looking fiend gracing the cover, we have the new EP from the legendary Misfits. At this point, many may argue that this is only in name as they only have one member who has recorded everything (Jerry Only) and he's not the greatest of singers they have had especially when compared to Danzig or Graves. Now, that doesn't mean that the new material is a total write's actually not bad. When you compare it to the material released by the two previous singers, it cannot hold a candle! Sorry, but it's true! However, it is not bad. If they were to have released this under any other name, it would be a lot better as, when you use the Misfits name, there are expectations. The 4 tracks featured on here are strong and I do like them. They are much better then Only covering songs from the other eras and releasing them, that is for sure! I am happy that he is doing something on his own (backed by his son Jerry Other and drummer Eric "Chupacabra" Arce) as it shows that he is not solely just going around re-releasing tracks with his vocals or just preforming the classics live but, can now draw on his own material that is released. Again, these are 4 solid tracks that should please people as they are much better then you'd expect. If you compare them on their own under another name, you'll like it. If you compare it to the Graves and Danzig classics then, like I said, this doesn't hold a candle to that material. The material that he has released so far is much more suited to his voice. Thus, it is a better fit for him and the band musically. So beware, Jason and Only are on the loose as they slash their way through this newest EP. Give it a fair spin after what I just said and see what I mean.

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Lucifer (#7)

So, there is a battle in Hell as Heaven has blood shed. I think you can guess who is in the middle of all this mess enjoying himself and a bit upset over the outcome of the previous storyline. Vertigo is setting up something huge with this current story that could see some drastic changes to both above and below. Great art and a great story as we see where this all leads in the future.

Puppet Master (#10)

So the story continues as the puppets must complete the task while solving the mystery of of the human size puppet picking off kids one by one in the mental institution housing children. We get an answer as to who did this but no idea may shock you if you follow the series thus far. Again, the art and story are great as Action Lab does a great job with the Puppet Master franchise. If this gets made into one of the future movies, I'd have no complaint. Great job! As well, if you don't get on this soon, I am not responsible for the puppets coming after've been warned.

The Spirit (#10)

So, we start to get some answers but the train comes to a halt (figuratively of course) and the mystery continues. There is a lot happening and the language of the times is spot on! It's a great read and a great series thus far as, just as we get an inch and some answers, we are taken back in with more questions that make this book so hard to put down. Simply, things are explosive! Dynamite does another great job!

Michale Graves - Bedlam

The man doesn't stand still for a minute as he takes his new classic When Worlds Collide and turns the track list backwards, plays everything acoustic, replace "Dying on a Sunday Morning" with "Feels Like I'm Dying" to give us something new and fresh. On this album, Graves does it all and it is just amazing! A taste of the amazing music for true fans and fiends alike. The songs are masterful, amazing and another side is shown when everything is stripped away. I am in awe with how powerful the performances on here are as the dynamics change. This is not the same album as the full band release as this is a whole new beast! The whole album is magnificent as I cannot and will not choose standout tracks. Yes, it is a great release just like his Illusions Live album. There is simply magic when you give Graves just an acoustic guitar as he takes the songs you know and love and turns them upside down and around while dropping your jaw. If you ever had any doubts about his voice and talent, those two albums will make you a believer! In fact, it's simply bedlam what he does to these tracks and I love it because of it. 

Saturday 18 June 2016

Michale Graves - When Worlds Collide

Back in the day, in case you didn't know, Graves was the singer for the Misfits and recorded the classic albums American Psycho and Famous Monsters. I was introduced to his version of the Misfits when a friend lent me Cuts from the Crypt and, I was sad when I had to give it back Monday morning at school. There is do doubt that he is a talented singer and songwriter. His post Misfits material have been just as awesome with the Graves album, Gotham Road's Seasons of the Witch as well as his solo albums Punk Rock is Dead, etc. Now, I have been out of the loop for 3 years of his solo releases for reasons that I'd rather not get into. However, when my friend opened for Graves recently, he snagged me a copy of the new album...and wow, it's amazing! Graves is in top form as he does everything but drums on this release where he crushes all in his path as only he can! Standouts include "Bedlam", "Diabolical", the sequel of his classic "Crying on a Saturday Night" known as "Dying on Sunday Morning", "I Walk with a Zombie", "Old Dark House", the track I was TOLD to listen to by David after the show "Robot Monster" (you are right man, IT'S AWESOME!), "The Face Behind the Mask", "Things to Come", "3 Days Til Dawn" and "When Worlds Collide". This old scarecrow has lots left to give as he is in top form here. Are the nightmare rides back? You bet!

Cancerslug - Sassy for Satan

No band is as more beloved in the underground as Doyle's front man's main band...Cancerslug! Alex Story, Cassie Baher, Mike Horgan and Joceylin Gonzalez are simply beasts on this new album! The songs are smart, funny, short, sweet and you can sing along as it is another home run for this band that just hits it out of the park each time! If this is really their second last album then it is a shame as they are in fantastic form again! No, I can't pick out any standouts as it is hard to choose with an album that is just full of them! Yes, it is 18 songs long but, it flows so nicely and every song just rocks! You may not be worth their blood but they will bleed you dry if you don't get on this album! They may be sassy with Satan but they take no prisoners, period! Give this a listen and you'll see what I mean.

Thursday 16 June 2016

Help Shadow Windhawk

Let's be serious for a minute. Shadow needs your help to help out his best friend so, give what you can and help out an awesome dude

Friday 10 June 2016

Big Trouble in Little China (#25)

Another series that comes to an end, the adventures of Jack Burton come full circle as we are brought to an end that sees us back in Little China circa 1986. I am glad with how they ended the series as it could lead into another but, I hope not. I like the ending the way it is. It's a large issue with great art and great writing as they intertwine the movie with what is happening in the current series. Overall, I am happy that Boom! has picked up the slack after the initial drop in quality of the post Carpenter/Powell issues as, even though after that weird first story line, they may not have been good as the issues born out of the original script but they were entertaining. So, listen to ol' Jekyll and ol' Jack Burton when we say, you need to read this!

Constantine: The Hellblazer (#13)

In, what I am guessing is, the final issue before the reboot John does what John does best and finds a loophole to go against his deal. In the end, he looses a little more and is just fed up with New York in general. There is a lot that happens so I suggest you read it as this current run has been a good read! The art is good and the story is way better then the New 52 series of the same name as it took the character back to his essence. Though it may not be a happy ending it is the one that you expect. I only hope that the reboot is has good as this series has been!