Wednesday 26 November 2014

Gotham by Midnight (#1)

With my 200th post, I am reviewing the new series that asks, who deals with the weird stuff not even Batman can deal with. The GCPD have a special force that deals with the super natural. Batman hands them to the cases and then they go full force...with IA breathing down their necks of course. This story is very entertaining so far. A story about Gotham without Batman or any of the Bat-family that is actually good? WHO'D HAVE THOUGHT! The ending with a demented nun in an evil classroom? SO AWESOME! I can't wait for issue 2 to hit the shelves...yes, it is that good. The writing and the art are meant for an older more mature audience...sorry kids, this is for us to enjoy!

All New Ghost Rider (#9)

So, Johnny stops Robbie/Eli with his stair and we discover more about does the Blue Krue! Well, now, his life is falling apart with Gabe still upset after what happened when Eli took over and the pill popping gang is controlling the city. This is all shaping up to be a good story as we find out more and more about Robbie and how he plans to control Eli to not let the evil take control again.

Deadpool (#37)

So this, more peaceful, more zen Deadpool is pissing off his wife, weirding out others and is pissing off his more violent side! The comments are hilarious as I am curious to see how far they take this new zen approach. I think it lasts for one or two more issues. I miss the old Deadpool and his stabbing, shooting, ass kicking ways though, this is pretty funny. However, yea, it is funny and ridiculous how calm Deadpool is now.

Big Trouble in Little China (#6)

Now that I am all caught up, I am loving this story more and more! So, after the issue at the bar resolved Jack and Wang are out in the desert with an alien ghost dressed in chaps and Miao and Egg are hiding from Lo Pan on the midnight road. Where this all ends who knows. It has been a while ride so far and I am loving every moment of it. Eric Powel, take a bow! You took this screen play and made it into awesomeness...and for that I am thankful!

Big Trouble in Little China (#5)

Well, like the Pork Chop Express rolls on, so does the fun that is this current series. Thus, with the return of Lo' Pan and him wanting revenge, Jack Burton and company get out of Chinatown. Pete has turned on him as well thus, and he leads Lo' Pan's minions on a chase cross country where Wang  is dressed like a woman who then starts fighting bikers until....tummy troubles. This should be turned into a movie (maybe a cartoon?) this is just awesome! If you're a fan, get on this....or get the trade when it is over to see all the fun you missed.

Monday 24 November 2014

The Renfields - GO!

Well, Transylvania's favorite pogo punk band is back with 14 awesome tracks and their best recording yet! Sure, some of the songs may be familiar to long time fans but, this is the best they have ever sounded! New fans will delight as they stalk, slash, scream, yell and stab their way into the hearts of many. The Renfields are already one of the most beloved bands on the scene and this recording just reinforces it. Catchy songs, great musicianship...its all here. In a world where there is so much crap that some pass off as quality music, with the power of the Ramones on their side, the Renfields remind you of what awesomeness actually is! I can't even pick standout tracks as I just love them all! If you're not a fan already, you owe it to yourself to grab this release or don't be shocked if they send the Fiend after you! Thus, don't say you haven't been warned.

Big Trouble in Little China (#4)

Well, now that they have retrieved the jars and come home it is time to retrieve Wang right? Well, the evil spirit has some other plans as he brings about the spirits of his captured brothers and Jack is reminded of his one true love, the first Mrs. Burton during an oddly touching moment. Why was this not made into a motion picture all those years ago I'll never know. Hope on the Pork Chop Express and join the ride as each issue makes you smile and laugh much like the original movie did!

Big Trouble in Little China (#3)

Well, in the 3rd issue, Jack Burton uses his quick reflexes and his crappy listening skills to outsmart the 7 faced widow in their own house while commenting them on the false advertising of themselves. Throw in the return of the egg eating monkeys looking for blood after pissing on ol' Pork Chop and a battle ensues. As well, we find out that maybe that evil spirit may not be as up to snuff on his deal as you think he'd be....bummer. Well, I didn't comment before but the writing and the art are top notch. There is a sense of something that feels like a blanket you love, almost comforting as they went out of their way to make it as it should be instead of some updated adaptation. There is a reason that the original is such a beloved classic and this sequel does nothing but remind you of why. 

