Friday, 27 December 2013

Ash and the Army of Darkness (#2)

Well, let the heads fly as we are here for round two of the new series and we find out why the beard guy wants Ash alive...HE LOST THE BOOK! LOL HOW? Who knows and who cares! The end has Ash in all his groovy goodness ready to kick some deadabite ass as an old flame returns to help free him and....well, kick some deadabite ass of course! There is a little more of the sarcasm as the Ash we all know and love starts pushing forward in his ever lasting battle against the Army of Darkness and that damn evil book. The book is really picking up and we'll see where it goes....or how Ash can screw this up....he will somehow, we all know this and are expecting it to happen.

Ash and the Army of Darkness (#1)

My copy was delayed to the point where number 2 arrived before number 1 but, I will say, it was worth the wait. This story does not follow the other comics has before or the current crossover happening at the moment. In fact, it begins right after the events of the movie....all because Ash didn't say the words exactly need to say every single little syllable! So, the Army of Darkness has found a way to drag him back to the past where the beard man has gone nuts and need him alive but....why? Something is rotten in the past. Lets see where all this leads as Niles' writing is impressive and Calero's art looks great...all that's missing is Ash's sarcasm which, has been left out for some odd reason....hmmmm. Lets see where this will take Ash next!

Twilight Zone (#1)

Is there any other show that holds as a special place in the heart of horror fiends then that land off in the fifth dimension? Well, Dynamite has decided to revive the classic show with new stories and great art. The story itself, is a good story that has that feel so far but, I can only comment on how it fairs in comparison to the classic show after the conclusion of the storyline. I mean, the art looks great and the build up towards the consequence where the guy must pay for his actions of his Wall Street scandal plays out like a familiar story. He thinks he has found a way out by changing his whole identity but, on top of the millions he has already forked over, what other price did he have to pay? I guess we'll find out! Updating this classic show with a new comic book will introduce them to a new generation while keeping old fans smiling for the moment....we'll be able to tell for sure in issue number two if Straczynski's art and story can keep up the momentum.

Baltimore: Chapel of Bones (#1 of 2)

On top of Hellboy and B.P.R.D., Baltimore is Mike's other creation. Along with Christopher Golden, they have created an awesome vampire hunter that's rivaled only by, maybe, Blade. In this issue, Lord Baltimore comes face to face with an old nemesis for what appears to be one more battle. Although he is absent from the comic for most of it, it is an enjoyable story that will have you smiling, waiting for the second issue to drop. This book is a good place to start if you haven't read the novel or Plague of Ships as it gives you enough back story to catch you up while not dominating a good chunk of the book. The writing is great as you expect from Golden and Mignola while Stenbeck and Stewart's art nicely complement the words. Will this be the final battle between Baltimore and the vampire that is the cause of all his grief? We'll see!

Hellboy In Hell (#5 of 5)

Thus, this is the conclusion to Mike Mignola's return to drawing his crowning achievement Hellboy. The art and the story are great! They leave enough on the bone to continue to draw the story out where it needs to go or wants to go in the future. Hellboy may be dead from our world but now he returns to Hell where he walks free (for the moment) still denying to follow his fate or destiny in true Hellboy fashion. For any fan, there is much to love here! It makes you even wonder if you want him to be resurrected and brought back to our world as this is Mike in his element...demons, monsters and decaying buildings all can you not love it?

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Ghost (#1)

Well, well, well, well, well, look who's back! That's right folks! She's popped back into our lives as Ghost is ripping demons out of people who have become hosts put there by the Devil/Mayor and Dr. October. More questions are raised as someone who knew her as she battles to figure out just who she was before she became the Ghost. Throw in a deal made with one of these demons and we have the beginning of a new and twisted story arc that is a direct continuation of the previous 4 issue mini series issued by Dark Horse not long ago. Kelly Sue DeConnick, Christopher Sebela and Ryan Sook bring Ghost to live with stunning art and a great writing that gives some away while still holding their cards close to their chest of where this story is heading. Better find some jade so you don't slip through because only those three know where this is going and I'm excited to find out!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Lords of Salem by Rob Zombie with B.K. Evenson

Well, this is the book adaptation of the new Rob Zombie movie and wow! There's so much going on that only a book can do! The movie was awesome! His best yet but, a book allows you to enter the minds more so of the characters as you can read their thoughts, ideas or see through their eyes what is happening as opposed to what we see on screen. Both Zombie and Evenson do a great job in taking the world that was created in the movie and expanding upon it. For anyone who had trouble understanding the movie or seemed lost and confused, this will clear everything up. For those of you who loved the movie and weren't confused, this will give you more incite of what is happening or an extra viewpoint as you hear the character's thoughts on something or their reaction. Overall this book, like the movie, is a slow burner that has so much going between Monday and Saturday when the Lords come out and play...and oh! Do they ever play! Blood and more flow in this novel that will please any Zombie fan! I swear, he has a been a busy man this year but, his fans are reaping the benefits and for this I for one and thankful.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Hellboy: The Midnight Circus

Well, there's a reason this debuted on the New York Bestseller's List. Mike and Duncan take a tale of a child Hellboy who runs away to smoke a cigarette and instead finds himself at a circus. Here, he sees souls come alive, is being drawn into his "fate" by the ringleader while his niece wants Hellboy dead before he can bring about the destruction that his expected of him. If you know Hellboy you know this is a story that has been told before when someone tries to throw his "fate" in his face and he finds a way to escape it and just be who he wants to be. Throw in some ghosts of child murderous hobos looking to hang Hellboy and you begin to wonder what this story doesn't have. It's a quick read full of great art and a story that will make you feel good inside. This is a welcome edition to the Hellboy cannon, although it may not fill in the gaps, it's a glimpse into the Hellboy we all know and love for almost 20 years now.

