Tuesday 30 May 2017

Ghostbusters 101 (#3)

So, the 2 worlds have overlapped and the laughs ensue as one set of Ghostbusters is doing the explaining and one is looking to sue...I think you can guess which one is which. I am a fan of this storyline so far as the original Ghostbusters are definitely the stars of the story! The art is top notch as always as IDW seems to be having real fun with the Ghostbusters license! Now, I want to know when they will have a crossover with the Extreme Ghostbusters. I mean, they've touched on every other universe we know of PLUS the Ninja Turtles so, why not give the Extreme Ghostbusters a shot too?

Hellblazer (#10)

Papa Midnight makes an appearance as Constantine walks into a trap that is very unlike him. We are starting to get close to something as some people look to take care of their problem themselves as John is just being the John Constantine that we know and love. Great job by DC taking this beloved character as they have finally gotten a handle on the character that they once regulated to Vertigo because they couldn't figure him out! Great story and great art as I cannot wait to see how he gets himself out of this mess.

Lucifer (#18)

So father against son ends quickly while another son looks to take on the Father...and boy is be pissed after what happened in the last issue! Great story and art as all storylines seem to begin to be tied up before a huge conclusion that could mean an all out war! This is classic Vertigo as the company takes pride in their work by showcasing the characters DC doesn't want or have any idea on how to use sometimes giving them a second chance. Great job!

Sunday 28 May 2017

Erase Negate Delete - Endure the Fire

From the same mastermind that brought us Order of the Fly (which I am still waiting to hear new music from!) we have Erase Negate Delete's (or E/N/D/) new EP. This new release has the 3 piece taking their Skippy Puppy influence to a whole new level of awesomeness of music as they just unleash the fury to unsuspecting ears...I am glad that they did. This is a fantastic listen that clocks in around (excuse my math on this) under 30 minutes that has you moving and grooving along in no time! If you haven't given this band a listen yet then what are you waiting for!? Come and see if you can endure the assault of the fire these guys bring as standouts include "Endure the Fire", "Awful Mistake", "Until the World has been Erased" and the awesome Ramones cover of "Something to Believe In". So, grab a copy as soon as you can! Digital or physical! NOW! DO IT!

Devil in the Belfry - Wandering Music

Well, for a while now, the legendary J.V. Bastard (Darrow Chemical Company, Gotham Road, Mister Monster, Blitzkid, Michale Graves) has sung the praises of this band! Now, released under his own W.H.B. records, we have the debut of Devil in the Belfry and can finally see what he was talking about! I am floored by how wonderful this debut has been! I get it now! those of you who live in Jersey or have seen this band live know how good these songs are! HEAD TURNING! Just an awesome and amazing debut by this young band who seems wise beyond their years! I cannot even pick any standouts as it is that awesomely good! There may be a Devil hiding in the belfry but this is awesome music between my ears! Along with J.V. I will also sing their praises as the world needs to hear this awesome band NOW! No waiting! Just do it!

Ghostbusters 101 (#2)

So we have a new guy as both worlds have yet to clash as we expect them to at some point in the story. There are some laughs as you see it coming (well, the idiot does!) but it hasn't yet! The art is great as I am enjoying the treatment of the characters thus far. Top points for all involved as they are doing this crossover well as it has the potential to piss off so many people! Let us see where issue 3 leads us next.

Ghoultown - Ghost of a Southern Son

Here we have the latest offering by Zombie meets Horror Punk meets Johnny Cash band Ghoultown who have exploded from Texas where everything (including the sound!) is bigger! This is a fantastic listen where you are singing along, air drumming and having fun with each first listen of each song! The art is fantastic, the music is over the moon good and I am glad I picked up a copy of this soon to be instant classic! It is both familiar and different at the same time as there was a riff that brought to mind Motley Crue's "Kick Start My Heart" but, it's like I just said; familiar yet different at the same time! Top praises to this band as, one listen and you'll understand why they are loved by so many! Grab yourself a copy along with whatever else they release. You'll thank ol' Jekyll later!

Sunday 14 May 2017


Happy mother's day to every mother out there whether she is with you or not, all grandmothers, all step mothers, work mothers, aunts, strong women in your life whoever you think deserves to be recognized this day. Wish them all the best!

Jekyll A. Hyde

Balimore: The Red Kingdom (#4 of 5)

The conclusion is near as Baltimore and company are getting closer to the Red King himself while he is getting close to becoming whole again and taking the world as his in the process. There is plenty for fans to love as the art and story are fantastic as the action is non stop as we near the end. Dark Horse does a great job again and again with what they release and this is no exception! Grab a copy as soon as you can! You'll be thankful that you did!

Hellblazer (#9)

In another build up story, Constantine is still looking for that journal around Paris while he is being sent on a while goose chase. Oh! And an angel is dismembered in the process! Interested yet? This book is awesome as it keeps building to what we all know will happen while still giving us all the action that we crave as everyone seems to be against John and his cause to protect the world as is. Will he do it? Read on and find out as the art and story are great! Great job DC! I am enjoying this series so far!

Vagora - Lust of Lily

So, collected here in a beautiful package is the complete Lust of Lily saga with new tracks and new guitars from Robby Bloodshed replacing the original ones tracked for the first chapter. This is an insanely awesome album as the guys do a great job showcasing a cohesive album from 3 separate EPs. These are the songs you know and love with some new tracks thrown in to make it the complete presentation that this album and music deserves! Vagora keeps on proving why they are one of my favorite bands going with releases like this! If you are new to the band or haven't yet checked out the first 3 chapters, get this release! If you are a long time fan and haven't gotten this then what are you waiting for!? Get a copy as soon as you can! You will be smiling from ear to ear when you listen to it!

Misfits - The Horror Kid America Never Saw

So, if you remember, I mentioned that I could not comment on the Hideous era of the Misfits because I never really heard him with the band beyond some clips here and there on YouTube. Well, thanks to a record company releasing an unofficial live recording, I have now got to hear Myke Hideous of Empire Hideous with the Misfits. There is the official story and others of how this came to happen but, you have to wonder how they sounded during this tour of South America and Europe. I must say, WOW! They sound really freaking good with Hideous on vocals! Makes you wonder why they didn't try to do something with him after Famous Monsters at the very least as now I am wondering what he and the band would have sounded like together if they wrote new material. On this release, he tackles 31 Misfits classics from Danzig and Graves era of the band and does a phenomenal job! All Misfits fans needs a copy of this release as it shows once and for all that Hideous is not an interesting fact or a side note in Misfits history but an actual awesome singer for the band in the time that he filled in for the band. What could have been? Who knows! But, we do get a glimpse into the past almost 20 years later to show us what did actually sound like.