Wednesday 30 July 2014

Ghostbusters (#18)

Well the 30th anniversary celebration with part 6 of the Mass Hysteria storyline. Vigo is back....and pissed! Ray is talking with Gozer while his sister Tiamat is causing chaos in New York. Dana and Louis are possessed as the pets of Tiamat so, Egon and Kylie try to trap the essence without killing them. This story has so much going on and so many laughs that, as a fan, there is much to enjoy. The art takes you back to a better time and the characters....they do them perfectly. Get on this asap! With the storyline and series coming to an end in two'll be sad and sorry if you don't.

New Avengers (#21)

Well, Stephen Strange is overflowing with power and ready to destroy everything in site. Can he be stopped? Has he gone too far? All good questions and, with this great art and great story, the real question is....can you destroy a world? Take a second and think about it...can you destroy a world in order to save your own? It's the question that is burning throughout this issue and the answer will shock you....go and read to find out what I mean.

Deadpool: Dracula's Gauntlet (#4)

Well true believers, the weekly comic series continues with tons of jokes, blood, werewolves, vampires, one of those robot vacuums and the Merc with a Mouth falling in love. What can I say? This story is really fun! You will laugh and smile and laugh and smile and I loved the Ghostbusters joke he makes. If you haven't gotten into this miniseries yet, DO IT! You'll thank me later, I swear. The only thing I would of suggested is that it was to make it part of the ongoing series as opposed to a weekly miniseries. Makes people think it is just a cash grab leaving people out in the cold with the awesomeness of the story that this is.

In Memoriam: Dick Wagner

The man has played with Billy Joel, Aerosmith, Lou Reed and Kiss but, his most notable time in the studio (and on the stage) will always be his time with Alice Cooper. Having played (usually uncredited) with the original band (beginning with School's Out) before joining his solo band starting with Welcome to my Nightmare until the awesome Hey Stoopid album (with the exception of the 3 comeback albums Cooper made when he sobered up), he was a major part of the band for a really long time. He even returned to the band for one album when Cooper did the follow up to his original (and my favorite solo album) Welcome 2 my Nightmare. Alice Cooper's Go to Hell, Lace and Whiskey and From the Inside. Think of all the awesome guitar work and solos this man has done. All the amazing songs he co wrote like "Only Women Bleed". Ask yourself if Cooper's solo work would be the same without him? The man was an amazing, talented player who was taken away from us. He will be missed. So, from the inside of our hearts, you will be missed.
Think about all the classics like

Demoni - Day of Demoni

Want some in your face Rockabilly with a Horror twist? Well, unlike the zombies on the cover, this is an all out, balls out fury attack that doesn't let up from beginning to end. Demoni bring it with punding bass and fast pace rock that just doesn't let up. The songs are quick, short and memorable. With all this fury, I wonder how the singer keeps up the intensity throughout the album....maybe the instrumentals help him to relax and recoup. With that said, standouts for me include "And Now the Screaming Starts", "They Crawl", "Night of the Creeps", "No Pain No Gein", "Beware the Moon" and "Session 9". Now that you've heeded my warning....RUN FOR YOUR LIVES....and grab this album. 

Spooky Jefferson's Ideal Lunchbox - House of Dolls

Here we have some spooky Ska curtsey of Spooky Jefferson's Ideal Lunchbox. The music is catchy in that Ska sort of way that brings to mind Operation Ivy at times and the touch of horror is a nice touch. Also, his vocals are awesomely over the top...the dude is having fun and you can tell! Even the lyrics are over the top and fun. Standouts for me include the spooky instrumental opener "Spooky's Lunchbox", "Aliens" and "Freak Show". Now, lets see what else he has in that lunchbox that he's willing to share.

Tuesday 29 July 2014

Public Service Announcement: Darrow Chemical Company on the Natural Born Grillers Tour

That's right folks! J.V. Bastard, Loki and company are zig zagging across the U.S.A. with their punk rock flag in toe, destroying every stage they hit. If you're in a city they're coming, you owe yourself to go watch them live!

Public Service Announcement: Vagora and Robby Bloodshed tour

Two bands that I have reviewed many times on this blog are joining forces for a 10 gigs in 10 days tour! If you're in one of the towns, check out Vagora and Robby Bloodshed has they rip apart the stage live!

Monday 28 July 2014

Silent Horror - Silent Horror

Believe the hype because the seance has begun! The legendary Argyle Goolsby (Blitzkid, Gorgeous Frankenstein, Mister Monster, solo) has joined forces with Brandall Rector and Brent Hajnyto to revive Silent Horror and bring you a jaw dropping album that will stick with you and have you hitting repeat as soon as it is over. The songs are catchy, memorable and awesome. This release came from the shadows and, in an age where nothing is a secret and everything hits the internet as soon as it happens, not only did the band and its friends keep everything under wraps but deliver a kick ass album! Some have compared it to Blitzkid and Graves-era Misfits...I can hear a touch of "Abominable Dr. Phibes" in the intro...or at least that's what it reminds me of. As well, anything with Goolsby will have a touch of Blitzkid...but it doesn't make it any less awesome. Usually I pick out standout tracks but, I just can't! It's that perfect and that freaking awesome! Everything Goolsby does kicks ass and this is no different so, grab a copy as soon as you'll be glad you did!