Army of Darkness Vs. Hack/Slash (#4 of 6)

On the awesomeness rolls! In this issue you find Ash and Cassie in hell...ummmm, I mean Connecticut trying to track down the missing pages of that damn evil book. Here Ash meets Pooch (who shouldn't be his words!) and Cat who informs them of kidnappings tied to a family's bloodlines. Throw in a metal singer from a band who has a thing for someone convicted of witchcraft during the witch trials, deadabites and an ending that MAY shock and you have an issue that is full of laughs written by Seeley and drawn by Daniel Leister as this mini series team up continues to roll on by slicing heads, blasting holes in demons and getting your laughs along the way. This is the team up horror fans wanted in comics and this is what we got...a whole lot of what we expected and more! Start on this series if you haven't already....there's only two issues left with a promise that they'll be taking a trip to the past in the next one....will that damn book ever stop?

Friday, 6 December 2013

Ghost - If You Have Ghost

If any metal band has captured the hearts of metal heads recently, it has to be Ghost! Mysterious in how they act like the original incarnation of KISS in keeping their identities a secret, great musicianship and awesome songs, what is not to love? This release is a covers e.p. featuring the talents of Dave Grohl on drums and guitar for 3 of the 5 tracks (I also failed to mention that he produced it!...what can't he do?) as well as a live version of "Secular Haze". The live song gives you a glimpse of what this band can do and why they've caught on as fast as they have. The cover and back are an obvious shout out to the classic Nosferatu from the 1920s in how Papa Emeritus II is depicted. Standouts include the above mentioned live track, "I'm a Marionette" (also found on their last album as a hidden track with Grohl on drums), "If you have Ghosts" and "Waiting for the Night" (both featuring Grohl on guitar). In the end, if you're already a fan, you'll find plenty to enjoy in this release. If you're not and you're looking for a "safe" release by the band to check out, this is a pretty good glimpse of a band on their way to greatness.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Fit for a Frankenstein by Paul McComas and Greg Starrette

This sweet little novella explains that little 8 minute gap that exists from the beginning of Ghost of Frankenstein when Ygor and the Monster emerge from the wreckage covered in sulfur to escape the town and then emerge in the the town of Vasaria in a new suit! The authors combine together to give us that missing and hilarious story that explains what happens, gives us a few chuckles and explains just how he got a clean, new, size 66 XXL suit while they traveled from town to town. You can tell these guys are fans cause they nail both Ygor and the Monster perfectly in this quick read that will have any fan of the Universal Monster movies smiling with little homages to the following films in the Frankenstein franchise as well as the movie with Abbot and Costello. This is the story that Universal dare not tell...and you'll see why! You'll laugh, you'll smile, you'll enjoy this fun little read. Now, if they could only explain the look in Son of Frankenstein in a similar fashion, I'll be good! I mean, where did that vest come from!? Thus, if you're like me and you love Frankie, get this book....or else Ygor will send his friend after you!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Father Gaetano's Puppet Catechism by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden

Well, behold another collaboration between Mignola and Golden in the form of a novella that takes place during World War Two Sicily at a makeshift orphanage. Although not an outright horror at the beginning, the reader follows a young Sebastiano and his friend, the clown puppet Pagliaccio, as the war rages on. Father Gaetano arrives at the parish and looks for a way to teach catechism that won't bore this kids to death and take their minds off being left behind by the ruins of war. He spots little Pagliaccio and from there gets the idea to use the puppets in the basement as a way to teach them about the Bible. However, these puppets are not your ordinary puppets....they come alive! They are what you make them, as is most evident by the Lucifer puppet who brings war to the orphanage and attempts to kill both the priest and Sebastiano only to parish in flames...or so we think? It is a good quick read that picks up quickly as Golden uses ultimate good to battle ultimate evil as we question choices and look at people for who they really are....just people. Mignola's art that lines this novella is stunning of course as he allows our imagination to be littered with his images that we couldn't possibly have done ourselves. Faith is but a fragile thing and how much can one have in the face of adversity? Things are questioned, as the magic comes alive as they ask themselves, and we ask ourselves, how much has to happen before we can accept that sometimes, kids are telling the truth and know better? Give it a read, you'll find this enjoyable.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT I'VE JUST SEEN!? I am confused! So, okay, let me try to rationalize this....this movie begins right after the events of the original, completely ignoring every other movie in the series, where a group burn down the Sawyer house and a couple kill a mother and take a baby. THIRTY NINE YEARS LATER she finds out she's a Sawyer after her grandmother dies and leaves her the house....NONE OF THEM LOOK LIKE THEY'RE ALMOST 40! Okay, so, alright, so they run over some dude who turns out to be a theft (they find out when he gets there) and well, they get to the house, she gets a letter WHICH SHE DOESN'T READ TIL THE END and Leatherface goes on a killing streak. Oh! Before that she meats a cop and the mayor where it is HINTED AND SPOKEN SO MUCH SO THAT THEY ARE FATHER AND SON! So, after the original killing streak at the fair where she eludes him by hopping on a ride, she goes to the station where the mayor was the leader of the mob, she finds the evidence and reads it and runs. She is captured by the son WHERE SHE FINDS OUT HIM AND THE MAYOR ARE RELATED....SHOCK! And he takes her to her certain death at the slaughterhouse. Leatherface shows up, finds out they're cousins, almost gets killed but she gets him his chainsaw in time and yea, he wins. This movie was designed with 3D and I think they were banking on the kills to save this mind fart of a movie can't. Even Leatherface looks awful, his face looks bad. This gives the fourth installment a run for its money. I am confused, some shout outs to the original but, I'm confused....that's all there is to it...could of been so good but it is so bad. The only reason you'll get this movie is because you're a completest who must have all the movies in the series, that's all I have to say.

