Monday 30 September 2013

Robby Bloodshed - "The Last Nerve"

Well, luckily it wasn't! In a year loaded with releases by the man, this is his only full length (the other two being eps as you can see below). From the beginning it is an assault on your ears as Robby sings, smashes and shreds his way through these songs (because he can simply do it all!). This is a man who clearly borrows from his idols and expands from them, while creating something that is truly his. Basically, he gives a nod to the past while looking ahead to the future. The covers on here, Misfits' "Last Caress" and Bruce Springsteen's "I'm on Fire" done Blitzkid style and phenomenal. Two highlights for sure! Other standouts include "Innocent Blood", "Running from Leatherface", "Vietprom", "Murder Mile", "Hells Little Angels" and "Leprechaun (2010 music - 2013 vocals)". Get this release or anything from this won't be disappointed.

Robby Bloodshed - Vile Carnality E.P.

You do not want to piss this guy off or get on his bad side! His 3rd release of the year, 2nd ep, is a vile piece of work. Inspired by deceit and pain, this powerful release is his best release to this point. The man plays everything, writes everything and his cover of Ghost's "Per Aspera Ad Inferi" is amazing! "Withdrawal" my be my favorite Robby Bloodshed song to date and the other two tracks "Pest" and "Infatuation" are no slouches either. Check out this horror rock work! Just beware of the venom dripping from a past of being hurt....I don't think anyone will have the balls to do that anymore!

Robby Bloodshed - E.P.

Simply titled and simply awesome! Robby Bloodshed's release before he dropped a full length album (featuring two songs) is a nice release to give fans a taste of the two tracks while adding on a whole bunch. I mean, is there nothing he can't do? With the exception of "Vietprom (Live)" (the other song that appears on the full length), he does it all himself from the writing to the instruments you hear. Highlights include "Murder Mile", "Archangel" and his cover of Blitzkid's "Sammy Gone Wrong" (I never get sick of hearing that damn song!). So grab a copy, sit back and enjoy, this young fellow is far from done!

The Living Corpse: Haunted (One Shot)

So, after the disappointment of the movie, Dynamite releases this one shot much to the happiness of fans! This is the REAL Living Corpse! John Romero is back where he belongs as the gatekeeper between the two worlds. He is neither living nor dead so, he keeps the peace. Here he battles ghosts, putting them to rest all in a days work. The short stories are entertaining that are included with this release and the promise of another one shot and another series has this fan drooling/chomping for brains at that! New fans will find much to love while old fans will enjoy this release after the disaster of the movie. Hell, even the inclusion of one of the characters from the movie who never existed before is welcomed! Haeser and Hasson, great story and great artwork, keep it up!

Sunday 29 September 2013

The Last Will and Testament Rosalnd Leigh (2013)

The full length directorial debut by Rodrigo Gudino (also the editor and chief of the amazing Rue Morgue magazine), this is the best haunted house film of the year. Creepy setting, weird sounds, dark creature in the shadows, throw in some religion, touch of back story and it is an uncomfortable night  for not only the guy staying there but for the viewer as well. This film has been talked about for a while and promoted by the magazine for a while so, not that it's out, expectations were high. Those expectations were met! I love the idea of the sole actor (he's left alone for the most part), some added voices and the monster, although CGI (a dreaded thing when creating monsters) works! I mean, it looks awesome! Everything works together, and every little bit reveals a bit more about the mother, the son, the creature and just what the hell is going on without saying it within the beginning 5 minutes. Unfolding genitally for the viewer, working on your nerves from beginning to end. So, for those of you looking for a great, home grown, Canadian horror movie or, a great movie to watch alone or with a bunch of friends, I highly recommend this. Just remember, faith is fragile and may do a number on you.

Atom Age Vampire - Draining Vains and Taking Names

After some confusion of Hellsing leaving, but not (thankfully!), this is the long awaited debut of the Atom Age Vampire. This is awesome, horror punk greatness! This is fun (I use that a lot but, it's true!), fast pace and in your face like Dracula waking you up at night. Now that the first release is out of the way, more should flow like blood from a neck in any self respecting vampire movie (notice how I said self respecting, which leaves you out sparkly annoying emo vampire wanna be bastards!). The standout tracks include "From Hell", "Dead at the Drive-in", "Another Fucking Werewolf Song", "Corpse Bride" and my favorite, the Munsters inspired "1313 Mockingbird Lane". So grab your ticket (inside the cd), and enjoy the show these vampires are putting on for everyone.

