Tuesday 31 December 2019

Happy New Year

Happy New Year you gals and ghouls! This has been an up and down year personally but, all that stuff also brought me back! I missed this and I missed all of you, the bands, everything! Thank you for welcoming me back! 

Stay safe and stay scary


Monday 30 December 2019

Grave Robber - Scary Christmas To You

Well, they are still showing Christmas movies so, for those still in the mood or looking for those perfect tunes for next year, give these tunes by Grave Robber a spin! One of the best in the game today, these tunes are perfect for the holiday season. Opening with "Have Yourself A Scary Little Christmas", "We're A Couple of Misfits", a cover of "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch", "Gramma Got Half Eaten by a Zombie" and their cover of "Joy to the World" are just some of the highlights on this great little package of music. So, spread some cheer, watch for those zombies and just sing along. It's really a fun bunch of songs that you'll love year in and year out. 

Sunday 29 December 2019

The House of Haunt - Blood on the Silver Screen

So, greetings from the Great White North. May I offer you a local blend of Horror with the latest offering from The House of Haunt collection in Blood on the Silver Screen? This album picks up where they left off with their previous album with a great and catchy blend of songs that you just can't help but love on first listen! I implore you to listen to songs "Blood House", "Hetzhund", "Mary Mallon", "Salem Girl", "Hot Rod Frankenstein" or "Fang Binite" and not want to move, groove and sing along to those songs. "Drinking with the Boys" sounds like a song straight off a Dropkick Murphys album and I just LOVE it! "They Come at Night", "Cutlass (Live)" and their live cover of Electric Dead's "Lucifer's Blues" are also show stoppers on this album. So, enjoy this fantastic 2019 blend as the year comes to a close and forgive us for Justin Bieber and Nickleback, deal?

Saturday 28 December 2019

Vagora - Sackcloth & Ashes

2019 would not be complete without sharing my thoughts on the latest album from one of my favorite bands in Vagora. Maybe not Horror Punk in that Misfits sense, they have kinda been accepted by the scene and, musically, they can do whatever they want! Their latest album Sackcloth & Ashes is proof of that as DeRaven, Hyde, Bloodshed and Nameless deliver some of the best songs of the band's career so far! "The Bridges I Burn", "Rest After Death", "New World", "Queen B", "She Never Says Goodbye", "Sandra of the Land", "Red Headed Slut", "Kaliste", my personal favorite on the album "Vinyl Stars", "Eye for an Eye", "Day After Sunday", "In the Stars", "Walk Away" and "The Gold" are just fantastic pieces of music! Songs that can stand with anything they have done to date! Never ones to disappoint, if you have not checked them out yet, it's never too late to discover awesome music by an awesome band. So, just ask for forgiveness and give them a listen! You'll thank ol' Jekyll that you did! 

Tuesday 19 November 2019

Devil's Brew Productions Present The Devil's Jukebox Vol. 1

So, the kind ghouls at Devil's Brew Productions have been kind enough to share 18 killer songs from 18 awesome bands with the world. Bands that I've reviewed before and fan favorites are here like Thirteen Shots, Horror Vision, Mutant Reavers, Siblings of Samhain, Sugar Virus, Slavething and the House of Haunt along with new favorites like Prayer Line, The Damn Givers, Ratbatspider, Running From Daylight, Johnny Rottencorpse and the Rising Dead and Souls of Hades to name a few. This whole collection is solid, awesome and worth checking out. Just because Halloween is over, it doesn't mean that the treats have to end. 

Monday 18 November 2019

Prayer Line - Drink the Blood

So, every now and again, someone passes me along a band who's debut album I need to check out. I love it when that happens! This debut album by Prayer Line has ol' Jekyll smiling from ear to ear! Opening with "A Martyr's Death", things move along into "Run" and my personal favorite track on the album "The Witches' Sabbath". But, it doesn't end there! "Be Afraid", the title track, "Diary of a Drowning Boy", "Ezra Cobb", "One That Can See" and "Chopping Mall" are all just awesome tracks! I cannot wait to hear more from them! Listen to Jekyll when he says that you should keep an eye on them. I know I will, I just don't know which eye I'm going to use but I have a ton to choose from. Drink the blood and enjoy the music! 

