Monday 31 October 2016


So, in case you haven't heard, both equipment and merch were stolen from the Michale Graves band and the Stellar Corpses in 2 separate cities less than 24 hours from each other! This is sickening and disgusting! If you have ANY information regarding the whereabouts of the missing items PLEASE contact the bands. We are a small and tight nit community and we gotta help our own in this time of need! Thank you for your time and may we catch those bastards who did this!

Stay Scary

Jekyll A. Hyde

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Remember to enjoy the day, music and movies that come along with this and the trick or treaters at your door! Have fun and be safe this October 31st!

Stay Scary

Jekyll A. Hyde

Tuesday 25 October 2016

Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do The Time Warp Again

So, let me preface this by saying how much I love the original. The original Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of my all time favorite movies that I don't know how many times I have seen (enough to know every word of the soundtrack) and was VERY skeptical when they announced a remake of the movie. This is a movie that so many love AND are just as obsessed, if not more so, than me. So, I found the beginning well done as, it's basically saying, we are going to try for something different. At times it seems like a shot for shot remake and at other times it does try to stretch out to be its own thing though it is a made for TV movie for Fox so, a lot of stuff had to change. The positives are the singing and songs were great (very hard to screw up the classics) and most of the casting was well done. I am glad that they included Tim Curry as, he helped define what made the original so great. I also loved how they had the "audience" taking in the movie. They captured the spirit of the fans perfectly and helped to pump us up to get us excited for parts. Now, the bad. The guy who played Riff Raff (who's name escapes me at the moment and I am too lazy to look it up on the internet) seemed like he was making fun of the part. There's a difference between having fun and not taking it seriously....and with such an iconic role you should be taking it seriously instead of making fun of everything. Same goes for the guy playing Dr. Scott. He seems to be making fun of the movie instead of playing a critical role in the film. Also, the most iconic part, during the "Time Warp" it fell flat! Like right on its face and it was hard to recoup from!  This is a part that is treasured, iconic, loved and maybe the part that people know when you mention the movie. THE DANCERS HAD A HARD ENOUGH TIME DANCING TO A SONG THAT TELLS YOU WHAT TO DO! IT STARTS WITH A JUMP TO THE LEFT NOT FALLING ON THE FLOOR! So many instances where they seemed to build to something and make it good then, fall flat! It did start good and there are moments but, I think it is when I hear the songs. The songs made the movie and helped to save what a disaster that it really could have been. Overall, I'd have to say the movie was not a total disaster but not that great. If I graded it, it would be D MAYBE a C as the original is fare more superior then this new one. Hollywood, listen to me, GET ORIGINAL IDEAS INSTEAD OF REMAKING EVERYTHING! It's hard and not worth it to remake something iconic and loved. It will never come close to the original and impossible to capture what made it so iconic originally. Why do the time warp again if it ends up like this?

Cancerslug - Symphony of Savagery

There is talk that this may be the final Cancerslug album. I truly hope that is a lie but, if it isn't, what a way to go! I think this may be their longest album to date but, it's amazing! Some of the songs you may already know and love but, you'll fall in love with them all over again! Everything you about Alex Story and company are on full display in this release as they lay waste to anything and everyone in their sight! Needless to say, Cancerslug have done it again with this album as I cannot even pick standouts on this latest release as it just leaves you breathless and wanting more! So, if this truly the final album, what a bang to go out on but, if it's not, I cannot wait to hear what these guys drop next! The symphony and savagery that Cancerslug have released under this pale moon light is just phenomenal as longtime fans will just eat it up and new fans will see why we love this band so much!

Gallowmere - Ebbing Season

Though the name of the band may not sound familiar to you, how about the name of Jesse Nameless? That's right, the man who rocks his axe currently in Vagora, Robby Bloodshed and Revisited has released this album to show you that he can rip apart anyone in his path! Doing everything himself, Gallowmere's debut is more Metal than Punk but rocking and Horror none the less! There is nothing this guy cannot do as he invokes memories of Vagora, Blitzkid but, with that Metal edge while making the sounds his own. Asking me to list standouts are you? Try the whole thing man! Jesse is an awesome musician! He has written some awesome songs in Vagora but, here he shows you, that he can do everything and anything he wants! I cannot wait to hear a followup to this as, like every good Horror movie, a sequel is needed! A must on this season of darkness and Horror!

Blast from Oblivion - Bloodlust

Though not the same as the other single, "Bloodlust" shows us another side of this one man band as he delievers another awesome track! Is this all leading to the next full length? I have no clue but, with each track that drops I keep drooling at the thought of what this man is cooking up next musically! Go check it out as this track sounds darker then the previous single that was more on the screaming guitars. Both good and both showing the reach this guy has in his music. Wonder what we will see next from him!

