Sunday 10 December 2017

Puppet Master: Curtain Call (#1)

Well, it's time to say goodbye to some mini madness and gore as Puppet Master is moving on from Action Lab comics but, not before we say goodbye to everyone who has made this run so amazing. This issue has everything that we have come to love and enjoy in this run as everything now comes full circle in this final bloody battle that we have been waiting for! I have been pleased overall with everything I have read between these pages so far. The art is as amazing as the story. It is simple and fun and would be worthy of making any of these stories a new Puppet Master movie. Great job as I cannot WAIT to read the next issue!

Hellblazer (#16)

Well John Constantine is off to San Francisco to figure out what happened to an old friend while it turns onto a giant mess! Basically, it ends with John framed for another murder. I am starting to think that it may becoming DC's go to for this beloved character. Yes, the story and art are great and this new killer is really interesting in how they frame him but, to have the same type of basic plot for 2 stories in a row? It scares me as a fan as that could start to show me that they have no idea what to do with the character anymore.

Glitterbomb: The Fame Game (#3)

Well, this Lovecraften monster is loose on LA and it looks like her 15 minutes of fame fading away is the least of her worries. The art and story are top notch as we are nearing the completion as all the pieces are now falling into place and making a lot of sense now then it did even an issue ago. This series has been a lot of bloody fun as it asks what would we do to get that fame that so many people crave. It is sad the limits people will go but the revenge for being used? That's where the fun of this issue can be found!

Sunday 3 December 2017

Goosebumps: Monsters at Midnight (#1)

Growing up, there was a constant in my life as I LOVED Goosebumps! Those books were classic and remain a great part of my childhood to this day. Now, IDW has recreated this classic series with this new comic series. The first issue has that classic feel but, it seems to be missing that R.L. Stine magic to make it go over the top. I mean, it is enjoyable and I am happy with the end product but, it is missing that little piece to make it just magical! That one little bit to put it over the top and make it amazing. For fans, grab a copy as you'll enjoy it! For newbies, if you like this get a copy of the classic original books; they'll blow your mind.

Hack/Slash: Resurrection (#1)

Cassie Hack is back doing what she does best! There are plenty of laughs to be had as the issue is filled with great art and an awesome story to go along with it. I am a huge fan of the franchise and I am loving the direction this seems to be heading with Hack heading to a camp to be a councilor! That's right folks! Oh! And did I mention that there were zombies roaming around? No? Well, there is a lot of fun to be had with this issue as this is the best we have seen in so long from Cassie Hack. there may not be a whole crew to go along with her but, who knows where all this will lead? I sure do miss Vlad though.

Sunday 26 November 2017

Ghostbusters: Answer the Call (#1)

Well, after reading this issue, I am staring to like the characters of the new Ghostbusters much more then I did before. This issue is very entertaining and funny along with some shock and awe. The art is very well done and the writing does make you love these characters much more even though they are not the originals. Yes there is a lot happening with a possession and a ghost unleashed on New York but, when you have to, I think you know who is going to be called to clean up the mess they created.

Glitterbomb: The Fame Game (#2)

Well, in a world where fame can happen in a second and your 15 minutes can truly be only 15 minutes, we find a teenager living in this while her ex-employer has been busier then some would have thought. There is more setting up as to where there is leading too or where it could lead to. In a sense, there are more questions then answers and I am not sure entirely how I feel with this issue. I want to read on but, I also don't want to at the same time. I want to see how all of this turns out but, at the same time, I don't. It's an issue that pushes some buttons and has you on the fence overall. Guess we'll see if I stick with it.

Hellblazer (#15)

Well, Constantine manages to do it again as only he can and you have to read it to get what I am talking about. Yes, it involves drinking but, how he does it goes deeper then that. Overall, the story was good and well done by DC as this classic character is getting the attention that he deserves instead of being tossed around like a second tier character. There are laughs and there is gore but it's a book staring John Constantine; could you ask for more?

