Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Kiss (#5)

Well, the kids just want to make some noise as they wait for the protectors to repair themselves after the licking they look. The elders are threaten after secrets were told and want the kids done with. Oh! And they finally, figured out the reason why Blackwell is getting so hot all of a sudden. They have so save the world before they become obliterated once and for all. So shout it out loud! Get these books while you can as they really are quite enjoyable.

Kiss (#4)

The kids have found the old protectors and let out some of the truth as to what is happening to their fellow citizens. They are quickly shut down by the new protectors in a fight. Has the damage been done anyway as the kids retreat? I guess we'll have to wait until the next issue to see the fallout of this. Great art and story as I have really have enjoyed this story so far. Kiss may take a backseat to all of this for the most part themselves but the look and music plays a role.

Kiss (#3)

You wanted the best? Well, you got the best in comics. Well, the kids unfold some more truths as more gets unlocked as not all is at it seems in Blackwell. The story and art are great as we dig deeper and deeper into this world that is raising some more questions. Who knows where this will lead to as we unfold more of the layers to this story.

Baltimore: The Red Kingdom (#1)

The world has gone to Hell. No joke as the red king has taken control of a good chunk of Europe in his world domination bid. Who can save them? Well, Lord Baltimore is nowhere to be found as he is feared dead. This is a great read that sets up this newest story by Mignola and company as we look to see how they can stop this latest threat and if Baltimore really is dead. Get on this as soon as you can.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Spider-Man/Deadpool (#1.MU)

Monsters falling from the sky, a school of witches trying to bring their teacher back, Deadpool waiting for food and his true love appears in Toronto. It is just a really funny comic as it takes place in my hometown. The art is great, the humor is fantastic as this is a great one off issue that plays off what is occuring in the Marvel Universe at this moment. Monsters coming from the sky and Deadpool and Spider-Man must save my city? This can only be good!

Slayer: Repentless (#1)

A former white power guy looking to move away from his past that keeps coming back. Slayer themselves are bikers and lyrics slapped all around. This is some real life horror instead of monsters and stuff. Yep! Dark Horse does an awesome job making Slayer fans happy with this first issue as there can only be more to come. The art is fantastic and the story is heavy. Revenge is coming and it will be raining blood very soon. Get on this as soon as you can because you will be glad you did.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Hellblazer (#6)

Well, the Dijn are looking to take over the magical underground while Constantine and company are trying to figure out a way to protect the world from the mayhem that is going to occur. What is John's plan this time as everything is about to hit the fan? I guess we'll have to see as the art and story are both fantastic. The introduction of a new player in this game also has you asking who this person is and what they will have to do with all that is happening.

Ghostbusters: Annual (2017)

When there is something strange happening somewhere, there is only one name you can call folks! That's right folks, IDW has brought all the Ghostbusters on board for some funny stories! Great great work as the team has released another great package. The highlight has to be the final story where they speculate on Slimer's past. Trust me, you have to read it to understand why it is so funny. I am a fan of what IDW has done with the with the franchise as they keep the characters as you know them and love them while putting them into new situations that we the fans can enjoy. I am curious about where they are heading in the future as they have not disappointed thus far. So, who do you call? I know who I'm going to call...

Lucifer (#15)

So, Lucifer is looking to take on both his father and son in this new war that will soon unfold. Throw in his friend who MAY remind you of a female John Constantine and you have a pretty good story that is a prelude to the mayhem coming soon. The art is good as you try to figure out just what Lucifer is going to do this time to combat his father who wants Earth to be done with. This new story arch is pretty good as it builds again using all the characters from the previous stories. Lucifer has a plan that involves everyone... Guess we'll have to wait and see where this all leads to.

In Memoriam: Bill Paxton

A legend has past. That is all I can say. If you have seen him in Aliens, Predator 2, Terminator, Twister, Near Dark, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or more recently the TV show Training Day than you know what and who I am talking about. Bill Paxton was an amazing character actor who left us too soon! His work is flawless and his roles timeless. As more and more actors leave us there is not enough in terms of talent and quality to replace a man like him. He will be missed by so many fans as his roles really do leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees them. Rest in peace man, we'll miss you greatly as we continue to watch your body of work for years to come.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Kiss (#2)

As I catch up on the series, we find the kids still in the underground as they come face to face with the original elders while the new ones (dressed like 1980s Kiss) are looking to destroy the kids. They are finding out the history and how wrong they were. Maybe the world is not as they have known it to be and, I guess in the following issue, they will find out more. Great art and story as I really need to read more of this! Yes, I love Kiss but I am not just blowing smoke as it is legit good.

Kiss: The Demon (#1)

Get those tongues out and that face paint on as we go into a story where it is son vs father and how he made it to the top with a little help from his favorite band. It's a classic rebellion story where the son is called out by his dad, gets his heart broken and then gets on top of the world. I am not a 100% sure how Kiss plays into it all yet but, I guess we'll have to see with the next issue. Yes, Kiss is my all time favorite band and I cannot help but read on.

Day of the Dead: Rise (#1)

Let us head on down to New Orleans where there is beads, the dead and voodoo all around. There is something happening as a woman who can command the dead with people coming after her from all over. There is too many things happening and way too many questions that are being asked but no answers are given. Do I want to read on? Maybe. I am curious to see what happens as there is so much happening. I guess we'll have to see.

The Spirit in the Corpse Makers (#1)

Bodies popping up, bodies dying under mysterious circumstances, bodies coming back to life. With no connection and the Spirit on the case there is so much that can happen. This first issue introduces everything and doesn't tip it's hand too much but, I am curious and wish to read on. There is enough to entice me to read more. It could be good or it could be awful. I am not sure; not too much is given away as they build the story in what it will become. Let's see where this all leads to.

Puppet Master (#20)

So, in this issue, stuff gets weirder as the cult of puppets take a whole new twist. Really weird but it makes me want to read more! Action Lab does a great job with creating new stories and new situations to put these classic characters in new situations. Put it with this twisted new cult that praises the puppets and yea. I don't want to give away too much because you have to read it. It is really awesome. I can't wait to read where this all heads to.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Lucifer (#14)

In this issue, we are back to the main story as, Lucifer is calling on a favor or having a debt paid up in full. Lucifer is going after his father that has come back and wants humanity erased! This is a good building story with awesome art as, we gotta ask ourselves, do you trust the devil to protect all of humanity when the chips are down? I guess we'll figure out what Mr. Morningstar has in his bag of tricks as I can't wait to see where all this is headed!

Lucifer (#13)

This is a nice simple holiday themed story featuring Lucifer as we take a break from the main story. This is good for a breather with some good and funny stories featuring some cool art. Will any of this play out in later issues? I doubt it as this is more so a gift from Vertigo to the fans and, what a gift it is! Get a copy if you can as this is pretty damn good!

Lobster Johnson: Garden of Bones

In this story, we have, zombies! That's right! Zombies! There is something happening so Lobster Johnson and his crew are trying to find answers as to what is going on. The art and story are fantastic as we expand the Hellboy universe with more goody goodness. Excellent one shot as, there may not be many Lobster Johnson stories but, the ones they do release are pretty damn awesome.

Hellboy: Winter Special

In this most recent issue, we have three stories (two of which actually feature Hellboy) in winter themed adventures from supernatural winter storms and a possessed Santa Claus to a vengeful witch. The art and stories are enjoyable as any fan of big red will find lots to like between the covers as the Hellboy universe is on full display. Great edition to the stories we already know and love.