Sunday 26 November 2017

Ghostbusters: Answer the Call (#1)

Well, after reading this issue, I am staring to like the characters of the new Ghostbusters much more then I did before. This issue is very entertaining and funny along with some shock and awe. The art is very well done and the writing does make you love these characters much more even though they are not the originals. Yes there is a lot happening with a possession and a ghost unleashed on New York but, when you have to, I think you know who is going to be called to clean up the mess they created.

Glitterbomb: The Fame Game (#2)

Well, in a world where fame can happen in a second and your 15 minutes can truly be only 15 minutes, we find a teenager living in this while her ex-employer has been busier then some would have thought. There is more setting up as to where there is leading too or where it could lead to. In a sense, there are more questions then answers and I am not sure entirely how I feel with this issue. I want to read on but, I also don't want to at the same time. I want to see how all of this turns out but, at the same time, I don't. It's an issue that pushes some buttons and has you on the fence overall. Guess we'll see if I stick with it.

Hellblazer (#15)

Well, Constantine manages to do it again as only he can and you have to read it to get what I am talking about. Yes, it involves drinking but, how he does it goes deeper then that. Overall, the story was good and well done by DC as this classic character is getting the attention that he deserves instead of being tossed around like a second tier character. There are laughs and there is gore but it's a book staring John Constantine; could you ask for more?

Ash Vs. The Army of Darkness (#4)

Well, it's homecoming and there are some unwanted evil guests who have decided to drop by and see their old friend Ash. There are more answers in this issue then in the previous issues as I think that they are gearing up for the conclusion. The team at Dynamite continue to do a great job with this license with both the art and story that always keep long time fans happy. So hail to the king baby as things are about to get really messy really soon.

Vampira: Dark Goddess of Horror by W. Scott Poole

In our world, there are 2 dream ghouls; Vampira and Elvira. Two figures locked into history together but that is another story for another time. Vampira is one of the most beloved figures in the Horror society but; not much is known about her and her life. There isn't even footage left from her show for us to see. In this book, we get a glimpse at the her life, impact, career and the world around her. At times it reads much like a sociology essay when explains the world she grew up in as well as the world that she decided to unleash her monster on. That is not to say that it is boring as one must understand why they buried her alive in a sense as history wanted to get rid of her but, the monster continues to rise time and time again. In the end, this is a must read for any Horror fan as she is such a fascinating character and human being but, with not much being known about her, this may answer some questions though some will remain as so much has been lost to history or erased entirely. This is her chance to come out of the shadows and into the light where she belongs.

The Brickbats - Sing You Dead

They may have been around for a while but now we have an AWESOME quality version of the Brickbats debut. If you are like me, you may have discovered the band through Mister Monster main man Jason Trixion (who was also at one time a member of the band) and have had to suffer with some crappy sounding mp3s of their material. But, that speaks to the quality of the material itself as it sounded like it was copied from a cassette! The songs now have gotten a sound upgrade and it just improves the material immensely. If you haven't heard these songs yet, you need to rectify that right now! No excuses anymore as the Brickbats show you why they are legends in what they do!

Siblings of Samhain - Dark, Dead and Deranged

This Horror acoustic duo from the UK are causing waves on both sides of the pond and those waves, I will say, are justified! After listening to their debut I am floored and want more as 4 songs are just too little! The sample size is so small and the taste that they gives us just wets the appetite for what is bound to come. There is a lot of promise on this EP and I cannot wait to hear what they have coming along in the future. Trust ol' Jekyll when he tells you to keep an eye on them in the future, you'll be glad you did!

Venus De Vilo - Scarental Advisory: The Greatest Frights Hellection: 2012 - 2017

Remember when I said I need to check out more of this woman's work? Well, luckily for me she has released a greatest hits album and I am able to get more of an overview of her work and I am cannot be more impressed with what I have heard! She's got a bit of everything including holiday music! That's right! You can get into that slaying mood while listening to this album! Venus is a really talented artist whose music speaks volumes as she does so much. I need to seriously check out more of her work because, everything I have heard so far, has been magical. If you haven't heard her yet, you need to now! Don't wait; just do it! You'll be as glad as me that you did!

Tuesday 14 November 2017

Lyrics: Volume 1 by Argyle Goolsby

Though that may not be the title of the book, it's old school feel that book ends these lyrics are a nice touch to an awesome package. What makes this even better then having all the lyrics for Goolsby's solo efforts in one collection is the art that adorns each page (though "Black Holly" is missing...). The simplicity of the red and black ink just JUMP out of the page giving the words extra empathise. You cannot help but stair at the page for the entirety of the song and dread turning the page for the next song. I remember seeing a page or 2 when he posted them on social media and thought to myself that a book of this would be amazing. Those thoughts do not do justice to what I hold in my hands right now. If you were lucky enough to grab one then you know the joy I feel turning these pages. If you missed out, hope he does another run or that this will continue to happen in the future as Goolsby is an artist through and through with tons of talent who thankfully shares it with the world at large.

Sunday 12 November 2017

The House of Haunt - Habeas Corpses

For my birthday this past year, I went to go see Michale Graves and his solo band featuring Dean, Loki and Marc. One of the opening bands I saw that night was House of Haunt. They were awesome with an energetic live show as they had a blast and so did the fans. On Halloween, they dropped their newest album in the soon to be court classic Habeas Corpses. The album starts off with a laugh but then shows you why these guys from Toronto (Canada eh?) are a force to be reckoned with! I am just loving this music as it haves you shaking and moving along with the tunes right on the first listen. Standouts include "Congo Cannibals", "Murder", "Valentine's Day", "Meet the Monsters", "Undead Man Walking", "Devil Moves Out Today", "The Hanged Man" and "Rum from the Black Lagoon". Give these ghouls a listen if you haven't already, ol' Jekyll here highly recommends that you do or else they are not above throwing your corpse in a cell and watching it rot away!

Hrabia - On the Road with the Count

Grab your Ouija and see where this sound is coming from. If you can't find the answer, it is coming from Poland, in the form of Hrabia! This awesome Horror Rock band is all thrills and no frills as they take a bit of everything, mash it together and get a sound that is as unique as them. There are times that the songs make me think of Bad Religion, Volbeat, Misfits...each song has a moment that brings a different band to mind and I love that! No one is immune to inspiration and they wear theirs on their sleeves. I cannot really pick standout tracks as I am loving this release the more I listen to it. Hop on your bike and take a ride with the count as Horror Rock is truly a world wide phenomenon as this community gets larger and larger as the wings of bats like Hrabia spread. In this community we are all rock here!

The Theatre Zombies - Welcome to Oblivion

Welcome to the music that sounds like the love child of Bad Religion meets the Misfits as the Theatre Zombies unleash their 5th release onto the world. It is no secret that I am a fan of this band and this release just strengthens that even more! A sonic assault from beginning to end, the Zombies don't let up for a second in this 8 songs that will have you singing and playing along in no time at all. It is hard to pick standouts as the songs are just that well and beautifully crafted. They do such an amazing job with each release that you cannot help but love this band from Connecticut. So, enter the oblivion and give these guys a spin under the moonlight; whether you are patient zero or not you will find so much to love in this release!

Tuesday 7 November 2017

In Memoriam Whitey Glan

The man who backed Lou Reed and the master of shock Alice Cooper on my favorite album of his Welcome to My Nightmare along with the live album The Alice Cooper Show has passed. His style was not over powering but more complementary as he keeps the beat while bringing the power when he needs to. A master at his craft he will be missed greatly. Rest in Peace man, your work on that album is not only inspirational but will never go away.