Ash Vs. The Army of Darkness (#4)

Well, it's homecoming and there are some unwanted evil guests who have decided to drop by and see their old friend Ash. There are more answers in this issue then in the previous issues as I think that they are gearing up for the conclusion. The team at Dynamite continue to do a great job with this license with both the art and story that always keep long time fans happy. So hail to the king baby as things are about to get really messy really soon.

Vampira: Dark Goddess of Horror by W. Scott Poole

In our world, there are 2 dream ghouls; Vampira and Elvira. Two figures locked into history together but that is another story for another time. Vampira is one of the most beloved figures in the Horror society but; not much is known about her and her life. There isn't even footage left from her show for us to see. In this book, we get a glimpse at the her life, impact, career and the world around her. At times it reads much like a sociology essay when explains the world she grew up in as well as the world that she decided to unleash her monster on. That is not to say that it is boring as one must understand why they buried her alive in a sense as history wanted to get rid of her but, the monster continues to rise time and time again. In the end, this is a must read for any Horror fan as she is such a fascinating character and human being but, with not much being known about her, this may answer some questions though some will remain as so much has been lost to history or erased entirely. This is her chance to come out of the shadows and into the light where she belongs.

The Brickbats - Sing You Dead

They may have been around for a while but now we have an AWESOME quality version of the Brickbats debut. If you are like me, you may have discovered the band through Mister Monster main man Jason Trixion (who was also at one time a member of the band) and have had to suffer with some crappy sounding mp3s of their material. But, that speaks to the quality of the material itself as it sounded like it was copied from a cassette! The songs now have gotten a sound upgrade and it just improves the material immensely. If you haven't heard these songs yet, you need to rectify that right now! No excuses anymore as the Brickbats show you why they are legends in what they do!

Siblings of Samhain - Dark, Dead and Deranged

This Horror acoustic duo from the UK are causing waves on both sides of the pond and those waves, I will say, are justified! After listening to their debut I am floored and want more as 4 songs are just too little! The sample size is so small and the taste that they gives us just wets the appetite for what is bound to come. There is a lot of promise on this EP and I cannot wait to hear what they have coming along in the future. Trust ol' Jekyll when he tells you to keep an eye on them in the future, you'll be glad you did!

Venus De Vilo - Scarental Advisory: The Greatest Frights Hellection: 2012 - 2017

Remember when I said I need to check out more of this woman's work? Well, luckily for me she has released a greatest hits album and I am able to get more of an overview of her work and I am cannot be more impressed with what I have heard! She's got a bit of everything including holiday music! That's right! You can get into that slaying mood while listening to this album! Venus is a really talented artist whose music speaks volumes as she does so much. I need to seriously check out more of her work because, everything I have heard so far, has been magical. If you haven't heard her yet, you need to now! Don't wait; just do it! You'll be as glad as me that you did!

Tuesday 14 November 2017

Lyrics: Volume 1 by Argyle Goolsby

Though that may not be the title of the book, it's old school feel that book ends these lyrics are a nice touch to an awesome package. What makes this even better then having all the lyrics for Goolsby's solo efforts in one collection is the art that adorns each page (though "Black Holly" is missing...). The simplicity of the red and black ink just JUMP out of the page giving the words extra empathise. You cannot help but stair at the page for the entirety of the song and dread turning the page for the next song. I remember seeing a page or 2 when he posted them on social media and thought to myself that a book of this would be amazing. Those thoughts do not do justice to what I hold in my hands right now. If you were lucky enough to grab one then you know the joy I feel turning these pages. If you missed out, hope he does another run or that this will continue to happen in the future as Goolsby is an artist through and through with tons of talent who thankfully shares it with the world at large.

Sunday 12 November 2017

The House of Haunt - Habeas Corpses

For my birthday this past year, I went to go see Michale Graves and his solo band featuring Dean, Loki and Marc. One of the opening bands I saw that night was House of Haunt. They were awesome with an energetic live show as they had a blast and so did the fans. On Halloween, they dropped their newest album in the soon to be court classic Habeas Corpses. The album starts off with a laugh but then shows you why these guys from Toronto (Canada eh?) are a force to be reckoned with! I am just loving this music as it haves you shaking and moving along with the tunes right on the first listen. Standouts include "Congo Cannibals", "Murder", "Valentine's Day", "Meet the Monsters", "Undead Man Walking", "Devil Moves Out Today", "The Hanged Man" and "Rum from the Black Lagoon". Give these ghouls a listen if you haven't already, ol' Jekyll here highly recommends that you do or else they are not above throwing your corpse in a cell and watching it rot away!

