Thursday 28 August 2014


That's right folks, the legendary, the awesome, The Independents are on tour this late summer and fall. Go out and support their awesomeness where you can!

Vagora - The Lust Of Lily Chapter 1: Dracunculus Vulgaris

With their third release of the year, and the first of all new material, Vagora drops a bomb of awesomeness on their new EP. We had a taste of new material with the live album and the explosiveness of the new lineup on their studio live album but, this release is breath taking. Vagora just keeps building on what they did in the past and knocking it out of the park no matter who's in the lineup. The addition of Jesse Nameless to the writing team is a nice fit...basically, all killer, no filler or, what you expect from a Vagora album. Thus, the standouts are the whole EP. I mean, it is just killer! As well, if Chapter 1 is this good, I cannot wait for Chapter 2 when that drops!

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Ghostbusters (#19)

Well the 30th anniversary Mass Hysteria story line continues with the second last issue of the on going series as Ray is possessed by both Tiamat and Gozer! What will Peter, Egon and Winston do? Well, one god eats the other (WHAAAAAA!?) and tries to shut down the containment unit CAUSING MASS HYSTERIA (get it?). Winston remembers something Kylie said about human sacrifice....what will the Ghostbusters do? Will one of them make the ultimate sacrifice to save the world before the god destroys everything? I guess we'll find out in the conclusion of this great series that IDW has produced.

Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched (#2)

Well, Ash, Shelia and the old wizard are the search for this dude as...YOU GUESSED IT! Ash said some words that brought evil into the world. The car is still in the past! That's right, the oh so dependable classic! As well, the two armies that were coming to help out Henry and company have been turned....but the wizard has a way to make them talk beyond the whole "eating your soul" bit. The story is fun, funny and great...what you would expect out of Ash in the past. If you're a fan, get on this to see what happens next with Ash in the past.

All New Ghost Rider (#6)

Well, now that the streets are safe, Robbie is using his powers to win money street racing, school is improving, his brother is doing better and....Dr. Z/Hyde is ALIVE! That's right! After the anti-climatic fight of the last issue he is back with a new drug to rebuild his army and empire. I am glad that they went this route instead of writing him off as there is so much more they can do now that the new Ghost Rider thinks all is safe...oh! That reminds me. In the issue, there is someone who sees the news and takes off, on a bike, to check out the new Rider. Is it who we think it is? I guess we'll find out as the series continues!

All New Ghost Rider (#5)

Well, the gang war is on...Grumpy is TORN apart by Hyde....and damn is it epically gory....and the war then hits the streets....and Robbie's brother is right dab in the middle of this fight. In enters Ghost Rider to battle Hyde and company....Hyde shows you the dangers of drugs and that is the end of it all. Kind of anti climatic really. However, that is not the end of the issue as the Ghost Rider has some unfinished business with an old...lets call him friend from school. Now that the streets are safe, what's next for Ghost Rider? Guess we'll find out.

All New Ghost Rider (#4)

Due to a delay, I finally got issue 4 so I could now read and review the last 3 issues of this new series featuring a new twist on a beloved super natural character. In this issue Grumpy, the gang leader, is mad. Ghost Rider barley gets out and a war is coming to his neighborhood. Is Robbie the hero that other Ghost Riders were in the past? And who is Eli? All we know about him is that it was his spirit in the car....I guess we'll find out as the series continues and all answers will be forthcoming in time.

Saturday 16 August 2014

Walking Dead: Volume 21 - All Out War Part 2

Well, after an explosive ending from the last volume, we have the aftermath and the end of the war between the Saviors and the communities following Rick into battle. I know I have said this before but, if you need any reason why the comics are better then the television show? Just pick up these volumes and you'll see why! The Saviors' plan to combat the communities is twistedly brilliant and, for this to end, how far must Rick go? How far will he go before he looses all humanity? The ending is great, maybe a touch predictable's awesome and works. This battle has been great and has carried the book into this next chapter....the aftermath. What will Rick do now? Is this really the end or, just the beginning of something new or more? Lets see where Kirkman and company take us next in the adventures of Rick as he and his friends survive the world surrounded by walkers.

Deadpool (#33)

Well, there's no vampires or monsters in this issue (I think they are coming back in the next issue) but there's enough blood and guts flying around to please anyone. The laughs are few but the action is off the chart as Deadpool does battle with a terrorist organization who are trying to abduct his daughter. At the end, Deadpool has to say goodbye to her...sort of and more action is set up for future issues. Will his marriage last? How far will the war with Dracula go? What is going on with the mutants that he freed earlier in the run that was cloned from his DNA? I guess we'll find out as the issues roll on!