Curse of Chucky (2013)

If, there is one monster/killer/person who could scare me as a child it was Chucky! I mean, just watch the first two Child's Play movies and you'll see why! The third one wasn't bad and Bride and Seed had its moments of laughter and fun but, none can compare to those original 2. Enter Curse of Chucky which is the best way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original! In fact, in my opinion, it is the best one since number 2! Gone is the humor and replaced with the original horror that started the series. This movie is a great continuation of the series as it leaves nothing out. It follows the story, not ignoring any of the films, has some great kills, one liners like you'd expect from Chucky. It is his battle to obtain a new body as he visits some old friends and turns their world upside down. It starts off with a bang and just rolls from there as the body count rises and one thing leads to another. And Chucky himself looks great! When I heard he was going to be done with CGI I was worried...we all have our problems with that technology and how sometimes it gets overused and makes it all look like crap but, they did him well. The face looks so life like as it moves and talks while being voiced once again by Brad Dourif (THE ONLY VOICE FOR CHUCKY!). Will there be a 7th movie instead of a remake? It's hard to tell from the ending....I would prefer them to continue the series instead of rebooting it, especially with how good this one was! Just, keep those Good Guy Dolls away from me and don't send me any packages....I've seen the movies, I know what happens next no matter how cute he looks.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Joe Golem and the Drowning City by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden

This story, has a lot of familiarity in its characters. In Mike's drawings, Joe looks a lot like Roger the Homunculus and acts like/fights like a certain somebody we all know and love while Felix at the beginning of the story reminds me a lot of Johann Krauss with his occupation and methods in contacting the dead. Thrown in a Lovecraftian monster and yea, it seems a touch familiar but, Christopher Golden gives us a really enjoyable novel with awesome illustrations from Mignola. The story takes place in Lower Manhattan, which is now known as the Drowning City as, that half of New York was flooded a half century ago. Throw in a mad man looking to make contact with an old god, a little girl looking to save Felix (her father figure) who has been kidnapped, Joe and his mechanical friend/detective Church as they battle not only the supernatural but the gas-men to save not just Molly and the city but, maybe all of humanity. There is a lot going on here and the story flows from theater to building to bridges to cemeteries to abandoned subways as we are taken all over the Drowning City to solve the case and save Felix from whatever evil plan they have set forth for him with ease. Included in this collection is the short story of Joe Golem and the Copper Girl which is just as entertaining and enjoyable as the main attraction. Secrets unfold as characters build slowly and organically giving us some characters they could continue to use in a pre-Drowning City story like in the short story or, what happens after the ending with Joe. Basically, you don't want them to go away that easily.

Daredevil (#33)

Well, this the conclusion of ol' horn head's adventures with the monsters down in Kentucky. No, there is no Dr. Frankenstein as I suspected in my review of the previous issue but, it's still pretty damn good! Maybe there was a change at the last second or a joke on the reader into thinking what will happen next. The story begins with Daredevil being bandaged by the mummy as he has been shot before working with the monsters to figure out the secrets of the Sons of Serpents who are slowly taking over his city. His blindness comes in hand as he recovers the missing pages from the book that is what the Serpents were originally connected to (and the monsters fear as it could lead to their doom). Mark Waid's writing is awesome and Samnee's art is vibrant and as it comes alive on the page! This may be the end of the storyline but the story continues....lets see where he ends up next in this battle against the Serpents.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

V/H/S (2012)

This movie, I was first drawn to when I first saw the poster in Rue Morgue. I mean, look at it! Looks amazing! So, how bad can the movie be? Well, it's good, not great. This has some moments and the sequences look good but, not all of them are memorable or coherent and make sense. After the film you are a touch confused at times asking yourself what you just saw, how does this make any sense or, why the hell did they even bother to film this part. When you think of good anthologies, the first two Creepshow films come to mind and Trick 'r' Treat are very well done that come together nicely and have something that connects them or makes them at least feel coherent. This one, has some moments that shine and others that don't. You may enjoy this film but only if you're a diehard horror fiend...and even then it's a maybe.

Hellboy: Library Edition Volume 6 - The Storm and the Fury/The Bride of Hell

This is the story that Mike and the boys have been building to for almost twenty years! Every prophecy, story, enemy, it all comes to head as Hellboy battles it out one more time with the fate of the world on the line! Yes, this is the edition where Hellboy dies and returns to Hell. For owners of the previous editions, you know how gorgeous and packed they are! Duncan's art is presented in it's original size as he draws out the story that Mike has put forth for us. The story is massive, amazing, includes some laughs and has you wondering if Hellboy will follow the path that has been laid before him since Seed of Destruction or if he has finally had enough and will do what he wants to do and just be a regular guy saving the world from things that go bump in the night. If you love Hellboy, get your hands on these as they are worth every penny! You'll read them again and again! Included in here are some Hellboy short stories including his drunken haze in Mexico as those short stories (one issue usually) are as much part of the Hellboy lore then the massive mini series like the first part of the book. The sketchbook included as well as the story notes, introductions and afterwords give your some incite or different views of the stories that are much appreciated. In other words, go get yourself a copy of these editions now or else you'll be punched in the face by Hellboy's right hand of doom...BOOM!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Walking Dead - Volume 19: March to War

Well, on continues the trade paper backs that shows us why the comic is so much more superior then the show! Robert Kirkman takes us through the preparation of Rick and some of the other communities who are now preparing to retaliate against Negan and the Saviors who rule the network of communities, take tributes and just pisses everyone off with their no mercy rules! Charlie Adlard's art is top notch as he draws up the black and white violence and zombies that your eyes cannot look away from! This is the prelude to war as this sets up what will happen next with plenty of action, spilled guts and stories that dwell further into the back stories of some of the characters. If you haven't read these trades yet, get on it! So hard to put down that I basically read this in one sitting! Now, I gotta wait till Volume 20 to watch the war unfold (please no spoilers...I'll be patient and wait for the new book) as the action never lets up in this world of the Walking Dead.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash (#3 of 6)