Sunday 17 November 2019

Horror Story - Return of the Strange

New Zealand's premiere Horror Rock band has just dropped a 10 song masterpiece and the world is a better place for it! Return of the Strange finds the band unleashing great songs in their distinctive sound lead by Dr. Hell and Von Toxic as only they can. Make no mistake though; they do not release the same album but there are elements that are like a calling card and you know it is them which is not a bad thing as they take their music to another level! Opening with "October Night" the band sets the pace as they move onto "Skinshift" and "Making Monsters". "Release the Wolves", "The Moon is Always Full", "Night's Embrace" and "Midnight in the Lab" keep up the pace and awesomeness of the music where some albums would choose to lag after a thunderous opening trio of songs. The last part of the album is no different as "Strange Transmission", "House of Hell" and "Virus" keep up the goods and have you wanting more like a vampire at a blood bank or a zombie at a university. Yes, I went there! Now, I know there was talk that this was their final album and, if that is the case, what a note to end on. If that is just talk, the better it is for the fans and the genre as a whole. Horror Story is a legendary band for a reason and songs like these show you why. Dr. Hell and Von Toxic are great musicians and whatever they put their name on, you know you are in for a horrific treat. No tricks here, this album is that good! 

Tuesday 12 November 2019

Ozzy Osbourne - Under the Graveyard

So, it has been nine years since we have heard new music from the Ozz man. Well, this song was well worth the wait as this song just sounds great! Reminding me of the Ozzmosis era tunes, this is a cool song that makes you want to hear more of what the man has to offer. The Godfather of Heavy Metal may be at the end of his touring days but, this song shows us that he is not done musically. Makes you excited at what the rest of the new album will have to offer. 

King Diamond - Masquerade Of Madness

So, we've waited 12 years to hear new music from the King and his band. Well, I am hear to tell you that it was well worth the wait! Taking that classic King Diamond sound, the man and his band deliver an instant classic that has me salivating at the thought of what the rest of the album will sound like along with how it will fit in with the rest of the album! Just a fantastic peice of music from King and company. If this a preview of what is to come, then I cannot wait for the main attraction! 

Sunday 10 November 2019

Siblings of Samhain - Night of the Living Dead

Helping to raise money for cancer treatments for legendary drummer Joey Image, the Siblings release an awesome cover of the Misfits classic "Night of the Living Dead". Taking the song that we all know and love, they put their own spin on it while staying true to the original. It would be so easy to make a carbon copy but it's not. I, for one, live covers because it shows you another side to the band as they cut loose and play a song that they love and probably know very well. Just enjoyable and for a great cause.

Siblings of Samhain - Laid to Rest

So, earlier this year, the Siblings released a new EP and it freaking rocks! Laid to Rest takes what the band has done so far and just amps it up making this a great follow up to Hyde and drooling over the thoughts of what they will come up with next! "Vampires Everywhere" is a great opener, followed up by "Full Moon Trance". "Goodnight Forever" and "Out For Blood" are amazing while "The Legend of Crystal Lake" and "Stay Away From Camp Blood" is a fantastic one two punch to end the album with! With so much happening, the Siblings show that you don't need to only have fun on the 31st of October; fun can be had all year long with tunes like these! 

Thursday 7 November 2019

Siblings of Samhain - Pumpkin Patch Murders

Remember how I said that these guys remind me of Blitzkid on their full length Hyde? Well, check out their cover of Blitzkid's classic "Pumpkin Patch Murders". This cover finds the band paying homage to a fundamental band while putting their own twist to make it their own. Just a great cover by a great band making waves on both sides of the pond in this genre. Check it out or else they will come after you! 