Reckless Dodgers - Relentless

Now, before some of you get pissy about why I am reviewing this album on here, let me give you a smack in the head and a history lesson. Andrew "Stripes" Winter is the former drummer of Gorgeous Frankenstein, Blitzkid and a member of Mister Monster. Needless to say, the man is a legend in Horror Rock and people from said community will be interested in anything he does. With Be Prepared he dropped an album that was amazing, droolingly good and had people I know who aren't big on Punk loving the songs. Now, the man is back with a full band and.....has upped the bar in the process. The album lives up to its name as it takes the listener, kicks their ass while having them singing along in no time at all. Whether you are a fan of the genre or not, you will find lots to love while listening to this Punk Rock explosion. Standouts include "Sour Taste", "Broken", "Move On", "If It Rains", "Sinking Feeling", "Hourglass", "Escape", "Waiting" and "Bloodstains". Now, I guess we have to wait and see where the Reckless Dodgers takes us next...'cause sitting here WAITING is the hardest Don't get it? Go check out the album and you will.

Wednesday 13 - Undead Unplugged

Okay so, back in the day, my dear friend turned me on to Horror Rock by getting me into the Murderdolls which featured one Wednesday 13 on vocals....and a monster was born! Fast forward all those years later we have a new acoustic album that features songs from throughout his career, and various bands, along with a new song. With the exception of "Transylvania 90210" these may not be the obvious acoustic choices you would think of when looking at Wednesday's songs. As for me, I am happy with the choices. I am glad that "I Love to Say Fuck" was not included because, as catchy as that song is, I think there are too many freaking versions of that damn song already! Standouts include the new song "Undead", the classic "Haunt Me", forgotten Murderdolls songs "Nowhere" and "Welcome to the Strange" (Murderdolls version not Frankenstein Drag Queens from the Planet 13 version), "Scary Song", "Morgue Than Words" and "Ghost Stories". There is plenty for fans to love on this album as well as naysayers who don't think people doing Horror Rock have any talent....the songs have been stripped down to their bare essentials and they still rock...'nuff said!

Friday 15 August 2014

Ghost (#7)

Well, the battle between Von Ghastly, Ghost and a new scientist is building as Elsa has seemed to met her match because of her willingness to hang on to her humanity instead of letting go and becoming the Ghost fully. Throw in the fact that a cooperation is hot on her heels and this is building into something huge! I love the fact that these two villains are not pushovers for Ghost. As well, it is something different then the demons she has been battling as of late. The art is great, the story has been fantastic as we are brought to this decision....does she let go of Elsa and fully become the Ghost or does she hang on to her past. I guess we'll find out as this issue teases a huge battle that's coming up in the next issue.

Friday 8 August 2014

In Memoriam: Marilyn Burns

The star of Helter Skelter having passed away, Marilyn Burns is probably best known for her starring role and awesome performance in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In that role, she was memorizing and the ending, with her on the back of the pickup the final girl, she is just perfect. You can say she became the template of what and how you do a final girl in a slasher film....especially one as beloved as this one is. The film is intense and, you feel how she feels at the end of the movie. This was a franchise that kept pulling her back in with cameos in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation and Texas Chainsaw 3D. However, no matter what else she did career wise, she will always be Sally Hardesty who was with her friends, hanging out, surviving the madness and running from Leatherface to safety.

In Memoriam: Dick Smith

The man behind the makeup of the first two Godfather movies, Taxi Driver and, of course The Exorcist. Having worked on Scanners, Poltergeist III, Exorcist II, the original Dark Shadows series and House of Dark Shadows the man knew his way around the genre. Include some more legendary work outside the genre and the dude was a master at his craft. With the world going to this CGI more and more effects artists like these are rare and far between. However, when one as amazing comes along, the world takes notice and the work is enjoyed by all.

Sunday 3 August 2014

The Big Bad - Live at the Empty Glass

Here we go. Let the argument begin from people who wished a certain song or another was included in the set list but, make no bones about it 'cause, this album kicks ass as you howl along with the tracks! One of the catchiest bands on the planet, the songs grab you, bit you and whoop your candy ass from the beginning of "Nightmares" to the finale of "Halloween". Mixed in with the classics from the first two albums are some tracks from the third release Shine the Signal to be unleashed upon us soon....and boy do these tracks fit in nicely with the others. It may just be a taste of what is to come but now I am salivating at what all the new material will sound like when it is released. This is a straightforward live album with no long ass speeches, straight to the point, kick ass music and songs that have you singing along much like the crowd at the show are. Get on this release as soon as possible before the next full moon. If you can't see them live in person then, this is the next best thing you can get your claws on to howl along to!

Public Service Announcement: Black Cat Attack Invades the U.S.A. on Tour!

That's right folks! One of our best exports is reeking havoc upon the United States! Go and check them out, supporting them on their way through the country.