Wednesday 23 September 2015

Hellboy in Hell (#8)

BOOM! That's how this issue begins when Hellboy does battle with a hell beast that is beaten and captured by a string. Then, big red is put on trial and the truth comes out about who really killed his father and brothers in Hell. There is so much going on and the ending can be seen as the end of everything but, we know that Mike Mignola probably has more up his sleeve as we see Hellboy lighting a cigarette and surveying everything around him. I am happy about how this book turned out and ecstatic that I did not have to wait a half a year to see the next issue. Now, at this point, Mike can either return him to Earth and bring him back or continue his adventures in Hell. Either way, I am a fan of Hellboy and will look forward to whatever decision he makes on this matter.

Puppet Master (#6)

Dirty deals and blood fill this issue as the puppets are going after their formal selves for some reason. Blade suspects as much during a confrontation which only leaves more questions then answers. Why are the puppets doing this? What is the woman's endgame using Toulon's  puppets against themselves? Were they just so happy to be free from their wooden chambers that they failed to see the truth in front of their eyes? I guess we'll find out more in the next issue as these books have been fun and outstanding so far! Fans, trust me when I say, you'll love the mayhem between these pages that the puppets are causing. If they made these as the next Puppet Master movies, I'd be happy.

Gotham by Midnight (#9)

So, in this issue, we discover more about the relationship that Jim has with the Specter, a little more about the flowers that have been appearing and are left asking ourselves if this truly the end of the Midnight Shift at the GCPD. The story is great, the gore is intense and the art is fantastic! This leaves us with an ending that could go either way into continuing the special unit or forcing it underground. Either way, it is awesome! There is something more going on and, in this issue, we only seem to be scratching the surface of it all.

Thursday 17 September 2015

Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead by Dawn (#2)

The laughs continue as Annie gets a "hand" in Hell with a menstruating Ash by her side. Both are out for blood as they tear apart Hell trying to free her parents from the Swallower of Souls. This issue has more laughs the  the first and the great art continues in this issue. Get on this series asap as it all ends next issue and the little side story about the Monday in Hell comes to a conclusion. Hail to the king baby.

Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead by Dawn (#1)

So, ever what happened to Annie Knowby after she finishes the spell with her dying breath at the end of the classic Evil Dead 2 and sends Ash back in time? She and the cabin go to Hell! That's right folks, she's in Hell where she is battling demons, figuring things out and trying to save her parents (sweet old Henrietta included!). Much better then I thought a story not centered around Ash would be. I mean, he is the central figure of the movies and series so I am not wrong in my assumption. The special edition of the book is pretty cool as well with extended stories and extras thrown in. In other words, it's groovy.

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Godzilla in Hell (#2)

In this issue, we are given a little bit of storytelling as we find out that Godzilla is NOT dead but, facing different challenges. Along with those challenges, he is running into old foes that you may have seen from the many movies that he has starred along the way. Again, the art is fantastic along with the story as there is so much happening that you almost don't need any words to tell the story with. Great work so far in this miniseries as the King battles in the place of the forgotten.

Godzilla in Hell (#1)

So, I will preface this by saying that I have never read any of the IDW Godzilla series but, after this issue, I may have to start! When I saw this, the title was too good to pass out...Godzilla in Hell! I mean, the possibilities are endless! In this first issue, there is no story telling, the action just speaks for itself as the King of Monsters is trust through different levels of Hell meeting one horror after another. The art is fantastic as I cannot wait to see what happens to the world's most famous Kaiju next.

Escape from New York (#10)

So, Snake is back in New York looking to off the Duke who puts a bounty on this head. After an unlikely alliance we find Snake some place he doesn't want to be as he is looking to off the Duke once and for all who is actually the president. There is a lot going on and the art is do be desired but, the story is solid. Fans of the original movies will find lots to love in these pages as Snake looks to bring New York into ruin once again.

Big Troublle in Little China (#16)

So, Jack Burton has got Ol' Pork Chop back, there is a dead millionaire, the A-Team wannabes are dead (I think?) there is a mess in Little China and, I honestly got a little confused by the ending as this issue brings us to the beginning of the current story line. I had to re-read it to see what was happening but, it is not bad. However, it is not great either. At this point, I am curious if they can regain the momentum that they had with the original run based off the John Carpenter script and art by Eric Powell. Maybe they should have ended it there but I hope not as they have now entered another story line. I hope it is an improvement instead of just another reason to drag it on until someone pulls the plug.

Constantine: The Hellblazer (#4)

So here, we have an intoxicated Constantine remembering the girl who got away and is just fed up with his life in general. After the news from the previous issue, he is hurting to the point that he serves his dead friends up on a platter for whatever is after him to find some shocking truth in the end. The series is great so far as there is so much going on. A massive improvement over the New 52 Constantine as the grit is all there from the original Hellblazer series. I honestly cannot wait to see where all this heads to as it is one twist after another as long time fans will find plenty so smile about with this current story.

Thursday 3 September 2015

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. 1952 (#5)

Sometimes, I get a book and I think I am waiting for the issue previous to it to read it when I already had it AND read it. Does this make sense to you? It does to me and that is whey it has taken so long to read the conclusion of Hellboy and his first mission for the B.P.R.D. Here, we have the battle with a familiar foe, we find out a little more about Bob, the girl from the B.P.R.D. series steps in and all is well in the land as Hellboy obtains his honorary human status. There is the first time he yells "BOOM" here when punching a monster, a monkey makes off with the head of a Nazi and yea, just all in a day's work for Mignola and the gang as they deliver an awesome story. I am liking this hole, I guess you can say, origins thing that they are doing showing Hellboy through the years as this is supposed to lead to when we were actually first introduced to him and the murder of the professor. Long time fans of Big Red will find much to love in this series and, if you cannot grab the originals, I am pretty sure a TPB is not far behind in the near future. Dark Horse is pretty good at that.

Wednesday 2 September 2015

Evil Dead 2: Tales of the Ex-Mortis (#1)

So, here we have stories outside of Ash about the adventures of others with the book of the dead under the Evil Dead 2 banner. In these 4 stories they range from caution to flat out laughs that make the book entertaining. Even the little segments that just has the book breaking through the barrier to talk to fans is good. Fans may like the stories of the book in the hands of others while many will snub it based on the fact that S-Mart's favorite employ is M.I.A. in this book. Don't judge it soely based on that. The stories are good and the art is fantastic. Give this book a shot if you are a fan like me.