Sunday 27 July 2014

Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

Maybe the most prolific and recognizable horror writer in the world, we have the new novel by Stephen King. In this novel, a sick (and crazy) man drives into a crowd of job seekers guessed it....a Mercedes Benz, killing 8 and wounding others. A year later, the lead detective is retired and he decides to both taunt him and push him to suicide....instead he pushes him to launch his own investigation before he can do something again. In the meantime, there's flings, love, stuff that made me cringe (something that just ain't natural....mother and son shouldn't be THAT close), and a race against time before the big finale....but just how does it end? Pick up this novel as the twist and turns are enjoyable as this novel is a great read from beginning to end. Although the unlikely partnership is somewhat predictable, just see where pieces land in this battle between good and twisted, sickening evil. In other words, the master of suspense
has done it again. 

Deadpool (#32)

So, while the Original Sin story line continues to crisscross the Marvel Universe and all of the deepest, darkest secrets are revealed about our favorite heroes, we find out a little more about Wade Wilson. As well, they find his daughter, Deadpool leaves Dazzler behind (but his saved by his wife who makes a Deadpoolish Twilight joke), he goes to his daughter's rescue, bloodbath ensues and yea....just your everyday, run of the mill Deadpool comic. The issue is great, the art is great, and this story has so many twists and turns as it is....I can't see where they will be taking us next. The busiest man in comics keeps going while the laughs keep rolling and the blood keeps can't help but smile at the results.

Deadpool: Dracula's Gauntlet (#3)

Deadpool's new weekly series rolls on as we delve more into the love story between him and his current wife. Meanwhile, while love is in the air, Blade is still battling Deadpool, Dracula's future brother-in-laws throw him a party, tons of laughs, Deadpool being possessed by a ghost and theft from a French museum later and you have the latest issue. Mixing Deadpool with the undead bloodsuckers is a genius idea! However, I would of preferred for this to be part of the ongoing series or have this miniseries come out before the wedding issue so that it doesn't muck things up and grab extra money from comic fans. Ah well, it is enjoyable either way.....and nothing is better then having a few laughs at Deadpool's expense with some of his plans....or how they turn out.

Saturday 26 July 2014

The Goon: Occasion of Revenge (Part of 1 of 4)

The Goon has returned with old friends and an old enemy to battle a whole slew of bad guys who are drawn to the misery of the town. Eric Powell does great work with both the story and the art as the pain jumps off the page while Frankie has you laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing. If you're a fan of the Goon, it is a world that you love and the characters that you hold dear. With an army of priests trying to take over the town, the war has begun and I cannot wait to see where this new mini series takes us next!

Friday 25 July 2014

Public Service Announcement : GRAB YOUR TICKETS FOR GHOULS NIGHT OUT FEST 2014!

In a world where Black Veil Brides and Jerry Only has people convinced that he is the only singer the Misfits has ever had, Horror Rock/Punk seems to be dying. However, Ghouls Night Out Fest is here to PROVE YOU WRONG! Come witness the Darrow Chemical Company, legendary
Argyle Goolsby's new band Silent Horror, Black Cat Attack, Graveyard Boulevard, The Jasons, The Independents, Reckless Dodgers, The Big Bad and many more as they raise the dead and light up the stage in North Carolina for one night only! That's right folks, Horror Rock/Punk DIY goodness.....and it's only $25! Grab your ticket here and say hi to Matt for me! Also, follow me at to always stay up to date when a new review is posted.

Wednesday 23 July 2014

George Grant and the Mighty Templars - Got to Get my Mind Right

Here, we have a new recording by Serpenteens front man George Grant and his old school R&B  and Soul band the Mighty Templars.  Although this is not horror rock, don't be know you'll give this album a listen just because it's him! Oh...did I mention that it's a killer album? I am a fan of the old school R&B and Soul...not this new age crap that they label it as such on the radio....the tunes and Grant's vocals are killer! The album itself is done up like an old vinyl and the artwork has that old time feel as well, recalling the glory days of R&B and Soul when the music was awesome....not water downed crap. Standouts thus far include "Got to Get my Mind Right", "Move On", "I Can't Walk Away", "Cutsville", "Like a Fool (She's Got Me Running)", their cover of "Leaving Not Believing", "E.M.S. (Examine my Soul)", "The Street Called Broken Dreams" and their really awesome cover of "New York Groove". This is an album that both horror fiends and self-considered normal people can both don't be a looser.....get your mind right and get this album!