Mummula - The Rise of Mummula

Remember when I first started this blog and told you to keep your ears peeled as Mummula was a band to watch? Can I say I told you so now or later? Three years later, we get the first full length (second release) from Mummula who have decided it was time to rise, shine and wreak havoc with their Horror Rock, Punk, Surf music! Listening to the lyrics, you cannot help but laugh, sing along and just fall in love with this band! They are so awesome that I cannot believe that it took them so long to give us some new music! This is just fun, Horror music from beginning to end! Even the blackest of hearts will love the sounds coming from Mummula! Standouts include "The Rise of Mummula", "Mystery Mountain", "Mummula vs. the Moon Men", "Hex Marks the Spot", "Percepto", "Let's Get Invisible", "Black Lagoon", "My Baby's Turning into a Wolfman", "Mummenschvantz Waltz", "7th Guest", "Hang Ten", "Iggy's Night Out" and the re-recording of "Ed Woodn't "Oh No, No, No)". This is an awesome album so, you should get on it before Mummula puts hex on you and YOUR baby turns into a wolfman too.. I mean, that's not why I am giving this album an awesome review oh no... though it does smell like wet dog in here! It is an awesome album either way and you should really give it a's perfect! 

Sunday 23 October 2016

In Memoriam: Steve Dillon

The man who gave us the original image of the Preacher along with his amazing art with the Punisher has passed. Though I do not know the full details of his passing, I am sadden by it. The guy was an AMAZING artist who brought us a whole new world! Think about the awesomeness and now they are trying to bring that same world to TV. He helped to create an iconic character while working on others.  Even CM Punk has called the Punisher series the greatest comic book series ever and, I will say, that it is up there. So, we say goodbye to a legend of the industry in a year that we have said goodbye to too many legends already, you will be missed as your legend grows as new generations discover your work! R.I.P. man!

Saturday 22 October 2016

The Bastards - Being Human

Those Bastards have done it again with another awesome release! If you like your Horror Rock acoustically, check these bastards out! They have taken their sound and upped the bar! The sounds are well put together, catchy and just flat out amazing! I cannot say enough good things about this album! Seriously, check these guys out if you haven't already as they really are that good! Standouts include "The Final Days", "Earth Invaders", "Toxic Teens", "Maniac", "Being Human", "Voices", "Being Human", "Outsiders", "The Atomic Brain", "Falling Apart" and "Left Behind". This is probably their best work yet and I cannot wait to hear what these ghouls come up with next as being human ain't easy but, they make sounding awesome sound effortless!

The Brickbats - Return of the Living Brickbats

The first time I heard about these guys, Jason Trioxin of Mister Monster mentioned them as an inspiration... so naturally I had to check them out and I was blown away! After a couple of one off shows this has turned into a full blown reunion with their first album in 15 years and these ghouls are showing no sign of rust as this monster has risen from the grave to kick ass and rock out! The songs are awesome, catchy, the musicianship is top notch as it takes you back to the time these guys ruled the NYC nighttime. They flow so nicely into each other while shattering, splattering and splatter some more right out of your speakers! Standouts include "Scare the Pants Right Off of You", "Wolfman on the Moon", "At the End of the World", "Scream Queen", "Horrified", "Witch Call", "Shatter Splatter Splatter - Part 1 & 2", "Jump my Bones", "Strange Basements" and "Zombie Wrecked the Party". This is an awesome album that will have you wondering why they went away so long! Now, if I could get replacements for the crappy sounding mp3s I have with some re-releases that would be pretty awesome too! The Brickbats are back so, take notes kids, as they are innovators and legends.

Tuesday 18 October 2016

Chimichanga: The Sorrow of the World's Worst Face (#1)

I know I have proclimed my admiration for the work of Eric Powell before so, don't be shocked as I sign the praises of Chimichanga! This is a sweet story of Lula helping out a stranger but being betrayed by a guy with an ugly face (I bet I've seen uglier!). I wanna see where this a goes as the art is great and the story is funny! A big difference from the Goon but, entertaining non the less. Get a copy of this as Powell has done it again! Awesome job!

Puppet Master: Halloween 1989 - The Creature

Set in 1989 at the Bodega Inn, we get a treat of a story as it is quick, silent and bloody as the puppets protect their master from a mysterious creature from the caves below. The issue is fast paced and the art is awesome! Again, I say this a lot about the stuff from Action Lab but, I think these would have also been great movies or shorts as these are great editions to the franchise! I may not need to pull your strings anymore for you to check out the goods but, in case you don't,  my old pal Blade won't mind poking you and stabbing you until you read these awesome issues! 