HOLY DELAYS PEOPLE! I have been waiting forever for this issue and, it was way worth the wait! A hilariously funny issue with the wit of Cassie Hack and the laughs provided by Ash Williams, they make the best team up in comics today! This is what we wanted and this is what we got! The only downfall is that it is over in 3 issues :(. Tim Seeley writes what we wanna see as the serial killer killer and the chosen one hacks up all these deadabites and stomping on miniature clones created by that damn evil book while Daniel Lesiter gives us all the art in all it's gory glory! In closing...get on this series ASAP! Like now! :D And with a new continuing Army of Darkness series on the horizon, all fans of Ash are just chomping at the bits with the awesomeness of comic releases....hail to the king baby!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Peter Cushing: The Complete Memoirs by Peter Cushing

Now, I know there is one of you out there wondering why I am reviewing an autobiography of an actor and have no idea who he is. The man needs no introduction as seen in maybe his two most memorable roles as Baron Frankenstein bringing the monster(s) to life or battling Christopher Lee's Dracula as Dr. Van Helsing in those Hammer Horror classic movies. This book is a look at the man behind the camera as it collects his two autobiographies (An Autobiography and Past Forgetting) as well as The Story of Peter Cushing which he wrote in 1955 at the height of his TV appearances before Hammer came knocking. This is a biography that talks about his passion for the stage, theater and the love he has for his wife. Not a whole lot of mention of his roles in those iconic Hammer films, as Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who or Star Wars. For people looking for that or scandalous stories of debauchery, go look elsewhere! For people who are a fan and want to know more about the man and some of his parts, you'll enjoy this read. Okay, as mentioned in the introduction he didn't die just twelve times in film (there was more!) but, at the time the second book was written he was 80 I much do you want the poor man to remember? It is a good read by one of the best actors the world has ever known who, at the time of the release of this collection, would of been a 100 years old....still much better then 90% of the actors out there today as he reminds you how actors used to be....dedicated to their craft and their audience.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Johnny B. Morbid - Welcome to Die!

They're baaaaaaaaaaaaack! From a one man band in a basement to a 3 piece, Johnny B. Morbid is a band that you can't help but love! His newest release, following a successful Kickstarter campaign, is Welcome to Die! and it is everything you love about his music....and then some! The title is taken from something Magneto used to say in an old X-Men video game, and the video game-esq cover pays homage to that long forgotten era before everything looked 3-D. Taking a cue musically from some of the heaviness off of MoNsTeRpIeCe and the catchy choruses we love from the previous albums, this is but another great album! I mean, if you're a fan, his first album in 4 years is what you have been waiting for (and hoping!) when the band left us all those years ago and entered the eternal blackness. A fine return to form as the band rises from the dead with standouts including the opener "Welcome to Die!". "Population: 0", "Delusions", "Last Day Alive" (which is a great acoustic track), "Enough" and "Erebus" thus far. Now that their back, lets hope they don't dare leave us again!

Ghouls Night Out Presents More Songs to Murder that Special Someone to! (Various Artists)

Like every good, classic horror movie, compilations like the classic Ghouls Night Out Presents Songs to Murder that Special Someone to needs a squeal...or two! In the third installment of the series, Matt Pathetic has gathered some of the best tracks by some of the best bands in the genre! If you can get your damn dirty paws on one, do it! It begins with the awesome "Phasers set to Thrill" by the Black Cat Attack, carried on by great cuts by the Returners, Boneyard and the Stellar Corpses. This brings us to the Serpenteens and the Crypt Keeper Five and their cover of the Misfits "American Nightmare". Throw in some awesome cuts by favorites The Order of the Fly, Argyle Gooslby, Andrew Winter and the Reckless Dodgers doing a cover of the Mister Monster classic "This Night I Call (Bad Luck)" and end it with the fast becoming classic of the Darrow Chemical Company's anthem "WHB" and you have a compilation that is essential to any horror rock fan's collection! If you own this or any of the other two, you know what I am talking about, there is not a bad track on here! If you don't own any? Get on it....or else we'll send Gillman after you!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Army of Darkness/Reanimator (One Shot)

Well, well, well, well, well. Ash Williams and Herbert West meet again in an issue where Ash is thrown back in time to meet the good doctor digging up graves and up to his old tricks (including replacing Ash's hand). It's a fun story, Ash doesn't seem to remember West at first but, he soon does as they're stuck in the 1920s together. Oh, what that evil book won't do to our hero/chosen one. Ash goes to helping Herbert dig up the freshest bodies he can find and, all the gory fun happens and unfolds in a way you expect it to. The art by Randy Valiente is top notch and the writing by Mark Rahner is light and fun as you can tell this release was done with Halloween in mind while keeping in mind fans of both franchisees giving us what we want and what we expect. As well, included in the book is the Reanimator comic (#0) from 2005 I believe? Doesn't matter! It's hard to find and it's a good read itself. If you're looking for some light reading, with some fun and some laughs, check out this new release, you'll be glad you did!

Daredevil (#32)

Well, some of you may wonder why I'm reviewing a Daredevil comic here on a horror related review site but, this is the beginning of a storyline with MONSTERS! :D So, lets get you caught up in the happenings of ol' horn head. Ready? Lets begin! Okay so, Foggy has cancer, Matt's life has been screwed with by Bullseye who didn't die and now the Jester, with help from the Serpents are trying to ruin Daredevil and New York. Okay? Good! So, with Foggy's assistance, they find that the Serpents have occult ties and, after talking with Doctor Strange, decides to follow up with the doc's friend and find out more about this book and occult ties. What it leads to is people in Kentucky chasing down a group of monsters, Daredevil thinks something else, tries to stop the villagers with torches, sees the monsters, gets the f out and is shot. Then there is a picture for the next issue that mentions that good old Dr. Frankenstein is making an appearance.  Samnee's art is great and Waid's writing is superb! I mean, there is so many ways to go with the story that I'm chomping at the bit to see where it is headed as Mark Waid's run has been amazing so far! :)