Wednesday 16 July 2014

Deadpool: Dracula's Gauntlet (#2)

In this issue, we find out how Deadpool meets his wife, Dracula is pissed when his plan is not how he, ummmm, planned it, a minotaur and Blade shows up to kick some vampire ass! This all sounds like a bad joke right? Well it's not, This is a fun, funny and action pack series thus far....where we get to go into the thoughts of a zebra! What more could you want!? The busiest man in comics keeps the laugh and blood rolling with another great issue...we all know where this will kind of end...SPOILER ALERT! HE MARRIES HER! However, lets see the journey and carnage that leads them there.

Various Artists - This is Your Life (Ronnie James Dio Tribute)

Presented, for your listening pleasure of course, is a tribute album to the one and only Ronnie James Dio! Here we have friends and former band mates paying tribute to the fallen man with the bigger then life voice with a career spanning track listing from his days in Sabbath, Rainbow and Dio. Top notch performances from Metallica to Doro and the Scorpions as well as once in a lifetime super groups that joined for the one song. Standouts include "Neon Knights", "The Last in Line", "The Mob Rules", "Rainbow in the Dark", "Starstruck", "The Temple of the King", "Egypt (The Chains are Off)", "Holy Diver", "Catch the Rainbow", "I", "Man on the Silver Mountain" and "Ronnie Rising Melody". Along with some great artwork that is just as epic as the album, Dio's "This is Your Life" is included....only befitting and's a beautiful song. There may never be another voice like Dio but, his legacy and talent will live on forever.

Army of Darkness: Ash gets Hitched (#1)

Here we have the new issue that begins the miniseries of Ash and Shelia...GETTING MARRIED! Ash has decided to stay back in time and get married while battling the Deadabites. Laughs and gore galore in this issue as we are introduced to a new threat in the Faceless One whom Ash must battle....he said the wrong words...AGAIN! So, he's here. The first issue features great writing and great art...I just wonder how long before the chosen one comes back to the future to battle the dead in his own time....guess we'll see where they take us next.

Ghost (#6)

Here Elsa is confronted with a TV host that she cannot defeat....and writer's block. These two walls have Elsa feeling bad about herself and her situation, looking at her past while a new enemy comes from the background. I am happy that they went into the direction an enemy that Elsa has some trouble defeating with some new, weird powers....there is so much more they can do with him later. As for thew new guy? Looks cool with lots of promise has he seems to be hooked up to some machines in order to battle her....and not be seen. I like the direction they have gone in so far.....and I can't wait to see where this all ends up!

Pacific Rim (2013)

So, I have finally had a chance to sit and watch Guillermo Del Toro's love letter to Japanese kaiju movies that have spawned so many memorable films and monsters like Godzilla for 60 years now. Minus the stripper names (Gypsy Dagger anyone!?) the film is an enjoyable love letter as the kaijus are attacking mankind bring on the destruction of earth. So, man must create monsters to fight monsters....let the fun and mayhem begin! The movie is great and the effects are even better. It doesn't look like the attack of bad CGI and all actors involved give a solid performance. Bits of comedy thrown in like, when a scientist needs to puke, there is a toilette that has conveniently fallen right next to him. The highlight though is the scene with Ron Perlman and his shoe. These lighthearted moments mixed with all the action are the perfect foil for the movie so that it never feels too long or gets boring. Now, the second receiving a release date, I cannot wait to see where Del Toro takes us next in the world of kaijus....maybe a crossover with Godzilla? Who knows!

In Memoriam: Tommy Ramone

This past weekend we lost Tommy Ramone, the original drummer of the fathers of punk The Ramones. With his passing, there are no original members left. Now, before people start getting all bent out of shape, with no Ramones there is no horror punk! They created the genre of punk and had some classics inspired by horror movies (example being "Chainsaw"). As well, you can find a touch of The Ramones in every punk band since whether the band admits to liking them or not much like you can find a bit of Sabbath in every metal band...their influence is that great. Tommy was the backbone of that sound, with a touch that was both light and powerful to match Dee Dee's frantic bass, Johnny's thunderous guitar and Joey's huge voice. The man behind the classics of the first 3 studio albums and the awesome It's Alive live album, you can feel his power on those songs that many punks know and love. So, gabba gabba hey, all good cretins go to heaven....the original Ramones have been reunited.