Hatchet III (2013)

Well, it's that time again to pull out your hatchets, clean them off and enjoy and 80s style slasher starring the awesome Kane Hodder. No, this is not a Friday the 13th film but a new Hatchet film! This is a film series that takes everything that you love about those kinds of flicks and brings them in the 21st century. With less heavyweights then the first two (Robert Englund and Tony Todd have already been killed off thus, their characters are gone) but Danielle Harris returns after the second film. Also returning to the film is Parry Shen who is in his 3rd different yet hilarious role, so keep an eye for him. If you seen the first two, he'll be easy to spot but this time he is not playing his own brother. Taking place right after the conclusion of the second film, this wastes no time in jumping back on the horse and letting the ghost run free while Danielle is hosed down in the shower to get the blood off of her. This conclusion to the film series is a great way for it to end. Lots of gore, murder, mutilation while Victor Crowley (starring Kane Hodder in a role he is all too familiar as a stalking monster serial killer) goes on a rampage. The ending, makes sense. How they stop him, makes sense. And the ending can go both ways: it can be the end of the series or, it sets it up for a forth (if the plan doesn't work that is). So, enjoy this movie....just watch out for the blood splatter...tends to make a mess of things.

American Mary (2012)

Directed and written by the Soska Sisters (soooooo super nice!) starring Katherine Isabelle of the Ginger Snaps franchise's fame in this home grown movie about a medical student looking to become a surgeon. Things go astray, and things get gruesome, bloody and awesome from there! Enough twistedness to keep any horror fan or gore hound ecstatic from beginning to end! Dwelling in the underground of body modification, preforming torturous acts upon those who did her wrong and tons of blood, need I say more? For those who think that it's only about the gore you are mistaken. The story is well told and the actors are phenomenal. Katherine is a great actress and the Soska Sisters are an amazing directing/writing pair who only have the brightest of futures in film! Like Mary, both are an artist. If you haven't seen this awesome piece of Canadian horror then, what are you waiting for? Do it before we send you to Mary's and make you look like a Ken doll :).

Ghost - Infestissumam

To the best of my knowledge, no metal band has come up as fast as Ghost! Everyone from Phil Anselmo (Pantera and Down fame) to Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Probot, Foo Fighters....and everyone else he has played for....including on the ABBA cover on this album!) has shown their support and love for Ghost. Oh! And they also have the musical chops to back it up! Who they are? No one knows! Some say they are a Swedish all-star band. The backing band are each known as the Nameless Ghoul and apparently, they changed singers from Papa Emeritus to Papa Emeritus II (looks like the same guy to me :P) but ah well....doesn't change the fact that their awesome! They are heavy and they have the melody and musical chops to back up what they do! This sophomore release proves it. Standout tracks include "Year Zero", their cover of "I'm a Marionette" featuring Dave Grohl, "Monstrance Clock" and "Secular Haze". Although, in some countries they have to put B.C. at the end of their name due to name issues and they say that it is silent, they aren't! And I hope they stay that way!

HIM - Tears on Tape

This Gothic love metal band is another that I was introduced to by a close friend back in high school....and I've been a fan ever since. Mixing metal, melody, love songs, Goth and horror in their imagery provides for a awesome sound that you either love or hate. And I love it! So, for their new release, they have delivered another solid offering of what you would expect from the band. In fact, it's in their logo (the heartagram) which is a combination of a heart and a pentagram together (love metal, duh!). However, this is not a carbon copy of every other release as the others. Far from. In fact, like every other release, it is its own beast of music delivered by the Finnish band. Highlights include "Into the Night", "Tears on Tape", "All Lips Go Blue", "I Will be the End of You" and "Love Without Tears". If you're not already a fan, this will not change your mind. If you are, then this is one of the band's best releases to date and it is something that will be enjoyed dearly.

