Saturday 30 November 2013

Fit for a Frankenstein by Paul McComas and Greg Starrette

This sweet little novella explains that little 8 minute gap that exists from the beginning of Ghost of Frankenstein when Ygor and the Monster emerge from the wreckage covered in sulfur to escape the town and then emerge in the the town of Vasaria in a new suit! The authors combine together to give us that missing and hilarious story that explains what happens, gives us a few chuckles and explains just how he got a clean, new, size 66 XXL suit while they traveled from town to town. You can tell these guys are fans cause they nail both Ygor and the Monster perfectly in this quick read that will have any fan of the Universal Monster movies smiling with little homages to the following films in the Frankenstein franchise as well as the movie with Abbot and Costello. This is the story that Universal dare not tell...and you'll see why! You'll laugh, you'll smile, you'll enjoy this fun little read. Now, if they could only explain the look in Son of Frankenstein in a similar fashion, I'll be good! I mean, where did that vest come from!? Thus, if you're like me and you love Frankie, get this book....or else Ygor will send his friend after you!

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Father Gaetano's Puppet Catechism by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden

Well, behold another collaboration between Mignola and Golden in the form of a novella that takes place during World War Two Sicily at a makeshift orphanage. Although not an outright horror at the beginning, the reader follows a young Sebastiano and his friend, the clown puppet Pagliaccio, as the war rages on. Father Gaetano arrives at the parish and looks for a way to teach catechism that won't bore this kids to death and take their minds off being left behind by the ruins of war. He spots little Pagliaccio and from there gets the idea to use the puppets in the basement as a way to teach them about the Bible. However, these puppets are not your ordinary puppets....they come alive! They are what you make them, as is most evident by the Lucifer puppet who brings war to the orphanage and attempts to kill both the priest and Sebastiano only to parish in flames...or so we think? It is a good quick read that picks up quickly as Golden uses ultimate good to battle ultimate evil as we question choices and look at people for who they really are....just people. Mignola's art that lines this novella is stunning of course as he allows our imagination to be littered with his images that we couldn't possibly have done ourselves. Faith is but a fragile thing and how much can one have in the face of adversity? Things are questioned, as the magic comes alive as they ask themselves, and we ask ourselves, how much has to happen before we can accept that sometimes, kids are telling the truth and know better? Give it a read, you'll find this enjoyable.

Monday 25 November 2013

Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT I'VE JUST SEEN!? I am confused! So, okay, let me try to rationalize this....this movie begins right after the events of the original, completely ignoring every other movie in the series, where a group burn down the Sawyer house and a couple kill a mother and take a baby. THIRTY NINE YEARS LATER she finds out she's a Sawyer after her grandmother dies and leaves her the house....NONE OF THEM LOOK LIKE THEY'RE ALMOST 40! Okay, so, alright, so they run over some dude who turns out to be a theft (they find out when he gets there) and well, they get to the house, she gets a letter WHICH SHE DOESN'T READ TIL THE END and Leatherface goes on a killing streak. Oh! Before that she meats a cop and the mayor where it is HINTED AND SPOKEN SO MUCH SO THAT THEY ARE FATHER AND SON! So, after the original killing streak at the fair where she eludes him by hopping on a ride, she goes to the station where the mayor was the leader of the mob, she finds the evidence and reads it and runs. She is captured by the son WHERE SHE FINDS OUT HIM AND THE MAYOR ARE RELATED....SHOCK! And he takes her to her certain death at the slaughterhouse. Leatherface shows up, finds out they're cousins, almost gets killed but she gets him his chainsaw in time and yea, he wins. This movie was designed with 3D and I think they were banking on the kills to save this mind fart of a movie can't. Even Leatherface looks awful, his face looks bad. This gives the fourth installment a run for its money. I am confused, some shout outs to the original but, I'm confused....that's all there is to it...could of been so good but it is so bad. The only reason you'll get this movie is because you're a completest who must have all the movies in the series, that's all I have to say.

Curse of Chucky (2013)

If, there is one monster/killer/person who could scare me as a child it was Chucky! I mean, just watch the first two Child's Play movies and you'll see why! The third one wasn't bad and Bride and Seed had its moments of laughter and fun but, none can compare to those original 2. Enter Curse of Chucky which is the best way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original! In fact, in my opinion, it is the best one since number 2! Gone is the humor and replaced with the original horror that started the series. This movie is a great continuation of the series as it leaves nothing out. It follows the story, not ignoring any of the films, has some great kills, one liners like you'd expect from Chucky. It is his battle to obtain a new body as he visits some old friends and turns their world upside down. It starts off with a bang and just rolls from there as the body count rises and one thing leads to another. And Chucky himself looks great! When I heard he was going to be done with CGI I was worried...we all have our problems with that technology and how sometimes it gets overused and makes it all look like crap but, they did him well. The face looks so life like as it moves and talks while being voiced once again by Brad Dourif (THE ONLY VOICE FOR CHUCKY!). Will there be a 7th movie instead of a remake? It's hard to tell from the ending....I would prefer them to continue the series instead of rebooting it, especially with how good this one was! Just, keep those Good Guy Dolls away from me and don't send me any packages....I've seen the movies, I know what happens next no matter how cute he looks.