Hrabia - On the Road with the Count

Grab your Ouija and see where this sound is coming from. If you can't find the answer, it is coming from Poland, in the form of Hrabia! This awesome Horror Rock band is all thrills and no frills as they take a bit of everything, mash it together and get a sound that is as unique as them. There are times that the songs make me think of Bad Religion, Volbeat, Misfits...each song has a moment that brings a different band to mind and I love that! No one is immune to inspiration and they wear theirs on their sleeves. I cannot really pick standout tracks as I am loving this release the more I listen to it. Hop on your bike and take a ride with the count as Horror Rock is truly a world wide phenomenon as this community gets larger and larger as the wings of bats like Hrabia spread. In this community we are all rock here!

The Theatre Zombies - Welcome to Oblivion

Welcome to the music that sounds like the love child of Bad Religion meets the Misfits as the Theatre Zombies unleash their 5th release onto the world. It is no secret that I am a fan of this band and this release just strengthens that even more! A sonic assault from beginning to end, the Zombies don't let up for a second in this 8 songs that will have you singing and playing along in no time at all. It is hard to pick standouts as the songs are just that well and beautifully crafted. They do such an amazing job with each release that you cannot help but love this band from Connecticut. So, enter the oblivion and give these guys a spin under the moonlight; whether you are patient zero or not you will find so much to love in this release!

Tuesday 7 November 2017

In Memoriam Whitey Glan

The man who backed Lou Reed and the master of shock Alice Cooper on my favorite album of his Welcome to My Nightmare along with the live album The Alice Cooper Show has passed. His style was not over powering but more complementary as he keeps the beat while bringing the power when he needs to. A master at his craft he will be missed greatly. Rest in Peace man, your work on that album is not only inspirational but will never go away.

Tuesday 31 October 2017

Happy Halloween!

As I relax after posting my most posts in a single month, I want to wish everyone a happy, scary, ghoulish and safe Halloween! May tonight be filled with tons of tricks, treats, spirits of both kinds and scary movies! It's been a long month and I am still not completely caught up on reviews. There will be more to come, that I can guarantee.

Stay Scary

Jekyll A Hyde

Blast From Oblivion - Restrained

Not many bands can hit as hard as Blast From Oblivion does but, on this new album they go for the throat as it is a relentless attack from the first note to the last! The album may be called Restrained  but they are let loose to reek havoc on anyone and all who dares to play this album. At times recalling classic 80s thrash in feel it still sounds amazingly fresh and updated instead of a carbon copy of a tried, true and tested formula. Oh! Did I mention that this is essentially a one man band as Splatter Guts does just about everything here including melting your face off. I mean, the debut was good but this album just kicked everything up a notch and set the standard even hire for what is to follow next! More Metal then Horror Punk, this album rocks just as hard the same as it has me headbanging right along on the first listen! Get a copy of this album; you will be rocking along too in no time, trust me!

The Cryptkeeper Five - The Stronghold

It has been 6 years since we have gotten a new album by CK5 (2 since they released their last single) so, to say that the world was anxiously awaiting their new album is a grave understatement. With a mix of Bruce Springsteen and the Dropkick Murphys, the Cryptkeeper Five don't disappoint as they unleash a monster of an album! Yes, this album was well worth the wait as you can tell that they took the time to craft these songs as only they can as each song is just a knock out! Johnny Ott and company have left me speechless yet again (they always do) with the amazing music that they crafted. My only thing is I hope that we don't have to wait another 6 years again to hear new music by this classic and loved band. Grab a copy of this soon to be masterpiece as everything that these guys touch does turn to gold and this album is no exception!

Children of October - You Mean it's not Jazz?!