Wednesday 13 - The Dixie Dead

Well, if it isn't the main reason why I got into this genre back in the day when my friend loaned me his copy of the Murderdolls' Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls back in high school releasing a new solo album. Wednesday 13 has so many bands and side projects (Bourbon Crow, Murderdolls, Gunfire 76, Maniac Spider Trash and Frankenstein Drag Queens from the Planet 13....if I forgot any, sorry!) that you find it hard to keep up! So, how does this rank up? Well, it is not Beyond the Valley but The Dixie Dead is pretty good! In fact, I would say that this is one of his best solo albums to day, up there with Transylvania 90210 or Fang Bang. From the packaging, right down to the "coming attractions" this release pays more homage to what most of us love in this genre...the movies! My standouts include "Curse the Living", "Carol Anne...They're Here", "Too Fast for Blood", "Bloodsucker", "Get Your Grave On" and "Fuck You (In Memory of...)". If you're not already a fan of this man, this is a good introduction to his work. It may not change your mind but, you can be damn sure that it shows you why so many love him and what he does.

Rob Zombie - Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor

If you think the title is weird, then you don't know Rob Zombie. A definite product of the Alice Cooper school of shock rock (that songs are just as important as any stage show) this is, by far, his best release since the original Hellbilly Deluxe. Rob is in top form vocally and lyrically while John 5 and co are on fire musically. This album builds on Educated Horses and Hellbilly Deluxe 2 in that this has a band dynamic; the music is tighter and better for it as they stay together and build this monster time and time again. Highlights include "Teenage Nosferatu Pussy", the lead single "Dead City Radio And The New Gods Of Supertown", "Lucifer Rising", "The Girl Who Loved The Monsters", "Trade In Your Guns For A Coffin" and their cover of "We´re An American Band" (as odd as this choice may seem, they really are). This release is what you would expect of Rob Zombie, fun and energetic from beginning to end by an artist who is loved by all whether it is when he does comics, movies or music. Thus, jump into Dragula and get your copy NOW!

Erase Negate Delete - Of Rust and Rotten Things

Let me preface this by saying, I am not a huge fan of industrial. I like Nine Inch Nails and Skinny Puppy but, it's not my favorite genre and I don't know a whole lot about the scene. However, good music is good music no matter what! Erase Negate Delete or, better known as END, is a great band! I came to knowing of their existence as this is Ralphie Repulsive's (bass player and vocalist for one of my all time favorites Order of the Fly!) side project. With that said, this is a great release! It's good, energetic, story telling complete with a great cover, comic (which all tie into the story and lyrics) and amazing split colour vinyl that makes this one amazing package! My standouts have to be " Invocation of the Centipede King", "Desensitized", "Isolate", "Hivemind" and "Ghost in the Machine". If you're like me, and not a fan of industrial, this album could change that mindset or, just be a fun release to have for those times you feel like having something different.

Evil Dead (2013)

Well, if there is one thing a lot of people know about me, is that I love all things Evil Dead/Army of Darkness from the movies, to shirts, to comics, etc. When this was originally announced, there was some confusion. No Sam Raimi and no Bruce Campbell? How do you have anything Evil Dead without those two? Then there was talk that Ash would be a girl. Then it was said that they were all Ash....and then there was no Ash? HOW DO YOU HAVE AN EVIL DEAD MOVIE WITHOUT ASH!? But, that was the smartest thing that was done. I mean, who could stand in and play a role that is so connected and beloved to a single actor? Well, with all that said, and all the fear closed away, I will say that the movie was groovy. In an age where Hollywood is remaking everything, this is the best one yet! So well done! The actors and actresses are awesome, the story flows nicely (despite a couple of plot holes and wtf moments) and there is just enough shout outs to the original to keep people happy. Mia is a good replacement for the much beloved Ash as well. Now, some complained that the movie wasn't funny like the originals, well, THE FIRST WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE FUNNY! Like this one, there are unintentional laughs from a movie that takes itself seriously but, that's the charm of it. As well, there was talk of no CGI used in the film. Some have disputed this but, I will say this, whether they did or did not it was not overused like in other films and, if they didn't, then they did an awesome job on fx. For fans of the original trilogy, no need to worry about this film, and watch the credits and till the end, there's a groovy surprise for you and something else that will put a smile on your face. In the end, this remake will not swallow your soul. So, in the end, did I like it? YES! Was it as good as the original trilogy? Nope. Am I excited for Evil Dead 2? YEA! Am I excited that Bruce will return as Ash in Army of Darkness 2 and that the two universes will meet head on in Evil Dead 7? ...If you don't know my answer by now, I think you need me to obviously answer HELL YES! So, until someone opens that cursed book again, we wait.

