Saturday 27 September 2014

Ghostbusters (#20)

This is the finale of the ongoing series of the IDW series and the end of the Mass Hysteria storyline. This 8 part series perfectly honored the 30th anniversary of probably my favorite franchise EVER. The ending is EXPLOSIVE! Winston decides to sacrifice himself in order to stop Timat from her reign of chaos but, to her, it is unacceptable. However, she has another sacrifice in mind that will change his world forever....will Winston survive? As well, with the containment unit about to explode from the damage sustained, what will Egon, Ray and Peter do? The story and the series is wrapped up nicely with great art, great storytelling and a section that tells you what happens to the other Ghostbusters characters following these events. Oh! And a certain green SLIMY ghost makes an appearance because Peter feels a little like a romantic....If you're a fan there is so much to love here as this is what Ghostbusters 3 should be...filled with the characters that we have loved for 30 years now and new characters to help the story build, expand and be awesome. So, with a new crossover coming with another piece of my childhood I ask you, who you gonna call?

Clive Barker's Nightbreed (#5)

Well on rolls the Nightbreed series with more background stories of the occupants of Midian as we see that, maybe not all the occupants are the best of people before they entered the gates. As well, we see the worst of people in the judgmentalness of others. It is a great story that really expands the world that Clive Barker created years ago. Now, my major question is, where did the priest go? These stories are great, gory, classy, entertaining and thought provoking like the original source material. So, if you're still on the fence, get on this! You really are missing out!

Ghost (#8)

So, the final battle between the dude who can disappear and reappear along with Von Ghastly against the Ghost. These villains were great as they were great tests for the Ghost. It also gave us something to work towards for the last few issues. Sadly, both are done and, it seems they are now both out of commission. I wonder where they will take the story next. Who will be the next villain? Now that Elsa has learned to let go of her human side to accept the Ghost will there be consequences? I guess we'll have to wait to find out.

Monday 22 September 2014


That's right folks! Help get one of the awesomest albums released this year pressed on vinyl and a music video made! Contribute here! and tell them Jekyll sent ya!

Clive Barker's Nightbreed (#4)

As the story continues we are introduced to someone who is coming to possibly bring fire and brimstone to the gates of Midian. The story is amazing but I wonder where is Decker in all this? Is this a new threat altogether or is he still a part of the story? I don't think this is a sequel as Boone has simply just arrived to Midian. Maybe this is all leading to that epic battle from the story? I guess we'll find out as the story continues as the stories of the occupants are told to Boone.

Clive Barker's Nightbreed (#3)

Ah, so these comics thus far are, telling the story of some of the occupants of Midian. Here we find out more of the others who live there while Boone is told their stories. There is so much to love here for fans as the art is great and it stays true to the original story as well as the movie as even the outfits are from the early 90s (this is not including time pieces). Get on this if you haven't already!

Ace Frehley - Space Invader

Here, we have the new album by legendary original ex-KISS guitarist, the Space Ace himself! That's right folks! Ace Frehley is back with an album of all new material that kicks ass! This album is much better then the last KISS album Monster as the original and true Spaceman shows Tommy just how it's done. Les Paul in hand, Ace delivers the good both vocally and with his guitar as you'd expect the master too. Standouts include "Space Invader", "Gimmie a Feelin'", "I Wanna Hold You", "Change", "Immortal Pleasures", "Inside the Vortex", "What Every Girl Wants", "Past the Milky Way", his cover of "The Joker" (shockingly, you'd think he'd cover this by now as the lyrics are an obvious choice!) and the awesome instrumental "Starship". Though it may not be his best solo album as that honor still belongs to his self titled 1978 effort and, for the second time ever, no "Fracture"instrumental, there is so much to love if you're a fan of both the original KISS and the Spaceman himself!