Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Bastards - Demos, Singles & B-Sides

Recently, you may have seen the name of the Bastards a lot on this blog...and there is a good reason for it! They are an awesome two piece acoustic Horror Punk band that makes some awesome music! With this newest release, they take all the singles and demos of old and new songs alike and release it on a compilation album. I won't bore you with standouts as, with the exception of the demos of the new songs you will have already have heard them in one form or another over the last year but, I will say this; if you are a fan, grab a copy and if you are new to the band, this is a good place to start. You have everything that the Bastards are in this single release along with some of their best songs all in one place. As well, the demos give you a something extra as the rawness of the songs shine through. They may not be polished at this point but they are pretty damn close to being perfect! So grab a copy of this as it is great for both old and new fans alike; a welcome edition to their discography indeed.

The Mutant Members Only Club - Doo-Wop Disaster Zone

Having a bad day? Do you like your humor dark? Need something to make you laugh and brighten up your day? Well, for non regular readers, I suggest The Mutant Members Only Club! In this newest release, he offers his services with a chainsaw along with informing you that he is NOT a serial killer.Yes, the content is very light of heart as you cannot help but laugh your way through the album. So, I don't know if that is a Sasquatch in your swimming trunks or if you are just happy to see me you Bruce Willis wanna be but you don't have to be an illegal alien to get your hands on this album...just go download it and have a good ghoulish laugh! Trust me, we all need to smile more often and this is a fun way to get your twisted face grinning.

69 Eyes - Universal Monsters

I know I may have told this story before but, in case I haven't or you haven't heard it before, I will tell it again. Back in the day, when I was getting into Horror Rock, my friend would search Myspace (in the days before Facebook) looking for new bands to satisfy our ghoulish tastes. Among the awesome bands he found and we discovered, was the 69 Eyes who had just come out with their awesome Devils album. I have been hooked since! They have released solid album after solid album since, and this is no different. Sharing its name with something close and dear to all of us monster kids (you and old alike) we have Universal Monsters. All the hallmarks of their signature sound is here, great songs with melodies included. The Helsinki Vampires blend of Horror and Goth Rock is something you either love or hate. This may not draw new fans but it will delight the fan base it already has. The album is solid from beginning to end and I am glad about it. These guys have been going so long that you may fear the quality dropping off...but it never does. Standouts include "Dolce Vita", "Jet Fighter Plane", "Lady Darkness", "Miss Pastis", "Shallow Graves", "Jerusalem", "Never", "Blue" and "Rock n' Roll Junkie". So let these vampires in or else they will find a way to get into your ears and take over your mind.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Ghostbusters International (#5)

Not excited about the new movie? Well, we have a taste of those classic characters that you will love! So Ray, Peter and Winston get to take in the Louvre while in Paris because the girl in the previous issue set two ghosts free who then made off with the trap with the mysterious artifact. After an epic battle where they take down the statue of David and the Mona Lisa (among others) with a little help from something from Ghostbusters 2 there is an epic showdown where the quick thinking of a cop saves the day (all the while Ray wishes he had a video camera). Throw in that Egon may have finally figured out this cold case before his trip (and a bird flip from a yellow Slimer)
and you have the makings for an epic next issue as the boys are getting hotter on the trail and someone is happy with that. IDW has done great work with the franchise as it has made me smile from ear to ear with great art and great stories! Keep it up because we know who to call...

Lobster Johnson: Metal Monsters of Midtown (#1)

This sounds like an epic title for an album! In these pages, Lobster does battle with robots that seem to be indestructible. As this is the first issue of three, there are many questions and little answers as the Lobster and company look for a way to take down this new threat and we are left wondering who the girl is. Great work from the Mignola-verse and, always, beware of the claw!

The Amazing Spider-Man: Amazing Grace Part 5 (#1.5)

So Spidy's most supernatural story continues with just another twist as they find out just who isn't in control of Julio and what must have actually happened on his trip looking for a way to beat his cancer as well as to find God. This all leads to an epic showdown in the cemetery that will occur in the final issue. This story has been good thus far with some twists and turns leading the reader in one direction while, taking them in a whole other. In previous issues, just when we got closer to something, we were pulled into another direction all together. This has been entertaining but, I cannot wait for the conclusion to see how this all ends!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Squarriors (#1)

So war is at hand as the new miniseries begins. The Maw is looking to take down the Tin Kin and the Amoni look to reap the benifits. As well, we get more of a story of what happened to bring about the end of mankind and the rise of animals with thought. I like the story and art that is presented in the issues and I cannot wait until August to see where this all leads.

