Wednesday 25 June 2014

Ghostbusters (#17)

So, the 30th anniversary celebration continues as the gang battles Timat and now Vigo!? That's right! Vigo is back to battle some old adversaries while we find out something more about three others. The art and story are both great and, if you are a fan and haven't gotten on this story yet, DO SO! This is the 30th anniversary of the original movie and the 25th anniversary of its squeal. There is plenty for fans to love within these pages. Also, with 3 issues left until the end of the series, where will it take or favorite Ghostbusting fellows? Also included is a nice tribute to Harold's breathtaking. 

Ghost (#5)

Elisa has seemed to find a new life....or has she? Ghost has got a job reporting but comes face to face with a horror host gone mad killing people on air....or is he someone else? The art is awesome and the story is great. Also, more questions are raised as to who some new players are as Elisa goes on to forge a new life for herself....or can she really?

New Avengers (#20)

The incursion has begun, the worlds are colliding, two super groups are in battle to save their respected worlds. It takes Dr. Strange to take control of this battle where they're equally matched....but he's the supreme. How much of himself he gave away is revealed and how much is left is anyone's guess. The art looks great in this action packed issue as the Hulk is taken down and Iron Man is literally ripped OUT of his suit. Who will live? I guess we'll have to wait to find out.

New Avengers: Annual (#1)

Although the title is for the New Avengers, this is a Dr. Strange center story. In it you will find chaotic art to go along with the chaos inside Strange. How much did he give up of himself to obtain the power he has? Does he learn that, sometimes having peace is better then having hope? What are the consequences of his actions both past and present? Read the book to find out as it is an entertaining read that goes from the past to the present, and asks, how far will a man go to do what is necessary? Has he stepped over a line? Judge for yourself.

Darrow Chemical Company - Demos, Outtakes & Obscurities

Do you like Darrow Chemical Company? Do you wish you were as awesome as them? Well, you can't be BUT, this collection provides a great insight into the minds behind the music. For this summer, we have a collection of songs featuring 2 remixes, home demos, acoustic numbers and tones of awesomeness! If you're a fan, there is plenty to loose your head over. For new fans or people just discovering the band? With the exception of the first two songs, this is what Darrow is about! A little rougher then the records but still very awesome. The standouts thus far include "The Dead Don't Care (Steve Seid Remix)", the cover of the classic Misfits "Ghouls Night Out", the Operation Ivy cover of "Knowledge", "Anything You Want (Acoustic Outtake 2014)", "Don't Believe (Acoustic Outtake 2014)", "He Said, She Said (Home Demo 2012)", "W.H.B. (Home Demo 2013)" and "Baby Blue (J.V. Acoustic 2014)". Releases like these are usually meant just for the fans but, as I said earlier, there is pleanty for someone just discovering Darrow to get infected over and join the others who have already been bitten for a while.

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Down - IV: Part 2

Here we have the second EP of the planned four to be released by NOLA metal band Down. This band, in case you didn't know is fronted by Horror nut and ex-Pantera front man Phil Anselmo and features also Jimmy Bower of Eyehategod and Pepper Keenan of Corrosion of Conformity. This EP is a BEAST! If you love Down there is plenty for you here to love. Even though there is no Rex Brown or Kirk in the band any longer, these guys can still get it done. Standouts include "Steeple", the first single "We Knew Him Well...", "Hogshead/Dogshead", "Conjure" and "Sufferer's Years". I just hope that we don't have to wait another two years to hear the next two parts (maybe an acoustic one and one inspired more from Zeppelin?). These guys are not only legendary but, an institution waving that distorted banner for metal for all to see and proudly as well. 

