Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Ghostbusters International (#7)

So, off to the land of the Irish and Walter Peck has Ray, Winston and Peter join on a more personal job. Through in a curse and a banshee along with Peter making a deal that may or may not come back to haunt the Ghostbusters in the future and, you have the makings of an awesome story. Throw in the ending where we FINALLY get some answers and yea... it sets up more fun and antics as the boys return home from the world tour that they have been on. I love what IDW has done an excellent job with the franchise! Common, who you gonna call?

Ghostbusters International (#6)

Well, now I am able to start catching up on the recent Ghostbusters series and I begin with this gem! Though they change artists for this single issue, there are plenty of laughs to be had as we have a ghost causing havoc and Egon, Mel and Kylie take them on! Throw in a weird call from Walter Peck to the boys out in France and yea... so much going on! It is an awesome read and, like I said, funny! The art is pretty awesome and IDW does the license PROUD! So, again, who are you gonna call?

Puppet Master (#18)

So, we get some questions and some answers as the puppets are turned into weapons of destruction! The issue ends with them on the hunt and without a master! This is a fantastic story as we end another storyline while beginning a whole new one. Lots of stuff happening as the team at Action Lab have outdone themselves again with their product and use of the license!

Acey Slade - Valentines for Sick Minds

Needless to say, Acey Slade is a legend! The man has slung his axe or bass in such bands like Dope, Murderdolls, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Trashlight Vision, Wednesday 13, Amen and, most recently, the Misfits during their reunion concerts! So, when he released his new solo album I had to have it in my life because I knew it would be awesome...and I was right! This is down and dirty Rock with that Punk edge as he takes what you know and what his previous bands did making it his own. Acey is Acey as his style complements so much and his attitude is fun and top notch! No matter what style he tackles, he can do it and do it with his own flare that makes you not help but love him. What can I say? From the first time I heard live Murderdolls tracks and saw videos of him I have been a fan! There is nothing he can't do! Standouts include the whole release! I am not joking as it is that good! Fantastic listen from beginning to end! So, support this legend in any endeavor he tackles next as it will be awesome no matter what! I just hope we don't have to wait a while to hear more solo work by the man!

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Puppet Master (#17)

So let's add the puppets, wretlers, guts, blood and the strange dude and you have the makings of another winner from the people of Action Lab! The original puppets make an appearance as some of it all is starting to make sense as the cards are starting to be shown but not everything is being given away there is so much going on in these pages that you really got to read it to fully grasp what is happening! This is all leading to something HUGE as you have basically 3 storylines going on but done in a way that it is not confusing or overpowering. Get on it as soon as you can to catch up with the series!

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Puppet Master (#16)

So, the Bodega Inn has new ownership and the puppets along with their master in tow watch over everyone when someone walks in that is not right...especially when the puppet's souls go missing? There is a lot happening as this begins a new storyline and I can't help but wonder where they are heading with it. A lot of potential and I am excited to read as I have loved very much what Action Lab has done this far!

Puppet Master (#15)

So, the battle and storyline both meet their conclusion in this action packed issue! Great work and awesome artwork by the team at Action Lab that keep on keeping on with the awesomeness of the franchise. They do it justice and I am glad with the work that is being done! Can't wait to dive into the next issue as I catch up with the series as past issues trickle in!

Rock and Roll Biographies: White Zombie

So, this black and white comic tells the story of White Zombie from beginning to end as well as the story of Rob Zombie after the break up of the band. The artwork is awesome and the story is detailed as they show a band that rose to the top and quit before they could become has beens or started to suck. This is a great pickup for any fan of the band as there is so much and yet, so little out there in the world by them. No one shall ever forget the power that is White Zombie who were always more human than a human! 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Shadow Windhawk is looking for YOUR help to press a new 7 inch featuring his two singles "Never Dead" and "Unpleasant Dreams". Go to the link here to help out and share

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Jekyll A. Hyde

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Puppet Master (#13)

As I get caught up with the Puppet Master series, Anapa is set free as he played the puppets like a master! This is a fantastic story as Action Lab does a good job with it and the art to continue to bring this beloved franchise to life! There is plenty of stabbing and blood in this issue as we find out what was really behind the deal that they made all along. Just fantastic!

Puppet Master (#14)

Anapa is back with a vengeance! However, they may have something up their little sleeves as Toloun has a fall safe it seems! Great action packed issue as Action Lab keeps turning out the hits with this use of the franchise! Charles Band would approve as I do! Great read, great art and lots happening that you cannot put it down easily! Get on this series! Seriously!