I may not know much about Buddy Rich or Charlie Parker but I do know that this isn't Jazz. Thankfully, this is Children of October at its absolute best! That is not to say that I don't like Jazz; I'll listen to it if it is on but I am not one of those people who are like a fan who must know everything. This new EP starts off with a song that brings to mind System of a Down followed by a song that is destined to become a classic for the Children. This EP proves once again why their Horror Punk is faster and better then your Horror Punk! This whole EP is just phenomenal in both the music and overall execution! I cannot even pick standouts as it is just that awesome from beginning to end! Oh! That cover art is just hilarious as it pokes fun at their trouble finding a permanent bass player with a vacancy sign over the bass amp. Just classic! So, unlike this review, the EP is short and sweet and will pump you up for anything that comes to your door asking for treats! Grab a copy of it as soon as you can!

The Bastards - Razors in your Candy

Remember when you where a child and you were told to always check your candy before eating it in case of razor blades? Well, just like that, these tunes are sweet and sharp at the same time as those Bastards unleash a Halloween treat for their fans with this new release that features 2 covers and them redoing one of their songs from their earlier demos. So grab your dead girls, bring them on down to the morgue. They'll meet you there with a ghoul in tow as this release, much like their tribute to the Jasons is just fun fun fun! If you cannot enjoy this music there is seriously something wrong with you and trust me, there may be a lot wrong with me but, I love these Bastards and the music that they create! So give this Frankenstein monster a spin tonight or any other night; you'll find plenty to love about them too!

Monday 30 October 2017

Venus De Vilo - Edgar Allen Ho (5th Year Anniversery)

Five years ago Venus De Vilo released this stunning debut and I am not sure how I missed it back then! Thanks to Undead Artists I was able to finally see what I have been missing all these years! Hailing from the land where Halloween began (Ireland if you don't know), in this stunning debut Venus takes us on a journey in this penny dreadful love lane with something that brings to mind classic female singers with a touch of Horror. Included in this remastered edition is some remixes of the songs as well as some live cuts to add to the expanded bag of goodies in this treat bag full of goodness. The press release said that this was the perfect way to start your Halloween and they were not wrong in that conclusion! If I wasn't already in the mood before listening to this masterpiece, I sure as Hell am now! This is perfect for relaxing in the graveyard or for listening to while decorate the house or even handing out tricks and treats to the kids who come to the door. As you are guessing, I cannot pick standouts from this album as it is truly love at first fright! Now, if you excuse me, ol' Jekyll here needs to check out more of her tunes as I got some catching up to do with Miss Frankenstein!

The Shadow/Batman (#1)

Well, we get 2 classic detectives together in this crossover event that has fans of both DROOLING! In this story, Batman breaks up an evil New Years plot but his son can tell that his father isn't right. The one time we see the Shadow, he is disturbed by what he sees. The issue mostly focuses on Batman and, it is intriguing. There is a lot of questions but no answers in that can be seen. Things are teased but not panned out cleanly yet. How will these 2 heroes meet? Maybe in issue 2 they'll both come out of the darkness and into the light.

Sunday 29 October 2017

The Three Stooges Halloween STOOGEtacular

With my 800th post, let us have a little Halloween laugh as the Stooges brings us 2 stories featuring a fun filled spoof of 2 classics. I can get technical and tell you about the monster making and Dr. Moron but that wouldn't be as much fun as you getting the issue and reading them yourself. The art and writing are all top notch but I have but one complaint. In keeping with the Halloween theme, I wish that they had done so with the classic story. I am not saying that it is a bad story but all I am saying is that it would be better as a whole to keep that them the same throughout. In the end, I think you need to get this issue, you'll find plenty to laugh about when you check this out!

Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil

With this title, you MAY expect something else but, you may be a good way though. I am actually not sure what I was expecting as I never really read Black Hammer before but I am more inclined to now. In it, the daughter of the Black Hammer is looking for answers after her father's disappearance and decides to look for his arch enemy Sherlock Frankenstein. One problem, no one has seen him since him and the heroes all disappeared that night! So she is looking among his old henchmen for some answers. The art is well done and the story is interesting enough that I may read on to see where it all leads. And that is the question in the end; where does it all lead?

