Saturday 28 February 2015

Rob Zombie - Spookshow International Live

Here we have the new live album by Zombie and crew. This is absolutely amazing! The band is top notch and Zombie himself is having a party on stage playing solo classics, White Zombie classics and new material. Odd how Educated Horses is non existent on this album but, when you've had a career as long and as successful as this man, it may be hard to put everything onto one 80 minute live album. Both new fans will be drawn to the awesomeness of Rob while long time fans will enjoy the Zombie party unleashed on this album. The whole album is just one big standout as the band rips through 19 songs in that time span including covers of "Blitzkrieg Bop" and "We're an American Band" along side classics that we all know and love. Just remember, when you strip everything away, the music still stands on its own and that's the true test for any artist really is it not?

Gotham by Midnight (#4)

What a story this has been thus far! With IA looking to shut them down, the evil beneath Gotham draws the Specter out hoping to bring judgement to the people of the city while they look to fight back and get their friend back. If DC thinks about canceling this story they are doing a great disservice to comic fans who enjoy this story or to the people who have not discovered this gem! It's dark, it's powerful, it's Batman meets Hellblazer it is, simply put, awesome!

Deadpool (#42)

Well, Deadpool's wife seems displeased with him, he is making some jokes, is still depressed, battles the forces of evil to save a village of people from an evil energy company and, on the front, Marvel says Deadpool dies in 3 issues!? Didn't they just do this? I keep hoping that he snaps out of this depression and goes back to the Deadpool of old....the Deadpool we all love and laugh at. Duggan had a good story going with Deadpool, had a really great hold on the character until this. I hope this ends soon and that it doesn't drag on for another 3 issues. I love the Merc with a Mouth and I need him to start cracking jokes and making pop culture references is serious enough and Deadpool is the escape we need from really long days.

Johnny B Morbid - Fall of the Cicada

On the internet, I have seen this billed as the final Johnny B Morbid album. If that is true, then they are going out with a bang! This feels like the heaviest album by Morbid and company. Picking up where Welcome to Die! left off, Fall of the Cicada picks up where that album left off in terms of speed and heaviness while turning it up a notch. Oh, and the songs kick ass too! Standouts include "True Believer", "Before I Fade", "Exile", "Above and Beyond", "It Came from the North", "Future in Flames", "In the Unknown" and "Fall of the Cicada". If this is the end of the line for the band, this is a hell of a way to go out...I personally hope it ain't because I would love to see where they head next, what territory they conquer or, what nightmare they bring forth from the great beyond to kick ass with.

Saturday 21 February 2015

Return of the Living Deadpool (#1)

Picking up where the original story left off, the world is under a zombie/Deadpool apocalypse as we find the Merc with a Mouth sitting in the field alone before he gets whacked upside the head with a baseball bat with a saw at the end by a girl! After they escape the trouble brought on by those two threats, Deadpool tries to piece together the events that has brought him to where he is now....with some jokes along the way. This is a funny story that has me excited for the series as the first part and this first issue were awesomely funny! Lets see where they take us next 'cause I can't wait!

Night of the Living Deadpool

This is the trade that does something that you thought they would of thought to do a while ago...bring zombies and Deadpool together! The combination is just fantastic and funny as hell! Deadpool goes into a food coma, wakes up to a zombie apocalypse, joins a group of survivors and it all takes off from there ending with a standoff as a herd of zombies become a heard of DEADPOOLS! It is a great read that any fan will find enjoyable. Along with fantastic black and white (and red?) art the story itself is great as you'll be laughing. Oh! There are also some great odes to classic horror/zombie movies throughout the book that will make any horror junkie excited. Get your copy so you can see what all the awesomeness is about.

Monday 16 February 2015

The Panic Beats - A Date with Death

Since I first heard the awesome Rest in Pieces  album by these guys last year, I've been blown away! So, get dolled up, fix your hair, do your makeup 'cause there's a knock on the door as your date is here. With this new release, The Panic Beats take their Ramones influence to the next level with great, catchy tunes that slash their way into your memory and into your heart as you can't help but enjoy these tunes! I know I may say this a lot but this is a Horror Punk assault that kicks your ass, kills you, throws you in the grave and does it all over again just for fun! Standouts include "Time to Kill", "Stalker", "Love You to Death", "Do What I Say", "Halfway to Hell", "Call me Death", "Dig Your Own Grave", "Bury Them Deep", "Shot on Video" and "Killer on the Loose". Port Huron, Michigan's Panic Beats are a  force to be reckoned with converting new fans to those who hear the tunes....or maybe it is out of fear that they will be sliced and diced. Either way, the music rocks!