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Michale Graves - Camp Scare-Away

So, the blurb on the back says there is something extra but, in essence, it is a solo acoustic performance by the man around a campfire with some lucky fans. The material focuses on his solo material from Vagabond to When Worlds Collide ignoring his first 3 solo albums and his Misfits material. I am happy he stayed away from the Misfits stuff as this lets his own solo work shine. However, I am a little bummed and shocked that his first 3 outings are ignored aloned with the material from Graves the band and Gotham Road. Graves is an amazing song writer and sometimes we forget that as people remember him only for that material. Could they have done a little extra? Maybe but, then it would have been cheesy to have Michale actually pretend to be scared and that's why he sings. Creates a nice little build up that makes you expect one thing but, you get something better instead. Great release as I recommend this release for any fan to check out. The music shines as the simplicity of it all allows you to truly appreciate how good of a song writer Michale Graves actually is.

Hrabia - Release the Bats

Time to release the bats as Hrabia is coming straight for your throat all the way from Poland! The music is just amazing as it comes from the speakers taking no prisoners! With an intro that brings to mind old school Black Sabbath, this release is more Horror Punk I think the whole EP is under 15 mins MAX. All 4 tracks are just amazing here as it is difficult to pick stand out tracks as they just hit hard, fast and having you sing along in no time at all! So release the bats as you can't keep them locked up forever! Hrabia can get it done acoustically or electronically; so pick your poison as they are just awesome! Oh! And the art by DC of the Bastards is just fantastic! Great release all around!

Zombina and the Skeletones - In Sinistereo (Part Three)

Remember last year when Zombina and the Skeletones released 2 EPs quickly that just melted your face off? Well, they are back with Part 3 after taking a year away from the studio to do it again! Part New Wave, part Punk, part My Chemical Romance (as "The Stakeout" brings to mind "Mama") but all Horror and all fun! All 4 tracks are just fantastic as they are short, sweet, and fun to listen to! You will be singing along and grooving to these songs by these legends in absolutely no time! I hope now that it doesn't take them another year to record a Part 4 as my pallet is wet and needs more! Seriously, they would kill for you so why not give this new record a listen?

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Lord of Gore (#1)

This is what happens when a Horror movie franchise comes to life and starts taking out the people who have given it life! In this book, the Headsman takes out people while the screen writer is hurt after loosing both his girlfriend and his job all in minutes of each other. Who is behind all this? We don't know but it gets bloody and gorey quickly! Great art and writing done by the team at Devil's Due as the book has flair and zest. I cannot wait to see what happens next!

Glitterbomb (#1)

WOW! What a first issue! Hollywood has been described as a monster but, there is a new monster on the streets as the town just got real really fast! A middle aged mom who was once a star is looking for her next gig when something finds her instead. What is it? Not sure yet but, there is guts and gore everywhere! This first issue was fantastic as I cannot wait to read the second issue! Yes! It's that good of a debut! Get on it folks! The guys at Image have done fantastic work!

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Evil Dead 2: Dark Ones Rising (#2)

So, what a glorious mess the world is as Ash and company look to save the world from the Dark Ones eating it up by heading to New Orleans. What follows shouldn't really shock you but will make you laugh as it can only happen to the chosen one on his journey! This second issue is fantastic as I cannot wait for the conclusion to see how he gets out of this one and defeats the new evil that the world faces. The book of the dead is not in play so, let us see what he can do without it...groovy baby.

Evil Dead 2: Dark Ones Rising (#1)

Yes, today is an Evil Dead kind of day as I get caught up on the issues of the series! In this issue, following the events of Ash being sucked away into another dimension to get rid of the threat to the world, the girl burns down the barn in order to move on from their adventures. Cue Ash reappearing and the Dark ones not far behind. What bad has been unleashed unto the Earth? Read the next issue to find out as this is well done with great art. I cannot wait to read the second issue!

Evil Dead 2: Revenge of the Martians

Yes, this is another one and done by Scapegoat as Ash finds out just how real the War of the Worlds really was while being an Uber driver as he comes across a secret government facility. Just how does he defeat the dead this time? The answer lies within a test tube of more dead stuff! This is a fun and fantastic read for any fan of the series as it is just fun to read! Great art to give some sugar to baby as well!

Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Dracula

Remember what I said about Ash vs history's greatest villains? How about Ash vs Dracula! As these two heavyweights lock in battle then assist each other then back against each other in the story that is very much the Ash character as the king gets himself in a mess very easily. Again, a funny and very well thought out one and done by Scapegoat as they are doing a good job with the chosen one that will make any long time fan happy. So, hail to the king baby!

Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Jack the Ripper

So, Ash has gone to Hollywood and is working on a movie when the Ex-Mortis comes into play causing all sorts of mayhem in its wake. The blood and gore flows as there is a sense of mystery with Jack the Ripper is running around his own movie killing people! The art and story are good and funny as Ash is here to save the day yet again....with his liver this time instead of his boomstick! Scapegoat does a great job with these one and done deals as they are very well thought out in putting Ash in new situations against some of history's greatest villains. However, Dynamite does a better job with the Ash character overall, I am quite entertained by what these guys are putting out as well, groovy!


So, as you already have heard, on Halloween the Michale Graves band lost all their gear and merch! This is a disgusting act towards legends in our music! Help them recoup what they have lost as Michale Graves, Loki and JV are some of the most stand-up and awesome guys around. If you can donate, here is the link . If you cannot, please share this around.

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Jekyll A. Hyde

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D: 1954 (#2)

It doesn't take a genius to figure out how much a fan I am of Hellboy and the Mignolaverse in general! In the sequel to the previous issue, Hellboy comes face to face with...NAZIS! Those bastards never give up as they try to find a new way to take over the world. Obviously, Hellboy defeats them but, it is funny while it happens. The art and story are top notch as we get this glance into his past as this is still a young Hellboy screaming BOOM when he hits anything. The crew have done it again with Big Red!


Hey, by now you may have heard what happened to the Stellar Corpses! If you can, please go to to help them replace what they lost! If you cannot, please share the link!

Stay Scary,

Jekyll A. Hyde

Lucifer (#11)

The former angel of light has returned home amongst chaos and an angry father. This is all leading to a huge battle as HE has come back and is acting weird as he wants the whole world gone. It looks like Maze and Lucifer are the only ones to stop him in this awesome issue with great art that just builds and builds on this storyline that started with one thing but has grown into something all together different and much better. Great job Vertigo! You are showing why he is one of your best characters!

Wolf Cop (#1)

Things are HOG WILD in the premier issue of Wolf Cop as it follows our new favorite B-Movie Horror hero after the original film as he travels across Canada and adventure comes calling! Everything that you love from the film is in this book and the action and art are top notch! Dynamite have done it again taking on this cult character ahead of a second movie and building new stories around him. Now, I cannot wait for the second issue or movie as this is the coolest new character on the Horror block! Get on it folks!

The Hellblazer (#3)

So an old evil has come to haunt London and come after both Constantine and Swamp Thing. You may have heard of the djinn but, they are not legend at all when they are taking control of the city. The story and art are good as they carry on the momentum of the storyline as everything builds bit by bit to create suspense. Throw in a great tribute to Lemmy and the awesome art and you have yourself a good read! Get on this series as we get the Hellblazer that we all know and love back!

Spook House (#1)

Yes, I am a huge fan of Eric Powell and this new collection is stories meant for children. There is plenty to love here as the stories are funny and the art is awesome! One of the stories will call to mind a particular movie that YOU may know with Eric Powell's humor thrown in and certain parts changed as it is meant for kids. Great work! I cannot wait for issue 2!

Punisher (#1 Annual)

So, the Punisher finds himself in Detroit on Halloween looking for a cop killer while another cop follows him with questions of his own. Maybe not supernatural but it leaves you asking a question while the blood flows and the brain splatters like any Horror movie as the Punisher looks for his own brand of justice. The art and story are fantastic as, there isn't much to say so, the action flows from page to page. Marvel did a great job with this special for Halloween right down to the awesome cover! Even if you don't like the character, you need a copy just for the cover alone!

Kiss (#1)

Kiss is my all time favorite band and I love comics so, put the 2 together and you usually have a winner! Enter the first issue of the new KISS series by Dynamite where there is a world without heroes after the Great War that pushed civilization underground. How does Kiss play into this? Four teens are looking for more then saftey and one push of a button may have given them more than they bargain for. Great art and story so far as I cannot wait for the next issue AND there is tons of hints, lyrics, bits in the art that will keep long time fans happy and searching for what they can find. This was a fantastic first issue and I hope that the ones following it will be just as good. Kiss army approved!