Vagora - Live in the Studio

Here we have a new live album by the awesome Vagora. Done in studio, so no screaming voices in the background, this is the best display of the new lineup in case you're still on the fence with them. The track list was picked by the fans is awesome and powerful. Include a little story or behind the scenes before each song and this is a must own release for all fans of the band! I can't pick favorite tracks because I love them all in, what feels like a greatest hits package, where every song is a classic. If you're new to the band pick this up as it is a great overview of the band's back catalog to date. The only thing that may throw you off is that the order is a little messed as "Some/Most"  appears later on the album....not track 6. However, every song is introduced to new fans have no worry trying to figure out names of songs....unless they're dumb...don't be dumb. Get on this release asap!

Friday 11 July 2014

Clive Barker's Nightbreed (#2)

Okay, so that I finally obtained the first issue, I was able to dive into the second issue head on....and wow, the art and story are both breath taking. Here we see the true evil of man, sending others to a certain death and how the shadows are not always the safest place for monsters. How quick some are to judge something so different. The search for home is on with only one question burning in the back of my this a whole new story or a retelling of the movie? At the end (SPOILER ALERT!) we are introduced to Aaron Boone who has found his way to Midian. Maybe from more of a Nightbreed point of view? Either way, it is awesome and entertaining and has me chomping at the bit for issue 3 to drop!

Clive Barker's Nightbreed (#1)

Here we have the first issue of the new Nightbreed comic. In it, we are given a bit of history on two of the "monsters" before they find their home while it is narrated by someone older and wiser as he explains Midian to someone....someone we cannot see yet. The story is beautifully told (much like the original novella) and the art is fantastic. Much like Clive Barker's original book and movie, it begs the question of who the true monster really is...and how quick some are to judge. Get on this series if you haven't will not be disappointed.

Deadpool (#31)

Well, the busiest man in comics is still at war with the vampires threatening his wife with the assistance of Dazzler. Agent Preston has located Deadpool's daughter it seems and....there is a team sent to kidnap them. Oh! Include a special appearance by Thor when the Merc with a Mouth begs for help and you have everything you expect in this latest adventure of Deadpool. I think the inclusion of vampires is a great idea to include laughs in the book, taking Deadpool's deranged mind away from the fact that he has a daughter, who may be alive and the sadness he felt earlier in the run. As's fun watching Deadpool torture the undead.

Thursday 10 July 2014

Deadpool: Dracula's Gauntlet (#1)

How does he do it? On top of his monthly series, this is his second miniseries that debuts THIS MONTH! Deadpool is on a mission....and is hired by Dracula!? Set before Deadpool's marriage, Dracula hires the Merc with a Mouth to obtain his bride....ensue Twilight jokes, laughs and violence! Oh! There's an awesome scene with a bullet at the beginning....when they eventually do a Deadpool movie (THEY WILL ONE DAY!) this something so awesome, they must include it! The comic is fun as the busiest man in comics keeps on going and going and going like an Energizer bunny with guns and swords! If you're a fan, there is much to love here and the laughs are galore....if you're suck and Deadpool will come after you!

Tuesday 8 July 2014

Tell My Sorrows to the Stones by Christopher Golden

Since I've read this man's collaborations with one Mike Mignola, I've been hooked! He is an awesome writer. Here, is a collection of short stories. I find them relaxing and great for reading, walking away and coming back to it when I feel like it. With this collection, some are awesome, some standout more then others, some drag a little and some are weird. Luckily, those two are at the end of the collection! Most stories are good and fast paced with legends and folklore tossed with some great writing and fun dialog. These stories will have you gripping at the seems waiting for the conclusion...unless it's the "Owls" or "Hissing Air" stories...then you can't wait for the end! As for my personal favorite? "Quiet Bullets" is very touching but "Happy Face" and its conclusion had me laughing and laughing and'll see why.

Friday 4 July 2014

Hack/Slash: Son of Samhain (#1)

Here we have the beginning of a new miniseries featuring Cassie Hack doing what she does best....kicking monster ass! Here we are set up with a new evil force, and are quickly informed that she is missing Vlad, looses the baby, leaves her girlfriend and becomes a bounty hunter basically leaving her whole life behind to start over. She is drawn back into the world of monster hunting with a new ally....and then the fun begins. There is a child guess is he's the son of Cassie's former lover Sam Hain (guessing by the title of the miniseries). Along with this kid, we have a monster type cult trying to bring back an old god to the world (sounds kinda Hellboyish to me). As well, a good chunk of me misses Vlad. The back and forth and humor he brought along, kicking ass along side Cassie gave the book a great dynamic. When Cassie teamed with Ash, he supplied the humor and that back and forth like Vlad did. With the new cowboy? I don't know. This story seems to be heading in a more serious direction. It could be good, it could be bad. As well, I have to say that I miss the slashers! Some of them were so ridiculous and outrageous that they themselves were beyond entertaining! The story has just begun and we'll see where this adventure takes us. The art is great but, the classic story elements that are missing make me yearn for yesteryear....but I am not giving up on Cassie just yet. The story is good, don't get me wrong....but there is some stuff that I do miss.