Sunday 23 July 2017

GWAR: Orgasmageddon (#2)

Well, GWAR is still traveling in the meat rocket through time and causing mayhem and bringing the havoc wherever they land. This story is funny and great as the art is top notch! Makes you wonder why it took so long for this to happen as this story is everything you expect from GWAR and so much more! Grab a copy if you can, you will enjoy it if you are a fan!

KISS/Vampirella (#2)

So, KISS is locked in a mystery and so is Vampirella as both are looking answers while the paths cross. How will it play out? We'll have to wait and see! Great art and story accompany this issue as it is bloody and explosive. My biggest shock though was reading the use of the names of Ace and Peter as KISS has even started using their real names with crediting them with songs written. Hm. Maybe they are being historically accurate or maybe relations are getting better.

Diablo House (#1)

This comic was given to me by my comic book dealer as it would be right up my alley...and it sure was! Set up like a classic Tales from the Crypt story this is a cautionary story of greed and the effects of making a deal with the Devil. The art is top notch printed on some old school paper with a great story, I HIGHLY recommend this new offering from IDW. So, beware when you enter the house and the deal you make as it may not always be what you think.

Monday 17 July 2017

In Memoriam Martin Landau

Today, we remember an actor who's career has spanned 7 decades as we remember Martin Landau. He has been in movies like North by Northwest, 9, Frankenweenie, Sleepy Hollow, The X Files, Twilight Zone, Spiderman cartoons among others. However, he will forever be remembered as Bela Lugosi in Ed Wood. His preformance as an aging star looking for one last shot at greatness. The preformance is solid and outstanding! Award winning and loved by so many he was an outstanding talent who, like a fine wine, got better with age it seemed. So, good sir, you will be missed by so many but your awesome preformances live on forever on our screens and in our hearts.

Sunday 16 July 2017

In Memoriam George A. Romero

Today, we say goodbye to an icon who's influence can be seen far and wide not just in the Horror community but everywhere for that matter. Today, we say goodbye to the godfather of zombies as we say goodbye to the legendary George A. Romero. From his iconic first movie Night of the Living Dead his resumes are filled with other amazing movies. When you say his name you also think of Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, The Crazies, Creepshow, Creepshow 2, Land of the Dead and Survival of the Dead. His movies stand the test of time as those films still stand up to whatever has come out lately. He's a man who did things his own way and had a good time doing it. When he spoke, people listened. Even when you hear the members of the Misfits talk about him and their experience on the film set of Bruiser or on the set of their own music video for "Scream" you hear the love and affection towards the man. He was a legend who's presence and influence are greater than most and won't be forgotten by anyone. Goodbye George, we miss you already!

Argyle Goolsby - Darken Your Doorstep

Today, I FINALLY had the chance to listen to the whole album (as I am still waiting for my copy thus, had to use Youtube) and I must say I AM FLOORED! This is an awesome album from top to bottom as Goolsby delivers the goods! I am not entirely sure who did what on what songs on the album but I know the legendary Loki did a lot of the guitars on this album and his work is just fantastic! Goolsby sets the bar higher and higher with each release and this one is no different! I cannot even pick standout tracks as it is just so awesome! So worth the wait as any fan of Horror Punk, Horror Rock, Death Punk whatever will be glad with what they hear on this album! Goolsby is truly a master at his craft and, though when it arrives it may darken your doorstep, welcome it in as you will be glad once you hear the music coming through the speakers. Thus, get it or live in the shadow of this vampire forever!

Lucifer (#19)

The battles seem to be over as both Heaven and Hell are at peace and the world is safe once again thanks to Lucifer. How? Well, read and find out as I have enjoyed this series as it seems to have reached its end. If this is the final issue, then it was a great way to end the series. If it's not and just an end to this current story line, I cannot wait to see where this all goes to next!

Hellblazer (#11)

Well, a shoe has gone viral as a genie is looking to put an end to any threat to this world domination plans! If that makes no sense to you, grab yourself a copy as John Constantine looks to save the world once again as only he can in this war of one that he rages against all the wrong in the world. Great artwork and story as we all just wait as patiently as we can to the battle that we know is coming!