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

This, is the new novel by Stephen King that we have been waiting for now for years! The sequel to his classic The Shining. Now, some of you remember the The Shining from the classic 1980 Stanley Kubrick film which is disowned by King (as the movie didn't focus all that much on alcoholism like the book did which was an important element to the novel) while, some people like my sister, remember the book more so then the movie. Either way, this is a great sequel to The Shining no matter how you remember it! Starting just after the conclusion and the demise of the Overlook Hotel, we catch up with Dick, Dan and his mom Wendy as the ghostie people from the hotel decide to follow Dan and his mom while Dick teaches him how to lock up those bad memories for good. Fast forward to Dan hitting the bottom of the barrel with his alcoholism and a scene that plays over and over in his head before he sobers up with the help of AA and joins as hospice in....wait for it....New Hampshire (thought I was going to say Maine eh?) where he works and is known as Doctor Sleep for what he does his patients. Enter a child named Abra Stone with a shining as powerful as Dan (more so now that he is older) and the student becomes the teacher as they battle other people with the shining who like to take the essence or "steam" as they call it to gain immortality. Everything builds slowly and nicely as an old character beloved by all joins a whole host of new characters in this story that, in the end, comes full circle for everyone that is involved including a shocking revel. As well, if King's track record of just about everything that he writes seems to be made into a movie....this would be a welcome to sequel in film as well as in print! Or this could just be wishful thinking on my part but, give Danny Lloyd a call and see what he is doing anyway.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Hotel Transylvania (2012)

Ever wonder what our beloved Universal Monsters do on vacation? Well luckily we now have that answer with Hotel Transylvania. Last year, there was a run of family friendly horror movies and this was another one and it was a funny release. The movie focuses on good ol' Frankie, the Invisible Man, the Wolf Man, The Mummy, Dracula and his daughter Mavis. These monsters are looking for a safe haven from the horrible humans who are out to hurt the monsters, or so they think...oh! And don't forget the miniature teenage romance between daughter and human who decides to enter the hotel. This is a kid's movie with plenty for adults to laugh at. As well, this is a great introduction for youngsters before you pull out those classic Universal Monster movies. By the way, the best part of the movie has to be when Dracula sees Twilight and utters "this is how we are represented?". So go through the haunted forest, through the cemetery full of the living dead and enter the hotel....the zombies will take care of you and the laughs are plenty for the full 90 minutes. As well, this is a great way to distract the little ghouls from tarrying up the place on your watch.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Nothing Left to Fear (2013)

So, you've seen every possession movie you say? Well, let me present to you the first offering from Slash's (famous guitarist from Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver, Slash's Snakepit, Solo...this could go on forever really) new company Slasher Films, and produced by him as well, Nothing Left to Fear. This movie is inspired by the legend of Stull,'s apparently one of seven gates of hell and it is so evil that the Pope himself will not fly over it....seems like the perfect setting. The movie stars a young family, moving across the country so that their father can be the new pastor of said town. Even though it looks like the perfect little place something It begins with the eldest daughter having nightmares, then a tooth in a cake is found by the younger sister, two teenagers with a crush on each other and oh! A sacrifice to bring forth a demon to shut the door....may all hell break loose. There is even a little of the Old Testament thrown in there with the sheep blood on the doors. All in all, this movie is entertaining, starts off slow with some cheap jumps but it picks up. You soon find out why this town is off and why you shouldn't live there. The effects are amazing! The demon, the's done so very well. So, yea, not bad but not the The Exorcist. It is a very well done movie with vibrant colours as we must be careful not to let the darkness take the light.

The Loved Ones (2009)

This is a movie that I was finally able to track down after almost a couple of years of searching and, after hearing so much about it, I finally found it in a Walmart (weird I know!). All I can say is BITCHES BE CRAZY! Well, the woman all in pink and listening to pop music in this one is (nice switch for once!). Here we have a metal loving teen, has a girlfriend and the crazy "normal" girl has a crush on him and asks him out to the end of school dance but gets rejected....begin the prom from hell! I mean, this movie has awesome torture scenes, demented woman, weird dad, hot women, cannibalism, killer metal music, pissed off principle, wicked camera angles....what more can you want? Oh! The story itself is pretty awesome as well! Taking what they usually do, make the outsider the victim, and the story unfolds from there. No plot holes and everything gets tied up nicely in a little over 80 minutes...not a second wasted. Not your average movie as this shocker from Down Under will have you on the edge of your seat with a giant smile on your face and thankful that your prom wasn't like his!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

ParaNorman (2012)

Are you looking for that perfect movie to put on while you are watching the little ghouls or, when you want to feel like a little ghoul yourself? Well, check out ParaNorman; it will have you smiling from beginning to end. I mean, this movie is funny! It will have you laughing at the jokes as it takes everything we love about zombies, witches and ghosts, throws in a "weird" kid and you have the basic premise of the movie. I mean, you'll love Norman....he's just a monster kid like all of us but, he can see and talk to all the ghosts of the town. Soon, all things go to hell when the past comes back to haunt the little town and it's up to Norman, his only friend, sister, friend's brother who sister has a crush on and the school bully to save the day (just your normal everyday horror group) when a ritual that has kept to sleeping "witch" wasn't preformed right and she wakes up....and she is not pleasant after such a long sleep. He later gets help from his parents and, after an epic sequence, all is well. This movie is something enjoyable for people of all ages and will have you smiling and laughing from beginning to end. Also, like any kids movies, there are plenty for adults to laugh at. And if you die from all the laughter, just come back and haunt Norman like everyone else does!

