Saturday, 30 April 2016


So, with the weather getting warmer, it's tour time! If you are in a band, send me your information and dates and I will post it up the blog for all to see! As well, keep sending the music as I enjoy what you gals and ghouls come up with!

Stay scary gals and ghouls

Jekyll A. Hyde

Squarriors: Spring Vol. 1 TPB

So, in case anyone is looking for a series to get into and start, I HIGHLY recommend Squarriors! In a post apocalyptic world, animals have replaced humans in intelligence while taking over the world. There are 3 tribes and they don't like each other...let the blood bath begin! It is a great read filled with awesome art that leads into the next story. I've had the book for a bit and finally decided to read it...couldn't put it down as I did the whole thing in one sitting! Yea, it's that good! So check out Spring as we head into the next up coming series Summer. You will not be disappointed.

Monday, 25 April 2016


My sister Lilith has started a new blog with her friend to share their short stories of the paranormal among other things. So head on over to to check out what dark, horrific and devilish goods lay at wait for you to see. Tell them good ol' Jekyll sent ya if they ask! Stay scary friends!

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Vampirella/Army of Darkness TPB

What do you get when you put two cult icons in a 4 issue mini series that takes place during a cult movie? Well, you get Vampirella/Army of Darkness of course! Ash meets Vampirella as he accidentally summons her guessed it! Says the wrong words! Now they must fight off evil and convince those primitive screw heads not to kill her! There are plenty of laughs as everyone takes their shots at Ash and the art and story are phenomenal! Dynamite has done a great job with this crossover as it really is groovy with all the fangs attached!

Saturday, 23 April 2016

The Haunted Mansion (#1)

In this first issue, we take a more intimate look at one of Disney's most beloved attractions as the Haunted Mansion comes to life! In this beautifully drawn issue, the dead seek the help of the living to get control back from an evil spirit. Although you can make the argument that the story is pure Disney, the writing is well done and pretty good. In fact, I think it'd make a good movie thus far! So, step into the mansion if you dare to see the fights it contains within... you may like what you see inside.

The Twilight Zone: The Shadow (#1)

After busting up some Nazi scum, the Shadow and friends are hit with a bomb and sent guessed! THE TWILIGHT ZONE! Here Kent is in the body of another when he comes face to face with an old enemy. There is a lot happening as he is forced from one mask to another to, eventually, another. The read and art are great as the Shadow is tossed around as can only happen in the Twilight Zone...wonder what they plan on doing to him in the next issue? I guess I'll have to wait and find out!

Big Trouble in Little China (#23)

So Lo Pan has figured out how to charge a cellphone. ..with some friends in order to unlock the mysteries and the future it holds within. Also, Jack snaps Egg out of an opium haze but he may be too late in 1906. There is a lot happening as they trying to get Jack and company back to the future but, not before they make a mess of old Little China first. Yes, the story has some twists and turns but it is a good read with good art attached. Can't wait to see where it takes us next.

The Jasons - Get Fucked

Hailing from Camp Crystal Lake, we have the newest offering from when Voorhees and the Ramones crash head on in the Jasons! Rocking with short sweet Crystal Lake Horror Punk songs you cannot help but love this band! They will stalk and slash their way into your hearts if they haven't already! The Ramones influence is especially noticeable in the Dee Dee sounding "Crack a Beer" and the awesome "Campmando". If you are already a fan then there is tons to love. If you are not one of the devotees then....well, I am hoping you have seen one of the movies from the Friday the 13th franchise so you know what they Jasons will do to you when they find you. This album is just fun and energetic from the beginning to end. If you haven't' guessed, I cannot pick standouts as I am just enjoying the album as I listen to it! So get on this album as you will be thankful you did...and before mother tells her boys to mess you up with their trusty machetes in tow.

The Bastards - Toxic Teens (Single)

In the last couple of months, I think I have done two previous Bastards reviews. Yes, they are a busy acoustic Horror duo as they unleash their new single Toxic Teens. Whether it is a stand alone or a preview of some new work that is laying beyond the horizon, this is an awesome piece of music. Now throw in Monster Mutant Tom into the mix and you have the beginnings of a winning combination! So, if you haven't already done so, check out the Bastards! You can thank me later.

Raizing Hell - Monsters Prefer Blondes

Well well well, from the deep dark and legendary land of Romania, we have the latest offering from Raizing Hell who are kind enough to inform us that Monsters Prefer Blondes. This album is just awesome! In a genre that features a lot of male vocalists, it is nice to hear some female vocals take charge as Liv Decay just thunders away on the tracks. Musically, the rest of the band is just as rocking as the vocals as these monsters are not brain dead in the least but awesome. I am just falling head over heels with this album as it is just some Horror Rock goodness as the songs are dynamic and fun! Even the artwork is just awesome looking! Standouts on the first listen include "I Like it Wrong", "I am the Damned", "Time of the Killer Flies", "This is IT", "The Sun is Down", "Dead Girls Don't Cry", "I'm Not a Monster", "I'm Not Evil (I'm Just Bad)", "Braindead", "Killing Time" and the closing title track "Monsters Prefer Blondes". So, check out why monsters seem to prefer blondes before Raizing Hell comes after you because it will be killing time if you don't give this album a listen soon!

