Tuesday 29 March 2016

Mutant Reavers - Cosmic Carnage

Hailing from the wastelands of Germany, the Mutant Reavers hit you hard and fast with their new EP Cosmic Carnage! These guys are on point as not even little Timmy can handle this blood magic that they are wielding with the destruction that they bring from space! They may be inspired by B-Movie awesomeness but, they are A-Movie musicians with kick ass songs! The music, at times, reminds me of early Slayer which is a complement for those who know me best. At just under 20 minutes, this leaves you breathless and needing more! I can't even pick out standouts as all 6 tracks are just fantastic! I need more of this band NOW! This band from Germany has put people on notice so, check them out before they chase you down with robots and shoot you off to Planet Hell as, they are just out of this world!

Monday 28 March 2016

Shadow Windhawk - Box Five

From the ashes we hear the sounds from beyond the mausoleum with the first taste of the new Shadow Windhawk album! That's right boos and ghouls, the "Box Five" single has dropped and it is just killer! Since dropping on the scene, Shadow Windhawk's solo work has been on fire giving nods to the past while doing his own thing gaining fans worldwide. This song takes what we heard on Casket Spray and the "Never Dead" single, expanding beyond that while leaving you wanting more. When the album Cremation Garden finally drops. if this single is any indication, it will be well worth the wait! He may be rocking out with Goolsby and Tragic Black but, make no mistake, his solo work has more then enough of the goods to show you he can stand on his own against any of the bands out there today!

Sunday 27 March 2016

The Spirit (#9)

So they tried but the commissioner is still ticking though, they are not done with the Spirit while he relates the story of just how he knows Vaas' daughter. It is a great book as the art and story are great! They are really taking their time especially in a time and age where in 9 books you can have 3 different story lines.  This is a great one that has been building and building, taking its time to build and build. This story is not done by any means and I am glad for that!

The Spirit (#8)

So the Spirit discovers he knows more about Vaas then he thought while the councilman REALLY wants the commissioner's job and will go to such a deep length to get a hold of it....right down to murder! It is all slowly building like a good crime book should instead of handing you all the answers right up front for your gratification. The Spirit is the original supernatural good guy, and a classic as well, that Dynamite is showing you how much you can do with him...and boy are they planning some big stuff for this character it seems.

The Spirit (#7)

Spoiler alert! Seven issues in, we finally get to meet the mysterious Vaas who has everyone, their workers and other mobsters alike, shaking in their boots as the Spirit and company try to find all the answers to this case. As well, seems that they have someone on the inside looking to help Vaas in their plans. The book is slowly building as the storyline continues to build and build until the eventual confirmation where the Spirit and Vaas meet face to face in the battle that will follow...and I cannot wait!

Wednesday 23 March 2016

Ghostbusters International (#2)

Wow! Can you believe that I have already hit 500 posts!? Well, for my 500th post, I am reviewing the latest issue of the IDW Ghostbusters series. After the sale of Ghostbusters Inc. falls through, they are on loan instead to the rich dude who wishes to use them to clean out his haunted properties. However, their first job does not look as easy as you'd think. As well, Egon has a theory that he is working on since he could not make the trip due to his injuries. The story is great and so is the art. So, now, when something strange in the world happens...who you gonna call?

Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Hitler

In a one and done Ash faces Hitler in HELL! That's right folks! Ash must save us from the ultimate evil who is looking to take over Hell and Earth! The laughs are plenty as this book is just really enjoyable for the whole read! You will literally be laughing when Hitler first arrives until the conclusion of the epic battle. In other words, the art and story are groovy baby so, hail to the king!

Hrabia - Horror Bus

So, after hearing the split with The Bastards, I had to check out more of Hrabia (as I am sure all my readers had to) and found his latest album. Now, before I go further, I will say that based on the split EP I was expecting acoustic works as he is a one man band...BOY WAS I WRONG! He takes it to the max! Bringing to mind Walk Among Us and American Psycho eras of the Misfits, Hrabia knocks it out of the park with this EP that will have you spinning it again and again and again and again! Each track is as good as the next as it just flows nicely and has you singing along in no time! I can't even pick stand out tracks at the moment as I am just loving every song! So, if you haven't already, hop on this horror bus before he drives away and leaves you in the dust with hands that belonged to someone else. Don't say you haven't been warned!

