Wednesday, 31 December 2014

In Memoriam: Edward Herrmann

As the year ends, there is some sad news with the passing of Edward Herrmann. A brilliant actor, in the Horror genre he's known for his memorable role as the head vampire in the classic The Lost Boys and the Munsters movies of the 1990s. In a life that has seen him portray such memorable roles in both movies and television, his presence will be missed. His versatility cannot be understated as you can see from his variety of roles he has done throughout his career. May he rest in peace knowing the legacy he has left behind.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Gotham by Midnight (#2)

This Batman spinoff (as some may see it) is an excellent story. Gotham with elements of Hellblazer is how I can describe it. IA is speechless at what actually happens during a fight with a ghost nun abducting children while the sister of the crew recalls the words as names that she has heard in the past which is leading to something bigger....and I cannot wait to see where this all leads! Yes, I say that a lot but I am loving this new series! Glad I got on this early before the bandwagon jumpers do....and you should to!

Big Trouble in Little China (#7)

Well ol' Jack Burton is on the run, Egg is in hiding but is discovered by the ugly 7 faced widow and, after a hog fight to the death with a gang leader, Jack becomes the new leader. Where will this lead to you ask? BACK TO CHINATOWN OF COURSE! From my guess there is one issue left and it has been a wild ride upon the Pork Chop Express and, if it is the end, the ride has been awesome! So, get on this story to see what ol' Jack Burton has to say about all this....and just smile ear to ear reading it.

Deadpool (#38)

ZENPOOL IS DEAD! Sorry about the spoiler but the Axis storyline is over with and everyone is back to normal. However, Deadpool is sad? Everyone else is happy around him while he seems to be missing that being center provided. I am happy that the previous storyline has run its course but I am curious to see where they bring the Merc with a Mouth next. Hey, since when isn't Deadpool happy? This is throwing me off a little! I miss the jokes and the stabbing and the mayhem....I wonder when he will be happy enough to do that again!

Clive Barker's Nightbreed (#7)

Now, we get to hear Aaron's back story. The story is something that grabs you and doesn't let go! We also get another back story....I am curious to see where this all leads. The art and the story are simply topnotch! This is all building to something and, I think that something is just going to be awesome! Yes, I remember this was supposed to be a miniseries but there is just so much that they have packed in thus far that I cannot wait to see how this all ends OR! Maybe, they will make it into an ongoing can only hope.

Clive Barker's Nightbreed (#6)

So, lets dive in shall we? The back stories continue as we find out more about the monsters in Midian. The art and the stories are just phenomenal! This is all building into something epic, something so much more! Like the story that has spawned all this greatness, there is so much in the way of surprises and awesomeness that I cannot wait for what they do next!

Friday, 19 December 2014

The Goon: Occasion of Revenge (#4 of 4)

With the conclusion of this current storyline, the river of misery that flows beneath the feet of the Goon and his gang goes into overflow! The Goon discovers that his alliance is in danger because of the murder, his girl friend is a shape shifter who is out to screw his life and, we find out the true meaning of why his enemies are toying with him. Eric Powell has me drooling at the mouth with what he will come up with next as the story and the art are FANTASTIC! Lets see what happens with the next storyline and where he'll take the Goon next.

Monday, 8 December 2014

The Panic Beats - Rest in Pieces

One part Ramones and one part badass, The Panic Beats release a monster of an album. The songs are short and powerful as they remind you of the first 4 classic Ramones albums while just being fun to listen to. Now, don't think they are a ripoff of the fathers of Punk. Far from! That is just what the music reminds you of. The art is twisted, the music is classic sounding as this is one I have on repeat! Yes, it is that freaking good! The art is awesome, twisted and just great to look at! Basically, between the art and the music, it is a great package! Standouts include the smashing introduction "Get Ready for a Bloodbath", "Chop Chop", "Matchmaker", "I Drink Your Blood", "Silent Night, Deadly Night", "I Don't Wanna Die", "A Hatchet for the Honeymoon" and "Rest in Pieces". Get on this release as this is a great band to get into....and yea, it is fun beyond fun too.

