Saturday 30 July 2016

The Unkind - Fall to Me

From the land down under we have the newest Horror Rock in The Unkind! Musically, they sound like a cross between Bad Religion and The Misfits to bring us this little slice of Horror. Overall, this is a great sounding EP that, at 5 songs long, doesn't stay too long that it wears out its welcome. Standouts include "Dogman", "Fall to Me", "The Battle of Los Angeles", "Things to Come" and "Gravity". that the whole EP? I guess it is! So grab this and give these newest zombies on the block a spin, you'll be glad you did!

Friday 29 July 2016


Hey ghouls and gals! If you haven't heard, Johnny B Morbid is off of work because of 2nd and 3rd degree burns suffered while at work! Along with that, bills keep coming and coming. Just because you are not at work doesn't mean that the bills will stop! So, go help him out if you can at the link below! Thank you

Saturday 23 July 2016

The Hellblazer (#1)

In the rebirth of the DC comics universe, this premier issue has John Constantine leaving NEW York City behind to play a game of chicken in the town he was banished from. ..his home of London! Oh! This time he has the souls of 8 million people in his hands. Can he save them or does he condemn them to Hell? Read to find out as the story is great and the art to match his up there as this new John Constantine is pretty cool so far. Great job DC!  You haven't dropped the ball on this Vertigo classic character yet and I am glad for it!

Lucifer (#8)

In this prelude to battle, Maze must prepare herself for the upcoming challenge while Lucifer tells his brother a dark secret. Throw in a side story about the girl from the first storyline and you have the makings of something big about to happen that may not only be about the battle to rule Hell. This is a great read with continues awesome art being provided by Vertigo. I can't wait to see where this heads as the battle is almost at a point...all hell is about to break loose in the most literal of sense!

Monday 18 July 2016

Puppet Master (#12)

So Toulon has a heart to heart with the new puppet master in Anthony as he learns a little more about his father. Also, the puppets themselves are down to their final task before their debt is paid and they are off the hook for good. There is a lot happening in this new storyline as it begins to set up so much that will be coming in the following issues...or come to a head quickly as all is revealed. Nothing is ever easy for the puppets but, that's the way we like it. Tons if gore and a great story to go along with it... does it get any better?

Puppet Master (#11)

The mystery of who is offing the children is solved but there is another twist to it all. Throw in an epilogue that promises more gore and action in the next storyline as the puppets and their new master return to the inn and we could have the makings of something fun along the way! Action Lab has done some great work with the franchise as long time fans can find so much to enjoy in these little adventures.

Monday 11 July 2016

The Slugcult Bible by Alex Story

SLUGCULT RISE! Here, we have the almost complete book of lyrics written by Alex Story (as the lyrics for Sassy for Satan are not there yet). This is a must have for any fan of Cancerslug as, if you can get your claws on it, it is way worth it. So the font isn't consistent, there are some typos and the numbering of the songs are off but, it adds to the overall charm of the book. It has that independent feel that not everything is perfect or gone through with a fine tooth comb that has edited it to death. We also get an example of how he writes lyrics differently for when he is in his other band Doyle. So grab a copy of this book if you can find it because it is worth it. The lyrics are  dark, poetic, genius, funny and awesome. Alex Story does a great job on this release.

Tuesday 5 July 2016

The Troop by Nick Cutter

So, the site where I order books from recommend this novel by Canadian writer Nick Cutter based on my purchases of books by Stephen King. I was almost sold and then, the quote from King himself, sealed it. I must say, it was a good recommendation as it was that good! A biological weapon set loose on an island full of scouts who are only 14 or 15 years old? LET THE HORROR BEGIN! Throw in a twisted and sick individual who you just hate as you read more and more about him and the horror is coming not from internally but externally as well. This novel also takes a page from Dracula as it fills the book with newspaper articles, interviews, court papers etc to give you a sense that this is fact or could easily happen. This book was really well written and hard to put down as the action can come from anywhere at anytime. This is for fans of horror! Hell! This would also make one awesome movie as there is so much happening that you don't know which angle the horror is coming from as these kids gotta learn quickly about what is happening around them. I need to check out more by this writer as I really enjoyed his book and style! If you are a fan of the genre, grab a copy asap! Enough said!

Vampwoov - Vampwoov

HERE WE HAVE IT! THE FIRST STUDIO ALBUM BY VAMPWOOV! The songs sound much better on here then they do live in my opinion! Though you know the songs by now, they are cleaned up and presented at full volume and force on these release. The riffs and music are not hampered by booze and their performances shine because of it! Standouts include "Ice Cream Truck", "Molested in Cemetery", "Peeping Tom", "Where's My Check", "I Cut My Devilock Today", "Raise Hell Praise Dale" and "Vigilante Discharge Baby". Check out these guys! Asap!

Afterlife Love Machine - Full Moon Fever

With this new release, Afterlife Love Machine take their love of werewolves as get a 3 song salute to the beasts in fur! The songs here, at around 7 minutes is pretty good as this quick listen will have you grinning (and laughing...especially during "WVZH")! So check out this album because, like this review, it is short, sweet and fun! So get on it before the next full moon...or else.