Monday 21 March 2016

R.I.P. David Hughes aka Scabs

A few days ago, we lost drummer David Hughes aka Scabs who drummed for the legendary Frankenstein Drag Queens from the Planet 13 on the final 2 albums Viva Los Violence and 6 Feet. His work provided a solid foundation in which the band kicked ass from with those albums! Though I am not sure what he passed from, his presence will be missed. Those albums were maybe the heaviest of the whole Frankenstein Drag Queens from the Planet 13 discography. So R.I.P. man, may many more discover and fall for your awesome work if they haven't already.

Sunday 20 March 2016

Vampwoov - Drunk on a Mountain

Here, we have the first full length by Vampwoov. The title says it all as they are drunk...on a mountain! This live release showcases songs along with live banter and jokes galore! The sound quality is good and you can see hints of greatness in the music recorded. I love live albums as they strip a band away from all those studio effects and lays them naked for the world to see. However, with that said, I would like to see a proper studio album from them and hear these songs cleaned up a bit as you can tell where the booze kicked in. This is a fun listen that will have you laughing along with the drunk humor involved. It's loose, and the band sounds like they are having as much fun as you, the listener, are. Now, we wait for a studio release so we can hear these songs cleaned up as live can be rough at times. I really do like the release as is, I just want to hear more from this band as I believe they can do so much more based on this release and Demoz.

Hrabia/The Bastards - Sons of Salem (Split)

So, I know that I've said it before but I really do love split releases! You can hear the band you love while checking out another and, possibly, falling in love with them too! Here we have an acoustic split with the one man band Hrabia starting things off with the first 3 tracks and The Bastards taking the last 3 tracks. All 6 tracks here are phenomenal! Not a weak moment here as all 6 rock from beginning to end! The acoustic sounds make it great listening on a Sunday morning, or any day of the week really, when you want some monsters but don't feel like hearing distortion. As well, the cover just looks awesome! Whoever did the art, I love it! After this release, I want to hear more of Hrabia and I cannot wait for what new music The Bastards deliver! Thus, get on this release before the sons of Salem come for you, your ears will be thankful you did.

Saturday 19 March 2016

Lucifer (#4)

Well Lucifer is walking around in the land of dreams, looking for a way out while a couple of run aways find themselves on a bus leading them out of their problems. With Hell about to be unleashed on a bus, where does this all lead to in the grand scheme of things in finding the murderer of God? Another fantastic issue as we dive deeper into the mystery, looking for clues and answers as the plot continues to thicken some more.

Big Trouble in Little China (#22)

Well, there is some trouble as Jack and company need help from Lo Pan with the targets on their backs along with the storm brewing. Throw in Trump's ancestor or spirit animal based on your point of view along with laughs and violence to give yourself an idea of how well this issue is. They are really picking up the steam in the post Carpenter/Powell issues to keep readers engaged with the series and not have them drop it. Good work Boom, you have a winner on your hands.

Los Lügers - "FIN DEL MUNDO A 33 R​.​P​.​M​.​"

I don't speak much (or any) of Spanish but I don't need to know the words to be blown away by Los Lügers with this two song release! Right from Spain, this 3 piece puts the peddle to the metal and just delivers a stellar 2 songs! Hard hitting and fast, I need to check out more music while getting my Spanish friends to translate for me. So don't be a lost boy trying to find their way to the music, check this out and you'll be found!

Vampwoov - Demoz

Want something hard hitting? Check out this 2 demo release by Vampwoov featuring "Where's My Check" and "Ice Cream Truck". Both songs are great! They are short, sweet, fun and never over stay their welcome. This is a band I plan on checking out more as they have another release as well. So get on the Vampwoov now, you'll thank me later or else you'll be chasing the ice cream truck down the street all over again.

Afterlife Love Machine - Life & Death

Lately, I've noticed that a lot of Horror Punk has been stripped down to its bare bones (bad joke) with acoustics. I like this as it is low budget but, it lets the lyrics shine and, musically, there is so much you can do with just a couple of guitars and vocals. Enter Afterlife Love Machine from Ohio in the scene with an infectious album full of Horror songs and a couple of drinking ones to go along with it. This is a fun, great listen as it is just giggles from beginning to end! Standouts include "WVZH", "Cannibals", "Rooftops", "Warm Bodies", "Graveyard Boogie" and "Let's Drink". So don't break the hearts of these werewolf vampire zombies and check out this recording, you'll laugh hard while enjoying the fact that you did!

Wednesday 16 March 2016


Do yourself a favor and check out the new video by Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians "1428"...you may never sleep again

Tuesday 15 March 2016


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Sunday 13 March 2016

The Spirit (#6)

Well, this is the final review for today as I play catch up on the series! We get more answers as to what happened to the Spirit and his time away. However, we only have one clue and a name of who was behind it all. They are slowly building up the story and I like where it is headed instead of going with the one and done approach. Low and slow, slow burner, I don't care what you call it but I like the approach that Dynamite is taking with this classic character complete with great art! Get on this series if you haven't already! It is awesome!