Escape from New York (#1)

More Sci-Fi then Horror, this is a comic you may be interested in. Taking place immediately following the events of the original movie, Snake is on the run as we find out what happened in the time between the two classic films. He stabs and breaks his leg to freedom on his way to the independent state of...Florida! That's right! The state is run by twins with access to old Russian missiles from Cuba while the US is on the brink of WWIII because of what he did to the president. Everything you loved about the character is here to enjoy as the issue and the art have you smiling from ear to ear. I hope they keep up this goodness and write until we find him in LA....Snake is a classic character and it is good to see him back in his old badass ways again!

Army of Darkness: Ash in Space (#1)

So, Ash has gone where no idiot, chosen one has gone before...that's right folks! He's in space! Though the beginning of the story threw me off a little as I am not quit sure who he is talking about as the last issue I read was the issue where he gets married though....I believe this is us getting right back to the previous storyline that Dynamite was writing before. I am glad, the intro got me all caught up and it's go time! So, take Ash, some deadites and a demented possessed monk with that evil book and throw it in space! That's right! Fun, laughs and blood flow in this HUGE first issue! Check it out as it is off with a bang and the ending just promises more fun for the chosen one to endue.

Deadpool (#38) or The Uncanny Deadpool (#38)

With the 75th anniversary of Marvel, Deadpool's cover gets the old school, classic X-Men treatment....and it looks awesome! As for the story itself? It continues the Axis, more zen, less merc Deadpool helping his North Koren X-Men clone friends and pissing off his wife with his more "centered" outlook on life. She misses the funny, stabbing fiend she married and, so do I. With the Marvel world turned upside down, I see it going for another issue or two before we get the Deadpool we all know and love, slashing and hacking his way through a pile of bodies with his sweet moves making jokes along the way. Hey, with the movie officially confirmed, it is only a matter of time before he returns to his old ways. I am not saying I don't enjoy this storyline but, I am waiting for what's next ya know? This only makes me miss Deadpool more and more of the way he used to be....and the jokes too!

Friday, 5 December 2014

VHS Glitch - Night on the Dark Hill

This album brings to mind some 80s horror soundtracks full of synthesizer. The music flows into each other to create an illusion of a concept album or, a great paring for an 80s giallo movie! The musicianship is top notch and, at 25 minutes leave you wanting more! Standouts include "Requiem (Intro)", "Night on the Dark Hill", "Escape" and "Werewolves Howl". Even the artwork recalls a time when you would pick up a movie just because it intrigued you or the art looked awesome as hell! Check out this piece of the 80s that broke free and is transported into 2014... if you loved those giallo soundtracks you'll be glad you did!

Ghost (#10)

So, Vaughn is a little spooked after what he saw Elsa do as the Ghost to some bad guys. Oh! She also moves out to be closer to the crime. Elsa is slowly changing and in which direction she is heading to, I guess we'll have to see. In this war she has brought upon herself to fight, she suffers a surprise attack and, a surprising loss all orchestrated by a guy who says he can defeat the Ghost. Where will this take her? How far will this push her? Now that the mayor is on board, who is Elsa fighting for? Is there anyway or anyone she can protect? Guess we'll have to read on to see what happens next!

Vagora and Robby Bloodshed - Devils in the Dawn Tour DVD

Here is a DIY shot DVD of the summer tour featuring select songs from both Vagora and Robby Bloodshed. No back stage antics, just ass kicking music live! If you couldn't make it out to one of these shows, this is the next best thing as both bands just deliver! A personal highlight for me is when Johnny Whitehurse and Jesse Nameless are  in the back, acoustically doing the Blitzkid classic "Pumpkin Patch Murders". This just shows you the power of the scene and the music as a whole. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of'll be glad you did!