Ghostbusters 101 (#4)

So, with both sets of Ghostbusters in tow, they take off to battle a mega ghost and create a mega mess as they are looking for answers to what is happening in the world around them! The art and story are fantastic as the team at IDW is making the new Ghostbusters as welcoming as the originals to long time fans instead of just forgetting their existence. Now, if they could just do the same for the Extreme Ghostbusters I'd be over the freaking moon!

GWAR: Orgasmageddon (#1)

Like KISS and Alice Cooper, GWAR is a band that is tailor made for comics! So why has it taken so long? In this premier issue, we find GWAR in concert, battle and time traveling as humor and history follow the band! The laughs are plenty and there is so much for fans of the band to love with both the art and the writing! Some may think that they make an awful noise but I beg to differ! I cannot wait for the second issue of this series as I am loving this one so much!

Lord of Gore (#3)

This Horror movie come to life has some more twists and turns as everyone is looking for answers even on the set of a porn parodies the franchise. There are more questions then there are answers as every arrow leads to the wrong place and you start again wondering who is being all of this! I am LOVING this story so far as the art and story are fantastic! So much fun as it brings to mind A New Nightmare in the sense that, this movie has come to life and everyone involved in the movies is now a target. How can you not love that? I thought so!

KISS (#9)

As now that I am caught up with the KISS comics, you are too! So, after coming to the surprise of meeting more human beings (these ones from Japan!) they are challenged to a mini battle of the bands so to speak as they make new friends. Where this will lead I don't know but I am liking the use of the KISS license from Dynamite thus far as the art and writing have been consistently great. You wanted the best? Well, you get it with KISS comics!

Cancerslug - Fuck the Bullshit this is: Cancerslug

Mixing both classics and new songs, this is an awesome and amazing Cancerslug album! Alex Story and company deliver the goods as they unleash 18 songs in under 40 minutes as no prisoners are taken in an album that is as lean and mean as the band presenting it! This is an album that both long time fans of the band and new fans alike will find much to love with each song. Is this the best one yet? I think so as, with each passing album, the band continues to grow and grow where even the older compositions get something new added to them to make them better and fresher. Hats off to this amazing band as Alex Story and company just never seem to stop as the man just keeps pushing the envelope on what he does and how much quality he puts out.

KISS (#8)

So, as the ship becomes under attack and boarded, 2 of our heroes sneak off to see what is happening only to find a surprise, the others are ready to fight! This issue is a great issue as it shows that unity is being reached as it is all hands on deck in order to battle this threat! Great writing and art again by all involved as I am loving this story thus far!

KISS (#7)

So, now that the ship is safe, the kids need to bring the people back together after all that has happened and what better way to do it then with the music of KISS! All seems to be going to plan until they come under attack by a bigger ship. This story and art are top notch As these kids who were thrust into the roles of leadership have to find their way in this new world as the old one was just full of lies.

KISS The Demon (#4)

In this final issue, we learn just how corrupt Blackwell industries is, the state in which the world is when the city leaves to space and how regret is felt but some involved. This is a fantastic ending to this story that has built and built as this prequel to the current happenings in this KISS comics that are taking place as well as the children's lineage. I liked both the art and writing of this story as Dynamite has done a fantastic job with the license thus far and any KISS fan should pick this up! Though KISS plays in the background of the story, this is still a good story non the less.

KISS The Demon (#3)

In this issue, the tension is growing as there is a marriage proposal and some controversy surrounding the company. There is a lot happening that boarders on cliche (big company corrupted) but it is still entertaining as the real monster seems to be human instead of super natural! With one issue left, I wonder how this will end as everything comes to head soon!

KISS: The Demond (#2)

Lets do some catch up. Ready? Go! So, in this issue, A virus is unleashed and Blackwell bails an old friend giving him a job within the company. After a quick trip down memory lane, jealousy takes over and anger raises to the occasion. There is a lot going on in this issue that sets up the others! As I catch you up, you will see! Great art and story as this is an improvement over the first issue that didn't seem like it was going anywhere fast. Well, the hammer has been dropped and we are on our way now!