Shadow Windhawk - The Funeral Cortege

So, in case you live under a rock, Shadow Windhawk and his band deliver the Horror Rock goods and this release is no exception! His fourth album overall, the man and his band open with "Broken Signals" and don't let up for a second. "Borgo Pass" are fantastic "Cortege" while "Fourteen-Mile Tombstone (Mr. Romero)" is a great tribute to the director who brought us all those classic movies in the Dead series. "Visitation Room" and "Red Shadows" are great whole "Feb 24th, 1989" sees him doing an electric version of type song found on his first solo album! "Green-Wood" and "Wendigo" are great finishers! This is maybe the best album by Windhawk and company as they just deliver the goods on every song as every note is placed with care and every sample chosen with precise precision to enhance the songs. Just a fantastic listen by someone who is a master of his craft. Give this album a listen and tell Windhawk that ol'Jekyll sent ya! The songs grab you and don't let go for a second and, if you manage to break away.... they'll stock you and find you like a slasher in any good or not so good slasher flick. 

Wednesday 6 November 2019

Siblings of Samhain - Hyde

This, this is their first full length and man, it does not disappoint at all. Opening with a great one two punch in "Jekyll" and "Hyde", these siblings channel the spirit of the great Blitzkid on this release! And no, it's not a rip off but more of a nod that makes fans of the band smile that these guys are not forgotten by anyone. Like the song ."From the Bite to the Bullet" recalls memories of "The Torn Prince". However, they do do their own thing with songs like "Gravestones", "Loculus", "Epidemic", "Gravedigger Man", "Winsome Witch", "I Am the Zombie", "Love at First Bite", "The Dead Crawl", "The Killer in Me", "Helen" and "Dead Darling" are just fantastic. Did I just name the whole album? I guess I did! This is a great listen by one of the emerging bands from the genre making noise on both sides of the pond. Listen to ol' Jekyll, you need to give this music a listening to as they have more good things on the horizon. 

Siblings of Samhain - Gravest Ones

Remember when I said to keep your eyes out for this band? Well, on this new single, the band has shed the acoustics and just deliver some Horror Punk goodness on this rocking track! These siblings united in all things Horror and Punk just bring the goods and has you wanting more. Let's see what else they have in store! 

Tuesday 5 November 2019

The Panic Beats - Slave to the Blade

How long has it been since I've heard new music from the Panic Beats? Five years? Well, I don't know why we had to wait but I am glad with what they dropped on Halloween! THE ARE BACK! With their infectious blend of Ramones inspired Horror Punk, the guys bring the goods from the first note to the last. Favourites include "They're All Gonna Burn", "No Way Out", "Time to Go", "Dead in the Dirt" and "Wait to Die". My only complaint is that I wish there was more as this release had me smiling ear to ear! But, you know what they say, quality not quantity. In short, THE PANIC BEATS ARE BACK! So, check out this release and tell them ol' Jekyll sent ya. 

Eerie Erie Records Presents Songs for Samhain Vol. 4

So, Halloween may be over but, it's spirit lives on. A great way to keep that spirit alive is by listening to this new collection of acoustic Horror songs put together by Eerie Erie Records in Songs for Samhain Vol. 4 or Songs 4 Samhain (whichever you prefer). There is a lot of great songs on here by some great bands. You have the goods you expect from bands like Bad Whoremoans, Trash Bats , Jess-O-Lantern, The Mutant Members Only Club, Mummula and Afterlife Love Machine along with artists that you may not have heard of yet like Skeleton Drive, Helltown Heroes, Christophe Murdock, Mikey Garou, Grimpond, Judas, Jim Strange, Matt Gibson, The Cryptkeepers, Roy Peak, Die Gruwel, Grim Grin and Mobil Mockingbird. There is a lot to love and check out on this collection of music. Check it out and see who you get into next. 