Black Sabbath - 13

This is it. The one release a lot of people have been waiting for! The first studio album baring the Black Sabbath name since 1995 (excluding Heaven & Hell's The Devil You Know) and the first to feature Ozzy since 1979, expectations were high. No matter how good it was, will it be able to stand against the classic material that brought the original metal band to the forefront of music all those years ago? Well, it isn't better then those classic releases, I mean, how could it be? But, it is damn good! Ozzy, Iommi and Geezer shed of the years to show a lot of younger bands how it's done! The doom and gloom which we all love is here and intact. The songs themselves seem like they were born out of that classic era, maybe like songs that could of been on Master of Reality, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath or Vol. 4 but just didn't fit or were outtakes. To make an album, as good as this, 40 plus years after the fact is a feat on its own that cannot be matched by some. I mean, lets see some of these pop sensations try to do this 40 plus years later...I'll spoil the results....they won't! Yes, there is some controversy at the drummer's stool with no Bill Ward due to contractual disputes, Tommy Clufetos (although live can do the job and is amazing) was pushed aside by Rick Rubin for Bill Wilk (Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave) who does a bang up job on this release. My highlights thus far are the lead off single inspired by Nietzsche's famous and controversial statement  "God is Dead?",  "End of the Beginning", "Age of Reason" and "Zeitgeist". These men, are the iron men of metal. Give them a listen as they have come once again to spread controversy, fear and fun we all love.

Saturday 28 September 2013

The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse (2013)

Let me preface this by saying that I am a HUGE fan of the comics BUT a problem when going from comics to film is that the results aren't always good. Why you may ask? Well, I'll tell ya! It's the need some have to CHANGE THINGS! NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE CHANGED! IT WAS ALREADY WRITTEN IN A WAY THAT IT WOULD OF TRANSLATED WELL TO FILM! The only things they kept the same were some character names and the fact that John Romero is a zombie who's self aware! I can take little changes, or computer animation BUT WHY CHANGE EVERYTHING! As well, there was just so much happening that, instead of flowing nicely, it all seemed so jumbled together and thrown together because they HAD to include this character, or this idea while leaving other big ideas of the character(s) or some characters out. Sometimes simplicity is better. This movie could of been so much better and with the amount of time that this has been talked about it should of been, but it was not. If you're a fan and a completest, get it. If you're not, don't bother. If you want to know the character, read the comics....this doesn't do the corpse any justice!

The Serpenteens - Do You Want To Be Destroyed?

How long has it been since New York City's legendary Serpenteens released a album of new material? Too long! Was it worth the wait? You bet your ass! They don't seem to miss a beat as this rip through this album like a zombie through a crowded city! It's fun, great listening and will have you singing along in no time. Standout tracks at the moment for me have to be "Do You Want to be Destroyed?", "Stay Awake", "Down to your Grave", "The Gift", "Tonight" and "Blackness in your Heart". So, we're calling all monster kids to grab your copy asap! And it's something you don't need your x-ray eyes for!

Revisited - Cold Lips Don't Speak

Revisited's second release, first of all original material, is a great introduction to the sound of Jesse Nameless (guitars/vocals), Kylie Discord (bass/vocals whom some will know from her tender in the much beloved Vagora) and Melvin Roadkill (drums). The danger of this long awaited ep coming out after a debut full of covers is of the sound and expectation of a band. Let me explain, when a band plays covers they are much looser and having more fun. These are songs you grew up on and love so, putting your own spin on it, is fun! It's something that is already familiar to the listener as well. Original material is like a statement of who you are as a band and, this is one bold statement! They are not laying around in any grave as these 8 songs are an assault from beginning to end with Jesse and Kylie trading vocals. My favorite songs as of now has to be "Pretty When Your Dead" and "Who Burns Bridges Faster". Although, at the moment, they are on a hiatus (not because they hate each other like some other bands), I may not be psychic but I sense that there is much more awesome material on the horizon from this great young band. 