Wednesday 12 October 2016

The Lost Boys (#1)

Forget the crappy sequel that followed 25 years after the original! Tale the characters that you loved in the original and put them in a new story instead! This new sequel is better as vampires return to the town but, they are a lot different then what came before! This is the true aftermath of the original film where not everything is happily ever after! Great artwork and story as it has me wanting more and more as I wait for the next issue next month! Sink your teeth into this as soon as possible people! This ride looks like it's going to be good!

Godzilla: Half Century War (#1)

So, for a dollar, we have a reprint of Godzilla: Half Century War (#1) for your enjoyment. And how enjoying it is as we hear about Godzilla's first attack on Tokyo from the military men below and how they thought they got rid of him...but didn't. The art and story are great as, for a dollar, you won't complain. This will also make you want to grab the full collection to see how it all ends! This is the king of monsters at a low price, so stomp over to your local comic book store for a copy asap!

Thursday 6 October 2016

Hillbilly (#2)

Wow is all I can say after reading this fantastic second issue! The story continues as the Buzzard from The Goon makes an appearance in this story filled with witchcraft and greed. This was another fantastic read as I am really getting into this story! Powell has done it again creating a character you can't help but fall for! Check it out for yourself if you don't believe me. I may have gotten it because his name was on the issue but I am glad because it is so much more then I expected! Now,  when does the third issue drop so I can read that?

Hillbilly (#1)

Yes, I love the work done by Eric Powell. So, when I hear or find out something new is coming, I must check it out! Enter Hillbilly as it stars a blind man walking through the woods with a bear killing witches with Satan's cleaver. Got it? Good! In this first issue we get a good chunk of back story with some action to wet our beaks for more. Great work by Powell who does double duty with the art and story. Get on this if you haven't already as this book is on its second printing for s good reason.

Moonshine (#1)

Here we have the beginnings of an awesome story! And, if the gore and blood are any indication, it will be a messy one too! New York gangster in the woods, hillbillies, Werewolf,  FBI and a little town in the has all the makings of an excellent read! Great art work to go along with the story by the good people at Image as this new series looks to be very promising. I cannot wait for November to get here so I can read more about this!

Wednesday 5 October 2016

Army of Darkness/Xena: Worrior Princess - Forever...and a Day (#1)

As far as crossovers go, this one shouldn't work on paper but, does nicely. Xena calls Ash but, forgets she does..there's violence, laughs and sugar all around in this fun filled issue. This is a great read and, this is the 3rd time it has been done and, if the first 2 are any indication, this should be just as good! Great art and story by Dynamite thus far. I really can't wait for the next issue of laughs...hail to the king baby!

Van Helsing vs Frankenstein (#2)

So we found Frankie and it looks like he will be loose on the world post Mothman battle and post mad scientist routine. I am glad, now that I have checked out the second issue, the route that Zenescope took with this mini series. Both the art and words are fantastic as I cannot wait for the 3rd issue to see where this leads to next! You know that I love my Frankenstein monster and, this treatment of my favorite monster, is pretty cool so far!

Van Helsing vs. Frankenstein (#1)

First issue and no Frankie to be seen! The writers are seeming to hint at him coming though as Van Helsing has a relationship problem and it isn't because she is with the Greek god of Hell! Well, it sort of is but, what can you do? Throw in the Mothman and tons of gore and you have a great bloody issue! I am not sure they should have dropped the Frankenstein name but, maybe he'll make an appearance as they set up all the players. Guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York (#1)

United by song and sucked through a portal, Ol' Jack Burton meets his twin Snake as they have to team up to save an American treasure. There are some confusion and laughs but, I don't know honestly about this mash up. I think they were good to leave the stories where they ended instead of doing a crossover. Maybe Boom can prove me wrong but, I am not impressed so far.

Robby Bloodshed - Dazziling Mad

This man is one busy dude with his second solo release of the year! Robby Bloodshed continues to up his game with each release as this tops Fallen Heroes. With an intro that calls to mind some classic Queen and "The Basement" which calls to find some early Blitzkid, there is no stopping him as he wears is influences on his sleeves while doing this own thing. The songs are awesome, catchy, fun, great and just...well, awesome! He does an amazing job on this release as it will have both long time fans smiling while attracting new fans to how awesome his music is. Oh! That cover art? SO AWESOME LOOKING! That would be great on a vinyl release just so you can take in all the details it has! Standouts include "Achromanticwings", "Mr. Ferocious", "Fallen Heroes", "King of Rhye", "Bring You Down", "In the Grey", "The Basement", "Inside Out", "Burn", "Another Day", "Personality" and the Misfits cover of "She". Love the twist on it! This is a fantastic listen for all involved. Listen to good ol' Jekyll and check out this album! It is worth both your time and money!