Monday 4 November 2019

In Memoriam Timi Hansen

Today, it is with a heavy heart that I share with you the passing of Timi Hansen the bass player of Mercyful Fate and those early King Diamond albums. Keeping the low end as the guitarists roared loudly, Timi and company helped to define just what a Black Metal band could do on releases like Melissa, Obey the Oath, In the Shadows, Fatal Portrait and Abigail. Those albums infused with themes of Horror and the occult are just classics of the genre as well as Metal in general. The man was a master but, in the end, cancer took him way too early. R.I.P. Timi, keep that low end dark and heavy whatever you are. 

Thursday 31 October 2019

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all you ghouls, gals, goblins, scream queens, freaks, fiends and friends! It feels so good to be back! Have fun and be safe today! Enjoy some tricks and some treats. Also, enjoy a good scare or two from everyone here at the Mad Laboratory!

Stay Scary

Jekyll A. Hyde

Wednesday 30 October 2019

Argyle Goolsby and the Hallow Bodies - Chapter One

This season, a nice way to kickstart the season is Argyle Goolsby and the Hollow Bodies album Chapter One. Featuring songs from his solo work and Blitzkid, you get a nice collection of his past works while the songs ate stripped down to their bare bones (pun intended!) That gives them another dynamic. "Fiver Cellars Below", "Shadows of Night", "Spiders And Flies", "The Being", "Thickets", "The Brides", "Washer and the Ford" and "Mary and the Storm" are just utterly fantastic to listen to as they are some of the standouts here. Goolsby shows another side to his music and shows that he can master that too! 

Eerie Erie Records presents Love For the Dead

Still looking for more mood music? Why not slide up next to this great collection of music put together by Eerie Erie Records. Opening with The Bastards with "An Unusual Pair" is a great opening while Bad Whoremoans "My Dead Girlfriend" is fun song Dr. Hell "I Won't Pay For Sex with Rotten Bitches" is just beyond hilarious while Wolfman Chuck and the Spookedele of Doom "My Shed" is just another awesome track by them. While Ron HeXe and Ghoul Squad "Dead Girls Don't Say No" has a Cure feel to it which is followed by The Mutant Members Only Club and their song "Graveyard Granny" is fantastic. The Cryptkeepers "Cannibalistic Necro Feelings" is funny and Matt Slaughterkill "Graveside Love" is perfect to sit and listen to with your special someone. Then there After Life Love Machine "We Still Had Sex (After She Was Dead)" is plain hilarious and enjoyable. This collection of songs will get you in the mood for this festive system. 

Eerie Erie Records Presents Songs for Samhain Vol. 2

In case Vol. 1 started a craving for you, Vol. 2 will satisfy your thirst. Kicking off with The Mutant Members Only Club "Quick Draw Chainsaw" is just a hilarious, great opener while Telling Tasha "Teenage Creature" reminds me of Blink 182 type sound which I love. Wolfman Chuck and the Spookadale of Doom "Rotten Pumpkins" is a great song as he always brings the goods along with C is for Cadaver and their contribution "Lady of Sin" which is just fantastic. The Bastards and their song "Diavolo" are always fantastic along with Die Ghost "I Can't Wait" which is great. Bad Whoremoans with "Banshee Beach" sounds like  fantastic surfer type song along with Afterlife Love Machine "Howling at the Moon" which is just so catchy. While Hades Machine and their song "Darkness at the Edge of Town" has a country western feel to it. Great choices as there is a bit of everything on here, Eerie Erie Records does a fantastic job again in their choice of songs. Things aren't eerie here; in fact, they are just fine with these tunes.