Monday, 14 October 2013

CryptozoicMan (Issue 1 of 4)

So, I will preface this by saying that I am a huge Kevin Smith fan and, was thus drawn to the show Comic Book Men. When this idea was pitched on the show, I was excited! I mean, it sounded sooooooooooo cool! And now, issue one has dropped. This issue I liked but, haven't been sold on it just yet. There is some confusion about who is who, why he looks like that, what happened to his daughter and who the hell is this pig man!? Hopefully these will be cleared all up in the 3 remaining issues. Other then that, Brian Johnson perfectly sets this mystery and confusion with well chosen words while Walter Flanagan's art is top notch! The monsters and the CryptozoicMan look awesome! Also, with Kevin's name behind it, I feel they could of gone to a big name like DC or Marvel but I am glad they went with Dynamite instead...keeping it indie gives you the freedom to go way out of bounds if needed....especially for a story like this. If some of this confusion can be cleared up, and it looks like in issue 2 it is headed that way, it will be a good mini series.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Harley Poe - Pagan Holiday

This is a band that I discovered while reading the awesome Rue Morgue magazine and, I don't know what it was that drew me to that review but, I've been a fan since. Acoustically creating these songs where they place themselves in the monsters as opposed to just retelling the story of a movie musically as if reading from the back of a cover, these guys are truly original. Their new release Pagan Holiday contains 4 originals, 2 covers and some awesome artwork. A smart name for an album (if you don't get it, you really need to go on Wikipedia or something for a quick history lesson!) and songs that will have you singing along to in no time. Standouts include the Pumpkinhead inspired (and soundbites included!) "Vengeance the Demon/Close the Door/Outcrowd" which begins with some fast paced electric work that immediately grabs your attention before it goes back to the acoustics we all know, "Gorehound" which outlines why we love the movies that we do and will become an anthem/instant classic among fans (especially those who like to drink RED RUM), the brilliant cover of John Carpenter's "Halloween Theme" (which also includes soundbites from the classic 1978 film), "Pagan Holiday: Part 1: A Celebration, Part 2: Dormant and Part 3: Revenge" which features some great story telling and a pretty insane acoustic cover of the Rolling Stones classic "Paint it, Black". This new release will please old fans while drawing new fans to the band as this is just a great release by a great band!

Calabrese - Born with a Scorpion's Touch

Wow! The brothers Calabrese have done it again delivering 11 booming tracks to spin this Hallows Eve. From the hard hitting beginning of "American Rebel Death Riders" to "There is an Evil Inside" the boys take what they have done in the past and build upon it. After this fifth release, who knows where their music is headed next. Although this may not be their best record to date (that distinction belongs to Traveling Vampire) this is a solid release! Great songs mixed with great soundbites from movies that can only come from the school of White/Rob Zombie. Standouts include "Born with a Scorpion's Touch", "Loner at Heart", "Danger", "Ride with the Living Dead", "Mindwarp", "Only the Dead Know my Name", "I Ride Alone" and "There is an Evil Inside". In the end, if you're not a fan, this release will fly over your head or win you over (your choice) but, if you are, there is plenty to make you smile and wahoooooooo on!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Lords of Salem (2013)

Let me preface this by saying that I am a huge Rob Zombie fan. From his films to his music to his comics, the man is nuts! House of a 1000 Corpses was gory, nonsense fun and it's sequel was just as gory but more story driven. His Halloween movies were not that bad....the originals still being far superior and too much studio intervention had a lot to do with how those movies turned out and El Superbeasto was a cartoon that can only be conceived by his mind. Now, taken from the title of, but totally unrelated to the song found on Educated Horses, we have The Lords of Salem....and this is his best film to date! A slow burner that begins with a witch's coven takes on a life of its own. There is some gore but, for the most part, in a world dominated by torture porn this is a slow burning movie. Everything slowly unfolds into a well told story that relays more on "what the hell was that" or "what did I just see?" moments then cheap thrills and tons of blood. This story is based on revenge inspired by the history of the Salem witch trials and what happens if, some of the people murdered and accused, if they were actually witches. Check out this movie and, for some, sleep may be difficult while for others multiple viewings is recommended in order to fully understand and grasp what is going on. This one was really well done. 

Frankenstein's Army (2013)

Wow! After watching this movie this is all I say! Starting off like a lost WW2 documentary and building from there in a found footage style (a style that I am not exactly a fan of but, when used right, can be awesome!) this movie has mutilations, monsters and burning nuns. In this movie, Victor's grandson takes the good doctor's work and adds machines creating an unstoppable army full of Nazi soldiers. It's gory, fascinating, twisted goodness! This movie will have you on the edge of your seat and this is one found footage movie done right....always guessing, showing what you need to see, building it up without giving away too much. Just when you think you've learned it all or, think you've seen it all, another twist is around the corner. If you're like me, and love good ol' Frankie, this monsters will have you in awe. I mean, they look amazing! I won't give away too much of the plot but trust me, you'll enjoy this...that, and the director should never have his head examined....this craziness is just what the doctor ordered.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Mummula - What in the Weird?!

Indeed! This debut ep from Mummula is a fun release that never takes itself seriously, thankfully! Making the sounds that you hear in the movies you like come alive as evident from the instrumental "Mummula vs. the Moon Men" (how do you not love that title!?). I mean, it sounds like every cheesy horror movie sci-fi crossover that I love. Personal standouts include "Ed Woodn't", Seventh Guest" and the fun sounding "My Baby's Turnin' into a Wolfman"....which I find odd....especially since she'd be a wolfwoman...I think? But! It's in the title....and I can imagine the poor dude's face when his girl turns into a wolfMAN! In the end, check out this ep, this new band will be around and, if this release is any indication, we're in for more goody goodness.

Misfits - DeA.D. Alive!