Among Friends (2013)

Well little Danielle Harris, once the little girl in Halloween 4 & 5 has grown up (as seen in her roles in Rob Zombie's two Halloween films, Hatchet 2 & 3 among other roles). Now, she has graced the director's chair. I know what you're thinking...uh oh! Not every actor who makes the move from in front of the camera to behind it has been successful but, I will say, this was a pretty good debut. Although it started off slow, this murder mystery/dinner party gone astray picks up at around the 30 minute mark...and that's when the fun truly begins. Only one kill really but tons of mutilation, a great concept which has you asking, how much do you really know your friends and, can you really trust them? Are they just a psycho who has finally snapped? Some the camera angles are uncomfortable, the tripped out scenes are funny (and odd) and it makes you wonder....just how far she'll go to prove the age old question of, who can you trust? Cameos by Kane Hodder (who's dancing alone is worth the price of the movie!) and Danielle Harris herself (with a direct shout out to her first movie role in which we all remember her from!) and you get a good debut from a talented actress. I hope she doesn't just hide behind the camera but, if she does though...I expect more good things in the future.

Vagora - Darling Discordia: The Winter of Discontent

Although they are not horror rock per-say, they have been adopted by the scene and are much beloved by all. So, when it was announced that the band would be parting ways after this release we were all sad! But, with that said, this is the best release by the band! Take everything you liked about the other albums so far and put it into one. It's a fun, energized release by a band at the end of their career. "Coffin Nails", "Emeralds", "It's Not You That It's Happening To", "Juniper's Morning Kiss", "Go Ask Malice" and "My Last Impression" are my personal favorites on the release thus far. So grab your copy before they are all gone and Vagora disappears from the world....although they will never disappear from our cd players or from our heart!

Darrow Chemical Company - Plastic Smile

This, without question, is the best release of 2013! I mean, it is just perfect! When you look at the band's past two releases, they are great but, this is the one where all songs are destined to become classics. If we were speaking in terms of Metallica, this would be Darrow's Master of Puppets. Fan funded through an Indigogo campaign by a bunch of guys who have had tenders in Mister Monster, Blitzkid, Doomsday Prophecy, Gotham Road and the Michale Graves band, they know what they are doing! "He Said, She Said" is a great song, "Better Dead Than Wed" although a re-recording from Nightmare sounds meatier and heavier, "The Dead Don't Rise" is a great fun song about Return of the Living Dead and of course "W.H.B.". That song, although probably not intended to be, has become an anthem for all horror kids and misfits! The chorus of wahoooooooo and the lyrics harking back to a youthful time just speaks to people. J.V. take a bow, you wrote a song that will last for generations. If you have this release, you know what I'm talking about and, if you don't you need a copy now!

Friday 27 September 2013

Shadow Windhawk - Tales From the Black Lodge

For most of you, this man needs no introduction. If he does, you live under a rock! Known for his tender in DieMonsterDie, this is his first solo offering to the world. I know the fear some have when a man, known simply for his guitar work takes his turn at the mic but, you have nothing to worry about. He has the chops (as shown in his videos of covers he posted prior to him recording the ep in case to dispel this doubt)! Armed with just his voice and a guitar he creates one of the best, most organic and creepiest offerings of 2013. The songs tell a story but, the true magic, is that each song can stand on its own, no problem. For a genre not know for its acoustics (it is a rare thing) this release shows what just a man and his guitar can accomplish. And the artwork? Stunning! It paints a picture of the setting in which these songs take place, creating an atmosphere that just adds to the music. Even though there is talk of an electric release coming next year with a new band, I hope that he doesn't abandoned his acoustic stuff....I mean, somethings are just creepier when they're simplified

Black Cat Attack - Vamparty

Okay, so this is a cd I waited for a while before it finally arrived (having ordered it in January with no fault to the band or anyone....just slow in coming to the HMV...shit happens!) and I must say, it was worth the wait! In a genre dominated by male vocalists, Valerie Knox does an amazing job killing and slaying everything in her path. The band is bang up too and the ep is a highlight in a year full of memorable releases. "Death Punk Prowl" and "Don't Go into the Woods Alone" may be two of my favorite songs on this release but, upon another listen, that may change. If you decide to have a party full of vampires and one of them has sparkles, this may knock the glitter out of them! Oh! And a benefit of physical releases is the artwork (of course!), something lost in the digital age. It is awesome! If I never heard of them before, I'd be inclined to give them a listen based on the cover alone! And lets face it, we all used to do that back in the day! So, give it up and give a listen to Oshawa's own Black Cat Attack! If this release is any indication of the future, they will be big players in the time ahead....don't say you haven't been warned before :)

A Conversation with 13-87

Hi, can you introduce yourself?
Hey, I’m 13-87. Bass player and backup vokillist of Die Deader. I like horror movies, and digging up dates by the moonlight.