Thursday 21 November 2013

Joe Golem and the Drowning City by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden

This story, has a lot of familiarity in its characters. In Mike's drawings, Joe looks a lot like Roger the Homunculus and acts like/fights like a certain somebody we all know and love while Felix at the beginning of the story reminds me a lot of Johann Krauss with his occupation and methods in contacting the dead. Thrown in a Lovecraftian monster and yea, it seems a touch familiar but, Christopher Golden gives us a really enjoyable novel with awesome illustrations from Mignola. The story takes place in Lower Manhattan, which is now known as the Drowning City as, that half of New York was flooded a half century ago. Throw in a mad man looking to make contact with an old god, a little girl looking to save Felix (her father figure) who has been kidnapped, Joe and his mechanical friend/detective Church as they battle not only the supernatural but the gas-men to save not just Molly and the city but, maybe all of humanity. There is a lot going on here and the story flows from theater to building to bridges to cemeteries to abandoned subways as we are taken all over the Drowning City to solve the case and save Felix from whatever evil plan they have set forth for him with ease. Included in this collection is the short story of Joe Golem and the Copper Girl which is just as entertaining and enjoyable as the main attraction. Secrets unfold as characters build slowly and organically giving us some characters they could continue to use in a pre-Drowning City story like in the short story or, what happens after the ending with Joe. Basically, you don't want them to go away that easily.

Daredevil (#33)

Well, this the conclusion of ol' horn head's adventures with the monsters down in Kentucky. No, there is no Dr. Frankenstein as I suspected in my review of the previous issue but, it's still pretty damn good! Maybe there was a change at the last second or a joke on the reader into thinking what will happen next. The story begins with Daredevil being bandaged by the mummy as he has been shot before working with the monsters to figure out the secrets of the Sons of Serpents who are slowly taking over his city. His blindness comes in hand as he recovers the missing pages from the book that is what the Serpents were originally connected to (and the monsters fear as it could lead to their doom). Mark Waid's writing is awesome and Samnee's art is vibrant and as it comes alive on the page! This may be the end of the storyline but the story continues....lets see where he ends up next in this battle against the Serpents.

Wednesday 20 November 2013

V/H/S (2012)

This movie, I was first drawn to when I first saw the poster in Rue Morgue. I mean, look at it! Looks amazing! So, how bad can the movie be? Well, it's good, not great. This has some moments and the sequences look good but, not all of them are memorable or coherent and make sense. After the film you are a touch confused at times asking yourself what you just saw, how does this make any sense or, why the hell did they even bother to film this part. When you think of good anthologies, the first two Creepshow films come to mind and Trick 'r' Treat are very well done that come together nicely and have something that connects them or makes them at least feel coherent. This one, has some moments that shine and others that don't. You may enjoy this film but only if you're a diehard horror fiend...and even then it's a maybe.

Hellboy: Library Edition Volume 6 - The Storm and the Fury/The Bride of Hell

This is the story that Mike and the boys have been building to for almost twenty years! Every prophecy, story, enemy, it all comes to head as Hellboy battles it out one more time with the fate of the world on the line! Yes, this is the edition where Hellboy dies and returns to Hell. For owners of the previous editions, you know how gorgeous and packed they are! Duncan's art is presented in it's original size as he draws out the story that Mike has put forth for us. The story is massive, amazing, includes some laughs and has you wondering if Hellboy will follow the path that has been laid before him since Seed of Destruction or if he has finally had enough and will do what he wants to do and just be a regular guy saving the world from things that go bump in the night. If you love Hellboy, get your hands on these as they are worth every penny! You'll read them again and again! Included in here are some Hellboy short stories including his drunken haze in Mexico as those short stories (one issue usually) are as much part of the Hellboy lore then the massive mini series like the first part of the book. The sketchbook included as well as the story notes, introductions and afterwords give your some incite or different views of the stories that are much appreciated. In other words, go get yourself a copy of these editions now or else you'll be punched in the face by Hellboy's right hand of doom...BOOM!