Vagora - Darling Discordia (Remaster 2017)

Lets go back to 2013 and what was supposed to be a goodbye for one of my favorite bands going as Vagora unleashes a beast of an album as their farewell. well, thankfully it wasn't the end and there was more awesomeness to come in the years that follow. As they re-release this classic, it is fully remastered with everything from the original sessions as the whole album is given a breath of fresh air. More guitars (or the same but brought to the forefront) is always a bonus! I love the original but this is just as good! Can I say better? Both have certain emotions attached to it but, I will say that I love this version too. The artwork is fantastic too as it again shows that this is a new band and there is an air of freshness around them. Vagora proves once again why they are one of my favorite bands on the planet going and everyone should see why!

In Memoriam Daisy Berkowitz

It's a sad day as today we say goodbye to one of the original Spooky Kids as we say goodbye to Daisy Berkowitz. The original guitarist in what would become the Marilyn Manson band he played on Portrait of an American Family & Anticrhist Superstar his influence on those albums represented the best of what Manson had to offer. Yeah, he had hits after but, it wasn't as complete as he was in the early days. There is a reason that those 2 albums remain his best to this day. Rest in peace man, your music lives on in the ears of so many to this very day.

In Memoriam Martin Ain

Today, we pay our respects to the bassist who kept the low end of both Hellhammer and Celtic Frost full as we say goodbye to Martin Ain. Both his influence as well as the influence of both his bands can be heard all over Extreme Metal and Black Metal. Though the scene can be known as being dark, it got a little darker as we say goodbye to a man whose influence and music will live on for years to come. Rest in peace man, you rocked hard in life!

GWAR Orgasmageddon (#4)

We have reached the gory conclusion of this GWAR comic as the laughs reach an end and GWAR gets revenge as their trip through the past, present and future comes to an end! This now sets up the new album by the Scumdogs as they face a new enemy during all of their destruction. This book has been nothing but fun as they capture the characters perfectly with all the mayhem that follows this band and all the laughs that they bring forth. Great job by all involved as they captured everything perfectly. Fans of the band will be overjoyed when this read book!

Spirits of Vengeance (#1)

What do you get when you take Johnny Blaze a.k.a the Ghost Rider, Blade, Hellstorm and Satana together? the Spirits of Vengeance of course! Though we only get 3 of the 4 involved, this issue acts as an introduction to what it is to come. Things are set up and the heroes start forming as they do in any book or movie that you have seen up to this point to combat a common enemy. Though it may sound cheesy, the actual story is good and the art is top notch as I am interested and what to read on to see who this threat is and why he is causing all this chaos as does he want just the Earth or more? Guess we'll find out.

KISS Vampirella (#5)

Well, we have come to the end of this awesome team up as they need to rock and rock hard in order to defeat the forces of evil looking to take over LA with one lame ass song at a time. This issue is fun but boarders on cheesy at times. Did you think there would be more blood and gore? It seemed to point into that direction at times but the ending goes into a totally different direction and I am okay with up but not overly happy with it. I mean, it's good, not great. Overall, great job by all but it seems to have run low on gas by the end of it all. Team ups can be tricky and you can see why as you mesh 2 universes together.

Ash Vs. the Army of Darkness (#3)

Well, it looks like these people are here to confirm if Ash is the chosen one while looking for answers in this mess. In this issue, we get lots of answers but left with a question as to who is causing all of this mayhem. The series so far has been good, entertaining and gory as the writing and artwork are top notch from the crew at Dynamite who always do a good job with this license. It has been truly groovy so far.

Ash Vs the Army of Darkness (#2)

Well, there is one big bloody mess to clean up and some things that need to be explained but gym class is in session and Ash is doing what he does best...and that's piss people off while cutting up the undead! The ending leaves you questioning who these people breaking through the windows are and what their purpose truly are. Guess we'll find out soon enough.

