Monday 29 February 2016

Lucifer (#3)

So the story continues as we meet Lilith and Eve in the dream world. After some bloody, gore and a little confusion, we learn that Lucifer knows who killed God....but who was it? There is a lot going on as this current series has a lot going it's way with a great story and great art to go along with it. Spot on Vertigo, you're doing a great job with one of your classic characters!

Friday 26 February 2016

Lucifer (#2)

So, after taking a look inside Lucifer to find out what is causing him all this discomfort, they find that it is the same material that killed his father so, off to Hell they go! They fight some demons, meet up with old friends, get tortured all before a meeting with the lady running the show below. The mystery grows as she points them to their next direction as they look to see who tried to take down both the Devil and God. This also brings up the ultimate question. ..why? I can't wait to find out!

The Amazing Spider-Man: Amazing Grace Part 3 (#1.3)

In a line truly befitting one of the all time classics form Ghostbusters, Beast asks Spider-Man if he is a god. That alone is awesome in this issue but, there is more going on as Spider-Man is in Cuba investigating how a man who was shot dead came back from the dead and is walking around NYC. Throw in a shocking appearance of Uncle Ben and two scenes (especially the ending!) that has you asking more questions, and you have yourself a wonderful web of mystery spun (see what I did there?). All answers should be coming soon as, in case you forget, all webs have a center that they lead to and that is where the truth lays.

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. 1953 (#1)

Well, Hellboy and the gang are called upon to find out who or what has moved from kidnapping dogs and children to leaving a dead adult body in the streets in just one week! There are lots of questions in the first issue along with a monster that YOU HAVE NOT YET SEEN IN THE MIGNOLA-VERSE YET! Readers of this blog know that I am a huge Hellboy fan so, of course I am liking what I am reading and am intrigued to see where this all goes. What does Sue's vision mean? How much is this effected by the events in B.P.R.D. 1948 as we already see someone making an appearance from the story. As well, who or what is behind this? All this should be answered slowly in this new miniseries!

Lucifer (#1)

Vertigo is the imprint of DC where they would cast down characters like John Constantine, who would then flourish alone with others like Sandman and Lucifer in stories that go beyond your average superhero stuff. These stories are dark, chance taking and just plain awesome! If you have ever seen the shows Lucifer or Constantine, then you have had only a taste of how good these stories and characters are. So, with a new show, we get a new Lucifer series! Well, it looks like Nietzsche was a prophet as, God is dead! Now, they must find the murderer! So, after the archangels look for help from one fallen angel, I think you can guess who the prime suspect is. Lucifer is back in LA, enjoying life at his new club and a wound on his side. This all leads to a tiny battle and Lucifer offering his assistance to finding the murderer of their father. The story has enough right now to make me happy and intrigue me to read more upcoming issues as to see where this all heads. Why is the Devil bleeding and, is this all part of a grander plan? I guess we'll see as we scourer the depths of Hell and LA for answers.

Sunday 21 February 2016

The Twilight Zone: 1959 (One Shot)

Well, we enter the fifth dimension for 3 stories taking place in 1959. All 3 play like a quick classic episode that does not betray the time period, contains stories with morals and fun! Things start off with a laugh, get a little mysterious and then out of this world has we enter the Twilight Zone! If you are a fan and are sitting anywhere on the fence about grabbing a hold of this issue, don't think at all; just grab it! You'll find lots to enjoy in this 3 tales as I hope we will see another one shot soon with the Twilight Zone moniker.

Big Trouble in Little China (#21)

Here we have some big trouble in old Little China as Egg sends Jack and company back in time as we find out a little more about Egg, Lo Pan and are introduced to Jack Burton's death! There is a lot going on as we get this history lesson with a new storyline that promises more ups as they fight their way to get back to the future. Get on this book NOW!

Thursday 18 February 2016

The Casket Kids - SHI

Do you like early Misfits? Well, if you are reading this blog then there is a chance that you do! So, from the land of the Crimson Tide comes the Casket Kids and their debut album SHI. This album is one that fires on all cylinders as it takes what you love about Danzig era Misfits and throws it back at you with 11 crushing tracks. In fact, at times, it sounds like a missing Misfits album as it is just that catchy and good! I know I've said this before but it has me singing along to the choruses on the first listen, headbanging and air drumming as I sit and type this. Standouts include "It's a Good Day to Die", "The Dream", the instant classic "Stalking", "Space Beast", "Super Satanic Sorceress", the awesome "Dead City Ripper", the really catchy "I Killed 'Em All", "Where Wolves Howl", "Onward to Violence" and "Demons all Dance". So, dance along with these demons as the Casket Kids have now entered their submission to listeners of Horror Rock. Beware, these guys are catchy and have lots of upsides to them as they bring their sound from beyond the grave and into your speakers!

Thursday 11 February 2016

Constantine: The Hellblazer (#9)

Well, John is in ....Hell! Now he must find a way out with Papa and an old friend from an earlier issue helping out. The action is quick and there are many laughs as John is himself through and through with jokes, sarcasm and tricks galore.  If the ending is any indication, then there are many more sights to see before John makes it back up to the topside.