Wednesday 28 May 2014

Deadpool (#29)

Here we go folks! Deadpool and his new wife are at war with Dracula and his goons, must battle them, we find out what happened to his daughter, he travels back in time to enlist some help and, laughs galore. It's what you would expect from Deadpool and more. The art and story is great but, you gotta think, can Deadpool stay married being who he is? I guess we'll find out as this story rolls on...and I enjoy every moment of it.

Hellboy in Hell: The Death Card (#6)

Well, the story continues as Stewart and Mignola do an awesome job yet again. Hellboy stories don't arrive often but, when they do, they are worth the wait. Here Hellboy stops for a drink but ends up battling an old enemy, gets saved and continues to find himself in his new environment. If you're a fan, you'll enjoy this new chapter in Hellboy's life.

Hellboy In Hell: The Descent

In rolls the newest trade paperback of Hellboy who has now descended in Hell since his untimely death following his battle with a dragon. So, this story is awesome. Enough said! Mignola and Stewart bring this story to life as the images they conjure up in Hell are awe inspiring. The writing is also top notch as you can expect nothing less from Mike Mignola. Here, we find Hellboy finding himself in this new environment. Also, his thrown is empty, Satan has been murdered and chaos reigns in the cities in Hell. Will Hellboy end up back on Earth? Time will tell but I think we can enjoy the story as it rolls on until then.

Sunday 25 May 2014

Hellboy: The First 20 Years

Another anniversary this year watches us celebrating 20 years of Hellboy! To celebrate this, Dark Horse and Mike Mignola brings his this beautiful book that brings us Mike's favorite artwork of Big Red from the original Hellboy drawing to the latest stories. If you're a fan you MUST own this! The art is killer! It includes covers, paintings, original sketches, panels and variants from all over the Hellboy/B.P.R.D. universe. Also, instead of writing under each piece of art where it first appeared, they have an index stating where it's from, letting the artwork shine like it always has and always will. So, here's to 20 years of Hellboy...he may not drink anymore but we will have one in his honor.

Ghostbusters (#15)

Okay, so I got on this late and it is the middle of a storyline...ah well! Sorry! This year marks the 30th anniversary of one of my favorite movies/franchises in the Ghostbusters. Thus, IDW brings us a story called Mass Hysteria that celebrates what we love of the ghost busting quartet. Here you find Peter, Winston, Egon, Ray and Janine along with the new Ghostbusters, the Rookie, Dana Barrett who returns to the franchise in issue 13 and Louis Tully who returns this issue. That's right folks! Thirty years has come to this explosive story featuring Gozer's sister, raining blood and a bunch of other stuff that will have you smiling from ear to ear. Everything is here that you love, the art is great and those voices and characters that you have loved all this time are back....and is that not a cause for celebration? This is part 3 of the story arc so, lets see where this takes the guys this time? Maybe Ray will think of something innocent from his childhood...something that would never hurt them....common, you know you thought of that! 

Saturday 24 May 2014

Baltimore: Chapel of Bones (#2 of 2)

Another back ordered issue has arrived this week and I can complete reading this latest saga in the story of Lord Baltimore! Here we have the final battle between himself and Hagus, the vampire that is the cause of both the plague and his own personal misery. Who will win? What will the outcome be? Will Lord Baltimore's friends survive? Find out in this issue featuring great writing by both Golden and Mignola while Stenbeck and Stewart's art just jumps out of the page at you! It's really awesome! So, is this the end? Will Lord Baltimore finally find peace from all his pain and misery? If you're familiar with Mignola's work, you may not be surprised how it turns out but, that doesn't make it any less enjoyable! As a whole, this story was great! Had enough for first time readers to get into it while bringing something new and concluding for long time'll see what I mean.

Tuesday 20 May 2014

Misfits - Descending Angel

So here, we have a vinyl version of a re-recorded Graves-era tune "Descending Angel" and the classic Rocky Horror Picture Show theme "Science Fiction Double Feature". So, with side A, we have "Descending Angel" which, honestly for the most part, sounds not bad. I mean, if you heard the live album he butchered the Graves-era songs but, with the piano and some added guitars, Only doesn't sound too bad. However, I still prefer the original song as Graves is a much better singer then Only and musically it's just far superior! Now, for the second version of "Science Fiction Double Feature" the Misfits have released. Honestly, it sounds odd and awkward. It's not a song Only should be doing and the backup singers don't help the song. In fact, with that said, the cover is the best part of this release! That does look awesome! With that said, Only, if you're reading this, stop releasing and re-recording tunes we know and love and come out with another album of originals. Devil's Rain was a pretty good release, much better then most people expected. Follow that up instead of what has followed thus far.