The Theatre Zombies - A Name Whispered In Fear

So, we know 2 things after this newest release by The Theatre Zombies. These are what is dead may never die and they never disappoint! At times recalling memories and thoughts of Bad Religion, this Horror Punk trio bring it with a furious release that clocks n at just over half an hour! This is, hands down, my favorite release to date! Seriously, these guys don't disappoint with their releases as each tops the last one and the one before that! Just like the album cover, the lyrics have a bit of everything as there will be much for fans to fall for, both old and new. This is one band's name that you do not need to whisper or be fearful of when you see or speak their name! Yes, I have sung their praises before but, I will sing them loud and clear again in case you weren't listening last time. Well, that is when I can stop singing along to these songs! Standouts you ask? Cannot choose! This whole album rocks! Go get a copy as soon as you can whether you have to download it or buy a physical copy, I don't care; you need this album in your life! If you have to ride on black sails in the cold air to get a copy before the band makes you one of the recently deceased, do it! Don't be a mindless zombie, be like these zombies....and that is awesome!

A Conversation with Johnny B. Morbid

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to do this again. In case there is a reader here who doesn’t know a thing, can you please introduce yourself? 
 I'm Carmen Ugaro (aka Johnny B. Morbid). I am the founder of Johnny B. Morbid, former bassist of Michale Graves & Marky Ramone's former drum tech.  

Let us address the elephant in the room as you announced, that this October, will mark the final Johnny B. Morbid show. What went into that decision to end it? 
I always said I would throw in the towel if nothing "big" happened by the time I turned 30. I've dedicated more than half of my life to music so I feel as though I need some time for myself. I'm closing the door, but not locking it. 

Is there a chance we may get solo acoustic shows? I don’t want to think of a world without new Johnny B. Morbid material! 
I suppose that would be something to consider if there is any kind of demand & people are willing to book that sort of thing, but I'm not going out of my way to set up any shows or tours. 

Anything in the vault? 
I may possibly play 1 show next year to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of my 3rd album (Calling All Monsters) where we'd perform the album in its entirety...but that is a huge "maybe" right now. 

On top of the solo albums, you are also a part of Atomic Werewolf. How is that project coming along? 
Slowly, but surely. It's hard to get 7 band members + the engineer on the same schedule. It is coming together though. We hope to release the debut album before 2017. 

Going back to the music of Johnny B. Morbid, I want to know, how you got Lloyd Kaufman in your music video!? 
The director of the "Forever" music video had worked with Lloyd previously so he reached out to see what it would take to have him be involved. 

Let us take a walk back through memory lane shall we? When I first got into your music you were a one man band. That has since morphed into a full band. How did this come about? 
Well my first 3 albums are just me on everything except for 2 songs on Calling All Monsters. I first really started incorporating the drummer (Archie Panic) into the studio recordings in 2008 on Some Things Are Better Off Undead, but I also played drums on some tracks. That album was also the 1st to include Count Vlad Cadmus on a few guitar solos. The reason for this is because they are much better players than I am. My 2009 release, Monsterpiece actually featured a total of 4 drummers including myself. 2013's Welcome To Die! featured 2 drummers & 2015's Fall of the Cicada featured Miles Austin on drums. I wrote all of the songs both musically and lyrically though aside from some guitar solos and I only gave a little direction to the drummers, but 90% of what you hear is what they came up with. I performed guitar, bass & lead vocals on all Johnny B. Morbid recordings, but Fall Of The Cicada also featured Christopher Jay on some acoustic guitars, Brian Morelli on piano/keyboards + some backing vocals and Count Vlad Cadmus on some guitar solos & backing vocals. A good friend and former bandmate Rick Flanegan also did some backing vocals on that album. He was also involved with Monsterpiece & Welcome To Die! as a co-producer. 

Over the years, you have played with or shared the stage with some awesome musicians. In this two part question (and since technically you are still active); Is there anyone that you have played with in the past that you would like to work with again in some capacity and, in the second part, is there anyone living or dead that you would love to work with that you haven’t? A dream collaboration? 
There is no one I've played with in the past that I would ever work with again under any circumstance. A dream collaboration for me would be to work with Mike Patton for sure. 

As an artist, what inspires you (movies, music, comics, books, etc.)? What got you into this? 
I was raised on bands like Black Sabbath, Motley Crue, Pantera, Metallica & Exodus so that has a lot to do with what I got into on my own when I was growing up. I listen to everything from The Ramones to Behemoth to Rosemary Clooney. I don't limit myself to what I listen to or to how I write. I never cared if my songs could be categorized or marketable...I only cared if they were good or not. I'm also a huge Marvel fan and have been since way before it was "cool." I used to collect action figures as a kid, make costumes of superheroes I wanted to be for Halloween because they didn't exist in stores and I even got to take a tour of the Marvel headquarters in NYC when I was 12 or so. My parents also used to take me to local comic conventions. This was long before the cosplay phenomenon. 

In the past, I’ve asked people their current assessment of the scene. Instead of that, are there any new artists or bands in the Horror Rock/Punk genre that you think people should know? Someone who is exciting you with the music they make? 
I can honestly say that I have not been genuinely "wowed" by anything since Calabrese released 13 Halloweens & Traveling Vampire Show. The genre has grown stale & painfully predictable in my eyes. This is why I began to stray from my horror punk roots. 

Are there any new releases that you are looking forward to (movies, music, etc.)? 
Always looking forward to Marvel films and I'm excited about Boys Night Out's upcoming release. 

One top of all this, you teach music! Is there ever a moment that you want to smash a guitar over someone’s head? 
Haha Never. I don't get frustrated with my students. They learn & practice at their own pace which is out of my control. 

Okay, in all seriousness, what is the song that people ask you to teach them the most often? 
None, it's always different stuff depending on the student. I've taught anything from the Zelda theme to E-Town Concrete to Alan Parsons Project. 

Thank you once again for taking the time to do this! Are there any parting words you have for the readers?
Never give up...never surrender!