Wednesday, 28 September 2016


3 years ago yesterday I started this blog and 3 years today I posted my first review when I reviewed the sophomore release Vamparty by Black Cat Attack. It has been a wild ride and I love it! The people I have met some awesome people, heard and discovered some awesome stuff AND gotten to communicate with my favorite bands. We are a tight nit community. We may be small when compared to some but we are LOUD AND AWESOME! I may not be the quickest to review things and I apologize for that but,  I am the only one running this blog at the moment and it comes out of my pocket. Am I complaining? NOPE! I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love this thing! So, 3 years in and going strong! Thank you to all the readers and supporters out there, you make me glad I do this.

Stay scary!

Jekyll A. Hyde

In Memoriam: Herschell Gordon Lewis

We lost a legend when Herschell Gordon Lewis passed away. The man known as the godfather of gore created the splatter genre beloved by so many! The man behind classics like the Gore Gore Girls and The Wizard of Gore carved out a blood filled legacy that will not be forgotten anytime soon! He will be missed as they just don't make them like they used to. You can say he lived a long life but, anyone leaving at any time is too soon. So, goodbye, you will be missed by so many and like the blood in the films, your legacy will flow on.

Dark Tales from the Vokesverse

With an anthology of stories and all the art done by the awesome Vokes working with different writers it can be overwhelming. It is a great read though, not every story is a winner per say, they are a great read none the less. I think it will benefit from having stories that are longer (and fewer) instead having a bunch of stories and most of them being really really short. Though, I do like the short stories that are awesome and don't overstay their welcome. And the art? SO GOOD! I love the old school black and white look! Basically, get on this! It's a really good read that you will find on hidden in the deep dark shadows.

The Hellblazer (#2)

So, the story continues as Chas is pissed at John, he gets a warning (I think) and something not of this world seems to be following him. Not everything is rosy for John as he comes back to London as, he may have expected something a little different (or at least a fruit basket!). Now, all this is leading and twisting somewhere as all the players have seem to be introduced but, the story hasn't gotten out of the baby step stages. Don't get me wrong, it's a good story but, you can tell it is going to get to something bigger and soon! I can't for one wait for it!

Blast from Oblivion - Haunted Apparition

Do you like screaming guitar solos? Do you like old school Metal? Do you miss those days? Well, if you do and you like old school Metal check out Blast from Oblivion and their newest single that, at just over three and a half minutes it is fast, furious and unapologetic about how breathless it leaves you! The guitar and overall musicianship is simply jaw dropping as this band just delivers! Check it out as well as the other previous full length to see what I mean! If you don't, it will haunt you until you do!

Ghost - Popestar

Do you like Ghost? This is a band that has captured the hearts of so many Metal fans world wide with both their music and mystery. With this newest release, the band tackles 4 cover songs while unleashing a new original song onto the world. The covers are given that Ghost twist making sound like they wrote it themselves while the original just rocks! Great release that is quick and hits you while leaves you wanting more as we patiently await a new release! Standouts include "Square Hammer", "Nocturnal Me", "Missionary Man" and "Bible". So grab it before they "switch" singers again and they haunt you like any good ghost does.

Shadow Windhawk - Unpleasant Dreams

Do you like Elvira? Well, how can you not!? She's every monster kid's dream but, I think Shadow Windhawk likes her more then you do! With his latest single, we have a loving tribute to the queen of Halloween, our favorite hostess Elvira! Full of screams, laughs and forgotten flicks, Elvira has been entertaining us for 35 years and, this newest song is a fitting tribute to her amazing career! Great song by a great artist for a legend! Get a copy of this as soon as you can! Now! And, don't forget, unpleasant dreams.

Charred Walls of the Damned - Creatures Watching Over the Dead

With an album title as long as their name, Charred Walls of the Damned are an all star band featuring legends like Richard Christy, Tim "Ripper" Owens and Steve DiGiorgio who deliver their third album on to the world. Their first two were awesome as they featured songs in the vein of classic Heavy Metal as these masters schooled the new school in how it's done. This their release is no exception as the band just unleashes a beast of a recording as these legends show once again why they have not gone away. The drumming, bass, vocals and guitars are just awesome, heavy, hard hitting, in your face with great thoughtful lyrics as they come out of the shadows, into the light and kick your ass! There is plenty to love on this release for any fan of Heavy Metal. Everyone lets it rip as each song just kicks ass! Hard to pick standouts as this is another solid release again by this band! Now, I know that their schedules are hard to coordinate but, I would LOVE to see this lineup tour and shred it up on tour! MAKE THIS HAPPEN! When you have former members of Testament, Death, Iced Earth, Judas Priest, Beyond Fear, Leash Law, Control Denied, Burning Inside, Sadus among others, there is nothing that can come out bad by these guys and the prove it again with another awesome release!