Well, last year, Jerry Only and his band whom carries the name of the legendary pioneering horror punk band the Misfits released an album. Good on you! It wasn't that bad (better then most suspected!) but it was the Misfits worst album....especially compared to the Danzig and Graves era (listen to those albums if you doubt me) but, now live, he can play his own material instead of butchering those classic songs. Now, we have a live album where half of it is butchering Graves era songs and Danzig era songs are MIA. Only is not a great singer, if he got one it would be a different monster all together! Why is he only butchering Graves era songs? A lot more people know the Danzig era (as there are some who won't even acknowledge the existence of the 90s Misfits) but, nothing! Not one song! 6 of the 14 songs are from the 90s Misfits and 1 is a cover of the classic opening track from one of my favorite movies ever The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the best version besides the movie was done by Mister Monster. His voice is not suited for any of those just sounds odd and forced imo. The songs from The Devil's Rain don't sound that bad, they translate well and are suited to Only's voice. I mean, they were written by him/for him and thus will suit it better then the other songs in the band's discography. In closing, if you're a die hard who needs everything Misfits, you'll get it. If you're a casual fan or just getting into this legendary band, don't let this be your introduction!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, Illustrated by Jim Kay and Inspired by Siobhan Dowd

This book was initially picked up by my sister because form the cover to the description, it seemed like a Frankenstein book...and Lord knows how much I love Frankie! However, it is is something much different. This novel written by Patrick Ness, illustrated by Jim Kay which is based on the ideas and characters by Siobhan Dowd for a book that she never started as she passed away before she could. It is the only book ever to win the Carnegie Medal for literature and the Kate Greenway Medal for it's illustrations....and rightfully so! The story of a boy who "calls" upon a monster while his mother is dying (you can assume what it is by reading it) in this beautiful tale of how real life is much scarier then any monster seen in any movie. In fact, the boy here is the true star, not the monster who works like a voice of reason teaching the boy to come to terms with his real fear and life in general. If you haven't already, pick up this book! Both the illustrations and the words are beautiful as they work together to tell this sad tale. This book may be aimed at teenagers or young adults but trust me when I say that, if you enjoy reading, you'll love this book! It may not be packed full of horror from the monster but, like I said before, real life is sometimes way scarier and way sadder then any horror movie!

Monday, 30 September 2013

Robby Bloodshed - "The Last Nerve"

Well, luckily it wasn't! In a year loaded with releases by the man, this is his only full length (the other two being eps as you can see below). From the beginning it is an assault on your ears as Robby sings, smashes and shreds his way through these songs (because he can simply do it all!). This is a man who clearly borrows from his idols and expands from them, while creating something that is truly his. Basically, he gives a nod to the past while looking ahead to the future. The covers on here, Misfits' "Last Caress" and Bruce Springsteen's "I'm on Fire" done Blitzkid style and phenomenal. Two highlights for sure! Other standouts include "Innocent Blood", "Running from Leatherface", "Vietprom", "Murder Mile", "Hells Little Angels" and "Leprechaun (2010 music - 2013 vocals)". Get this release or anything from this won't be disappointed.

Robby Bloodshed - Vile Carnality E.P.

You do not want to piss this guy off or get on his bad side! His 3rd release of the year, 2nd ep, is a vile piece of work. Inspired by deceit and pain, this powerful release is his best release to this point. The man plays everything, writes everything and his cover of Ghost's "Per Aspera Ad Inferi" is amazing! "Withdrawal" my be my favorite Robby Bloodshed song to date and the other two tracks "Pest" and "Infatuation" are no slouches either. Check out this horror rock work! Just beware of the venom dripping from a past of being hurt....I don't think anyone will have the balls to do that anymore!

Robby Bloodshed - E.P.

Simply titled and simply awesome! Robby Bloodshed's release before he dropped a full length album (featuring two songs) is a nice release to give fans a taste of the two tracks while adding on a whole bunch. I mean, is there nothing he can't do? With the exception of "Vietprom (Live)" (the other song that appears on the full length), he does it all himself from the writing to the instruments you hear. Highlights include "Murder Mile", "Archangel" and his cover of Blitzkid's "Sammy Gone Wrong" (I never get sick of hearing that damn song!). So grab a copy, sit back and enjoy, this young fellow is far from done!

The Living Corpse: Haunted (One Shot)

So, after the disappointment of the movie, Dynamite releases this one shot much to the happiness of fans! This is the REAL Living Corpse! John Romero is back where he belongs as the gatekeeper between the two worlds. He is neither living nor dead so, he keeps the peace. Here he battles ghosts, putting them to rest all in a days work. The short stories are entertaining that are included with this release and the promise of another one shot and another series has this fan drooling/chomping for brains at that! New fans will find much to love while old fans will enjoy this release after the disaster of the movie. Hell, even the inclusion of one of the characters from the movie who never existed before is welcomed! Haeser and Hasson, great story and great artwork, keep it up!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Last Will and Testament Rosalnd Leigh (2013)

The full length directorial debut by Rodrigo Gudino (also the editor and chief of the amazing Rue Morgue magazine), this is the best haunted house film of the year. Creepy setting, weird sounds, dark creature in the shadows, throw in some religion, touch of back story and it is an uncomfortable night  for not only the guy staying there but for the viewer as well. This film has been talked about for a while and promoted by the magazine for a while so, not that it's out, expectations were high. Those expectations were met! I love the idea of the sole actor (he's left alone for the most part), some added voices and the monster, although CGI (a dreaded thing when creating monsters) works! I mean, it looks awesome! Everything works together, and every little bit reveals a bit more about the mother, the son, the creature and just what the hell is going on without saying it within the beginning 5 minutes. Unfolding genitally for the viewer, working on your nerves from beginning to end. So, for those of you looking for a great, home grown, Canadian horror movie or, a great movie to watch alone or with a bunch of friends, I highly recommend this. Just remember, faith is fragile and may do a number on you.

Atom Age Vampire - Draining Vains and Taking Names

After some confusion of Hellsing leaving, but not (thankfully!), this is the long awaited debut of the Atom Age Vampire. This is awesome, horror punk greatness! This is fun (I use that a lot but, it's true!), fast pace and in your face like Dracula waking you up at night. Now that the first release is out of the way, more should flow like blood from a neck in any self respecting vampire movie (notice how I said self respecting, which leaves you out sparkly annoying emo vampire wanna be bastards!). The standout tracks include "From Hell", "Dead at the Drive-in", "Another Fucking Werewolf Song", "Corpse Bride" and my favorite, the Munsters inspired "1313 Mockingbird Lane". So grab your ticket (inside the cd), and enjoy the show these vampires are putting on for everyone.