Argyle Goolsby/The Big Bad - The Wild And Woeful West Virginia EP

So, I've been sitting on this release for a bit because of a busted record player but, now it's fixed! Here we have the legendary Argyle Goolsby and the catchy as hell Big Bad singing two songs about their home state of West Virgina. Goolsby tackles the mystery of the Backwoods Monster in "The Being" while the Big Bad sing about the murder of Mamie Thurman in "Whats Become of Mamie Thurman". Both songs are killer! Top notch from both bands! Great songs that will having you singing along in no time! The art is killer as well. So, for this short and sweet release you get a sweet and short review. If you can, get your hands on this won't be disappointed!

Monday 19 May 2014

Godzilla (2014)

For 60 years now, Godzilla has been the undisputed king of the monsters. He has evolved from the man in a rubber suit that frightened audiences in the 50s to a great big cgi monster! So, with his 32nd film, will his return to the silver screen be triumphant or fall flat like America's last attempt at the king of kaiju? Well, let me say this...this is the BEST American Godzilla thus far! Godzilla: King of Monsters from 1956 was Hollywood re-cutting and adding some scenes to the original 1954 film while Godzilla from 1998 featured a giant iguana crushing New York while Puff Daddy ruined a Zeppelin classic. Not much competition, I know. However, this film was great! The monster himself had me smiling like a kid from ear to ear and the Muto (his adversaries in this film) have a head that reminds me of a Transformer from the Michael Bay films with the body of an insect. The fight scenes were awesome! Now, for the other hour and 50 minutes. In that time, we have a solider fighting to get back to, then save his family in San Francesco, a scientist pleading with American soldiers to let the king beat the crap out of those radioactive insects and, said soldiers following Godzilla while he swims from Hawaii to main land America. Yea, he doesn't spend much time in the film which, is a bummer but, he looks great! Way better then the iguana! Oh! Another bummer is in how they TEASE some fight scenes! However, when they do fight, it's worth it! Overall, even with the fact that he spends little time in the film (the full Godzilla at least) it is still very well done. So, with that said, yes! The king of monsters is back doing what he does....crushing cities and everything in his path cause he's Godzilla and he can do whatever he wants!

Friday 16 May 2014

Deadpool (#28)

Since, in last issue Deadpool married a vampire (or as he calls them Dracula!), lets include reviews about him on this blog. Don't like it? Too bad! Here we have them on their honeymoon in....Japan. We have a miniature dragon, avatar monsters, killer ninjas, Japanese mobsters, thieves and jokes galore including Pokemon and Godzilla. If you love Deadpool nothing with shock you and you'll be laughing from beginning to end! There is much to love about this character and, with great writing and art to follow, not a moment to laugh is passed up.

Ash and the Army of Darkness (#7)

Here we go baby! Ash is looking for answers and getting some that he doesn't like from the witch in the woods about how the past is affecting the future. Shelia, on the other hand, is building an ultimate evil Ash to take down goody two shoe Ash. This is all building up to the grand conclusion of the series (another is being advertised, don't you worry!) when the battle comes to Ash and he must, once again, beat the Army of Darkness. Both the writing and the art look great! The story has been fun for fans as there's so much to like. My only question is, how will this factor in what has happened in the other comics sense this follows the movie and not those...guess we'll see.

Cryptozoic Man (Issue 4 of 4)

HERE IT IS FOLKS! The final issue! Here, it all comes to head, the battle for the world and the power of the universe. Here, the daughter is helping her monster dad battling the man who wants it all with the shadows behind him. It all comes down to...a tea pot? This issue is worth the whole bunch! This makes it all worth it! Things start to make sense and the art, again, looks great! The ending leaves it open for a continuation of the character who we may see on in the future. The only draw back I had of the series seems to be that of how limited it was and how so much information was packed into a single issue confusing the reader and taking away from the enjoyment in which it was created for. Don't be too discouraged. If you like monsters you'll find something to love in this series. Maybe when the trade hits the streets it will make more sense for people and they'll find it far less confusing not having to wait for the next issue to hit with all the answers.

Cryptozoic Man (Issue 3 of 4)

So here we are, issue 3 of the 4 part series. After some clarification in the previous issue, we get some more. There is more back story and some more confusion as to what the hell is going on. All of it is cleared up a bit which leads us into the final battle and the finale of the series. Bryan's writting is not bad, just a little murky while Walt's art is phenomenal! It just jumps out on the page and looks great! The last two issues has been about the origin of how the Cryptozoic Man was created while the action seems to get lost. We get glimpses a bit at a time to see what is going on and how it came to this but, I feel there is so much more they could of done. One draw back of introducing a character in a limited series and possibly never revisiting him again. I mean, imagine what they could do with some of the bad guys they show and tease can dream.