Army of Darkness (#3)

Well the chosen one is in space fighting his evil self and some deadabites, a crew member is killed who knows how to complete the satellite so the evil can spread their influence through the world...while Ash builds himself a super body from space junk to battle his evil self...sounds about right eh? This may be what you expect yes but, it is fun, funny and awesome! You can't help but enjoy this book from beginning to end as he battles evil forces with a chainsaw on one hand and a boomstick in the other...groovy.

Gotham by Midnight (#3)

This has to be the best story going on in the DC universe right now! With great art and awesome story telling we follow the special unit out of the GCPD inspecting unusual cases trying to figure out the link from a shadow terrorizing a hospital, ghost nun, ancient language and missing children all the while trying not to be shut down by IA. There is so much to love for anyone in favor of something a little darker then Batman...and that's saying a lot for the DC universe. Almost along the lines of Hellblazer Constantine, the story thus far has been awesome!

All-New Ghost Rider (#11)

Well, it seems that Eli has been trying to get the best of Robbie and has found a way to do this. It is both despicable and disgusting...but it will do the trick as the truth is beginning to come to light about his parents, why his brother is the way he is while Eli works to make sure he is both angry and miserable. Part of me wants to see where this leads to while my other half is disgusted by Eli's actions. They really want to put this kid through the ringer like all Ghost Riders should suffer some...maybe that's it.

Monday 9 February 2015

Big Trouble in Little China (#8)

Don't worry, this is not the end! During an epic battle, Jack Burton makes the ultimate sacrifice to defeat the evil lord's eternal ass wiper! After he is dragged back down away from the light he is stuck with said ass wiper! This story has been too good for it to end! This should of been filmed! MY GOD IT IS THAT GOOD! Is it too late to turn it into a cartoon? I'd watch it!

Ghost (#12)

Well, this is the bloody conclusion of the current Ghost series and I must say, it was good! Elsa gets to the bottom of who is behind the death of her friend and, after an epic battle, finds a way to defeat him! The ending has Elsa looking at the future instead of the past as it is a great end to the current series.  Where will she go from here? I guess we'll have to wait and see as this run ends on a really high note!

Escapre from New York (#3)

Well, mayhem and destruction follow Snake wherever he goes as he crosses the twins, steals some bombs and gets in the middle of a war between the US and Florida! Sounds about right eh? This story has everything you grew up loving about Snake and then some! Watching him whip new soldiers into shape is worth the price of this issue alone! Get on this! You'll be glad you did!

Deadpool (#41)

Well Wade is miserable! How? Turns out he was faking it! So, as his monster/hot wife sends him on a vacation to find himself he finds the drug Butler used to clean his memory and wonders...should he use it? Well, he gets a call to head out to the middle East to kill a bunch of people for oil but, he has a change of heart and changes sides leaving behind a huge paycheck. There is laughs and the art is great but, I wonder how long they will take Deadpool down this path before returning him to his fun, usual self.

The Goon: Once Upon A Hard Time (Part 1 of 4)

Here we have a continuation of the previous miniseries by Eric Powell as we see the aftermath of the world falling around the Goon. He goes a ass kicking, killing streak as he dwells in misery. This appears to be the end of the Goon as he becomes part of the curse that is the town unless, he finds a way to defeat the priests and the Don who has turned against him. I wonder what he and Eric Powell have up their sleeves to pull him out of this funk as even Frankie is wondering if the Goon is better off dead. The seriousness is very good but, we need a little humor (and a blow up chicken) to lighten the mood a little as humor is a big part of the series.

Monday 2 February 2015

Lupen Tooth - Strawberries & Cream

Here we have the new EP by Lupen Tooth! At just under 15 minutes, we have a 5 song Horror Punk assault from beginning to end. Ripping listeners apart under the full moon with a release that doesn't disappoint. On the first listen, standouts include "Coffin Pallor", "Moonlight Fury", "Bury You Deep" and "My Coffin is My Home". This new release shows that more awesomeness is on the way from this UK based band. Beware people on both sides of the pond, you've been put on notice by Tommy Creep and crew!