Monday, 27 October 2014

Jerry Vayne - From Darkness... They Become! Vol: 2

Looking for that soundtrack to play in order to enhance that haunted house you worked so hard designing for those poor unsuspecting trick 'r' treaters coming to your door? Try this release form Jerry Vayne. Take some kick ass riffs, make some headbanging songs and you have what easily could be a soundtrack for any modern Horror flick. This music makes great background music but, it is also  nice to listen to. Basically, a nice heavy mood setting if you will that will kick your ass and take a bite out of you before it ever even thinks of putting you down and to sleep. It's hard to pick standouts because they blend to nicely together in a way that makes you feel it is just one really epic long song (that you don't even notice the length too!). This is labeled as haunt music and it does a great job at it. If you can't decide on which band you wanna blast this Halloween for all to hear give this a spin....this should be able to scare all those little kiddies straight and sending them running home while leaving their candy behind for you to enjoy!

The Ghoolz - The Ghoolz

Hailing from Michigan, this 50's influenced Horror Rock band takes from the decade you love while injecting it with new blood! Catchy Doo-Wop lyrics with some great and catchy music that, together, create a winning formula. This stunning debut is a great and fun album to listen to for this upcoming Halloween season..... or have playing loudly for all to hear whenever someone comes to your door at least. Standouts include "Atomic Grave", "The Ghost of James Dean", "Day of the Dead", "Teenage Zombie Girl", "A Plentiful Feast", "Creature", "The Ghoolz", "Hellena", "Get Her Fix" and "Shoot'em Dead". So, if you like some Rockabilly with your monsters, check out The Ghoolz. This release has me drooling and wondering what they will do to follow this release up and I will keep my ears open for future releases from them.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Deadpool (#36)

So the monster kingdom is in lock down, Deadpool's wife is pissed at him, the Merc with a Mouth turns down both the X-Men and Avengers during the Axis storyline....and he comes out calm? That's right! Deadpool has found inner peace. Scary isn't it! This could be funny or this could be bad....who knows. I love this character and I am interested to where this is going...lets us see.

All-New Ghost Rider (#8)

Well Johnny Blaze and Eli/Robbie open up with a battle and we find out more about how the new Ghost Rider works, who Eli is and why you just won't be rooting for this one. The writers have taken everything you ever knew about Ghost Rider, threw it out the damn window and now, I don't know where it is going! Johnny better slap some sense into him....maybe he should call Danny to help. This isn't the way the character is supposed to be! This isn't what you would expect! Maybe change will be good. Maybe they have some big plan for the character in the next issues but right now, I don't know how I feel. They took everything great that they had done so far, took the character they were building and thought you knew and threw it out the window. Lets see where this is headed....but right now this series feels like it is coming to an end soon and that's really a shame after an awesome start.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Nim Vind - Saturday Night Seance Songs

Sometimes there is an artist that people just love. An artist that a lot of people seem to get behind, musicians included. Sometimes, awesomeness comes from North of the boarder. If you haven't guessed already, I am talking about the new Nim Vind album of course! The crooning that he has perfected over the years is at perfection and the songs just take everything he has done thus far and raises it to a whole other level. Standouts include "ESP", "Where I'm From", "That Girl", "Counter Shock Resurrection", "Master Spider", "Astronomicon (Todd Rundgren remix)", "The Philistine Beat", "War of the Worlds", "Fear O Fear", "21th Century Boy (Live from Germany)" and "Wolfbane Blues". So, the next time you are holding a seance, bring this album along with the Ouija board...who knows who you'll come across but, they may enjoy this album too!

A Gathering of None - Nothing Left to Loose

Tracy Bryd or, as most may know him, TB Monstrosity, was the long time axeman and vocalist for both the legendary Blitzkid and the awesome Vagora. Last year, he released an E.P. from his new project A Gathering of None that was just AWESOME! Fast forward a year and a crowd funding campaign later, we have the full length version of his work. Thus, there is a lot of eager ears to check out anything new by this man. So, with that long introduction done, let us get to the tunes at hand shall we? The music is top notch with some great lyrics. This may not be Horror Rock but it kicks ass just the same! This is honest rock with great riffs and an awesome voice to accompany it. Highlights include the opener "Fall Where They May", "Harry Houdini", "Right There With You", "Perfect Plan", "Always the Hard Way", "Like a Razorblade", "Rhyme and Reason", "Blue Print", "The Death of a Friend" and "Abandoned Ship". All fans of this man and his music deserve to give this new release a'll thank yourself later for it, trust me!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched (#3)

Okay, I'm saying it now! Funniest issue of the current runs of Army of Darkness! This is funny and fun from beginning to end much like the movie that inspired the series. Ash is his usual self in the cemetery when he comes face to face with a deadite and the faceless man while the his companions deal with an army of the dead in his absence. It is everything you expect to happen...and you'll enjoy it because of that. This has been a great run and it all comes to an end with the next issue. This was a great run that I was skeptical at first but found really enjoyable overall.

Deadpool (#35)

So, I am not reviewing the previous issue as there is no horror element but, trust me when I say it is maybe the darkest issue of Deadpool ever. We find out just what the eye showed when it exploded in the Original Sin story. Thus, Deadpool now lives across from Preston and his daughter while his wife is at home in the kingdom of monsters. A wounded Dracula has modified a Spiderbot to go after Deadpool, throw in a homeless man and...let the laughs ensue! This issue is funny, light (compared to the darkness of the previous issue) and is fun. Trying to find someone who doesn't like Deadpool is like asking who doesn't breath. He is one of the characters that you can do so much with (as seen in the Marvel universe) and the fans reap the benefits.

All New Ghost Rider (#7)

Well, well, well. Robbie keeps racing to make extra money to get his brother the treatment he needs and get out of the current neighborhood, Hyde is in hiding, there is some killer animals hopped up on the super solider pills and, a very special guest makes an appearance at the end! Who is it? Read the issue and find out! I am really happy how the story is involving and the character is growing naturally with each issue as he finds out more about himself and his new found powers. Keep reading to find out what happens next as the next issue could be a team up or, he has a new mentor who knows more about himself then he does.