Various Artists - Horrorhound presents: It's Only a Movie

Since this project was announced last year it has gained legendary status as all of us fans waited and waited and waited for it to be released. Now that it's out, it was well worth the wait! This sounds like the ultimate movie soundtrack as heavy hitters and fan favorites put their own twists on classic songs from Horror movies. Horrorhound has done an amazing job from song and band selection right down to the art by legendary artist Repka along with the intro that welcomes listeners to the music. It features The Creepshow, Argyle Goolsby, Stellar Corpses, The Big Bad, Shadow Windhawk, Black Cat Attack, Harley Poe and Mister Monster among others who take songs from movies like You're Next, Fright Night, Scream, The Lost Boys, The Crow and Pet Semetary among other classics. They all put their own twists on these songs and you can hear the fun that they are having while doing this! Great for any fright fest, Horror Movie, party or Halloween in general! I don't even want to pick favorites because this whole release just rocks! Don't wait any longer if you can avoid it! It may only be a movie to some but, to us, this is life and you'll be glad you grabbed it up! So enter the theater, grab some popcorn, take a seat, sit back and just enjoy the haunting sounds that come out of your speakers. Just remember, to avoid fainting, keep telling yourself again and again that it is only a movie.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. 1954: Black Sun

Mutated polar bears, Nazi,  Hellboy...what more could you ask for as issue one has so much going on that you drool with anticipation for the next issue! Great story and art as we find out more about Hellboy's past missions when he first started with them. Cannot wait to see how they follow this issue up as there is so much happening... perfect for both long time fans and new ones alike!

Lucifer (#10)

So the battle for Hell may have been quick but another battle emerges as things just get weirder and weider and the complications bigger as things get tossed around both above and below! The story is captivating as Lucifer is now forced to fight another battle that started with the dawn of time...this should be fun! Great story and art as you cannot wait to read on as the story grows!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Evil Ernie - Godeater (#2)

What do you get when you take a homage to the classic Crusader cover by Saxon, Ernie and a person wielding the divine power of Heaven? You get chaos of course! Ernie and company are filled in on the backstory of the Godeater and why it should not ever EVER get out. The plan goes astray and, well, you guessed it folks! Chaos and mayhem! Great work by Dynamite/Chaos to bring us this fantastic story with awesome art. It is a good read that takes us down another road as we near the next issue. Beware as, with Ernie is involved, chaos is not far behind!

Rise of the Black Flame (#1)

From the Mignolaverse, we have some back story about the mysterious Black Flame. In this story, Mignola and company take some lesser characters, put them in the forefront and throw them into a deep and dark mystery that has missing children and an evil cult in the middle of it all. Great story and great art as always as we dig deeper into understanding some of the dark history behind this cult. Where will it lead next and what will the consequence be for other stories? What repercussions do we see in current story lines? Everything always ties together in this universe when Mignola and company are writing in the Hellboy world so, I cannot wait to see where this all will lead!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Sir Edward Grey: Witchfinder - City of the Dead (#1)

In this new mini series from the Mignolaverse, London has a zombie problem and there seems to be a temple below with Sir Edward Grey stuck in the middle. You know there has to be some crazy reason for all of this as this makes me anxious as I wait for the next book to see how it all fits!  You know nothing is ever by accident in these books so let's sit and wait to see how it all plays out! Great story and art as it grabs your attention without ever letting go!

Lucifer (#9)

The battle for the fate of Hell comes to a head here as there are many twists and turns as you'd expect as well as the voice seems to have come out! There is a lot happening as Lucifer himself is simply a bistandard witnessing all of this..but don't be fooled. He will he dragged in some how, some way, you'll see! There is a lot happening as reading it twice may be required by some to catch it all as the fun as just begun!

The Hellblazer (#1)

So the DC rebirth continues as John gets an a call from an old friend calling in a favor as the Swamp Thing makes an appearance in London. On top of that, we have something that is a 100 years in the making as things are about to boil over in old London Town! Great art and story as this classic character gets new life in the DC universe (continuing where the previous fantastic storyline left off) as he begins to get the respect that he deserves (which he didn't get under that new 52 banner). With a slight of hand and twist of fate, this book will cast a spell on you as you cannot wait for the next issue!

Army of Darkness: Election Special

All hail to the...president? Well, things are weird at the Oval Office as the great darkness looks to make its way into our world and the chosen one has to team with the book of the dead in order to stop it from happening. See? Politics isn't all boring! There is plenty of laughs, blood, guts and gore to love as Ash slays his way to the presidential debate to see who us actually behind all this. Dynamite continues to do a bang up job with the Army of Darkness title as it gives long time fans plenty to smile about..and boy do we smile when we read these books baby!

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Zombiesuckers - From Ashes

Do you like your Horror Punk nice and catchy? Do you fall in love with a zombie and wear the skin of other people's faces upon yours? Well, if you answered yes to the first question, I got the answer for you! If you answered yes to the second may need some sort of help! Don't matter though as we get the newest release by the Zombiesuckers! This is a solid release by the band that takes 90's Misfits, mixes it with some Blitzkid and maybe some pop punk at times and you have a solid release back to front! Standouts include the opener "Master Vampire", "I Turned into a Monster", "Parade of the Undead", "Ed Gein", "I Fell in Love", "Out to Get You", "Endless Sleep" with one Michale Graves (who you may have heard of...), "The Pale Child", "Evil Dead, "Mole People",  their rerecording of "Creatures Come Alive '16" and their cover of Bad Religion's "You". This is an awesome release by an awesome band who have come up and taken a bite out of all who dare to stand in their way of the grave and world domination! Take note and move before these zombies take a chunk out of you for not giving them a listen!