Big Trouble in Little China (#2)

Well, like the movie, it's been a long time in the making! Due to a shipping error, I had to wait for the second issue before I could read/review the others so, as ol' Jack Burton says when he finally gets his missing issue and can finally read them and review them he looks said computer in the eye while telling it lets do this! What can I say? If you loved the original movie there is so much to love here! It has those familiar characters, their voices, it is funny, is the sequel that was written all those years ago and the Pork Chop Express is back in full force baby! So, Wang is captured by an evil Chinese spirit and Jack is given the task of retrieving three jars from the 7 faced widow located on the Midnight Road in order to free him. Well, with Pete the monkey and Egg in tow, they head off, piss off some pickled egg eating monkeys, talks to a guy riding a turtle and ask from evil woman tied to a tree for directions. Yes, I know this all makes as much sense to someone who was never a fan as an episode of Raw but, meh, I like it! If you were a fan of the original, you'll find so much to love in this sequel that should of been.

Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched (#4)

Well, this is the conclusion to this current four part series that saw Ash stay back in time, battle evil and marry Shelia. In this issue he comes face to face against the faceless one (see what I did there?) and, with his resourcefulness, KICKS HIS ASS! That's right folks! Ash saves the day, marries Shelia and everything is groovy...until he gets drunk and says the words. Yes! The one time he actually remembers the words! This time it sucks him up and, guessing by the next title coming out soon, he may end up in a place where no idiot has gone before. That's right! ASH IN SPACE! This story, now that it has concluded was funny and a good story. With my original fears going unfounded, I am happy with how the overall story played out. This is something you'd expect from the character and I would of loved them to continue the previous story lines of Ash in the now but, this has worked pretty good so far. What more could you ask? Now, I am a little hesitant about Ash in space but, who knows. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised...guess we'll see as the art and story telling have been top notch so far.

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Walking Dead: Volume 22 - A New Beginning

On with the new trade paperback and it begins in a state of....peace? Well the war is over, Negan is in jail (YES THEY MADE A JAIL JUST FOR HIM!), Carl is moving out, Rick is having a hard time and the communities are rebuilding civilization. A new group is brought in (who are skeptic at least) and, just when it seems that all is well, settling down with the happy ending in sight....a new enemy is introduced at the very end. This seems to be genius! How they operate, what they do....I can't wait to see where they head with this! A new beginning indeed as the communities are now thriving and, looking on the brighter side of life with the unknown threat outside their walls. Robert Kirkman and company are doing an amazing job. Dammit, they should be writing the show cause these books are just pure gold! They are hard to put down and, if they even turned them into a cartoon (black and white of course!) I'd be glad.

Thursday 13 November 2014

The Goon: Occasion of Revenge (#3 of 4)

So, as the war wages on, the Goon gets the help he needs by protecting an over privileged brat. With the Goon's girlfriend (or someone who looks like her?) leaks some information to this guy's protection and he shoots him which puts the Goon in a really really really really really tight spot and can hurt his chances at the war. What will happen in the final issue? I guess we'll find out when it drops!

The Goon: Occasion of Revenge (#2 of 4)

The Goon is one of the most compelling and awesome characters today. So, with a war against a coven of witches looking to take over the town. In this issue, The Goon is looking for some help from the outside, is in love, Franky waking up to a shit covered clock, we find out more about the lockjaw and a little bit about one of his adversaries. Eric Powell's art and story is great as revenge is on the plate that is being served.

Ghost (#9)

Well, the cover is a little misleading as to what is happening in this issue as the fight between Ghost is with herself and what she wants to with her powers. Thus, the fight shown on the cover is more metaphorical but pretty awesome. The question though as she begins to take the underground on, how far will the Ghost go? When is it going too far? When she will cross the line that she cannot go back? Read on to find out as the story just gets more interesting.