Sunday, 17 April 2016

House of Penance (#1)

Anyone who knows the story of the Winchester house and it's original owner's fear along with its. ..let's just call it architectural obscurity with stairs and doors leading to know where because of her fears have some knowledge of the story and premise. The art is great and the colours are vibrant as we get the beginnings of a story that is about to get horrific very quickly judging by my own knowledge and the tone of the book. Awesome release by Dark Horse!

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Constantine: The Hellblazer (#11)

Well New York City has gone to Hell...LITERALLY while John is looking for help and refuge in the city if Angels. There is a lot happening as he is forced back to the city that he wishes to leave behind only to find out that it needs him more than ever. He is what the city needs as is you know the character, then you know why. The story and art are great as this is the best the character has been since the original series ended. It's awesome as it just keeps building and building into a grand conclusion.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Ghostbusters International (#3)

Well folks, If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may have figured out that I am a huge fan of the Ghostbusters and I love what IDW has done with the franchise. With this new issue, they do battle against a really big ghost on an island in Italy, as the feathers fly as the guys find a link between the asylum and possibly an old case Egon dealt with on his first trip to Europe years ago as an old cold case may have reopened. Oh, throw in a laugh with the open interviews of people as Janine looks for some help around the firehouse. There is a lot happening as now the boys head on to Paris as per their agreement...lets see where this leads to next as this ghost busting fan is excited to read more.

Baltimore: Empty Graves (#1 of 5)

Well folks, we have the new issue in the Baltimore series where Mignola's other creation does battle with vampires who plague with friends! As they bury empty graves (sere where they got the name!?) of friends lost and bodies not recovered, we are treated to a little back story as Lord Baltimore as is left more in thinking then action in this issue. This could only mean one thing...there will be plenty of butt to kick when he finds the Red King! As always, the art and story are great as I expect nothing less from Dark Horse and company. Great first issue.

Escape from New York (#16)

Here, we have reached the end of the story featuring Snake between his exploits in the classic Escape from New York and Escape from L.A. Here he is ready to throw the nation under the bus for a little peace and quiet....which is all he ever really wants. With the nation in his hands, he does as only Snake can do and pisses off those in power! That's right folks, this brings to end a great run and great fun that was had by so many as this was a great series with great art and great stories. Though it is sad that it comes to an end, in the end, it is for the best before it drags on needlessly to something that sucks. Great work Boom! You did well.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Spirit's Destiny (#1)

Here we have the first issue in what looks to be a promising series called Spirit's Destiny. With the premier issue, we have Destiny who seems to have a recurring dream from childhood. Throw in the bullying and lab accident and you have the beginnings of a new hero! Obviously a fan of Spider Man, Jean uses the ideas as tribute while launching their own series. Both the story and art are amazing and, though it doesn't give you everything in this premier issue, if gives you enough to want to read on the series to see what happens. There seems to be lots of hints for something bigger in the future as well as who her father is. So, with that said, I HIGHLY recommend you just on this indie comic gold right at issue one so that you don't miss a'll be happy you did as things can only only get higher from here!

Friday, 1 April 2016

The Amazing Spider-Man: Amazing Grace part 4 (#1.4)

Well, this story gets more twisted as we are no closer to just how.a dead man walks the streets after he kills himself. What has Spider-Man gotten himself into? His allies turn their back initially and there is more questions then answers in this series. Throw in the random voices the guy hears and you have something from a twisted movie. Actually, I think this would make a great Spider-Man animated movie....Marvel, get on this!

Robby Bloodshed - Fallen Heroes

If there is one man who doesn't disappoint it is Robby Bloodshed! With this new release we get more Queen then we do Misfits but, I love Queen anyway! Thus, I am good. From the opening sounds of "Fallen Heroes", to the closing notes of the Descendents cover "Bikeage", the man has another winner on his hands! As well, "Burn" is maybe his heaviest song to date in my opinion. With his 5 originals you get awesome songs with awesome songwriting and with his covers you get quality picks with great performances! Like I said before, he never disappoints as he gets better with each release! So, I think you already know my opinion about what the standouts are. Thus, don't wait another day as you should get this album and listen to it in the basement if you'll be able to keep yourself alive by doing this and your ears will thank you just the same.