The Spirit (#5)

Well, he's back to crime fighting as he has joined the case about his own disappearance. However, he wants to keep his reappearance hush hush until the case is solved. There is action and mystery as he does battle with the mysterious Octopus thinking he had something to do with it. ...but did he? The questions keep piling up as we get closer to the truth.

The Spirit (#4)

Just when it looks like we are finally getting an answer,  we are left with more questions about his disappearance! The book is great so far as the story takes the Spirit and throws him into the lives of the other characters who have changed and have their own issues 2 years later as everything has changed. Maybe we will find out more as we are getting reintroduced to his rogues gallery bit by bit in this investigation as we near the truth.

The Spirit (#3)

After more questions then answers, THE SPIRIT IS BACK! There are still some questions that needs to be answered but, now that he is back, maybe we can be filled in on what happened 2 years ago. I feel like they could have gone another issue before having him reach Central City but, I understand why they would have him appear now. Some people would be impatient and drop the book if he didn't arrive fast enough. Now, let's get some answers as to what happened.

The Spirit (#2)

So, after heading to his hideout, the good detectives go through his rogue gallery to see who could have gotten to the Spirit, or at the very least, who can give them some answer. Elsewhere, the current head of police is pissed that his future replacement is taking all the credit for his work. We get to relive one of his earlier cases but,  the answer stands, where is the Spirit? Again, he doesn't appear in this book but, it works. They are building up everything so, when he does appear, there is much more then him going after bad guys as everyone around him has something going on.

The Spirit (#1)

Due to back orders, I had to wait for issue one and two before I could read and review the other issues in the series. I was introduced to the character when I found his movie at Blockbuster for cheap (to my younger readers, I am not give you a history lesson on what that is!) and really enjoyed it. However, I'd continually mix him up to the Shadow and kinda lost track of him and his adventures from time to time. This new story begins 2 years after the disappearance or death (not sure) of the Spirit and the city is up for a lot of change while still asking what happened to him. Now, with 2 friends looking for him, will we finally get an answer? The story and art are great taking you back to the 30s and 40s with he look, language and feel while not having he title character appear at all. There is a mini retelling of the origin story for new readers and a bit of humor. There is a lot happening as you are sucked into the story that leaves you wanting to read more! 

Friday 11 March 2016


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The Mutant Members Only Club - Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Wop

Need something a little lighthearted and just fun? Well, you don't need to fall in love with terrorist! You just need to check out the new offering from The Mutant Members Only Club! He is just awesome and the music he creates is just fun and real! It is hard to explain the music if you don't check it out! So, don't hate on Satan and check out this new collection of songs as it is perfect for listening to while drinking blood on the beach! Yes, all this new music has me excited and you should be to....so give him a listen! You'll thank me later.

The Bastards - Out of the Grave

Well, look what has crawled out from the grave to give us an album of all new material. That's right folks, the Bastards are back with this new offering that gives you that soothing acoustic Horror Rock you need after a long night of digging up graves looking for that perfect someone. From the slab, we get some awesome songs, leaving victims laying in their wake with these 13 tracks. All jokes aside, standouts include "Off the Slab", "The Sacrifice", my personal favorite and the track that just beyond kicks ass "Grey", "The Night She Came Back", "Out of the Grave" featuring the amazing Mutant Member Tom, "These Walls", "Everything Dies", "I Hate Being Me", "Hell Comes Home", "Bury You", "Raising Hell" and "Victims". So, stop your skinny dipping and sleeping upside down! Get a copy of this album to listen to, you won't be sorry!

Escape from New York (#15)

Snake and company are not going out without a fight and, if he falls, he plans on bringing the country with him! With one issue left, the action is picking up as it all comes to a head with the new president in the final issue. Why don't the United States learn and just leave Snake alone? Who knows! But it does make for great entertainment for fans of the franchise.

Constantine: The Hellblazer (#10)

Well, John made it out of one hell and landed in another. After getting out as only John cans, New York has gone to hell! Oh! And he may not be the only one getting out! This story just adds so much dynamic as there are so many stories and plots happening that you know it will all come crashing down on John if he's not careful. I like where this is going as John pushes people away to keep them safe while other problems arise that will no doubt have him acting like Batman and having to save the world...again. As long as DC doesn't screw this up, they got gold on their hands with Constantine as a character as he can do so much story wise.