Monday, 31 August 2015

Ghostbusters: Get Real (#3)

So, after a trip to the "real" dimension that brought on some revelations to the movie Ghostbusters (like the fact that they have a pet ghost that they named and Janine's voice is similar), they find out just who is chasing them as he sends the hound after them to sniff them out. The issue ends with the final issue that concludes the series next month. There are plenty of laughs to be had and the art by Schoening is amazing. As well, long time fans will find plenty to enjoy in these stories overall because I know I am!

Sunday, 30 August 2015

In Memoriam: Wes Craven

Today, one of the most inspirational and greatest directors has left us with the passing of one of the masters of horror, Wes Craven. Films as iconic as Last House on the Left, The Hills Have Eyes, Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream have redefined the genre in how we look at films. As well, think about the characters he has created and introduced us to. Think about the genre without Freddy or any of his iconic characters. I am telling you, it's a world I don't even want to think about. I am still shocked about the news overall! A man this iconic and one that has inspired so many people is now gone. He is actually one of the few directors that I will buy a movie of based on his name alone being listed under director. That is because that, I know, no matter how bad a movie may be in the hands of another, in his hands (and a few others) they may be entertaining and enjoyable. So, goodbye Mr. Craven as you will be missed. Know that your movies and characters will continue to not only cause nightmares for some but inspire many more to create. 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Big Trouble in Little China (#15)

Okay, the post Eric Powell and John Carpenter issues are not pulling any punches or taking themselves seriously at all. They are fun and light hearted that will have you laughing in all the right places. Though I am not big on the art (especially the way they draw Jack Burton) the story itself is pretty good and has fully dispelled any worries I had. Good on you guys!

Puppet Master (#5)

So Toulon and his friends are finally free of thier wooden prison and rejoined the land of flesh and bones. However, not all seems to be right as there appears to be a twist! These stories keep getting better as it evolves making reference to past movies along with awesome art. For fans, there is so much to love here! If you are not, what are you waiting for?

Hellboy in Hell (#7)

After a long wait, Hellboy and his adventures in Hell continue as he's very sick and has a fever dream about the world he left behind. This is classic Hellboy in that there is a lot going on in these pages as each story will flow into the next. I am really happy with the story so far I just hate the wait between issues. I mean, WHY MUST I WAIT SO LONG!? That is the way it goes I guess though. However, they are always worth the wait when they finally arrive.

Gotham by Midnight (#8)

So, there is a show turning people against each other, IA is coming down hard on the midnight shift and the doctor things he may finally have an answer for the flowers that keeps popping up all over! The story is starting to get intense and really shaping up nicely. The next issue seems like it will expand the story further and, as a fan of this series, I can't wait to read the next issue.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Escape from New York (#9)

So, with my 200th comic review, I review the new issue of Escape from New York. Snake is in Canada before he heads down to New York as the story, thus far, comes full circle with the original film. The story, with the twist, is pretty good and the art, as you can see there was a change in artist, is pretty good. I prefer the original artist though as it made Snake look like Kurt Russell then he does now. Now, let's see where the story heads next and,  if it will take us to Los Angeles too.

Saturday, 22 August 2015


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Fear Clinic (2014)

So, wow, um, I am speechless after seeing this movie..and not in a good way. You have a great performance by the master Robert Englund, Corey Taylor listening to himself, a murderer running around and a plot that makes little to no sense. Yea, overall, the movie is not great and leaves the viewer confused and disappointed over not only seeing it but by spending money on it. Then, it seems it leaves it open for a sequel....God help us! My fear is that there will be a number 2! I will say that the premise was interesting in theory. ..just in theory. The execution...not so much. Maybe if Kane Hodder and Danielle Harris stayed attached to the film it may have been better. Who knows if it could of been saved. So, one good thing and a thousand bad does not make it a good movie...redemption cannot be found in this chamber. So, stay away especially, if you have a fear of really bad movies.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Rowdy Roddy Piper: Monster Killer

Sadly I was able to obtain a copy after his passing but, it looks like Portland is all out of bubble gum as the original Rowdy one is looking for his son and kicking monster ass! That's right folks! This whole time we thought he was only a wrestler, actor and Podcaster. In reality though, his real job was as a monster hunter protecting human kind from the horrors hiding in the shadows. How he kept it a secret for so long we'll never know. Overall though, this was a good, fun read filled with some jokes and awesome art. Not easy to get but way worth it for fans of the Hot Rod to check out! So, find out the truth of one of the most beloved personalities in wrestling history here in these pages. Find out the truth of Rowdy Roddy Piper, the monster hunter. Then, I think you need a bowl of soup to relax after reading this.

