Friday 24 January 2020

Ceteri - Rainbow Road

From their upcoming album Tough $h!t, I bring to you the lead single "Rainbow Road". Told to check it out by Marc of Vagora, I had too and boy was I glad I did! Mario Kart inspired, the song by this Wisconsin band takes me back to the days of when Much Music (MTV to my American neighbors) used to play catchy as Hell pink like GOB or Sum 41 constantly and that song would get stuck in your head for a while. This song, sends me back to that time and sound and I am just over the moon! I cannot wait to hear more from these guys! I cannot wait to hear more from these guys! Trust ol' Jekyll when he tells you, you need to check them out. 

1 comment:

  1. It was a real pleasure recording this album. These guys are pros in the studio; they came in with solid arrangements, and tight, grooveful and precise performances.

    I didn’t produce this record: they came in with a vision, and my job was just to capture the sounds, and present mixes. Ron Pershing provided some excellent mix production ideas too, and every one of them provided feedback and guidance in the mixes.