Wednesday 13 November 2013

The Walking Dead - Volume 19: March to War

Well, on continues the trade paper backs that shows us why the comic is so much more superior then the show! Robert Kirkman takes us through the preparation of Rick and some of the other communities who are now preparing to retaliate against Negan and the Saviors who rule the network of communities, take tributes and just pisses everyone off with their no mercy rules! Charlie Adlard's art is top notch as he draws up the black and white violence and zombies that your eyes cannot look away from! This is the prelude to war as this sets up what will happen next with plenty of action, spilled guts and stories that dwell further into the back stories of some of the characters. If you haven't read these trades yet, get on it! So hard to put down that I basically read this in one sitting! Now, I gotta wait till Volume 20 to watch the war unfold (please no spoilers...I'll be patient and wait for the new book) as the action never lets up in this world of the Walking Dead.

Thursday 7 November 2013

Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash (#3 of 6)

HOLY DELAYS PEOPLE! I have been waiting forever for this issue and, it was way worth the wait! A hilariously funny issue with the wit of Cassie Hack and the laughs provided by Ash Williams, they make the best team up in comics today! This is what we wanted and this is what we got! The only downfall is that it is over in 3 issues :(. Tim Seeley writes what we wanna see as the serial killer killer and the chosen one hacks up all these deadabites and stomping on miniature clones created by that damn evil book while Daniel Lesiter gives us all the art in all it's gory glory! In closing...get on this series ASAP! Like now! :D And with a new continuing Army of Darkness series on the horizon, all fans of Ash are just chomping at the bits with the awesomeness of comic releases....hail to the king baby!

Wednesday 6 November 2013

Peter Cushing: The Complete Memoirs by Peter Cushing

Now, I know there is one of you out there wondering why I am reviewing an autobiography of an actor and have no idea who he is. The man needs no introduction as seen in maybe his two most memorable roles as Baron Frankenstein bringing the monster(s) to life or battling Christopher Lee's Dracula as Dr. Van Helsing in those Hammer Horror classic movies. This book is a look at the man behind the camera as it collects his two autobiographies (An Autobiography and Past Forgetting) as well as The Story of Peter Cushing which he wrote in 1955 at the height of his TV appearances before Hammer came knocking. This is a biography that talks about his passion for the stage, theater and the love he has for his wife. Not a whole lot of mention of his roles in those iconic Hammer films, as Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who or Star Wars. For people looking for that or scandalous stories of debauchery, go look elsewhere! For people who are a fan and want to know more about the man and some of his parts, you'll enjoy this read. Okay, as mentioned in the introduction he didn't die just twelve times in film (there was more!) but, at the time the second book was written he was 80 I much do you want the poor man to remember? It is a good read by one of the best actors the world has ever known who, at the time of the release of this collection, would of been a 100 years old....still much better then 90% of the actors out there today as he reminds you how actors used to be....dedicated to their craft and their audience.

Monday 4 November 2013

Johnny B. Morbid - Welcome to Die!

They're baaaaaaaaaaaaack! From a one man band in a basement to a 3 piece, Johnny B. Morbid is a band that you can't help but love! His newest release, following a successful Kickstarter campaign, is Welcome to Die! and it is everything you love about his music....and then some! The title is taken from something Magneto used to say in an old X-Men video game, and the video game-esq cover pays homage to that long forgotten era before everything looked 3-D. Taking a cue musically from some of the heaviness off of MoNsTeRpIeCe and the catchy choruses we love from the previous albums, this is but another great album! I mean, if you're a fan, his first album in 4 years is what you have been waiting for (and hoping!) when the band left us all those years ago and entered the eternal blackness. A fine return to form as the band rises from the dead with standouts including the opener "Welcome to Die!". "Population: 0", "Delusions", "Last Day Alive" (which is a great acoustic track), "Enough" and "Erebus" thus far. Now that their back, lets hope they don't dare leave us again!

Ghouls Night Out Presents More Songs to Murder that Special Someone to! (Various Artists)

Like every good, classic horror movie, compilations like the classic Ghouls Night Out Presents Songs to Murder that Special Someone to needs a squeal...or two! In the third installment of the series, Matt Pathetic has gathered some of the best tracks by some of the best bands in the genre! If you can get your damn dirty paws on one, do it! It begins with the awesome "Phasers set to Thrill" by the Black Cat Attack, carried on by great cuts by the Returners, Boneyard and the Stellar Corpses. This brings us to the Serpenteens and the Crypt Keeper Five and their cover of the Misfits "American Nightmare". Throw in some awesome cuts by favorites The Order of the Fly, Argyle Gooslby, Andrew Winter and the Reckless Dodgers doing a cover of the Mister Monster classic "This Night I Call (Bad Luck)" and end it with the fast becoming classic of the Darrow Chemical Company's anthem "WHB" and you have a compilation that is essential to any horror rock fan's collection! If you own this or any of the other two, you know what I am talking about, there is not a bad track on here! If you don't own any? Get on it....or else we'll send Gillman after you!