The Theatre Zombies - In Early Mourning

This third release from these Connecticut horror rockers is filled with a lot of whaos and sing alongs but, is it actually good? YOU BET YOUR ASS! These zombies charge right out of gates from the beginning and don't let up until the end! Standouts include "Dorisa", "Bring Me the Bride", "Riding in Circles", "Belfry Reverie", the beyond catchy one two punch of "Zombies! Whao oh!" and "Under The Boardwalk", the haunting "Dear Christine" and the finale "Maddy Ferguson". For those who only think zombies can crawl at a slow pace and are only dangerous if they bite, these ones will shock and memorize you! You'll be under their spell before you know it....and you may like it....a lot! So pull back the curtains and enjoy the show that they put on for you.

Black Cat Attack - Bright Side of the Moon

Well, the cat's out of the bag! These guys are awesome and this release doesn't disappoint! From the hilarious beginning to, the really funny as hell ending, there is a ton of awesome music in the middle to have you head banging and singing along! The space theme works! This is like an awesome as hell sci-fi/horror movie with action and laughs galore! Standouts include "Killing Spree at Zero Gravity", "Conquer Destroy Exterminate!", the GNO compilation standout from last year "Phasers Set to Thrill", "Vampires from Planet X", "Death from 1000ft" and "Slime Breathing Maggots". Betokened by humor, with the hilarious "Kittens in Space" is the perfect ending to this awesomeness! Even the album cover has me laughing as a Pink Floyd fan....if you don't get it or even the title you truly live under a rock and must get out every now and then! Remember, in my very first review on the blog, when I said that you should keep your eye on this band? They just get better with each release! Oh! If Tiss wants them, I say we grab Justin Bebier, Drake and that Cyrus girl, package them up and say they're BCA to get them off the planet and keep the real Black Cat Attack for ourselves. Sound good? Almost good as BCA in space 2? If not that, lets see where they take us next. Now, EVERYONE ON BOARD!

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Cryptozoic Man (Issue 2 of 4)

After the issue being back ordered, I am finally able to read the remaining issues of Cryptozoic Man! In this issue, we get some answers to who the man/monster is and who the pig guy is. Labs, Roswell, scientists, aliens, monsters and a creepy tea party are all things that we find in this issue. Still a little confusing like the first issue but, it becomes a little more clearer as to who they are and why, when we open the first issue, there is an epic battle. The art by Walt is great with a crazy ass cover that is epically awesome and more of the story is becoming clearer after some confusion. This is becoming a little more of an enjoyable read after the confusion of the first issue.....while waiting a long time to read it!

Monday 5 May 2014

V/H/S/2 (2013)

Here we have the second installment of this horror anthology series. When it was announced, I didn't know what to expect. I mean, the poster was way better then the first movie that was average. After seeing some early reviews of the film, I decided to give it a shot. I mean, the names of the films that they directors are known for are enough to drive most genre junkies to the film. However, I still needed to see it for myself if this second installment was indeed better. This movie is a HUGE step up from the first one! The acting is better, the directors are better, the writing and segments are better. It was like they took the parts that worked in the original one and improved on the stuff that didn't. Everything ties in so much better this time around. Even the found footage doesn't bug me as much! Hell, we even have a doggy cam! Just remember, if you're home alone in a house, and there's a room full of TVs, don't push may not like what you see or what happens next!

Saprophyte - The Aberrant Paradox

Whether people know it or not, Metal has had a long tradition with Horror whether it be songs based on movies, characters or real life things that scare you....some Justin Bebier and Drake fans are just afraid of loud guitars, fast drumming and/or vocals! With that said, we have the latest offering by Saprophyte with The Aberrant Paradox. Now, if you're like me and loved their last release, you may be wondering if this will be as good or hold up. Not to worry! This album is just as, if not more brutal then the last. The musicianship is top notch while these songs will have you headbanging and moshing in no time! I mean, they keep growing with each release that they seem to top the one before. Standouts thus far include "Hack", "Corkscrew", "Nightmares", "Alien", "Days" and "Lonely Spot on a Hill". Get ready for a brutal assault with some of the best underground music Canada has to offer....for you Americans, accept this as an apology for the lame crap I mentioned before at the beginning....we do have better music up here in the great white north!

Atom Age Vampire - Presents Creepshow

Open the crate, um, I mean worries, there's no beast inside. Instead, you'll find horror rock goodness from the fun loving, catchy Atom Age Vampire with their newest EP! Based off the anthology film by George A. Romero and Stephen King of the same name that we love so much, each segment is relived in a song that will have you grinning from ear to ear! The standouts include "Father's Day", "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill", "Something to Tide You Over", my favorite "The Crate" and the song that recalls one of the most hilarious segments "They're Creeping up on You" (you'll see when you hear the sound clip at the end). This concept EP is a fun listen for any horror rock fan...especially if they love the film! Even the cover gets in on the fun that is this album and the CD is wrapped in old fashion comic ads to add to the ombiance of the Creepshow film. Oh! After 13 minutes and 13 seconds of silence....there's a little treat for ya...enjoy! That's what you get with these vampires, tons of treats.