Ash Vs. the Army of Darkness (#1)

Let's say that, one day you walk into class and you see Ash Williams as your new teacher..... As odd as this may sound, that is a reality for these students as they walk into class. The school is under threat by the book of the dead and only one man can stop it! There is a lot happening with a bloody ending but what more do you expect from this license? I love how this all begins and where this is all leading to as it promises to be one big gore fest filled with lots of laughs and one liners!

Sunday 22 October 2017

An apology

So I noticed that I haven't posted much on here. Well, I owe you, my readers an explanation. I've wanted to write, I wanted to review but, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't. I couldn't write a thing and everything kept piling up during that time. I started this blog to tell the world about the things I liked and share my opinions on albums as well as bands I liked. Through it I've met many people, posted interviews with some of my all time favorites but, I didn't want to see the world at the moment. I don't know if that last part makes sense but it is how I felt. I wanted to shut the world out. In the last couple of weeks I've tried to play catch-up and write the reviews I couldn't before. Check out my thoughts on new music by Gallowmere, Robby Bloodshed and The Bastards along with comics and books. There is much more to come. Again, I'm sorry

Stay Scary

Jekyll A Hyde

The Bastards - Coal Country

This newest single shows why I love this band as they craft a song that is over 5 minutes but doesn't feel longer then a 2 minute song. They are just masters at what they do and crafting the music that they release that I cannot help but be amazed every time I hear them! There is so much that this band can do that I don't think that we have seen everything yet. I cannot wait to see what they have up their sleeves next! Oh, those Bastards just keep amazing me day in and day out.

The Bastards - Corpses & Cold Cases (Live October 6th, 2017)

What happens when you mix Bastards, beers and guitars? An awesome live performance warts and all. That's right gals and ghouls! They may screw up sometimes but the talent shines through as there is so much for fans to love here in, as they call it, shameless release. In reality, it is both fun and loose as one can expect in a live environment; no studio fixes to help you and that is okay if you ask me! I like this performance a lot as they mix classics with new stuff for the enjoyment of all! Oh! And the cover is just as much full of laughs as the bits between the songs are! Check it out folks!

Diablo House (#2)

The kid can sure play a mean pinball but, he gets more then he bargains for as life is not an arcade game in this classic tale that has that old EC Tales from the Crypt feel as I am a huge fan of this new series by IDW. There is so much happening here in all is gory glory that nothing is held back in this cult gone bad. This series has been nothing but enjoyable thus far and you should get reading to see why. I think you'll agree with old Hyde on this once you do.

The Hellblazer (#14)

Well, John is looking for answers and gets some going through memory lane with an old friend as he learns a little more about what happened that night and why he cannot remember a thing. I cannot go into much more detail then that but he realizes the new threat that the world is under and how only John can find a way out of this mess that he has found himself in. DC continues to do a good job in treating this character with the respect that he deserves. This issue is classic Constantine and you'll see why as there may not be a lot of action but there is still a lot going on overall.

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter (#1)

Printed under the Hammer Comics banner, this forgotten hero is displayed in his full gory glory as he takes on Vampires, cutting them down to size with a little help from his friends. In this issue, we find Captain Kronos and company on the hunt then in a village where they look to fix the vampire problem there once and for all. The art and story are both well done as this long forgotten character gets some love over 40 years since his debut for Hammer Horror. Get this issue and you will not be disappointed in it.

Big Trouble in Little China: Old Man Jack (#1)

John Carpenter is BACK! He takes the helm as we get an older (but far from wiser) Jack Burton in a Hell he created for the world as only he can in a deal only he would have made. There are laughs plenty as we hop on the Pork Chop Express for another adventure with the hero as we go from paradise to Hell on Earth. Check it out as the story and art are top notch as you will enjoy what you read if you are a fan as I am curious as to where all this will lead as, you know that where Jack Burton is, trouble will follow and Lo Pan is usually not far behind.