Robby Bloodshed - Main Street of Betrayal

Is there anyone in Horror Punk/Rock as hard working as Robby? In 2 years (between singles, EPs and full lengths) he has 9 releases! This is one busy dude for sure like a slasher racking up a body count....there is little rest for the wicked. Here, is his latest offering Main Street of Betrayal with a little help from someone that you may know. That's right folks! Jason Trioxin, the iconic vocalist of Mister Monster and the one time axeman of Blitzkid, steps behind the controls to produce this monster. Oh, and what a monster it is! Robby Bloodshed has, once again, outdone himself with this latest release. Standouts include the title track "Main Street of Betrayal", "Unwanted Hope", "Last Breath", "Tell Tale Horror", "Pest", "I Win", "Withdrawal" and the awesome cover of "Spinal Remains". Is that the whole EP? I guess so! This tag team of Horror Rock greatness has delivered the goods on this release and we eagerly await the followup from each one as who knows where they will go next.

Sunday 15 June 2014

In Memoriam: Casey Kasem

This is a section that I really do not like to update. In fact, I like to avoid it. Today, the legendary Casey Kasem has passed away. To most, he was the voice of American Top 40. However, he was the voice of many legendary characters as well as commercials. Now, the reason he's mentioned on this site is, that for 40 years, he was the voice of Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. Today a piece of my childhood has passed today when Kasem passed. These last few days, years really have been tough for him but he has found rest. In retirement there was chaos but, his career has been busy, full and amazing! I mean, he has been a part of so many of our childhoods and memories that he will never be forgotten. The gang on a case to battle something they think is supernatural while Shaggy and Scooby take off in fear! In the end, the bad guy is unmasked and the mystery of everything is solved. Those are memories that you'll never forget, something simple, something fun. If he taught us anything it was to always reach for the stars. Goodbye old buddy old pal, you will be missed. 

Saturday 14 June 2014

Deadpool (#30)

Okay so, Deadpool has traveled through time and back to get a disco Dazzler (cause the current one wants nothing to do with this or Deadpool) to take out Dracula's army who has begun a war on both him and his new wife. Agent Preston is there when the Watcher's eye explodes and sees something about Deadpool's daughter. She goes looking for her while the underground war rages. Does she find them or what does she find? I guess we'll see. As well, is there a power shift among the vampires? Tune in to find out. This is what you'd expect from Deadpool. Action packed with lots of laughs, jokes and tons of blood. Breaking that third wall with great writing and art to go along, you gotta love Deadpool....he's just a barrel of bullet ridden laughs.

All-New Ghost Rider (#3)

Now that I read the second one, I can finally read the third issue. The car that belongs to the gangster Grumpy contains a spirit named Eli that brings Robbie back to life to fight evil. He asks Robby to trust him, he will lead him through this fight and to a better life for him and his brother. The cartel is battling with Grumpy's gang over pink pills that turn people into monsters and I think you can guess who is stuck in the middle. The new Ghost Rider takes you back to the early days of Spider-Man as he's a teenager with the weight of the world on his shoulders while he figures out what his new powers are, how to control them and, how to kick some ass. If you haven't already gotten into this series, do so! It's shaping up to be a good one.

Friday 13 June 2014

All-New Ghost Rider (#2)

Okay so, apparently (as said in the recap) the car is haunted? Okay....sure....I guess that answers my question of how he survived. After a delay I received the second issue to find the new Ghost Rider blazing down the highway, cutting down the bad guys and....he wakes up, left confused by everything that has happened. Like us he is trying to figure all this out for himself with what he's become and what to do with his life. Throw in some mysterious pink pill that turns people into these super freaks and a mad scientist who likes speaking like he knows what you're thinking. The story is establishing this new world as some stuff is made clearer but a lot is left in the dark for the moment. The art is really growing on me as I am starting to like more and more the look of the Ghost Rider and the ending is just perfect. Let us see if it really was because of a haunted car or how a haunted car owned by a cartel leader plays into all this.

Ash and the Army of Darkness (#8)

Well, here we have the conclusion of the current Army of Darkness story with Ash vs. the tag team of Evil Ash and Evil Sheila! We find Ash in a jam, he slices his way out, saves the day and oh! PROPOSES! Looks like the chosen one has chosen someone leading us into a whole new storyline. The fight scene is pretty funny and this story has been way better then some of the skepticism I had earlier of the direction Dynamite went with this new story. The art and storytelling capture everything we love about Mr. Ash Williams so, let us see where marriage takes our hero next.