Hell Puppets - Theatre of Sin

Jolly good then. Let us head to the theater to check out the debut album but the Hell Puppets shall we? Take your seats for the Theatre of Sin as the puppets have come out to play with a hard and fast debut! That's right folks! These guys from the old country have sent their tunes across the pond (ummmmm, why do they refer to it as a pond when it is an ocean and thus, HUGE I will never know) to show that England can keep it has hard and as heavy as people in North America or even the rest of Europe for that matter. This album only seems to let up during the instrumental of "Drugged Up Shark" but just goes back to full throttle right after that! I am blown away by the music! Listening to it, it reminds me a little of old Lamb of God with the way it hits you and grabs you at the throat! No one and nothing is safe in their path. Standouts include the ripping (get it?) "...From Hell", "Hung, Drawn and Slaughtered", "Born to Die", "Project Mayhem", the politically charged "Political Diarrhoea", "Halloween", "We Are the Enemy", "Morbid Mirror" and the closer "Face the Reaper". Hard, fast and heavy, this energetic debut has no strings attached as it will strangle you, not letting up for a second until you notice this band. Thus, take notice before these puppets come after you because if they are anything like the ones in Puppet Master you will do yourself good to check them out before they check you out....for good.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Constantine: The Hellblazer (#3)

So, we get to meet one of John's friends in his home. He's here to solve a murder and look for some help in catching the ghost murderer. What he finds is hatred and loneliness. There are patches of the classic Constantine character in his swagger and attitude and,  as a whole, the series has been leaps and bounds better then the previous Constantine series DC released under the New 52 banner. As well, the story was pretty good. We are getting a sense of not only his current situation but his past as well. I wonder how this story line will unfold in the end and where will they go after.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Finders Keepers by Stephen King

Let's be honest shall we? If Stephen King wrote a children's book with drawings we'd have to read it! So, here we have his latest novel in Finders Keepers. Going off the tragedy from the beginning of Mr. Mercedes, in the first act, we are introduced to Pete and his family who were affected by it. As well we are introduced to Moriss who killed his favorite author for money and books of unpublished work only to end up in jail for something else. Act 2 has us being reintroduced to characters from the previous novel and setting up everything for act 3...when shit means shit and it all hits the fan! It is a good read that is not horror and not mystery per say. The ending though tells us that Mr. King is far from done with these characters though and that has me excited! Like a said, a good read for long time King fans as he stretches himself out to show what else he can do, incase there was any doubt anyway.  

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Ghostbusters: Get Real (#2)

This issue is so much fun as the two Ghostbusters universes meet and bust some ghosts while not only looking how to get one back home but,  who did this to begin with! A nice guest appearance by the Extreme Ghostbusters is a nice touch as people tend to forget that they even existed. So far, the first two issues have had me smiling from ear to ear like a child on Christmas morning! It is that good and, if you're a fan, you'll enjoy it as well.

Escape from New York (#8)

So Snake is buried alive and reborn among the psychos we left him with last time. Things get bloody then they really get bloody as Snakes finds his way back home. ..then to New York! That's right! Full circle! This issue is action packed and doesn't let up as Snake is all action here! He is a man built to survive as he shows just why he has so many adoring fans. Wonder what he'll do back in New York. I guess we'll have to see won't we?


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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Big Trouble in Little China (#14)

So, I'm starting to feel this story again after it has gotten some direction in the post Carpenter/Powell issues. Jack finds out more about the future as well as who has Pork Chop while we have an A-Team type group looking out for themselves in a solider of fortune type thing. Throw in some laughs and I am liking this issue more then the previous one. The doubts have been erased for the moment as it all makes a little more sense.

Gotham by Midnight: Annual (#1)

Here we have Jim and Drake chasing down the Gentleman Ghost as he steals jewels and women's breath along the way. The back story is one of lost love and the Specter makes am appearance. This was a good stand alone story that doesn't play into the current story. Maybe it will later on, who knows for sure. Not a bad story but, seemed a little generic. It was pulled off though with great art and story telling. Can't wait to get back to the main story though.