The Bastards - Music for Mongoloids

One of the most loved bands in Horror Rock right now is the Jasons from Crystal Lake. They have managed to capture the hearts of so many people with what they do and how they do it! Now, throw in one of my favorite bands in the Bastards covering their music and you have a match made in awesomeness! The Bastards pick just the perfect songs to tackle acoustically from the Jasons as they give these songs a new dynamic besides the 3 chord power Ramones inspired Punk that is the Jasons calling card. Give these release a listen and you'll see why the Bastards are just amazing in what they do and how consistent they are doing it.

The Bastards - Scum EP

In my eyes, these Bastards can do no wrong as their new EP is just awesome in that they craft some horrifically beautiful songs that have you rocking along, singing along and just enjoying everything along with them. These 3 songs are just a perfect representation of the band. "We are the Fifthly Ones" can easily become an anthem while "Nothing Personal" is a short sweet song that shows the Bastards can play at both ends of the court. The last song shows the Bastards live and how good they truly are. This is a band that I love and you should to! They do what they do maybe better then anyone as an acoustic Horror band and there seems to be no limit to what they can accomplish.

Glitterbom: The Fame Game (#1)

In the aftermath of what transpired at the end of the first run, the babysitter is left answering questions about how her friend took out a room full of famous people. There is bullying and more questions then answers but, this first issue is pretty interesting that I may check out the next issue to see where everything points to. The story and art hold your attention as we wanna see what happens in the aftermath of the monster taking over the body of her friend and how all this will play out in the end.

Robby Bloodshed - Cough/Cool & She

Do you love the Misfits? Well, chances are if you are reading this blog that you do! Well, and so does Robby Bloodshed. To commemorate their 40th anniversary, Robby recorded a cover of their original single as tribute to the band and their influence on him. The music is spot on and up Bloodshed's alley as he captures their experimentation perfectly. The original single launched not only a legendary band but a million bands in their wake and listening to this fresh take on the music you can see why.

Robby Bloodshed - No Love

Who dares show this man no love? Robby is the man with this new release as we get one new song and 2 remixes that are just awesome! "No Love" has more of a Queen feel then any other song in his discography while the remixes of "Last one Alive"and the cover of Queen's "I Want to Break Free" are the perfect tracks to accompany the new song. Lets see where this all leads as I do like this new direction the song points at in the future for the man.

Gallowmere - Power of the Grave

Released as a tribute to the late great George A. Romero, this song is a power punch to the gut as we surrender to the power of not only the grave but the mastery of this band and Jesse's talent at creating awesome music in which you can sing along to in an instant. If this song is a preview of what is to come next from the band, I cannot wait as they have the power over this reviewer without question. Check it out and you'll find yourself submitting to their power as well.

Odyssey: The Definitive Examination of Music from the Elder, KISS By by Tim McPhate & Julian Gill

This is a book about the only concept album in KISStory. The album itself is polarizing among fans; some love it and some hate it. Among the members themselves, Ace, Paul and Gene voice their displeasure with the album itself. But it is an album that is shrouded in mystery. There are so many questions about stuff missing, about what happened to certain things and this book tries to find the answers behind the questions that some people still wonder about almost 40 years later. Personally, I like some of the songs off the album as they are strong although different then the rest of the KISS catalog. This is for the fans that love the album and need to know everything about it! At times the focus on particular parts of the album drag on and seem unimportant compared to things we really want to know about like the missing guitar work, speech work, movie that never happened etc. I really don't need an interview about how the door was made. I would have also loved to hear from the band members on their memories and thoughts on the album as there, to me at least, may answer some of those pressing questions. Basically, fans of the album need this book in their life. Haters, keep'll hate it more then the album itself.

Tuesday 10 October 2017

In Memoriam: Basil Gogos

This may be late in posting but we remember the amazing artist in Basil Gogos who helped inpire so many with his work on the Famous Monsters magazine and on the Misfits albums American Psycho and Famous Monsters. His art is the stuff of legend as so many have been inspired by this techniques over the years and his pictures have been on the walls of so many monster kids like others would frame Picasso. He is a man so loved in this community that, like comic book artists, may not get his full due to to the medium that he has chose in which to display his work. If that is the case then so be it as there is so much more for us to enjoy. R.I.P. Basil Gogos, your art and influece will live on in not only our hearts but on our walls forever.

