Monday 27 January 2020

A Conversation with Olly Lex

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to do this again. In case there is a reader here who just walked out of a freezer, can you please introduce yourself?

Hello everyone! My name is Olly Lex, I’m founder and singer of an alternative gothic metal band The End of Melancholy based in Russia, Saint-Petersburg. 

Now, you are not the typical Horror type band you find on this blog BUT you use a lot of classic Horror and Gothic imagery like monsters and darkness to paint a picture with your music. Where are this ideas derived from?

From the depths of the soul, I guess. I always found darkness attractive and beautiful. Since childhood I adore horror movies, dark aesthetic. My favorite movie was Exorcist. I didn’t feel the fear, I tried to understand is it truth or not? And I love the shock thing. Also I watched a lot of movies of vampires, monsters. By the way I was very interested in aliens theme. They’re kinda monsters too. 

And of course, my favorite writer was Stephen King. I remember when I can’t wait when the classes will over and I'll return home to continue my reading of Kristina

Now, like most bands on here you and your bandmates are DIY. What are some of the positives and negatives of this?

Ha. Diy...nice;) Actually, It’s absolutely true and hard thing, which forced you to value everything you got. Everything you’ve earned. It teaches you to be strong and wise. Because people really sometimes didn’t understand what it was worth to finally get to the stage and push everything you want to share after looooooong way from another city. But it’s okay. We’re here to entertain. 

I have no illusion that with label life will be easier. I’m sure you have to work harder. But of course it’s the payment for something bigger. 

With "Monster Feelings" being a single from the new album, when can we expect to hear the rest of what you have been working on? What can we expect in comparison to the previous full length.

We set up as the goal to release the album at the end of 2020, or at the beginning of 2021.  As we’re making it only by ourselves (of course with support of our fans) I hope we’ll make it real. 

You can expect the album full of nuclear emotions and riffs. We got so much to say and to play.  

So, any touring plans for North America yet?

Of course! But it’s a long process to cross the ocean for the unsigned band. 

But we ll make it real. 

Love the name of the band I remember reading an interview where you said you had the name before the band was formed. How did you come up with it?

Thank you! 

True. I saw the title on a T-shirt in random shop. And I almost screamed: “Amazing! That’s like a slogan of what I’m feeling now. It will be the name of my new band”.

The band started out as a two peice (as credited on the debut EP) and has grown to include more members. How has that changed the writing process? 

It’s not changed. Our guys are just musicians. For now. Maybe in future it will change. We’ll see.

The song that got me hook on you guys is your cover of Joy Division's awesome "Atmospheres". What made you guys decide on that song? Not something that may pop in most people's minds as a song that should recieve a Metal treatment but you guys do a fantastic job on it! 

Thank you very much! It’s very pleasant to hear, especially because we have been creating this version about 5 month. Can you imagine? I remember I just went crazy. Ha-ha. We wanted to make something different. All these synths, vocal melody... it was hard process. But when it finally came together, we were very happy. 

Clean vocals vs screams?

I love screams, growls and all these harshly things in vocals the most of all. Clean too, for sure;) 

Now, since you are the only female of the band in a genre that is male dominated, feel any extra pressure or resistance from new comers? I mean, I know Lita Ford once said that her mission statement, if you call it that, was to rock harder then the boys can and show people that a girl can do the same if not better then a guy. Any feelings like that?

Oh no, cause nowadays there are many girls in metal and they are screaming and growing, and they showed it, I guess. 

I don’t feel myself as female fronted band, honesty I don’t like this title. Maybe I’m a feminist. I just play music. 

Is there anyone living and/or dead that you would love to work with that you haven’t? A dream collaboration?

I would love to collaborate with any musician I love. Especially to scream :)

So, if I remember correctly, I came across you guys on Instagram and know I've shared your Bandcamp link with others. With that said, how has social media changed the game? Now there are many ways for bands and fans to connect and news is instantaneous in my opinion

Thank you very much for your support. And I thank every fan we got. It’s so precious for me to meet all, becoming friends sometimes. I found many great people through socials last years! So I can say it changed our life completely. Cause you know, in Russia it’s very hard to be a musician. But we’re all will change the things. I believe! 

As an artist, what inspires you (movies, music, comics, books, etc.)?  What got you into this?

My experience of life, of feelings I got from it. I sing only about I lived through. 

As a singer, who inspired you to pick up the microphone? I mean, no body is born with an mic in their hands! As well, is there any other instruments you play?

Of course, it was Kurt Cobain and a bit later Courtney Love. Ohhh there’s no power like their power. 

Yes, I play piano, almost graduated a music school. A bit guitar

Is there any advice to any bands starting out that you could give?

Live it. Breath it. And remember you always forced to make a choice between two realities. Just choose what you really are. And don’t be in illusion that music is so simple and fun. Sometimes yes, but the truth is it’s hard physically, emotional and one thousand problems will be on your way. I mean don’t be naive. You have to work on promoting, logistic, how you earn money from it and you also need to write music and sing! Crazy! 

But if you really choose it, from your heart...the whole universe will help you. For sure. 

Are there any new artists or bands in the Horror Rock/Punk/Metal genre that you think people should know? Someone who is exciting you with the music they make?

I think I love only already known bands. But I will mention Lord of the Lost cause they should be more and more famous with their music. 

Are there any new releases that you are looking forward to (movies, music, etc.)?

I would love to hear new albums of my favorite, as always! 

Thank you once again for taking the time to do this! Are there any parting words you have for the readers?

Thank you very much! I enjoyed your questions!

I would love to say one of my favorite quote: “Everything you want is on the other side of fear”

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