Lucifer (#6)

So Morningstar has a son as he is brought to a small town to meet his girlfriend's parents. One joke leads to something grander and now it is time for her to meet his family. This is a great issue that, although doesn't feature Lucifer at all, hints at so much more as a new story begins in Hell! Judging by where the last issue left off and where this one is headed, there is plenty of enjoyable stuff in the coming issues of Lucifer ahead!

Lucifer (#5)

The truth is out and the mystery to all is solved! This was an exciting conclusion to the current storyline that ties up everything while setting up the next one nicely. We found out who wounded Lucifer and who murdered God...and it all my shock you. Vertigo has done a great job in bringing back one of their greatest characters. Bravo guys, it is a job well done.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Constantine: The Hellblazer (#12)

So it appears that John has his hands tied as he can't help out a friend. However, he may have found a way around it all as only John can with the help of some old friends (JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK!). Things are looking up as the twists and turns seem to be leading somewhere as there is a change in artists. Though it looks good, I lied the art from the series before better. Maybe it was because of the change or I just got used to the awesomeness and this may grow on me...who knows. It's another solid issue as they build even more as only John Constantine can. Yea, I like it that they brought the Hellblazer back in his full glory! 

Big Trouble in Little China (#24)

The first of many battles between Lo Pan and Egg take place during the great earthquake. After some trickery,  Lo Pan leaves and Jack Burton gets outsmarted. ..as usual! The story ends in the 80s where Jack is back....but they still got 30 years to go as it all comes full circle. It seems that it all comes to the end after the next issue. One part of me is sad that it will be ending but I am glad that it is ending on a high note instead of the low point that was the initial post Carpenter/Powell issues. It has picked up steamed and will be ending on a high note if it does come to an end next issue.

Iron Maiden (one shot)

Run to...your local comic shop and grab your self a copy of this great telling of the story of legends known as Iron Maiden! It hits the highs and lows of the story in these 32 pages of awesome black and white art while mixing in a little back story of Eddie that mirrors the story that so many already know. The Rock and Roll Biography series is fun as they don't seem to take short cuts in anything that they do. Oh! And that front cover...AMAZING! Riggs himself would be proud of the work done here! So for fans of Maiden, up the irons and grab a copy asap!

Monday, 16 May 2016

Los Lügers/Dr. Murder - El Dolor De Estar Vivo

Here we have 6 new songs (3 each) from Spain's Los Lügers and, a band I have championed since last year, Brazil's Dr. Murder. Side 1 with Los Lügers is just killer! I mean, the songs are just explosive with not a weak moment on them. Side 2 with Dr. Murder kicks off with a more classic Punk Rock feel with "A Porta" and continues on that trend of Jekyll and Hyde (SEE WHAT I DID THERE!?) as both bands show why they are so killer in their own language. Though I literally don't understand the words that they are saying it does not stop me from enjoying the album! This is a killer release from both bands as I drool what they will release in the future! So, if you haven't heard any of these 2 amazing bands yet, start here then branch out to their other releases...you can thank me, the boys from Spain and the good Brazilian doctors after.

The Bastards - Maniac (EP)

Well, if there is one band that I have really fell in love with as of late, it is the Bastards! With their new release we are treated to 4 demos and a demo of a Nim Vind classic "Radioactive Man". All expect one of them demos are songs that you know and love while we are treated to a new track in "Maniac". It nice to hear the songs before they are cleaned up as there is something about them in their rough stages that gives them another dynamic. The vocals may not be loud on the "After Dark" demo but, it gives that more creepy intimate feel. Sometimes listening to a demo feels like a whole other song is being heard even if the lyrics and the music are the same or, they may be a touch different. Oh! That cover of my fellow countryman Nim Vind? Soooooooooo good! Great job Bastards, another solid release that gives us a taste of what is ahead while saluting the past.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Vagora - Lust of Lilly Chapter 3: Snow Princess Star Gazer