Eerie Erie Records Presents Songs for Samhain Vol. 1

Start out this holiday season with a nice compilation of acoustic Horror songs to get you in that Halloween mood. Kicking off with "
Pete Mako's "Full Moon" which is a delightful track followed by Robin Goblin and the track "Late Night Exhuming" which is so beautiful sounding. Included are The Bastards with "Sweet River" as they are always awesome along with The Mutant Members Only Club and their contribution "Serial Killer Soulmates" as you cannot help but love them as it's a fun track. Mobil Mockingbird "Sacrifice" has a country feel while The Ragshakers "Living Dead" is accompanied by a seductive voice. Jon E. Erkkia "Praise" is a fun childlike sing along song whole Wolf man Chuck and the Spookalele of Doom's "Dead Revenge" is awesome as they always brings the goods. Danni May "The Exorcist & Me" is just so great and Lupen Tooth "Don't Say the Zed Word" is maybe my favorite song by the band. The Adventure Kids "You Did this To Yourself" is just so catchy which is followed by Bad Whoremoans "I Gave My Heart to Frankenhooker" is a great track as I remembered why I like them as it's been a while since I heard them. Tim Bitten "Head in a Casket" reminds me of flamengo style goodness while Valklix "Dead Infants Can't Crawl" has a nice happy mood in a twisted sort of way. Porch Cat "Jacky Bones" slows it down while C is for Cadaver "Doom to All" is just catchy as hell. Tim the Braineater "Room 237" is a catchy folky type song while Adam Geurink "Death is Breathing on their Shoulders" is just a great song. T.C. Costello "Everytime I Die" reminds me of the Dropkick Murphys and Afteife Love Machine "Buried Outside" is fun and catchy. This collection of songs is a fun and great listen as it has a bit of everything for everyone. May get eerie at times but we all love that this time of year. 

Sunday 27 October 2019

In Memoriam Sid Haig

This legendary actor was known for his television appearances but maybe best remembered for his appearances in the Blaxploitation films, Rob Zombie's movies House of a 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects and 3 from Hell along with Night of the Living Dead 3D. This great actor could easily be put in the same type of role over and over or be "stuck" in the same movies but, he always made them memorable and laughed in the face of people who didn't think he could make anything memorable. For me, he'll always be Captain Spaulding as he was both awesome and funny! No one could be cooler then him as he made those films! R.I.P. Sid, time to go off and do your top secret clown business up there.

In Memoriam Ben Graves

Another we lost during that time was the one and only Ben "The Ghoul" Graves. Also handing the skins for Dope he is best known as the skin man for the amazing Murderdolls. People who know me know how much I love that band and, though he didn't drum on the actual album, he was their live man. Back in the early days of YouTube, me and my friends would scoure all over the internet to find live videos of them in high school because we had to see Joey, Wednesday, Eric, Acey and Ben! We were memorized with their live sound and pure attitude as they played the crap out of those songs and looked beyond cool doing it. Taken from us too soon, the Ghoul is missed greatly. R.I.P. Ben, you better be pounding those skins up there for all of us to hear! 

In Memoriam J-Sin Trioxin

So, since I've been gone a while, time to say goodbye to the ones I haven't gotten a chance to post memorials for. J-Sin Trioxin was the legendary front man of the boo woo band Mister Monster who's album Over Your Dead Body is just fantastic and legendary. The man was also a member of Wednesday 13's solo band, Michale Graves' solo band, Blitzkid, The Brickbats and Argyle Goolsby and the Roving Midnight among others. He believed a simple yet effective fact; listen to your influence's influences if you really wanted to not only understand where they came from but to help you grow as a musician. He was awesome musician who made time for his fans including an interview he did with this very blog. Like his music, his taste was wide ranging and he himself was a level headed individual who didn't like to look behind but only ahead. I wish I got to hear the music he was working on for that second Mister Monster full length but alas, we may never for the foreseeable future. R.I.P. J-Sin, we miss you like hell man! 