The Shadow (#1)

This is the new Shadow series and wow, is it explosive!  I didn't read issue 0 but, there is enough to catch you up in the beginning of this new series. The Order of Magicians have captured Houdini's wife, trying to figure out the secret that his spirit told his wife. They call it the last great illusion. The Shadow knows this secret and wants to stop them before things get too bloody and chaotic. This issue has me wanting to read more as the next issue cannot come soon enough!

This Damned Band (#1)

So, this new comic I found in Previews tells the story of Motherfather who remind me of the Stones meets Led Zeppelin. This is done like a documentary with some black magic and occult thrown in at the end. Right now, I can say that the issue isn't mind blowing but, it isn't bad either. It has my attention and makes me want to see the next issue. It's interesting but, until the ending, seems like a generic rock star tale. Let's see where this mini series takes us.

Children of October - The Risen Dead

So, with their first release since their covers EP HC X EP in 2012 and their first release of new material since 2010, Children of October have released their long awaited album The Risen Dead. The question fans may have is if it was worth the wait though. I am here to tell you that you bet your ass it was! The band prides itself on their Horror Punk being faster and better then yours. Well, they make a damn good argument here as this is an explosion of awesomeness from beginning to end. Slowing down when they need to, this is also maybe their most mature release yet...and that is not a bad thing so, don't be scared. So worth the wait as Timmy Gibson and Rick O bring it! The songs hit hard and fast never staying longer then they need to; all killer and no filter. Using Hardcore and Metal along with Punk, they have crafted a release that will put others on notice. Hell, "Murder is my Name" reminds me of Anthrax and I am loving it! Standouts include the explosive opener "I Wanna Be Your Sin", "The Risen Dead", "Zodiac", "Six Feet Away", "Jersey Devil", "Gates of Zion", "Natural Born Killers", "Murder is my Name", "Evans City Nights", the goofy titled but awesome "Mambo #666", the heavy as hell "Evil Catch my Fall", "Forever Night", the sweet sounding "My Damnation" and "I Wanna Hear It". Is that the whole album? Damn! I guess so! This release is maybe their best yet! Get this before the leaves turn colours as this is a great soundtrack for your October.

Lupen Tooth - All My Friends Are Corpses

For those looking that perfect summer song, look no further than Lupen Tooth's new release All My Friends Are Corpses. Whether you are tanning by moonlight or, being brave, and venturing out into the sunlight, these two songs are a perfect accompaniment. The new sing "All My Friends Are Corpses" remind you of why those friends will never leave you with the sounds of a ukelele. The second song, an acoustic version of "Don't Say the 'Z' Word" is awesome. Makes you wish to hear other songs done in the same way. In fact, two songs is too short as it leaves you wanting more. Thus, until these wolves release new material, like a werewolf waiting for the next full moon, we gotta be patient. Each release thus far as been spot on and I can't wait for more.

The Cryptkeeper Five - Bristol

So, it has been 4 years...that's right, 4 years! That is how long it has been since we have heard new music from the one, the only, Cryptkeeper Five. With this new single, I am drooling to hear more of what they have been working on! The music, the lyrics, the vocals, it is exciting, it is fantastically haunting and will have you pushing repeat over and over to listen to it again and again. Johnny and company have done it again, outdoing themselves with this awesome song. Now, if we could get our claws on a new album, it would be that much awesome!

Argyle Goolsby - Your Enemy's Best Friend

Another preface, this is another review I failed to publish. So, let us see my thoughts on the "Your Enemy's Best Friend" single. When Goolsby dropped the "Thickets" single, the man dropped a load of awesomeness! Now, the Blizkid vokillest/bassist has done it again with the release of his new single "Your Enemy's Best Friend". Standout track that has me smiling from ear to ear. His solo releases have been phenomenal thus far and this is no exception. For the doubters, he's fine on his own. Instant sing along that will have you smiling too if you are a long time fan or a new comer wondering what the big deal is with him. Check this out and you will see before your enemy's best friend does.

Argyle Goolsby - Thickets

A little bit of preface is needed in that I thought I had published this review but, instead, I saved it as a draft. So, with out further ado, I present to you my thoughts on the "Thickets" single. Goolsby is a legend in this genre and, anything that he releases, will be gobbled up by his many adoring fans eager to hear any sense of new music from the man! With this new single, long time fans will not be disappointed and new fans will be made as this single kicks ass! A great sing along as this shows us that, now that the other band he was a part of is in his past, the future looks bright! In fact, this song has not left my Ipod yet as it has been on rotation with the other Goolsby solo tracks since I got it. The man has done it again, and I can't wait for more!