Hatchet III (2013)

Well, it's that time again to pull out your hatchets, clean them off and enjoy and 80s style slasher starring the awesome Kane Hodder. No, this is not a Friday the 13th film but a new Hatchet film! This is a film series that takes everything that you love about those kinds of flicks and brings them in the 21st century. With less heavyweights then the first two (Robert Englund and Tony Todd have already been killed off thus, their characters are gone) but Danielle Harris returns after the second film. Also returning to the film is Parry Shen who is in his 3rd different yet hilarious role, so keep an eye for him. If you seen the first two, he'll be easy to spot but this time he is not playing his own brother. Taking place right after the conclusion of the second film, this wastes no time in jumping back on the horse and letting the ghost run free while Danielle is hosed down in the shower to get the blood off of her. This conclusion to the film series is a great way for it to end. Lots of gore, murder, mutilation while Victor Crowley (starring Kane Hodder in a role he is all too familiar as a stalking monster serial killer) goes on a rampage. The ending, makes sense. How they stop him, makes sense. And the ending can go both ways: it can be the end of the series or, it sets it up for a forth (if the plan doesn't work that is). So, enjoy this movie....just watch out for the blood splatter...tends to make a mess of things.

American Mary (2012)

Directed and written by the Soska Sisters (soooooo super nice!) starring Katherine Isabelle of the Ginger Snaps franchise's fame in this home grown movie about a medical student looking to become a surgeon. Things go astray, and things get gruesome, bloody and awesome from there! Enough twistedness to keep any horror fan or gore hound ecstatic from beginning to end! Dwelling in the underground of body modification, preforming torturous acts upon those who did her wrong and tons of blood, need I say more? For those who think that it's only about the gore you are mistaken. The story is well told and the actors are phenomenal. Katherine is a great actress and the Soska Sisters are an amazing directing/writing pair who only have the brightest of futures in film! Like Mary, both are an artist. If you haven't seen this awesome piece of Canadian horror then, what are you waiting for? Do it before we send you to Mary's and make you look like a Ken doll :).

Ghost - Infestissumam

To the best of my knowledge, no metal band has come up as fast as Ghost! Everyone from Phil Anselmo (Pantera and Down fame) to Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Probot, Foo Fighters....and everyone else he has played for....including on the ABBA cover on this album!) has shown their support and love for Ghost. Oh! And they also have the musical chops to back it up! Who they are? No one knows! Some say they are a Swedish all-star band. The backing band are each known as the Nameless Ghoul and apparently, they changed singers from Papa Emeritus to Papa Emeritus II (looks like the same guy to me :P) but ah well....doesn't change the fact that their awesome! They are heavy and they have the melody and musical chops to back up what they do! This sophomore release proves it. Standout tracks include "Year Zero", their cover of "I'm a Marionette" featuring Dave Grohl, "Monstrance Clock" and "Secular Haze". Although, in some countries they have to put B.C. at the end of their name due to name issues and they say that it is silent, they aren't! And I hope they stay that way!

HIM - Tears on Tape

This Gothic love metal band is another that I was introduced to by a close friend back in high school....and I've been a fan ever since. Mixing metal, melody, love songs, Goth and horror in their imagery provides for a awesome sound that you either love or hate. And I love it! So, for their new release, they have delivered another solid offering of what you would expect from the band. In fact, it's in their logo (the heartagram) which is a combination of a heart and a pentagram together (love metal, duh!). However, this is not a carbon copy of every other release as the others. Far from. In fact, like every other release, it is its own beast of music delivered by the Finnish band. Highlights include "Into the Night", "Tears on Tape", "All Lips Go Blue", "I Will be the End of You" and "Love Without Tears". If you're not already a fan, this will not change your mind. If you are, then this is one of the band's best releases to date and it is something that will be enjoyed dearly.

Wednesday 13 - The Dixie Dead

Well, if it isn't the main reason why I got into this genre back in the day when my friend loaned me his copy of the Murderdolls' Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls back in high school releasing a new solo album. Wednesday 13 has so many bands and side projects (Bourbon Crow, Murderdolls, Gunfire 76, Maniac Spider Trash and Frankenstein Drag Queens from the Planet 13....if I forgot any, sorry!) that you find it hard to keep up! So, how does this rank up? Well, it is not Beyond the Valley but The Dixie Dead is pretty good! In fact, I would say that this is one of his best solo albums to day, up there with Transylvania 90210 or Fang Bang. From the packaging, right down to the "coming attractions" this release pays more homage to what most of us love in this genre...the movies! My standouts include "Curse the Living", "Carol Anne...They're Here", "Too Fast for Blood", "Bloodsucker", "Get Your Grave On" and "Fuck You (In Memory of...)". If you're not already a fan of this man, this is a good introduction to his work. It may not change your mind but, you can be damn sure that it shows you why so many love him and what he does.

Rob Zombie - Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor

If you think the title is weird, then you don't know Rob Zombie. A definite product of the Alice Cooper school of shock rock (that songs are just as important as any stage show) this is, by far, his best release since the original Hellbilly Deluxe. Rob is in top form vocally and lyrically while John 5 and co are on fire musically. This album builds on Educated Horses and Hellbilly Deluxe 2 in that this has a band dynamic; the music is tighter and better for it as they stay together and build this monster time and time again. Highlights include "Teenage Nosferatu Pussy", the lead single "Dead City Radio And The New Gods Of Supertown", "Lucifer Rising", "The Girl Who Loved The Monsters", "Trade In Your Guns For A Coffin" and their cover of "We´re An American Band" (as odd as this choice may seem, they really are). This release is what you would expect of Rob Zombie, fun and energetic from beginning to end by an artist who is loved by all whether it is when he does comics, movies or music. Thus, jump into Dragula and get your copy NOW!