Friday 25 October 2019

Calabrese - Flee the Light

So, Calabrese is a band that is loved by so many in the genre that you feel that they are at the point in their career that they could play it safe.... WRONG! Calabrese takes their classic sound and says around with it to create something new and exciting for their fans to grab on to and listen. Opening with ". He Who Flees the Light", it doesn't let up for a second as it is followed by "Let Doom Overtake Us". "King Prowler", "Demonspitter", "Pleasures of Evil", "Maleficis Visibilis" and "Hallucinatory Void" are all just ear candy leading into my favorite track on the album , "And In the End...I Am Nothing". The album closes wity a trifecta of greatness in "All the Devils In Hell", "End of Time at the Gates of Hell" and "Invisible Witches". Though they may flee the light there is no need to run from this awesome album as these 3 brothers have gone and done it again! 

5¢ Freakshow - Massive Monster Mayhem

So, today I decided to check out Canada's own 5¢ Freakshow to see what they were up to out West in Calgary. The results are 5 songs of just good catchy music! "Run Fatty Run", "Camp Crystal Lake", "War of the Monsters", "Satanic Mastermind" and "Batts Head" are just fantastic songs as these ghouls let loose like an unstoppable monster on a killing spree. They may advertise a nickle in their name but 5¢ Freakshow fight above their weight class as they give you much much more then a nickle in terms of money's worth. 

Deadite - Mistakes Were Made Vol. 1

So, remember back when I mentioned how good their album was and I needed to hear more? My dark and twisted prayers were answered! Here is the latest release by Deadite from Belgium. What you have is good Horror Punk with songs like "They Will Be There" recalling memories of the legendary Blitzkid! Other standouts include "Salem", "Trail of Blood", "Killer", "He She", "Cemetery Girl", "It Follows", the super catchy "Hurts Like Hell", "Russel", "Drag You to Hell", "Gallows Road" and "Zombies from Sector 9". This band has the goods as their music just makes me smile from ear to ear when I listen to it! If you haven't given these ghouls a listen.... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! One of the bands that contacted me and helped to push me out of the crypt to bring me back, there is something special with this band. Off of Undead Artists, give it a listen and tell them that Jekyll sent ya. 

Monday 21 October 2019

Trash Bats - The Skinwalkers

This covers EP is a great inclusion as this gets you ready and pumped for the Halloween Season. The Trash Bats are a great band and this song selection is a great introduction to the band as well as the bands that did these originals. "Wasted" is a great choice from the Zombiecocks, "Coming Home" makes me want to check out more of Ghost Road and their cover of "I Put A Spell On You" is awesome and creepy while doing the original lots of justice. This EP will definitely put a spell on you as you join the church of the Trash Bats! 

Trash Bats - Trash Bats

Everyone, as I play catch up, I PLEED you to join in singing the hymns of the Trash Bats. Featuring the members of The Bastards, this is a total religious experience in that creepy borderline cult experience. Just love these tunes on the first listen with my absolute favorite being the opener "The Brotherhood" which has you singing along loud and proud by the second chorus. No one drags or seems out of place And the fact that "Hallow's Eve" comes in at a 1 minute and 38 seconds just makes me laugh out loud more then you know. This is a very enjoyable listen as anyone will be joyful while hearing these hymns and sermons through their speakers and earphones. Give it a spin as the bats fly proud and ask you to join them in a celebration of faith. 

Friday 18 October 2019

Motel Transylvania - Motel Transylvania

So, remember when I said that I couldn't wait to hear more from Italy's own Motel Transylvania? Well, here is their self titled full length and it does not disappoint one bit! Opening with the fantastic "Destination" and it keeps going from there followed by their opus "Motel Transylvania" which is a standout, classic tune,  "Her Last Boogie" is just great, "Drowning" is really cool, "The Night of the Living Dead" is maybe one of my favorites on the album, "4", "Beyond the Light" are both cool, "It's Not So Bad" has some interesting changes, "Dead N' Proud" is some great rockabilly, "Stomp" is catchy as hell and "I Wanna Be Your Ghoul" starts country and then picks right up. These rocking ghouls have got the goods and are not afraid to show it. The monsters have checked out of the motel and are loose on the world.... and it is a good thing that they are. 

