Wednesday 25 January 2017

Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York (#3)

So, Lo Pan is back as a ghost and he is summoning Snakes from all the different universes to get back at Jack Burton. You get that all? The cheese factor has gone through the roof! Yea, it's that cheesey but you laugh as there are plenty of them to have in this issue. Yea, like the previous issue, it is entertaining and funny as this is not something that you can take seriously. Not for everyone but for people who like cheese and plenty of it. I feel like I am going to get cholesterol from reading the series but it is enjoyable nonetheless.

Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York (#2)

So, the real reason list discovered as to why they must save the singer. Guns firing, something gets left behind and Lo Pan finds it... And he is still unhappy with Jack Burton. This issue has many more laughs as it plays on the cheesiness of the situation and pokes fun at it! Major​ improvement over the first issue that Boom! brought out. So, if the studio keeps on this path, I will keep on reading as yes, it may not be great but, it's entertaining nonetheless as we escape the mundane and have a laugh or few.

Tuesday 24 January 2017

Monsters Unleashed (#1)

Well, there was a lot of hype for this new series as the heroes all join together to battle a monster invasion happening ALL OVER THE WORLD. There are more questions than answers as to what is happening as this story seems to be all encompassing of the Marvel universe. This could be really good or really bad. I can't decide as the first issue wasn't bad but wasn't great. There is enough for me to want to read on and see what happens in the next issue. Guess I will decide then if it is something I want to stick with or not then.

Lock and Key: Small World (#1)

So, as the kids learn the secrets of the keys that they hold, one finds out it is not a toy. Bring in the mayhem as a giant spider brings webs and a hunger. There is laughs to be had as Joe Hill and company do a fantastic job with the book again. It is a book I slip in and out of at times but, I am starting to think, I should be a more regular reader of the series. Thank God for trades if I want to get the complete story so far. Grab this as it is entertaining as hell as we unlock the funs hiding in this world.

Hellblazer (#5)

So, the story continues as what lays in the dark wants to come to the light, a part of John's past comes back and the trees are pretty sure that Swamp Thing is just getting under their bark! There is a good amount of laughs to be had as we build up some more to when this all comes to ahead. Which, if you ask me, should be in an issue or 2. Great artwork as the story is an in-between sort of story that may or may not be used in the future but, it is entertaining nonetheless.

Squarriors: Summer (#2)

So, the story continues with a little more back story as to what happened and the war at hand now. There is a lot happening as war is among the Tin Kin but is help near by? The story and art are great as it grows organically. It is interesting and really grabs your attention from the first storyline to this current one. Get on this and the trade paperback of the original storyline to see what I am talking about. It will be a cult classic.

Tuesday 17 January 2017

Lucifer (#12)

So the battle rages on as Lucifer confronts his father with all life on Earth hanging in the balance. There is a lot happening in this book but the battle is far from done as Maze and Lucifer have some unfinished business to take care of if they wish to save all of humanity while extracting a little revenge at the same time. The art and story are great as the team at Vertigo present this classic character. If you haven't gotten into this book yet I suggest that you get the trades and just start catching up. Great great read!

Tuesday 10 January 2017

My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade/Living with Ghosts

So, let me say that there are a lot more fans out there than some will admit and I am one of them. Gerard Way and company always had a darker image and would bring their idols like the Misfits to the forefront in both their music and presentation. In this 10th anniversary reissue of The Black Parade the classic album is presented in all it's glory musically as it still sounds amazing all these years later as it did the first time I heard it a decade ago. The bonus disc has demos in which you can hear the songs in their demo forms as we see an up close look at what they were before they became what we know and love today. You can see certain songs in the DNA of others as they morph into their finished forms. I like the simplicity of the artwork and liner notes that are all in while. I prefer the original cover the best and the artwork that they presented on the original vinyl is just amazing but, the simplicity is nice too with all the white. Let's you focus on all the music in the package. One thing that I would have loved to seen included would have been the b-sides from that era from the singles to give it that extra collectors value. Other then that, no complaints as this is a great edition for any My Chemical Romance fan to add to their collection.

Monday 9 January 2017

AVP: Life and Death (#1)

So, now we enter a crossover that never seems to bore and they keep doing it and no one ever gets tired of it. As Alien and Predator renew acquaintances as the ship is over run and Predator steps in to help... Or are they truly there to help? I guess the staff onboard will have to find out as both the story and art are fantastic in this new series by Dark Horse who just loves to go back to something familiar... And I got no problem with that.

Ghost Rider (#2)

So, again, the story is half good as the the inclusion of the totally (not so) awesome Hulk just drags it down. He is an annoying character and, if the new Wolverine stabs him some more, she may become my new favorite super hero. I like how the Robbie character is growing with the Ghost Rider, I just hate that it is being dragged down by something so annoying. Seriously though, when will they bring Banner back and get rid of this guy? He's seriously totally annoying!

Sunday 8 January 2017

Dr. Murder - Não Deixe Ela Entrar

Here we have the new single by the awesome Dr. Murder! Both songs are sung in their native tongue including of what I am pretty sure is a cover of "Horror Business". Both songs are like this review; short and sweet! I am a huge fan of this band as they make lots of noise from Brazil! Get on them if you can, you will not be disappointed at all!

Rebel Flesh - Holds You Tight

Wow! I love hearing what you fiends create as this is the new release by Rebel Flesh! This album reminds me of the Matadors, Misfits, Elvis and Calabrese rolled into one! Fantastic listen as the music takes you on a ride that reminds you of all the above and more! At 14 songs and over 40 minutes it is a packed event that has you enjoying each and every second of this album! If you haven't listened to these guys yet then I really think that you need to! Like right now! Standouts include "Kiss of Blood", "The Looker", "Horror Queen", "Sidney's Kiss", "Loveless", "Only Tonight", "Without You", "Machine Called Death", "Evangelsta", "Night Streets", "Star Crossed Crawlers", "Venom & Vile" and "Black Day Baby". Seriously, get a copy as soon as you can! You will be glad that you did as all of your nightmares will come true!

Black Cat Attack - Edraculation

First review of 2017 is about a band I love and actually the first band I reviewed on this here blog...BLACK CAT ATTACK! I cannot say enough good things about this band and this new album! The book ends are funny just like on Bright Side and the music is just HAMMERING AWESOME! It's heavy, fast pace, catchy as Hell and just fun to listen to! If you haven't already got on this band then the cat will be out of the bag with this new album! It is just incredible all the way through! Not a dull moment as this new album clocks in at just over 21 minutes! They get better and better with each release as they up their game with each new song! So, trust me when I say that they shouldn't listen to their future selves and should record a new album with their new 3rd guitarist! Get a copy of this album however you need to do to see what I am talking about! They may not be the best kept secret of the Great White North anymore as their audience grows but, they are still ours and, as Canadians, we don't mind sharing. So, get on the band and album that has the universe scared and me smiling from ear to ear...RIGHT NOW!