Wednesday 11 June 2014

Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians - The Never Dead

Are you excited for the new Phantasm movie? I know I am! But, there is maybe one group more excited then you. The newly recorded single that will be on a split later this summer captures all that we love from the Phantasm franchise from the opening sound clip till the last note. This band is just banging out new classic horror rock and, if you haven't already hopped on this terror train, DO IT....or get left in the bloody mess they leave behind.

Zombina and the Skeletones - Charnel House Rock

Here, we present the new album by the U.K.'s own Zombina and the Skeletones! What an album from front to back! It's fun, catchy, full of punk rock/rockabilly goodness. The musicianship is great and her vocals are awesome while the songs flow nicely from one to the other. Standouts thus far include "Tonight, There will be No Survivors", "The Fear", "Mortuary Academy", "Walk With Me", "The Negative Zone", "Misery" and "City of Ghosts". The artwork is great as it captures the music and tone of the album perfectly. If you're a fan, this is a must own as they just get better with each release.

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Big Trouble in Little China (#1)

Are you like me and totally love this movie? Written by John Carpenter and Eric Powlle (Goon fame) off a script for a second movie that was never made, Jack Burton is back with the Pork Chop Express, a demon ape, going to a wedding and receives a near impossible task...sounds about right! Everything you loved from the original movie is here as this follows in the same week, they keep it in the 80s and you'll be laughing from beginning to end. The art does the story justice. Now, lets join Jack in his latest adventure and see how, if he can, get out this one alive!

Ghostbusters (#16)

Well, on rolls the 30th anniversary storyline with Mass Hysteria Part 4! In it, Gozer's sister has taken control of Dana and Louis to bring about chaos (as that is what she is the embodiment of!) to make the Ghostbusters nuts! They also meet with a much older version of themselves, Egon is told to lay off the Twinkies and Winston finds out something important. With all Ghostbusters present, they try a plan that has worked on Gozer twice before....will it work a third time? Is crossing the streams a good idea? Find out as this story rolls on! With art and writing this good, you'll be grinning ear to ear like basically you'll look like a child and not car about it!

Ghost (#4)

In this issue. Elsa is taking on some sick individuals after the fallout from the previous issue where her only link to her pass is murdered and she swears to protect Chicago from all evil. In the meantime, the Vaughn brothers have found out a little about Elsa's past and who her friend was to her. The writing is great as it now builds a story without Doctor October into a new adventure for Ghost. As well, the art is pretty awesome! Pick up on this series if you already haven''ll enjoy it!

Sunday 1 June 2014

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

This is a novel that I have walked by a zillion times but never read in the horror. It wasn't until I saw an endorsement by one Stephen King calling it a "gorgeous read" that I picked it up. Even though it was found in horror, was not full blown horror...but that doesn't matter. It had some elements but, it was a great great read. We have all been there. We read a book and fall for it. Then, we have to find anything and everything ever written by them. In the novel, young Daniel falls under that spell when he reads a novel by a Julian Carfax that he found with his father in the Cemetery of Forgotten Books. When he goes to look for more, there is more mystery then there are answers as almost every copy of everything ever written by him have been burned by a mysterious character right out of the book. Throw in some teenage growing pains, finding love, unlikely friendships, conspiracy theories and some elements of horror and you have a satisfying read. In the end, everything is solved as nothing is left unraveled. Everything is tied up and the ending is satisfying. As well, this novel was originally written in Spanish and the translation is just beautiful. You can tell it was done by the author as it was done with love instead of a broken straight ahead translation that would of taken much away from the words. Don't be detoured from this novel as it's not the more Gothic horror novel in a more traditional sense but, Stephen King was is one gorgeous read!