Saturday 12 October 2019

Silent Horror - Silver Screen

How long has it been since Silent Horror released a new album? Who cares how long it has been because, trust me when I say this, it was BEYOND worth the wait! The album opens up with the title track that is just infectious and sets the mood for what is to come. That is followed by "King Kong" which is just great, "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari", "London After Midnight", "Creature from the Black Lagoon" and "Psycho" are just catchy as hell! "House on Haunted Hill" takes those infectious hooks and slows it down slows down while "Phantom of the Opera" is maybe my favorite song on the album. Just love it! All the songs here are just great and I hope we don't have to wait forever to hear new music as Silent Horror NEVER disappoint! Just like the movies that they sing about, their music is just classic.

Horror Vision - Final Broadcast

So, I've had this release for a year and, I need to catch up. This album by Horror Vision is AWESOME! Released by Undead Artists, this is a fun and great release to listen to to get you in that Halloween mood! The album opens with "King of Monsters" which is a fast pace tour de France. This is followed by "Ghosts of mars" which slows it down a little but sounds like a good classic Punk song while  "Critriers" starts off with a rockabilly feel that turns heavy! "Need for Meat" "The Thing", "Vampire Waltz" and "Bathory" bring that good classic Punk sound while "We Will Gonna Get You" is just catchy as hell. The album closes with "Calling Me Monster" which is just a fantastic song to end with. I don't know why I waited so long to tell people about this album but, I am glad I did. If this is the final broadcast, what a way to end it all on. If it's just a name.... don't care, the music is still awesome.

Monday 7 October 2019

The Brickbats - The Ballroom Gloom and Doom Tomb Tunes Debris

So, I first heard about the Brickbats from an interview by the late great Jason Trixion (R.I.P. I will post a tribute of some of the fallen that I didn't during my absence at some point) and I was hooked. The band then got resurrected and, they kick just as much ass as they did during their original run. This EP is a great listen as it opens with "Ten Bones", "Half-Ghost Heart", my personal favorite track "Who's That Knocking on My Tomb?", "Louder When You Whisper" and "Puppets of Night (Old World Version)". No need to whisper the greatness of the band as the tombs burst from the tomb and knock you right on your ass!

Wednesday 13 - Necrophaze

Those who know me know that I LOVE anything Wednesday 13 puts out. So, is it any surprise that I needed to hear his latest album when it dropped? Here we enter the Neceophaze as Wednesday and his band take us on a trip with a little help from some friends. So enter if you dare or at least curious. The album opens up with some help from the one and only Alice Cooper as the title track just sets up what we are in store for. This is followed by "Bring Your Own Blood" which has a industrial feel to it, "Decompose" which sounds like a classic Wednesday 13 track and "Zodiac" is just heavy. It doesn't end there folks as "Monster" is another classic sounding track with some help from Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil, "The Hearse" which brings to mind some Slayer ala "Dead Skin Mask", "Tie Me a Noose" which is a classic Metal sounding track, followed by the one two classic sounding tracks "Life Will Kill Us All" and "Bury the Hatchet". The album closes with some help from Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom on an awesome cover of "Animal (**** Like A Beast)". Overall, this is a fantastic listen from of the most awesomest musicians on the planet. So enter the Necrophaze if you dare. Warning, you may not make it out to tell about it but you'll really enjoy the ride!

Friday 4 October 2019

The Bastards - Level 7

Well, it's been a while eh? Why not kick things off with a band and share with you the new Bastards EP Level 7. This was honestly a great and fantastic listen by this horrific duo who brings the quality in music with every new release. Both songs are just fantastic! "Take Me Away" is a beautiful sounding song with great ambiance and mood with the strings while "DESTROY!" brings the fire and sing along chorus that you can help but sing along to! Those Bastards have done it again and I am over the moon loving the tunes. Feels good to do this again!