Works for me. So can you tell me more about your band?
Well, we’re a horror rock band. We’re still working on a drummer and vokillist, still have to dig those up but, we already have Graves Overkill and Chomps. Both great guitarists! Very lucky to have them in our ranks. As well, we have a great artist in Lorenn Piccinin who's talent can be seen on the art that we used for our buttons!

Sounds great but how can you have a band without at least a singer?
Well, we all have ideas and I have been writing a lot over the past 8 – 9 years from every time we’ve tried to put this band together. Thus, there is a lot of material that just needs to be recorded and heard by all!

Nice! Can we have a taste?
There are some lyrics that have been posted on our facebook page ( that you can check out.

Sweet! So, who are some of your favorite bands in the scene? Inspirations for you and your band?
Well, there's the Misfits for sure! Anyone doing this kind of music must be inspired by them. They were the originals. Alice Cooper, the godfather of it all! Rob Zombie, Blitzkid, who were true masters of their craft! Mister Monster, the Murderdolls whom I was introduced to way back when back in ghoul school by a dear friend of mine along with HIM. As well Black Sabbath, the original metal band! Love all eras of the band! Dio, Wednesday 13, Slayer, Kiss whom I've been a huge fan of since I was a kid! I mean, they were like super heroes and monsters on stage with their look! Iron Maiden, Metallica, Darrow Chemical Company, Danzig, Order of the Fly, Calabrese, Serpenteens, Gotham Road, Harley Poe, Johnny B. Morbid ….the list could go on!

Just music?
Movies, books, comics….all horror related stuff! (laughs) The classic Universal monster movies, Hammer Horror movies, 80s slasher, cheesy horror movies, zombie movies, giallo films, especially films by Dario Argento! Classic shows like Hilarious House of Frightenstein and Tales from the Crypt and Cryptkeeper. I loved those shows as a kid! American Horror Story is a great show! Picks up the slack of the Walking Dead although the comics are still pretty awesome! My favorite author has to be Clive Barker, the man is just brilliant and poetic. Love Lovecraft, Poe and King too!

You mentioned comics…
I love the humor of Deadpool and the Goon, Daredevil is awesome, one of my all time favorites, Punisher, Hellboy, B.P.R.D., the Walking Dead which I already mentioned, Hack/Slash, the Living Corpse, Spawn and Army of Darkness…I’m a huge fan of all things Evil Dead!

What is your current assessment of the scene?
Stronger then ever! I mean! Look at the Ghouls Night Out Festival! It draws people from around the world, creating an online community/family that brings all these misfits together in one place. Matt Pathetic, if you see this, take a bow for what you created!

 Any current releases that you recommend and/or that you’re looking forward to?
Well the new Darrow Chemical Company ep Plastic Smile is off the charts! So freaking good! Black Cat Attack’s Vamparty is amazing! Vagora’s last album is their best one! They may not be horror rock per say but fuck it! So awesome! Serpenteens released a great album this summer too! Same with the Atom Age Vampires! 1313 Mockingbird Lane is a killer song! Revisited released a great ep, same with Shadow Windhawk's Tales from the Black Lodge ep which has been on continue rotation since it came out! As for what I’m looking forward to? Well there's Robby Bloodshed’s new ep which should be intense! Argyle Goolsby's new ep I’m expecting to be great, I mean, everything he does is! Trixion mentioned something about a solo ep! Well, that's what it sounded like. That and a new Mister Monster album has been talked about, both of these would be very much welcomed in my opinion! Oh! And the new Calabrese album! Can’t wait to listen to that! Johnny B. Morbid's first album in like, 5 or 6 years and Harley Poe's new album has me pretty excited too! Danzig's talk of a cover's album should be interesting to see what he chooses to cover. I expect there to be a Doors and Elvis song but, what else will be included? As well, the Black Sabbath live DVD, new Order of the Fly and the new Wednesday 13 DVD/live album...from the track listing to the artwork it has me pretty excited!

Any parting words before I leave you to go back to your crypt?
Like our facebook page. We will be making lots of noise soon! Trust me! You won’t be sorry when this monster rises from it’s slumber!

Thank you!