Vagora, to me, is one of those bands where you can hand the album to anyone and they will be converted to a die hard fan in an instant. Great musicianship, vocals (with 4, that's right 4! Guys who can carry a tune) and top notch song writing to back up my statement. This last chapter in the Lust of Lilly series is no exception as this is a great release! Fans will find plenty to love and new fans will discover why we love this band so much! "Snow Virgin Kiss" kicks them off by grabbing your attention leading into a one two three four 5 punch of "Born to Live", "The Overlooked", "Say Anything" and "Lack of Faith" while we are informed of why "All the Boys Love Tawny Young" and "Vespertine" close out the album nicely. Yes, I love the whole thing on the first listen and you will too! So get the album and all the rest as soon as possible! Join us and see why I keep telling each and every one of you how awesome Vagora is!

Friday, 6 May 2016

Ghostbusters International (#4)

So Paris, who you gonna call? Ghosts are flying about as the gang get into some trouble. There is a funny scene that involves ghosts at a burger joint back in New York while we are left asking more questions about the rich guy and his connection to Egon's cold case. There are many questions that we may have some answers to soon as IDW turned out another aesome issue with both great writing and art. Check it out if you don't believe me. So, I ask again, if you see a class 4 who are you going to call?

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Hellboy in Hell (#9)

So, with my 300th comic review (damn that's a lot!) I am reviewing the newest Hellboy story where he is still in Hell. The issue opens up with some pissed off demons that are not liking the chaos in Hell...and they find the perfect scapegoat! Throw in the unexpected return of Hellboy's ex wife who has some answers about how he was drawn to the murder of Lucifer along with the reason he is in Hell and you have the beginnings of something HUGE! I don't know where it will lead as it could be to coming back to Earth or something else related. The story is fantastic and the art too as I am enjoying Hellboy and his trip to Hell. I think Mignola is too as everything is on the table with these issues as his options are very wide open. What more goods is he planning? I guess we'll find out when the next issue drops.

Shadow Windhawk - Cremation Garden

This man is one of the hardest working men in Horror Rock today! On top of his own solo band where he slings the axe and vocally destroys you he is also a side man in Argyle Goolsby's solo band along with being the bass player in Tragic Black. You try keeping that busy tour schedule and releasing new music...didn't think you could. The man doesn't take a break as he unleashes his newest horror for all to see with the release of the beautiful and brutal music of Cremation Garden. That's right folks, the Shape is loose in the Dark Shadows (see what I did there?) as his newest creation is released for all of his morticians assistants to enjoy! The music takes what he did with both Casket Spray and Tales from the Black Lodge along with his influences to create his most dynamic and best release to date! It flows so nicely from the opening "Cremation" to "Box Five", followed by "Curse of Thorn", "House of Dark Shadows", "Graveyard Shock N' Roll", the emotional tribute of Piper in "Sleep", "Mae" and the conclusion of "The Garden". This album is just phenomenal as there is so much to love for both old and new fans alike. Get on this release as soon as you can as Shadow has done it again with one of the best musical outputs seen so far in 2016! He always takes it to a new level so, get on it before he sends his good friends Freddy and Michael after you! Don't say you haven't been warned as you take a walk through this garden.

Rob Zombie - The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser

First and foremost, Zombie is an artist that can easily get a pass if he was ever to release a bad album because of the sheer quality of output from not only his solo band along with White Zombie. Now, you may be asking yourself if that means this is a bad album...far from! This is classic awesome Zombie! In the last few years he has gone from releasing an album whenever to being releasing a lot more material with his most steady solo band in a really long time! The album is just amazing, though it may not be Hellbilly amazing, it is still amazing non the less. It is hard to pick standouts as it is just a great album through and through right down to the art and the booklet. Now, my major question is, where does he get his song titles and really long album titles from? The man is a genius but I want to know how all these random words always work so well together. At just over 30 minutes, the man has done it again with another solid release that will make your head spin like Linda Blair in the Exorcist as Zombie proves himself once again as there ain't no party like a zombie party!