Tuesday 25 February 2014

Army of Darkness Vs. Hack/Slash (#6 of 6)

Well horror fiends, this is the end of the crossover! Cassie Hack tries to travel back through time to save her best friend Vlad from being killed during that massive battle against the slashers and their Stab Cola idea and Ash tries to stop her before she does something she'll regret. It ends how you think it would end with an adorable baby scene with Ash and yea. This comic as a whole delivered what you would of expected with great writing and great art that had me smiling from the very first issue until this finale. Now that this is over will there be a crossover again in the future? Will their story cross again? Who will Ash team with next? What will that book do next? Is this truly the end of Cassie Hack as she settles into suburban life? I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Thursday 20 February 2014

Ash and the Army of Darkness (#4)

Well you primitive screw heads, this is the issue where they take Ash back to the graveyard, gets that damn book, forgets the words (AGAIN!....you'd think he'd remember them by now) and raises the army of the dead. The art is great, the book has a touch of humor and apparently it all concludes next issue (either the storyline or the series....I am not sure as I thought it was a new ongoing series). This trip into the past taking place after the movie was entertaining thus far but, I wonder why they went this direction instead of continuing the story like they have been for all these years. I mean, I liked the job they were doing continuing the adventures of the chosen one...ah well! Maybe they'll get back to that once this storyline (or series?) and the Hack/Slash crossover is done. However, like I've said, this has been good and entertaining....just a little confused by the direction they chose at this moment....funny how it crosses my mind NOW instead of 4 issues ago....ah well.

Wednesday 12 February 2014

The Big Bad - See You in the Shadows

This is the latest offering from the catchy as hell horror punk band from West Virgina known as the Big Bad. This release will have you singing along to the choruses instantly as it is as infectious as a bite from a werewolf! The musicianship is top notch as well and, from beginning to end this album doesn't let up. The moon is full and these wolves are out to play, chewing on every bone and body they find standing in their way. Standouts that will have you howling along are "Cabal", "The Omen", "Soundtrack for the Recently Deceased", "Luna Rage", "See You in the Shadows", "The Possession", "Prom Night 1957" and "Etco 103 FM". They may see you in the shadows but they may come out in the moonlight, either way, they'll tear you apart! Trust me when I say you'll enjoy this ear candy.

Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians - Casket Spray

Last year, Shadow Windhawk (DieMonsterDie/Argyle Goolsby) released one of the most beautiful and eerie recordings of 2013 with Tales from the Black Lounge. This year, he debuts his new band the Morticians with the release Casket Spray. So, you may wonder how this recording fairs? This is an all out horror punk assault! The band, also featuring Rich Misery and Trip MD show you why this new power trio will be a force to be reckoned with in the years to come! The sound clips work great as someone has attended the school of Rob Zombie inserting them tastefully, picking the right quotes for the songs instead of random ass ones that most new bands on the radio do that I've heard lately. The musicianship is great and the songs have you singing along on the first listen! The standouts include "1428", "Midian", "Halloween '63" and "The Marsten House". Thus, this is an album that you should get and oh! Just a warning...don't fall asleep. If you do, then Shadow and his Morticians will be coming for you!

Friday 7 February 2014

Black Sabbath - Live...Gathered in Their Masses

Let me get this out of the way right now! There may be no replacement for Bill Ward but Tommy Clufetos does one hell of a job showing you why he is up to the task and why maybe he should have also manned the kit for 13 (even though Brad Wilk did an awesome job!). The band is on this night and although the setlist is a touch different from when I saw them and the cd doesn't have the complete show, this is a great document of the original heavy metal band coming back to reclaim their crown! Ozzy puts on a clinic even though he is 60 something moving around with more energy then I've seen front men half or a 3rd of his age singing his lungs out with the crowd. Tony Iommi (THE IRON MAN!) just looks so cool standing there busting out classic riff after classic riff and Geezer Butler is just one of the best bassists in rock ever! So not every classic is here but, with a classic band like Sabbath it is hard to pick the perfect setlist and keep everyone happy while including new songs. In other words, if you love Sabbath as much as I do, get this package! If you saw them on their past tour, get it! It's a great document of one of the all time greatest bands with 3 quarters of their original lineup tearing it up Down Under. Oh! Check out who makes a little guest appearance at the beginning of the dvd...Joe Perry and Steven Tyler you say? Yea! Who doesn't love them a little Sabbath?