Mike Mignola: A Comic Sampler

So, like you guys, my comic book guy knows that I LOVE the Mignolaverse so, he gave me a copy of the new sampler he got where as some others would charge. Here, we get one free story and 2 previews of upcoming additions to the universe. I must say that both the art and stories are stunning and I cannot wait for the issues witth Rasputin and Koshchei to drop later on this year! Both seem so intresting that I cannot wait at all! And the story with Mr Higgins is just fun! This read is short and sweet but packs in so much that you cannot help but enjoy it! Trust me on this one folks!

The Hellblazer (#13)

Well, John Constantine is confused as he is being blamed for a murder after a night of drinking and he cannot remember a thing! Worse? The cop is his ex and she is not too happy to see him in their reunion! And so begins another adventure for our hero as he looks for answers where there seems to be none as to what is happening and why to John this time. Lets see how this all plays out.

GWAR Orgasageddon (#3)

Some may think that they make an aweful racket but, I like thier music and this comic is just perfect as GWAR jump from past to present even getting a chance to meet themselves as they pay tribute to a fallen member by using his quotes from the past to create his dialogue in the book. Not sure what I mean? Get a copy and see for yourself as there is so much to enjoy for fans of the band as the laughs just keep coming and don't let up for a second!

Ghostbusters 101 (#6)

All hands on deck as the Ghostbusters join forces with the new ones from an alternate dimension to help fix the problem of 2 New York Cities! I am guessing that you can guess the ending and what happened but, I must say that overall, the story was much better then I would have anticipated it to be! Oh! the art by Schoening is fantastic as always as IDW just continues to knock it out of the park in keeping the fans happy with their use so far of the license! So, when there's trouble like this, the answer to who are you going to call is EVERYONE!

KISS (#10)

In this ending, we get all the answers as both Blackwell and the ship of Japanese survivors decide to Rock and head back to Earth from Space. Though it is more complicated then that this is an enjoyable yet simple conclusion to the story that has spanded 10 issue. Do I wish to see what their return to Earth is like? Yeah! Am I going to enjoy this anyway? You bet! Great work by all involved as I hope there is more coming from Dynamite and their use to the license.

KISS/Vampirellla (#4)

Here we have some more questions answered as both KISS and Vamp join forces to battle both demons and soft Rock in LA! This story keeps getting better as more and more layers are added on to make the story both complex and interesting for fans of either one! Include some awesome art and some laughs from Ace and you have a winner as the conclusion comes near!

KISS/Vampirella (#3)

In this issue, we have the members of KISS finding out some ugly truth while Vamp is licking her wounds from the nght before. The art and story are spot on thus far as oth parties are trying to navigate what is happening in this new LA as we finally get some answers to many questions in this short mini series crossover!

Sunday 27 August 2017

Michale Graves - The World Turned Upside Down

For 20 years now, Michale Graves has been wowing audiences both live and in his recording output. This new album is no different as the full band accompaniment of his previous album Backroads pours from my speakers with both power and intensity. Although the cover looks like something from a Horror movie, this music is more Classic Rock infused then it is Horror Punk but it is still enjoyable. I like this album a lot actually, almost as much as the acoustic album if not more. It is tough for me to choose. You can feel the emotion in the songs as Michale pours his heart into his voice and delivers some awesome music. Grab yourself a copy and you will see what I mean. This is a monster of an album although there is no monsters to speak of.

In Memoriam Tobe Hooper

From the man who spawned a genre of Horror, leaving a path of blood and gore for so many to follow in the wake of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, we saw goodbye to the legend in Tobe Hooper. From that movie alone, he earns mention as one of the greatest ever but, that was not all. From Texas Chainsaw Massacre II, Poltergeist, Salem's Lot and The Fun House among other great movies he directed both his presence and style ring long and true to many genre fans. Although he is gone, his movies are still with us as new generations discover the brilliance of the man and the legend. Rest in peace good sir, you've left a bloody, body part filled, messy path for so many to follow and enjoy with your exit.